Karen Walker & J Crew in the Morning, Burberry & Brandon Maxwell in the Afternoon

It was a rainy day and a Tuesday for Meghan and Harry at today’s engagements, but the weather didn’t seem to dampen their spirits at all.

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The Duke and Duchess were visiting the North Shore to dedicate an area of native bush to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy program.

The dedication was at the North Shore Riding Club, where the donated land was officially named the Carol Whaley Native Bush, honoring a long-standing supporter of riding and conservation.

In his remarks, Harry said “”My wife and I are delighted to be here at the opening of this covenant, which will form part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy network.”While at the site the Royals did a little work.

Meghan helped plant a Kōwhai tree; the flower from the tree was one of the 53 plants embroidered on her wedding veil. Radio NZ reports that “Alex Chatterton, 11, planted a tree with the Duchess. She said “let’s get started” and offered him gloves, he said.””

Then it was time for the welly-wanging contest with children from the Trees for Survival project.

More from People’s story:

…the objective of which is to throw a Wellington boot — which New Zealanders refer to as “Wellies” — as far as possible. (Wellingtons are equivalent to what Americans call rainboots, Bean Boots, or duck boots.)

Meghan had quite an arm. The Sun’s Emily Andrews posted a video.

This was not just any welly-wanging contest, it had quite a prize. Behold, the QEII National Trust Gumboot Throw Champions trophy that Meghan won! (I’m not seeing that on the plane going home, are you?)

Before they left, the QEII National Trust presented the Sussexes with a baby gift, “…a beautiful NZ merino Swandri blanket and a pair of gumboots. Essentials for any kiwi baby!”

The father-to-be with the wellies.
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Now to what Meghan wore, starting with her Karen Walker Fathom Jacket ($437 USD), done in the label’s Salvador suiting fabric, a dark navy check.

Made in a 90/10 blend of poly/rayon, the piece features a cropped, fitted silhouette, peak lapels, a single button front closure, and back vent. This offers a view of the front and back in photos that I digitally lightened to better show the item details. Our thanks to Christin for her speedy ID of the jacket!

We also saw Meghan in a QEII National Trust waterproof jacket, an item that is not available to the public to purchase.
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It appeared Meghan may have had on another piece by one of our favorite sponsors, Lavender Hill Clothing.

UPDATE: We have confirmation from Lavender Hill that Meghan was wearing one of their tees, the Scoop Neck T-Shirt. Meghan has worn the brand’s Boat Tee Shirt in white, so it makes sense that she was in another style from the brand. 

This is another company that syncs with traits Meghan values in clothing and accessory brands. The company was founded and is run by a woman, and there is a strong emphasis on sourcing and manufacturing ethically.  More from our profile of the brand:

The company takes great care in sourcing and manufacturing its merchandise. The Modal® used in pieces is made in a CO2 neutral environment, and all of the company’s products are manufactured in Great Britain or Italy. The factory where much of the manufacturing is done is a third-generation family business that also has an academy where unemployed residents are taught to sew, allowing them to seek skilled jobs in the future.

The company’s ethical and sustainable policies, as well as information on its fabrics and production, are available online.

If interested in learning more about Lavender Hill you can visit the company’s site or see our piece about the company in this post (scroll down).

The Duchess was wearing jeans by J Crew. As best we can tell it is Crew’s Toothpick style in the brand’s ‘charcoal’ wash ($128, take 30% off with promo code FLASH).  We had a tough time trying to get the correct color, but believe it is the charcoal wash.

Meghan also sported a pair of Muck Boots, the Reign style in black and gunmetal ($155).

Lauren was quick with the ID on these!

She had on her Tattoo Diamond Pendant.

And the Boh Runga earrings worn yesterday that were a gift from PM Jacinda Ardern.


After the morning engagement the Duke and Duchess got into some dry clothes for a visit to Pillars, a charity supporting children across New Zealand who have a parent in prison. The Duke and Duchess joined Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the charity’s Manakau headquarters.

