The Duchess Wears Valentino for Morocco Arrival

The Duchess wore an ensemble by Valentino for this evening’s arrival in Morocco as she and Prince Harry begin their two-day visit to the country.

The couple landed in Casablanca after a flight that would have been a little over three hours.
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They were greeted by Thomas Reilly, the British Ambassador to Morocco, and his wife, Leah. A quick video of the arrival.

More from The Daily Mail:

In darkness Harry inspected a sabre carrying guard of honour from the Auxiliary Forces, dressed in their pristine white uniforms and formed in two rows.

This video by Chris Ship of ITV shows the duo as they stopped by the airport’s royal suite.

The Daily Mail also reports “Meghan declined to sample the treats but Harry picked a date from the top of a large mound on a platter. The couple were also offered milk, which is a traditional welcome in the country.”

Victoria Murphy shared some of Ambassador Reilly’s thoughts on the visit, noting its “…focus on women’s empowerment, girls education, inclusivity and the encouragement of social entrepreneurship.” The Ambassador clearly enjoyed meeting the Duke and Duchess.

UK spokesperson Alyson King spoke about the visit, saying it…

“…highlights the growing strength and depth of bilateral relations between Britain and Morocco, and the importance of Morocco for the UK as a stable African and Arab country with a strategic vision for growth and development that includes all Community components…”

Another view of Meghan this evening.

After the airport formalities, the Duke and Duchess traveled to Rabat, about an hour away. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and the country’s second largest city. Here you see their arrival.

Meghan and Harry are staying in one of the royal residences as guests of the King.

This evening they met the heir to the throne, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, age 15, after arriving at their lodging in Rabat.

They were welcomed with more delicious-looking dates.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore for tonight’s Casablanca arrival, beginning with her bespoke dress and cape by Valentino.

As we expected, Meghan incorporated one of Morocco’s national colors into her wardrobe for the visit. Red is the country’s flag color; you can see the flag in our Royal Visit graphic. 

The color is described as representing “hardiness, bravery, strength and valor.” Another view.

Valentino posted on Twitter about the Duchess wearing their dress, cape and carrying their bag. They note the designs are by the house’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli.

The always-on-top-of-things UFO No More shared photos from Valentino’s s/s 2013 collection that have similarities to Meghan’s dress.

The cape is attached by buttons on at the shoulders; you can just see the buttons on the inset photo below left.

Another interesting element of the design: there is an additional layer down the center portion of the dress. In these photos you can just see the fabric.

While this is the first time we have seen Meghan wear the brand since her engagement to Harry, she did wear Valentino in her role as Rachel Zane on Suits. Thoughts on the look from Jessica’s Fug Girls post.

I firmly endorse her drifting toward Valentino — if only because I personally like Valentino better and it is ultimately all about me. In looking at her, I thought, “this feels very Queen Maxima” — which is OBVIOUSLY a MASSIVE compliment — and I think that’s because of the gloves, as a Smartly Clutched Glove always feels like a Euro Royal thing to me.

Meghan’s bag is also by Valentino, it looks like the brand’s small V-Ring Leather Crossbody ($2145) in pink.

The bag is made in smooth calfskin and buffalo leather, and features antique brass hardware. Our thanks to Meghan’s Mirror for their ID work on the bag.

Her shoes remain unidentified at this point, we continue hunting for the designer and style.

Laura suggests Meghan’s gloves might be by Gianvito Rossi, the Long Glove in Dahlia Pink ($595). The color and style look good but we’re wondering if they are longer than the pair Meghan is carrying. 

Meghan’s hair was worn up. The lighting made it difficult to get a really good look at her updo. 

The Duchess wore her Natalie Marie earrings, the Diamond Sun Studs ($1976) in 14K yellow gold first seen during the Australia tour. A few updates about the next two days, beginning with word we do not expect to see any walkabouts during the visit. That is because of recent protests in Rabat that became violent; more from this Daily Mirror story:

Amid fears more protests are planned, a royal source said: “The decision was taken to not include a walkabout in Morocco over fears for the duke and duchess’s safety.

“Both Meghan and Harry draw huge crowds wherever they go in the world and they have a real propensity to get in among the crowds, interacting with them, very closely. “Due to the nature of the protests across the country this was strongly advised against which they both understood.”

Also, a formal audience with King Mohammed VI has been added to the Monday schedule.

The couple is accompanied by an entourage of nine. Victoria Murphy reports this includes three press staff, two assistant private secretaries and a hairdresser. She also noted that “..medical provision has been made for seven months pregnant Meghan.”

