Meghan in Altuzarra Trouser Suit for WellChild Awards

For tonight’s WellChild Awards the Duchess wore an Altuzarra trouser suit. 

WellChild is a national charity supporting seriously ill children and those who care for them. Prince Harry has been WellChild’s patron for more than 10 years. The organization shared this video of the Duke and Duchess arriving at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

More about the event from The Daily Mail:

The WellChild Awards celebrate the inspiring qualities of some of the country’s most seriously ill young people and the dedication of those who go the extra mile to keep children healthy and happy, including the outstanding health, social care and education professionals.

Before the awards ceremony Meghan and Harry met award winners and their families. Below, they are seen with Mckenzie, who is described as being “…there for other children when they are scared or sad, he has helped the hospital charity with their fundraising advertisements, and has inspired everyone he has met to never give up.”

More from The Daily Mail’s story by Rebecca English:

Amy Brackley, said of their meeting with the royal couple: ‘It was amazing.

‘They were so lovely. They knew he [Mckenzie] was scared of the cameras and they said they didn’t like the cameras either so they turned around.

‘They said he was amazing and to keep going the way he is going and told him to look after me.

‘He’s never going to forget this, even though he’s only four.’

Here you see the Duke and Duchess with Matilda, who is age seven. She has Spina Bifida and is paralyzed from the chest down. From the WellChild site: “She never complains or feels sorry for herself and her mum says she has the biggest heart and smile ever. When she grows up she wants to be a nurse.”

From The Daily Mirror’s coverage:

When Meghan was given a beautiful posy by winner Matilda, the Duchess picked out a yellow rose and gave it back to the seven-year-old to keep.

Matilda says Harry also made her “pinky promise” to never stop smiling.

Meghan talking with Jake Stacey, who has spinal muscular atrophy. More from the WellChild site:

Jake loves acting and wants to be on stage. He has had small TV parts and despite years of being told he couldn’t audition for theatre roles because of his disability, he didn’t give up and finally landed the lead role in Tom Fletcher’s The Christmasaurus last December. He took to the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo and showed the world that, wheelchair or not, he was destined to be a musical theatre star.

Meghan and Harry chatted with 16-year-old Evie Toombes, who was born with Spina Bifida. WellChild says “Evie blogs and mentors young people with health problems to encourage them to get on in life. Her motto is ‘find a way, not an excuse’ and she puts it into practice constantly.”

Prince Harry delivered remarks at the event, telling the crowd “Every one of you is truly amazing. You have shown all of us what it means to be a champion – whether for yourself, your family, your community, or someone in need.”

The Duke and Duchess speaking with Jacob Granger, the male winner of the Most Caring Young Person award. He helps care for his sister, Melissa, who needs 24-hour care. Well Child says he has taught Melissa “… to achieve goals most doctors said she would never reach. His determination and patience have resulted in Melissa learning first to crawl and then walk.”

It looks like someone said something that put a big smile on Melissa’s face.

Now to what the Duchess wore for this evening’s awards.

She wore the Altuzarra ‘Acacia’ One-Button Blazer ($1595), a fitted style in a viscose/nylon/spandex blend.The tailored piece has notched lapels, welt pockets and a back kick pleat. The trousers are Altuzarra’s ‘Serge’ style, with a fairly high yoked waist, welt pockets on the front and a bootcut silhouette. They are offered in a triacetate/poly blend (below left at Neiman Marcus, $795), as well as a stretch wool (below right at LN-CC, $710).  Our thanks to Innominate_93 for info on the separates. 

Altuzarra tweeted about Meghan wearing their items.

Thoughts on today’s ensemble from Krissy Turner, writing in The Telegraph.

She’s proven she’s accustomed to dressing in a way which nicely suits the occasion while still adhering to her personal style, and today’s award ceremony is no different. While a bright dress by a new designer may have stolen the show, Meghan ensured all attention was on the young stars being celebrated, opting for a simple, minimal look.