Kensington Palace reports that “More than 23,000 children in New Zealand are affected by having a parent in prison and are 9 times more likely to end up in prison as adults.”

Meghan was welcomed by 6-year-old Ghianna Angi.

As a wedding present to The Duke and Duchess, the Government of New Zealand gifted $5000 dollars to Pillars. During the visit today the couple met some of the children who directly benefited from that donation. 

There was an awards ceremony at Pillars and the Duke and Duchess helped give out the honors to four children who will receive some of the donated money.

Prince Harry spoke about the awards.

Meghan presented a Pillars Award to Enhakkorey Lautasi Pepese, who is receiving his Award to provide opportunities to play sports.

When they left Pillars the royals did a walkabout. This video is by Rhiannon Mills of Sky TV.

5 News Royal Correspondent Simon Vigar posted photos from the walkabout, including this one of Prince Harry. Barb posted a video that has the theme music from Suits playing in the background.

People were very excited to see the royals.

And the royals were excited to see them.

9Honey’s Natalie Oliveri took this photo and says that is Zoe Harry is speaking with. 

The Prince seemed to enjoy this little girl’s doll. (?)


Another view via Sarah Greenhalgh of 7News Brisbane.

Meghan was wearing her silk Burberry trench coat, atop a Brandon Maxwell dress.

It’s difficult to know what dress style the Duchess had on because of her coat. The neckline seen above is similar to that of the dress worn at the July Commonwealth Youth Reception.

She also wore her Stuart Weitzman ‘Legend’ Pumps ($375). (We show them below as worn on a previous occasion.)

Not originally on the schedule for today, a meeting Meghan and Harry had with 18-year-old Eva McGauley, who was slated to attend tonight’s reception in Auckland. More from the Governor-General.

“Wellingtonian Eva McGauley was invited to attend the Prime Minister’s Reception with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Auckland. Unfortunately doctors orders mean Eva is unable to fly today but when the Royal couple heard her story, they invited her for a quick catch-up at Government House instead.

Here are Eva and her Mum, Kate Hardwick with the Duke and Duchess.

Eva has a rare form of cancer; treatment is why she is grounded. The 18-year-old is the founder of Eva’s Wish, a charity that has raised more than $55K to combat sexual violence and help those impacted by it. You can learn more about Eva and Eva’s Wish by clicking here.

Eva posted an Instagram album with pictures form this morning’s meeting.


View this post on Instagram


I have had the most amazing morning! I am so honoured and thankful to have been invited to Government House to meet with Meghan and Harry this morning!!! They are such kind down to earth people who were really interested in the work EvasWish does. We were welcomed so warmly by Dame Patsy Reedy and Sir David Gascoigne into their lovely home and it was one of the most memorable and wonderful moments of my life. Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen ? Photos by @simon.woolf #evaswish #meghanmarkle #harryandmeghan #princeharry #princeharryandmeghan #buckinghampalace #royalfamily #royaltour #royaltour2018 #royaltournz #dukeandduchessofsussex #meetingroyalty #governmenthouse #governorgeneral #damepatsyreddy #magicalmoments #dreamcometrue #kensingtonpalace

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  1. This doesn’t have anything to do with the outfits, but I just wanted to say that I have never in my whole life here in NZ, heard anyone refer to ‘Wellingtons’ as wellies, except in jest! They are always called gumboots.

      • We call them wellies in the UK, short for Wellington boots, named after the first Duke of Wellington for his waterproof boots in the early 19th century. The Kiwis call them gum boots. Hope this helps,

        • Great spotting everyone! That was my one and only comment too!
          Wellies area british term and as a kiwi I call them gum boots..
          My husband (british) mentioned the term when I first arrived in the UK, and I was so confused! Wellies in NZ means Wellingtonians (people from Wellington), which is where I grew up!

  2. Meghan’s outfit for a rainy day in the bush was well thought out and well suited for planting trees and slinging wellies with children, sitting through speeches in the rain and trekking through fields of beautiful yellow wildflowers with Harry. My rain outfit would have been an assortment of colors, styles and eras while Meghan’s is focused and centered on dark blues and black with a little gunmetal/charcoal thrown in. The Fathom Jacket in dark navy check is classy and I want it. But, that QEII National Trust waterproof jacket is logo wear you want to wear.

