It’s Brandon Maxwell for Sydney Reception

The Duchess chose a Brandon Maxwell design for this afternoon’s reception at Admiralty House.

The event followed a full morning of engagements and was hosted by Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Attendees included Australians “from a broad range of sectors including charity and community, business and industry, arts and culture, sports and entertainment,” according to Kensington Palace.

Hannah Furness of The Telegraph posted a brief video of Meghan shortly after the couple arrived, she was speaking with singer-songwriter Missy Higgins.

The Daily Mirror reports:

“You look incredible,” Meghan remarked when Higgins, 35, revealed the sleeping newborn was just nine weeks old. “She’s so sweet, so cute. Look at her.”

Back to The Mirror’s story:

Before moving on, the singer had one piece of advice for the expectant Duchess: “Cherish each moment because it goes by so fast. It really does.”

Embed from Getty Images

Harry delivered remarks at the gathering.

And from 9News Australia’s story:

Harry said he was excited show his wife the country, and joked about ‘drop bears’ they met at the zoo.

There were a number of famous faces in attendance, including Qantas boss Alan Joyce, Wallabies player David Pocock, hurdler Sally Pearson and kayaker Jessica Fox. Comedian and artist Anh Doh, and model Samantha Harris were also there.

The Telegraph reports:

At a reception, the Duchess met Eddie Woo, a maths teacher and YouTube star, who told her about his three children, aged five, seven and 10, who require “a lot of energy”.

His wife Michelle said: “There’s no rest, but it’s so rewarding.”

The Duchess laughed, before telling them: “We’re ready! We’re excited to join the club.”

Embed from Getty Images

Now for Meghan’s second ensemble of the day, starting with her dress by American designer Brandon Maxwell. This video from reporter Omid Scobie offers a side view of Meghan’s dress.

UPDATE: Meghan’s Brandon Maxwell dress in Olive is now available for pre-order, $1,895.

The dress is from the s/s 2019 runway collection. It is a shirt-dress with a full pleated skirt, cinched waist and capelet (for lack of a better term) that is a single piece of fabric running from the bodice over the shoulders to the back.

The dress also comes in red and is available in limited sizes at Moda Operandi.

Our thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for finding the piece. One of the frock’s most distinctive design elements is the pleated fabric.

Pleats were key in the designer’s spring/summer collection. Brandon Maxwell launched his line in 2015; his collections are shown at NY Fashion Week, and all styles are designed in the city. He is also a judge on Project Runway.  Many know him as Lady Gaga’s fashion director and stylist. Below, the twosome at a 2016 fashion event.
Embed from Getty Images

Meghan has previously worn the designer’s creations. Most recently we saw her wearing Brandon Maxwell in July at a Commonwealth Youth reception.  

Meghan did not carry a bag this afternoon (nor did she at this morning’s engagements). Michelle of Perth’s Fashion suggests the Duchess is wearing the Tamara Mellon Rebel

The designer’s ‘Rebel’ style in Capretto nude, $395.

We are still looking for a better photo to use for comparison and will update as soon as we look at things with a fresh eye.

We did get a much better look at Meghan’s jewelry that was originally in Princess Diana’s collection, the gold bracelet and butterfly earrings.

You can see one of the earrings in this image.
Embed from Getty Images

That is two ensembles for the Duchess thus far!

Tomorrow (Wednesday in Australia) Meghan and Harry will be flying to Dubbo, where all of that day’s engagements take place.

  • arrival at Dubbo Airport
  • meet staff from the Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • meet with a local farming family impacted by the severe drought in the region
  • Dubbo Community BBQ and Picnic

We’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. It appears that Meghan’s dress actually has the belt loops removed, unlike the runway version and the version that’s on sale.

  2. She looks like Julia Roberts when smiling with this make up. She looks beautiful and the dress is quite charismatic. Shoes go very well with the heavy details of the dress and light color of them adds freshness in my opinion. Yeah, I agree that bronzer is a little bit too much on her lately.

  3. I love this olive color on her, and it’s always nice to see Diana’s jewelry.
    I like the color and overall style of the dress, but keep stumbling over the “capelet.” Usually, I like capes as part of dresses (especially evening wear), but the length of this seems a bit too short.

  4. Oh, she looks lovely! I think the dress is wonderfully appropriate for an afternoon event. And I love that the olive green speaks back to the neutral ensemble from the morning. She looks so happy and at ease. I hope that the afternoon event means she and Harry were free to rest and relax together for dinner!

    I’m sure I missed this somewhere so I apologize, but why was their airport arrival so low-key? As opposed to William and Kate always descending airplane steps on a tarmac in full arrival dress?