Meghan carried a bag by Stella McCartney , the brand’s “Shaggy Deer Faux Leather Crossbody Bag” ($875).  Made in Italy, the bag has a magnetic closure, an exterior slip pocket, multiple interior pockets and distinctive whip-stitching and gold hardware. Thank you to Gabi K for her ID of the bag.

Beneath her jacket Meghan wore the Deitas Coco Camisole in Shantung Black (€325, roughly $375). 

More about the Swiss-based bran from Stylebop:

Born out of a desire to fuse classic indulgence with understated modernity, Swedish designer Josephine Dahlin founded Deitas – the Latin word for divinity – a brand that merges fluid Italian silk, neutral but chic colors and versatile silhouettes. The result? A clean and coveted edit that will lend itself to any occasion or setting, from one season to the next. Dahlin herself sums up the label’s investment-worthy selling point, noting that ‘I like to feel dressed up in the day but not overdressed in the evening’

Several of the savvy royal fashion bloggers suggest Meghan is wearing the Aquazzura Simply Irresistible Pumps in black suede ($590). It is a classic point toe style with a 4.2″ stiletto heel. Both the Duke and Duchess wore WellChild lapel pins, with thanks to Trisha S on the WMW Facebook page for info about the WellChild two hands logo.

We saw the diamond and pearl earrings again, a pair that were a gift to Meghan from the Queen, first worn when the Duchess and HM visited Chester

We’ll leave you with this photo of the Duke and Duchess on stage with the award winners.



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  1. I think Meghan looks like she’s going out for drinks with her husband and friends vs. attending a children’s gala. Meghan likes simple, elegant lines, which is fine. She seems to have an aversion to color other than green, navy, beige, white and black. And maybe she thinks by wearing black, the focus will shift to the event itself. The problem is that she hasn’t realized she’s apart of the event. Royals attend events to draw attention to the cause du jour. Their clothes and designer will always be noted (I mean, is anyone looking to dress like the Queen? No, but we always know that Angela Kelly has designed her dress and coat). The Queen and Kate both wear bright colors because they know that people are hoping to get a glimpse of them. Can you imagine trying to glimpse Meghan from the cheap seats in a black or grey dress or suit? She’d look like many others at the event. A jewel tone would’ve been perfect for this event and kept the overall mood upbeat for the children. Perhaps she also doesn’t realize photos are probably given to those attending and something softer would’ve been a better idea. A necklace or bracelet would also help her style efforts.

  2. I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over this one for the past few days and changed my mind a little bit every time I sat down and tried to write a comment. The suit on great its own merit–the fit is phenomenal on Meghan, the flared legs are a nice change of pace from the other black suits she’s worn, the satin top does a great job of making it look more evening than business-y and breaks up the all-black look a little bit, and the pointy pumps look great peeking out from the hem of her pants (which isn’t dragging on the floor!). I would LOVE to see her in an outfit like this at something like a movie premiere.

    I can’t say I love the suit for this event, though. I think the black is too somber for an event honoring seriously ill children and the overall outfit just seems too glitzy and Hollywood for the event (especially considering that Harry is wearing a relatively light navy suit and not a black suit or tux). I would have loved to see Meghan in a fun, colorful cocktail dress with interesting shoes and accessories here (that’s as someone who pretty firmly believes that wearing something understated and neutral won’t really diminish the amount of attention Meghan will attract at an event).

    On a semi-related note (and I know that this will never happen), I wish that Buckingham Palace would just issue some sort of carefully-worded press release stating that Meghan has been dressing appropriately for a working royal. I’m all for the type of discussion that we frequently have here about the suitability of an outfit for a given event, but all of the “Did Meghan Markle break royal protocol by WEARING PANTS?!?!?” articles are so annoying and generally reflect what I believe is a poor understanding of “royal protocol” (not to mention that they generally carry some sort of implication of Meghan being intentionally disrespectful to the Queen/RF).

    Curious to see what people on here have to say about tonight’s Jason Wu dress!