A look at tomorrow’s schedule:

  • The day begins with a visit to an Education for All boarding house, located in Asni, situated in the Atlas Mountains. The organization provides housing for girls ages 12-18 to ensure they have access to secondary education. The couple will meet teens who live at the facility and the housemother.
  • Next on the agenda, a stop at the Lycée Qualifiant Grand Atlas, another secondary school located in Asni. Meghan and Harry will meet students and watch a football game.
  • The Duke and Duchess then visit the original Education for All boarding house where the program began. Prince Harry will invest Michael McHugo, the founder of EFA, with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Mr. McHugo is being recognized for his work improving gender equality in education in Morocco.
  • There is then a break in the schedule for lunch and travel to Rabat, the capital of Morocco.
  • Sunday night there is a formal reception at the British Ambassador’s home. Guests at the function will influential Moroccan women, disabled athletes and young entrepreneurs.

Here is an outstanding video from ITV; it runs about 2:35.

This video from ITN’s Royal Family Channel is about 3:30.

We’ll see you tomorrow!



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  1. I agree too. It looks great on her and makes her look glam. So much better than previous outfits. This is visit to another country so maybe they’ve upped their game for that. Whatever, she has found an outfit that suits her.

  2. I’ve been away, so I’m doing all my Morocco comments all at once. It’s been such a pleasure to see her in pieces that are actually cut for a pregnant figure, and this piece is no exception. Valentino is just…everything. No one can make a woman look more beautiful. This color, and the way it drapes from her shoulders and swishes around her knees. Who looks this beautiful so late in pregnancy? Just a perfect match of designer and wearer.

  3. I don’t like this ensemble very well. Although I normally love Valentino. I believe that warmer nude accessories would look better than the cool-toned nudes she chose. Or even a nice cognac (I am very attached to a warm cognac). A caramel-ly cognac against that bright, warm red would look fantastic. I like her sleek buns. Always. And she looks lovely in bright colors like this red.

  4. Why do you think Meghan and the other woman didn’t walk on the carpet with the men? You can see in one of the videos that Meghan was taking her cues from the other woman.

  5. Meghan looks beautiful and glowing. At first I didnt realize the cape was a seperate piece. I wonder if she could have this dress tailored down post pregnancy, it would be a shame to only get to wear this once.

  6. Regal beauty…this is exquisite from head to toe. I am hoping for more Valentino, since the superb tailoring and vintage vibe are a winning combination. One of her best looks yet!

  7. A really good look on Meghan. The colour suits her beautifully and I love the pink accessories. I would prefer another make of bag as this seems a bit too much but the colours work so well. My only quibble is I wish she had chosen a British designer to arrive in but more outfits to come.

  8. The Duchess looks beautiful. Love this bespoke cape on her shoulder, a lovely maternity dress. Her accessories are spot on. Love the gloves. She looks a knockout in that colour of red.

  9. Finally clothes appropriate for a very pregnant woman. She looks elegant and appropriate.
    I found it interesting that she stayed off the red carpet both times when Harry was reviewing troops. Also, I noticed the big smiles all those very serious men had when greeting the Duchess.

    • love this classic look I have enjoyed her style from suit to present. She has embodied I’m every woman throughout her pregnancy and continues to look #fabulous in every thing she wears !!

  10. This is one of my favorite maternity looks on Meghan. She looks beautiful and radiant. This dress seems to fit, no drag or pull lines and no large amount of material puddling anywhere. The fit is perfection. I didn’t necessarily dislike her the style of her previous outfits, but the fit was tailoring could have been better.

  11. Wow! She looks amazing. I’ve never been a fan of trapeze dresses on pregnant women, I’ve always felt that it looked a bit like a tent but this dress makes me rethink that entirely. The cape absolutely makes the dress. I liked seeing more of a blush shade in the accessories rather than nude or black as well. I can’t wait to see what she wears next.

  12. Let me brag a little bit :-)) :
    there are lots of amazing designers in the world, but when it comes to real elegance, sophistication and tayloring, nobody can beat Italians, especially EMPEROR VALENTINO. Simply perfect.

  13. Wow! She is certainly getting there on the regal power dressing! Liked the pink accessories but the clutch was too commercial for an official royal visit. Still wish she had access to the jewel vault. Also, pleeaaase find shoes that fit. These remind me of my daughter with the dressing up box. All credit overall though and a welcome burst of bold!

  14. Best look yet – I absolutely love this cape-dress, and it suits her and the occasional so well. The whole ensemble is spot on.

    • Completely agree. Meghan more ‘miss’ than ‘yes’ for my taste lately–but this one knocks it out of the park! Well done!
      sophisticated and elegant are the words that come to mind.