  5. I love this dress and it was so appropriate for the mid afternoon tea at Admiralty house. The event was an afternoon tea (starting at 3pm) to celebrate their arrival plus meet and greet notable Australians from a wide range of fields. I hope Meg purchased the red dress as well as it is stunning.

  6. I like the pleating details of the dress but I think it’s a bit long on her. In the full-length pictures you can’t see much leg and the proportions are off.

  7. This dress is stunning. Pleats are such a thing now, and this strong statement manages to look both of-the-moment and vey classic. I normally dislike long skirts with high heels because it makes the wearer look like she’s standing in a ditch. But, here, precisely because she chose a nude pump (rather than a jazzy color or whatever people define as “interesting”), she looks long and elegant. This dress stands on its own; more shoe would have been overkill.

  8. Pretty colour on Meghan. Not a fan of the shoes…a darker brown would have worked better.
    The dress is interesting though. I like it.

  9. It seems that Meghan likes the fullness and design of a pleated skirt. This look reminded me of the Club Monaco dress worn to Charlie and Daisy’s wedding and the Misha Nonoo skirt at the “Together” book luncheon. Brandon Maxwell’s version with the “capelet” is very snazzy. The olive green color is relaxing to my eye and blends in nicely with the muted golden walls and carpet in the Admiralty House. It seems that Harry changed into olive green trousers for the evening reception, it must have been a more casual event.

    Smiled to see Meghan’s relaxed bun and tendrils make an appearance at the reception and thought the way she had her collar up in the back was ultra smart.

    Diana’s earrings and bracelet had a full day’s adventure and I hope to see them, and others, back for more soon!

  10. She looks so good in olive green and I disagree that it is a drab color. I really like this dress on her! And it’s so nice to see her wearing Diana’s jewelry again. I’m not a really a heels person so her wearing nude doesn’t bother me. The only thing I’d change is adjust her makeup. She seems to be wearing a tad too much bronzer/blush (I am not someone overly familiar with makeup terms since I hardly ever wear any). The stuff on her cheeks (really precise I know).

  11. I LOVE shirt dresses, so I was quite excited when I saw the first picture.
    I do like the colour, and the capelet gives the traditional style a more fashion forward look.
    However, I do feel there are too many pleats in the skirt, and I don’t like the color of her shoes with the dress.

  12. I like this colour on Meghan but for this engagement and in a shirt dress looks a little utilitarian. But mainly, someone please sort her collar!

  13. I usually LOVE Brandon Maxwell, but just can’t get behind this dress (especially for this engagement). I actually do like it on the model, but I think that it’s a piece that’s elevated by edgy styling and an edgier colour, and Meghan’s version has neither of those (the former is, of course, not her fault at all–this just might not be the best dress for an on-duty royal). This colour looked fantastic on her at Prince Louis’ christening, but it doesn’t work as well here–I think partly due to the style of the dress and partly due to the time of day. A darker green with cooler undertones (think the Givenchy ensemble that she wore on arrival in Ireland over the summer) would work much better.

    I’m rarely a fan of nude pumps, but the combination of the lighter colour and neither-matte-nor-glossy leather is particularly off-putting here. I do quite like the dress’s pleated skirt and Diana’s jewelry, but those are the only redeeming qualities of this outfit for me.

    • I absolutely love love love the dress, the color and overall look. Very appropriate for an evening cocktail event. As usual the Duchess really nailed it. This is one of Meghan’s best looks

    • I quite managed to miss the shoes and now find myself agreeing with you that this pair of shiny pale nudes look out of place. More like an afterthought than a considered part of an ensemble.

      • The shoes are not actually shiny – they are more beige/tan – and I have to go in and update the post – I’m just overwhelmed at the moment. Susan K is catching up on some sleep, I’m working and trying to maintain some site/social media items. Brain scrambled! 🙂 The shoes are actually from Tamara Mellon. Will have an update on those soon in the post. Thanks, SC

        • Good to hear someone coming to the defence of the shoes! I still think they have a little bit of shine…But I’d really like to say how much I appreciate all you’re trying to do on the blog here on this trip, the time zones are crazy for us northern hemisphere bunnies. I do hope both Susans can take care of yourselves as I’m sure it won’t hurt to wait a wee while longer for the post. It’s always the best researched in terms of style details. Like those shoes 😀

  14. I don’t even want to comment fashion (but I like the dress), because Meghan looks so radiant and so absolutely beautiful and at ease in her new role. It’s hard to believe that she officially appeared in the royal family a year ago. She’s come a long way already since her before the wedding appearances and this tour. I’m extremely happy for her baby news and hope that both her and Prince Henry enjoy every moment of their new marriage. I was not initially a fan when they first appeared together in September, but since then I feel nothing but fondenss towards Meghan and her Cinderella story. Best wishes to the future parents and excited for the rest of the tour!