    • May we never see a headline about the broken protocol again! It’s been just insane with the stories about this online, as you noted. 🙂

  3. I love this look! Now I’m disappointed, though, because I would have loved to have seen a photo of Meghan’s jacket from behind–the detailing looks beautiful!

  4. I believe this outfit signals that Meghan wanted to ‘disappear’ and let the kids be the stars. Her and Harry’s charm and kindness were the real style statement they chose to make.
    I often read posts that indicate Meghan is testing out/establishing her royal style. IMHO, unlike Diana and even Kate, Meghan has long been in the public eye and is very savvy about what wardrobe choices telegraph. My guess is she knows what she likes and what suits her, plus what’s appropriate to her station, and she’s not overly concerned about what the handlers have to say about what she wears. It feels to me like she wants to have a more substantive life.

    • Mocro, I loved your comment.
      Well said! I couldn’t agree more.

      (Still haven’t set up an account to ‘like’ a comment…it seems a bit of a hassle)

  5. This is one of my favorite looks for her! I think this suit looks incredibly chic and don’t mind that it’s monochrome as the style and sheen of the camisole give some contrast. I love the bootcut pant with heels and think it makes her legs look about a mile long. I do think this suit would have looked great in a color but overall think black was appropriate for the event. I know people want to see more jewelry, especially necklaces but I have a feeling Meghan is not much a necklace person compared to the DOC. I personally don’t mind it as I find myself rarely choosing necklaces – just a personal style preference.

  6. Chic power suits suits are fabulous when a woman wants to look chic and powerful. Alas, that was not the right vibe for this event. A suit that is softer in both color and style would’ve been spot on. Where is that blush pink she was wearing a few months ago?

    • I think a blush top (or other colour) would have helped balance the outfit overall. Wearing all black for youth and children who have significant health concerns doesn’t seem like a fit at all. She already wore a beautiful black suit a few months back that could have worked for this event too. The tailoring is lovely but the cost of this black suit plus accessories astounds me. Substantive may be a goal for her as another commenter mentioned and bringing back a previous outfit would have really brought home this point for me.

  7. I love these pants, they fit so perfectly! She has worn pants in the past that were in my opinion too loose and baggy, but these are so figure hugging, amazing!

  8. I do love Meghan’s style and this was no exception, however, I do agree with some of the comments that it looked a bit somber. I think that even a grey shirt or any color other than black would have brightened it up a bit. I think Meghan loves the classics and neutrals and is still getting her sea legs as far as dressing for some of the royal occasions. I think that Kate does a good job of being tasteful, yet she brightens it up at times too. Meghan is doing well.

  9. Two all-black menswear-inspired outfits in a row is a little boring to me, but on its own I do like this very much. She can really rock a pantsuit in a way that few other women really can, Angelina Jolie being a notable exception.

    I do feel like I want either a necklace or a camisole with some kind of color or pattern–there’s something that just looks a little underdone here. But I do think a pantsuit was a good call for the event–an opportunity to show off the lapel pin, and pants for all the bending and squatting.

    I’m really glad to see a reasonable length on the pants. They are still super-long–unwearable without heels, I’m sure–but not dragging on the floor or covering her shoes as some others have, which drives me nuts.

    • I’m also relieved that these pants aren’t dragging all over the floor. I’m not a fan of flares-n-heels in general but it’s Meghan’s preference so I guess it’s just hey-ho on that!

  10. I love seeing Meghan in a suit! She has a lithe, athletic shape where suits hang well, much better than most of her dresses. If black is her signature look, I think that’s fine because she plays with textures. The suit jacket on the Altazurra site looks rather cheap, but the trousers were brilliant. I just wish she wouldn’t wear polyester-blend suits! (And spend such extravagant sums for these fabrics!) What about (British) wool or other natural fibers? Bit of a soapbox here, but man-made fibers don’t degrade like natural ones do and end up in our water. Anyway, off soapbox.

  11. I love Meghan’s style, she’s elegant, smart and unique. The suits is ok, but the color is a big no from me. I like the camisole and the heels but the putfit needs a little bit more jewellery.