  15. Wow, this is such a gorgeous dress/capelet!!! While I’m a huge fan of Meghan’s neutral colors, I’m super excited to see her in such a vibrant color!! Imho, the color of her shoes and purse are the perfect contrast to this stunning red and yet again she’s giving me major purse envy!!

  16. Meghan arrived and set a truly Royal tone. Her red Valentino dress with short cape was modest yet glamorous. The fabric drapes so beautifully on her. The bag, gloves and shoes in the soft pink color is a fresh match-up and I like it!

    I’ve alluded to this article before but for anyone who is curious about carrying gloves vs. wearing them, Town&Country posted a very interesting piece earlier this month entitled, “The Reason Meghan Markle Holds Her Gloves But Doesn’t Actually Wear Them.”

    • Agree with you about the fresh match-up, the pink is a welcome change from the more standard taupe or black, and lightens the whole thing up nicely.

  17. Well, this is Meghan’s best maternity look yet. Although a modern trend is to stretch tight clothes over a pregnant body, I’ve never cared for that look, nor the way Meghan embraced it. This dress appears comfortable and very professional. I do wonder if Meghan was advised not to wear tight clothing due to the ultra conservative attire of most Moroccan women?

    Valentino, like Oscar de la Renta, blends sophistication with femine touches. I love the lines of this dress and the embroidered cape is stunning. While I would have preferred black or navy accessories, over the pink, I am very glad Meghan’s dress is not black or navy. Red is a striking colour on her.

    I never understand the carrying of gloves…either put them on, or put them away. While I do like the purse, all the dangling bits, plus the gloves, make for a cluttered hand. But all in all, Meghan is on top of her game today. Finally she has worn a dress which accomodates her ever changing body.

  18. This isn’t my favorite DOS maternity look. But there were many upsides: she looks so lovely in red, and her dewy skin is enviable. The trapeze shape is never a favorite for me though and I can’t help but wish the skirt was slightly more fitted. Or maybe I’m comparing to her NYC looks which were so amazing.

  19. I’ve long been hoping to see Meghan in Valentino, and this is gorgeous! I love way that the cape and swing cut combine for a vintage feel, and the fit is great. I’m glad to see something bright, and Meghan wears this shade (and all red) so well.

    I like the blush accents (instead of a more brown-toned nude), although I think the V-ring bag would maybe look a little better with a more casual dress or coat. Still an absolutely stunning look, though.

  20. This look feels very “Jackie O” to me, similar to the feel of the black coat She wore in NY. I found the pairing of the red with pale pink surprising, but I like it.
    I was worried that all the traveling lately would leave her fatigued, but she looks lovely. Just superb!

  21. Meghan looks wonderful. This is one of my favorite looks on her. Finally a maternity dress that fits. The vibrant red looks great on Meghan. She looks happy, healthy and relaxed.

    • I agree, finally a maternity dress that fits appropriately and right below the knee, I love the designer Valentino, he always dresses woman with style and elegance.

    • I agree too. It looks great on her and makes her look glam. So much better than previous outfits. This is visit to another country so maybe they’ve upped their game for that. Whatever, she has found an outfit that suits her.

  22. Incredible look! a solid 10 in my book. I am ecstatic about this visit as I love everything Morocco, from the food, clothing, and crafts.

  23. Meghan is at her absolute regal best here, it’s impressive how she’s been able to step out with such convincing dignity and poise so early in her royal career. The strong red is a wonderful colour on her and it’s great to see her in something better adapted to maternity.

    The device of the eye-catching Valentino embroidered cape is beautifully worked so that enough roomy folds of fabric can fall out from under it and look quite natural while being figure-screening. The scrolling design of the cape pattern ties in neatly with Moorish artistic tradition, favouring the natural world.

    Meghan’s hair and make-up are sheer perfection and she’s really nailing the fully coiffured look for big occasions. The pink-nude accessories help lighten the block dress colour and the decorations on the clutch add useful interest; in another setting I could easily find the gold clasp plus ties and handle too fussy. The minimal use of jewellery is admirable and helps create a look of pure class and something to silence the critics.

  24. Well done, Meghan! This is a beautiful look for her. At first glance, I expected her dress to be a vintage piece, and was surprised to see that it was designed for her. The fit seems great—nothing is pulling or stretching. I love how the dress flows as she walks. And those gloves! They add to the throwback feel of this outfit. Red is such a great color on her, and she gets an A for her sartorial diplomacy. Can’t wait to see what she wears tomorrow, as I think this is one of her best maternity looks yet.

  25. So beautiful! This is a classic look. The color is vibrant, the cut is perfect. She looks comfortable and happy. The soft color of the accessories are a beautiful complement to the dramatic red of the dress. I hope she dresses like this every day for the rest of her pregnancy!


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