    Now, let me say I am quite happy Meghan brought ! 3 ! trench coats on this tour. Why shouldn’t she, it’s spring in the south Pacific and she probably was advised of the chances of rain. And please, a silk Burberry…it would barely take up any room in your luggage.

    Next, for those who get upset when Meghan wears a trench coat inside – just look at the top photo of the PM seated on the couch with Meghan and Harry at Pillars. The PM has her coat on as well. We’ll never know why coats were left on and it really doesn’t bother me.

  3. I am getting rather tired of the trench coat, I don’t think it looks good on her, it’s too long and drowns her. Also, why does she keep it on indoors and take pictures wearing it? It looks odd…

  4. I actually like both outfits, and especially the silk trench. I mean, it’s not really a “coat,” but it’s incredibly gorgeous in fabrication, color and cut. She may have kept it on because the dress was sleeveless, and bare arms would have been too cold.
    I LOVE that navy plaid jacket on Meghan, and I hope it is in a long rotation. But, I must say the pictures on the model are a scandal. The fit is way off on both the jacket and slacks, the rear view of the jacket is a mess … seriously, who okayed that?? Don’t get me started.

  5. I thought the blazer from the morning even was the perfect fit for her shorter torso and the jeans were a great wash. She looked great. Not a huge fan of the trench over the dress but it wasn’t terrible.

  6. I love the blazer over the jeans and in the outside photos she looks perfectly appropriate but you can see in the inside photos that she looks too casual. I think she’ll have to learn to find a way to make jeans look a bit more professional in the future. Perhaps a collared shirt underneath and the jeans should be black or a very dark wash without any fade whatsoever. But regardless, I love seeing Meghan in the more casual outside events. She looks right at home as someone I would love to hang out with! Her and Harry both!

  7. I’m impressed at how many pairs of jeans Meghan has packed, not to mention multiple rain jackets. She looks wonderfully trim in her smart Karen Walker jacket, even if it is just for welly wanging! Her own Muck wellington boots look eminently sturdy.

    I’m glad to see British company Lavender Hill Clothing get another boost from her, and have now ordered the same tee in navy. Hope I get on with it better than the white one I tried, I did like the fabric they use.

    And I’m afraid I wasn’t happy at first to see yet another trench coat, especially worn loose, but when I saw extensive puddles on the pavement I was able to concede that it was probably sensible. I wondered if this might have been the one she wore with her Berardi dress the first time she was seen in it. I can’t say I like the sleeves overmuch, the gathered inset on the lower sleeve seems overkill given that a trench already has plenty going on with it.

    I was impressed however at how the pink in the coat’s nude shade toned in with her Brandon Maxwell dress, though of course we can’t confirm which one it is. Love that we have that pretty jewellery repeated from yesterday, a very holiday sort of move, and that her hair is out of her face on both outings. All in all, two very competent outfits for two very different engagements.

  8. Loved the casual look at the wellie event and glad to see something other than the black jeans she’s been wearing. I’ve commented about how I like that Meghan has been repeating items on this trip but it’s also interesting that she has brought duplicates of certain items as well. This dress reminded me of the one she wore the first day in Australia. We’ve also seen 2 pairs of black jeans, 2 different black slingbacks, 2 white button down shirts. Hopefully she will feel more comfortable experimenting with some of these items in different colors on the next tour.

  9. Morning outfit was especially dull and needed a pop of colour. The model’s look with pants matching the jacket and a bright printed blouse, did justice to the jacket. The boots rather overwhelm everything, but I’m sure were comfortable and practical. Meghan’s hair is about as messy as I’ve every seen it, especially in the photo with Eva and her mother. This is not a good look on royalty and I can’t imagine the Queen, Kate, Sophie, or Anne ever looking like this.

    Trench coat, with a dress and shoes in a similar colour was also boring. I think Meghan is a rock star with her kindness, warmth and attention to others. However, this was not a good day in fashion and not a good day as her Majesty’s representative.