  12. Tonight’s look was very sharp and well tailored. I liked the softness and playfulness of the camisole with the sharpness of the suit. I love the messy bun but not for formal and even semi-formal occasions. For me it works best with informal occasions. I agree with other readers that a more colourful outfit would have been more appropriate for an event involving children. The black for this occasion seems a bit somber. Speaking from my personal experience I did not think of little things like colour and patterns until I had my own children and was dressing for occasions that celebrated children. I get that she did not want to distract from the cause and take away the spotlight from the children but no matter what she is wearing she will be in the spotlight.

    • I’d have thought the youngsters themselves would appreciate something a little more princessy and not so grown- up business-like. I’m finding I cope better with the messy bun as we go on and think it was at least one playful element for meeting kids.

  13. These children are so inspiring. It’s great to see the Sussexes out supporting this community and bringing well deserved attention to this cause.

    The tailoring on this suit is impeccable, and I think Meghan is going to speed the return of flared pants styles. I love her hair and makeup, as I always do. I would have chosen something else for the event though and the camisole looks inexpensive to me, so this is an overall miss for me.

  14. The suit itself is great but the color is a no no. Wearing a black suit (especially one that resembles a uniform) to meet sick children just makes no sense for me. She is there to support, encourage & cheer up the children but the suit color says the opposite. The suit in any shade of blue, olive green, cream etc would have looked great. I give the style an A but the color an F

    • I completely agree. The colour is not appropriate. A brighter top under the jacket, possibly with a really bright and chunky necklace, could have made this outfit more fun and suitable for the audience.

  15. Although I love this look on Meghan I did find it a little sombre for the event. Harry looked much more upbeat in his lighter blue. Their looks seemed to clash a bit today – less in harmony as a couple stepping out together.

  16. I love this because I am a working woman who loves a pant suit and could see myself wearing this. As opposed to an outfit that no woman but A Royal could wear. And also she looks fabulous and a bit understated, which focus back to the children. I love the shiny black top.

  17. I love this look. It’s Megan beyond just a member of the royal family. Megan showing that she already had a style – which she has adapted, but not forgotten. Perfect for the occasion as well.


  18. Another no for me. The suit’s pant cut is all wrong. They ‘almost’ look like a flare but not quite. The heels are too high for this outfit, and her hair is a mess. I like the camisole. However, as others have noted, the black is much too sombre for such an occasion with children. Meghan obviously enjoys wearing pantsuits, which is fine, but adding a brighter cami to this would have helped, or perhaps a navy blue or brown, instead of black.

  19. Meghan looks very elegant and the suit is tailored to fit perfectly. I love the camisole, as it adds a hint of shimmer. My only quibble with the look is that it is very dark and somber for meeting with children. Kids love colour and something bright would have made the event more festive. The messy bun is at its all time messiness. While some people like the casual look that it brings, I find it to be very unpolished and detracting from the professional look, that is the hallmark of the royal family. There is no denying, however, that Meghan’s warm personality is a major asset.

  20. She looks like a security guard in this suit. It fits her beautifully but so wrong for the occasion. Bright colors or patterns would have been much more appropriate when meeting small children. Not a somber black. Love the hair and minimal jewelry.

  21. I am impressed with the sweet demeanor and encouragement displayed by the Duke and Duchess at this engagement. I know this blog is ultimately about fashion, but I appreciate the detailed information about this event. Bravo to the children and their courage in the face of adversity.

  22. Meghan looks lovely, and the suit is chic, elegant, well-tailored, stylish, but the suit is also so… boring. That’s just my opinion, though! I’m definitely more of a dress girl, so I’m extremely biased against suits. I keep hoping for a really stunning cocktail dress (like the black/navy blue Dior she wore for the RAF Centennial). That being said, she looks wonderful, and the suit is perfect, as far as suits go. It definitely keeps the spotlight on the kids and the cause, which is really important. And it highlights her beautiful, soft “undone” hair, too.