  15. A favourite style and colour for Meghan, the first of what I had thought might be a series of neutral shirtwaisters for her Pacific odyssey. The colour is very flattering to her and the wonderful pregnancy glow, but I don’t think the dress as a whole works well. It’s a shame there are so few pictures to help judge better.

    The bodice is a masterpiece of tailoring with that stomacher-style inset leading up to a kind of storm-flap feature across the back shoulders while helpfully adding a couple of cap sleeves en route. The way the main bodice is worked in tiny pleats is little short of miraculous.

    But the very full knife-pleated skirt seems altogether too bulky and by sitting high on the waist exacerbates the problem. Glad to see the Diana jewellery again, a lovely touch.

  16. This is a fabulous dress. Much prefer the cool khaki version that Meghan is wearing to the red hot. So creative to add a capelet element to both regular and micro pleating. It’s a complex garment that somehow looks effortless on her.

  17. long day for the Duchess. Love the design of this dress, but it looks like it is overwhelming her. Would have loved to see her in the red color which I believe would compliment her coloring nicely. I am not usually a fan of nude shoes, but this one is done right. The higher heel and the color being more on the cream side gives it personality that other nude shoes lack. Her signature bun has a more sophisticated look than usual and goes well with the neckline of the dress. The jewelry is very elegant. Overall I think this is a successful look for the Duchess because anyone entering the room would be compelled to look at her.

  18. This color is never going to be my favorite–and army green plus gold buttons to my eye has a whiff of imperialism that seems off-brand for a Commonwealth tour (or maybe too on-brand)–but I have to say that I adore the design of this dress. The long, knife-pleated skirt is very on-trend now, and the bodice is so interesting with the pintucks and the cape thingie. I might have chosen to make it collarless, but that’s just me. I like that the DOS wore it without the belt; I think it makes it look more formal and shows off the design better.

    I feel like she phoned it in with the shoes, though.

    • I am disappointed in the shoes!! She could have gone for something slightly more interesting. Usually her shoe game is better so I’m hoping she has other ones packed away 🙂

  19. I really like this dress objectively – I have always liked a good pleated skirt (its either the 80s baby in me or my catholic school past, haha) and I like the color on her. I don’t know if I love it for this reception though, I cant tell if the other guests are dressed more in cocktail dresses, this looks a step down from that. I think this dress may have worked better for her day events with the white dress for the evening events. I wonder if that was the plan and there was an issue with this dress (had to be pressed out or something?) Even the trench coat would have gone nicely with this dress. Or maybe she wanted to wear the “blessed” dress first, since it was from an Australian designer? I don’t know, but something makes me think the outfits were supposed to be switched around. Or maybe not and I’m just overthinking it 🙂 Anyway like I said – objectively lovely, and she looks so happy.

    • Coming in to add – I have seen other pictures from the event now and there are several women dressed similarly to her (in terms of how dressed up they are) so I take back what I said about her dress being a shade too casual; it seems it was appropriate in terms of dressiness.

      • We are having to wait quite a while to get photos from the agencies we license from for these events. Not sure if it will be this way the entire tour. Please bear with us as we work hard into the very very late late night or very early morning hours to get the posts up (15 hr time difference for us!) and update posts with IDs. We also ask to keep in mind we’re trying to keep up with getting your comments approved/submitted through as soon as possible. Thanks everyone! – The Susans

    • The dress code was smart casual as it was an afternoon tea starting at 3pm. You don’t wear cocktail frocks to afternoon tea in Australia unless it was clearly stated it was a formal event.

  20. Meghan is looking good. After such a long flight and being newly pregnant, she seems to be sailing through events with ease. The white sheath dress, that she wore for the first event was very flattering. This green dress has a lovely style to it, with the caplet and pleated skirt. I find the colour to be really drab, however, and can’t help but think how splendid she would have looked in the red version. But it seems that Meghan is far more comfortable with dark colours and neutrals and that is certainly her right. Lovely to see Diana’s earring and bracelet being worn, for the two engagements. Diana usually wore more prominent jewellery than is Meghan’s preference, but these two pieces obviously work well.

    • I was surprised that Di had such delicate earrings among her collection. I think my chief memories of her tend to be from events with major bling from the opulent 80s whereas these are much more in keeping with present-day minimalist thinking.

    • I bet she got the red version also, and we may see it at some point in the future…not near future, I am afraid 🙂 but at some point

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