    • Would have been nice to see the poppy lapel pin at least, on either or both of them, but those seem to have been put away for the day (and the following day). I’m very surprised to see that she packed two putty-colored trenchcoats for this tour, and though the style and fabric of this one is different, it still appears as if she’s ready to dash off when she’s wearing it indoors as part of her ensemble, rather than removing it. I also notice that she’s pushing up the sleeves again, but this one seems particularly ill-suited to that move, with the gathers/pleating at the dropped shoulders.
      I agree this was a let-down of a day for fashion and presentation. Their time with the young girl was separate from the other appearances, it seems impossible that there wasn’t time to smooth her hair before arriving. Echoes of the Queen Mother’s attitude to the people (they wear their best to see me, and I do the same – paraphrase) come to mind when I see some of these photos.
      But it’s a learning process.

    • I expect Meghan was actually more concerned with meeting Eva than what her own hair looked like. Personally I think this is a better priority and reflects her values. Bravo for giving that girl a great day and not thinking of her own appearance.

      • Of course, time spent with Eva was a top priority. But other members of the Royal Family meet people from every walk of life. They seem to be able to do it while looking professional, having hair that is not disheveled and wearing clothes that have a neat, well groomed look. I couldn’t say enough about Meghan’s wonderful personality, grace, kindness and charm. I do feel, however, that she needs to up her game when it comes to looking like a Royal. Sometimes she does and other times it is just like she dashed out the door without checking herself in the mirror.

      • Holly, I am thinking there just wasn’t enough time for a wardrobe change. With so many events packed into 16 days it was bound to happen. Harry is wearing the same clothes as well.

  10. I loved both looks. The fit of the Karen Walker blazer was spot on. The jeans and boots were very appropriate attire for this engagement. For the second look from what I could see of the dress thought it was a good fit. The Trenchcoat, while I love it, looks big and baggy on her and I wish she had taken it off whilst inside.

  11. Love the different looks for today; wonder why she kept the trench coat on the entire time though? You all know how I feel about that! I wonder if she was wearing the white version of the yellow dress from this summer (so sleeveless) and it was colder than she thought?

    I think the blazer is fabulous.

    I have to admit that I am so tired from this tour (not bored, but tired…..trying to keep up with everything has been a feat haha.) I can only imagine how you ladies feel at WMW and how Harry and Meghan and their staff feel! Almost done 🙂

    • I think those of us in the northern hemisphere are getting a taste of what our sister posters Down Under go through on the majority of tours which take place at our end of the globe. I find the tiredness difficult as I fear it makes me dislike something too easily, and I find that having seen one fault I tend to go on and see a myriad of them. When I’m refreshed and looking through tour outfits afterwards they often look quite different, and the ones I took against present less of a problem. I also fear becoming bad tempered and phrasing things badly! So far I haven’t got into a fight with anyone…

      • No worries ElizaMo, I don’t think you’ve been hypercritical at all – your comments are always very supportive of the fashions, and I don’t “hear” any sniping in your replies to others.

    • It’s a really awkward time of pregnancy to have to plan a highly publicized wardrobe around, and I am simply amazed at how well things are fitting her. However, I wonder if the answer to your particular point about the trench coat is that this dress simply doesn’t fit well anymore and wearing the coat covers that up. Because it definitely looks very strange when she’s wearing it on stage.

  12. This is a look ( Brandon Maxwell look ) I am used to seeing in Manhattan, and I really like it. This is how young professional women dress. I like the trench with the dropped sleeve, which I think works well with the dress and shoes. She looks comfortable and confident. The hair and make carry the theme of a young professional woman. Well done!
    Kudos to the young people for their work and fortitude. I am so impressed with the charities the Duke and Duchess are spotlighting. God bless them in their endeavors.

  13. I just love her ponytail at the wellie-wanging event. From the side it’s so cool — something about is just the right height and messiness. And the light colored Brandon Maxwell dress looks lovely … hope it can be ID’d.


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