  23. Thank you Susan K. for highlighting in your post this worthy awards event and bringing WellChild’s mission to the forefront. Anyone who has ever had a child, or family member, in a serious health situation – let alone a critical life long situation – understands what a boost and encouragement Meghan and Harry must have been today. I enjoyed reading the transcript of Harry’s speech and noticed his kind remarks regarding Meghan’s presence at WellChild. It’s exciting not only to hear about Harry’s long association with WellChild but how Meghan is adding her support and presence. I imagine their lapel pins signify WellChild?

    This was a tricky event to dress for and I love what Meghan came up with. Her outfit was flattering and it fit her well. Keeping the blazer unbuttoned made the entire outfit less office/work and more dressy…especially so in that it enabled the lovely Deitas Shantung raw silk camisole to be seen! I mentioned in my last post (Hamilton Gala) and will say it again… I like the combination of Meghan wearing a tailored outfit and then throwing in her “messy bun” look. To me it comes across as a balance between having things in order AND allowing for spontaneity and a relaxed vibe. To me, that balance is perfection.

  24. I liked it. This suit fit her well, and it’s sophisticated. I know some people wanted to see her in a frilly summer dress, but it’s now September, in a major world city, and this seemed right for the occasion.

  25. I think that she’s over doing it with the suits. They look incredible and I want to wear them myself, but to have the same style engagement after engagement is a bit boring. Considering how gorgeous the dress was from her engagement photos, I’m surprised she didn’t go for an elegant evening gown (but not too dressy). I like the curl in her hair but I think she should also try new styles. Maybe try the messy bun at various heights. Maybe an elegant top knot? Lol

  26. Love, love, LOVE this look. So smart of her to go in simple simple and dark so that the kids (who are all adorable!) would have the spotlight that they deserve. The pants look really comfortable too and I love the shirt underneath. Overall out of the park hit.

  27. what an important event. Thanks as always for your coverage of the actual events.

    Meghan looks wonderful. The outfit is formal but not overdone, classic but not boring, etc. I love the camisole. She’s clearly finding her royal style and able to find what works for her role that is still true to her style. I love her minimal jewelry as well.

  28. This is a seriously gorgeous suit, and the camisole is beautiful as well. It seems to be very much in line with Meghan’s signature style. I understand that the focus should be on the children and not Meghan, but to me this look is boring. Some bold jewelry or an interesting belt would have broken up the (very beautiful) all black suit and made it more interesting and more special. I have to admit that I would have loved to have seen her in a dress. Attention will be on Meghan and Harry no matter what they wear!

    • Thanks for commenting, Lyn. It is the WellChild logo lapel pin. If you would like to see a picture, I just added a closeup to the post. 🙂

  29. This outfit is a testament to what excellent tailoring can do. It is a very simple ensemble but all the tailoring makes it stellar! I really like this look on Meghan, very modern, very professional and appropriate for the day. Her smile was her best accessory I think.

  30. Faultless tailoring once again and a silky chemise with ruffle gives a touch of evening glamour. Meghan looks smart, chic and poised, nicely offset with the casual updo. She works a bootcut well, it’s a great balance for her body shape.

    But all-black again, a flirty top, plus polished androgynous style and killer heels, all seem out of sync with a child-centred event. And there’s also the fact that Meghan is sticking with distancing high-end and foreign names. Thankfully she keeps her mega-watt smile.

    I can recall Kate going through a long period of neutrals before she began to develop her royal style. Perhaps Meghan is working through her own adjustment period, added to by adopting a whole new country and culture. I’m glad to hear she will be meeting up with Princess Mary of Denmark at the Invictus Games where they can maybe swap notes. At least Meghan isn’t faced with learning a language like Danish!

    • I commented about the outfit being somewhat incongruous with the nature of the event, but hadn’t even thought of the cost/inaccessibility of the outfit. This would have been a perfect event to pull out something from a high street brand or slightly lower-end designer (particularly a British one).

      While I’m replying to one of your comments, I also wanted to mention how much I look forward to hearing what you have to say, both here and on WKW. You always seem to have an interesting take on an outfit and are a phenomenal writer, and your comments are always a pleasure to read.


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