The Duchess Wears Jason Wu for Final Fiji Engagement

Meghan was in Jason Wu for today’s final Fiji engagement.

The royals’ last ceremonial event was the unveiling of a statue at the Nadi airport honoring a British-Fijian war hero. Here is a very quick video by ABC’s Carolyn Durand of the duo arriving at the airport.

You don’t see it in this photo, but Harry had another drink of Kava when it was brought to him. Hello! Royal Editor Emily Nash reports “More Kava for the Duke, who calls out “Bula!” before clapping three times according to Fijian tradition. Made from powdered yagona root, it’s a mild sedative, so none for the Duchess.”

The Duke unveiled the new statue of Sergeant Taliasi Labalaba, who was killed in the Battle of Mirbat in 1972. 

The soldier served in the Special AirServices.  More via FBC News: 

Labalaba, aged 30, was shot dead whilst firing a 25-pounder gun at the attacking guerrilla forces.

The Fijian soldier’s exemplary courage places him high on the pantheon of SAS heroes.

Here you have a little better view of the statue.

Following the statue ceremony it was time to bid farewell to Fiji.

Prince Harry delivered brief remarks

And the couple headed toward their plane. 

And thank their hosts. 

And give a wave goodbye. 

One side note, it turns out the Duke and Duchess had a bit of a getaway, spending last night at the exclusive Vatuvara resort.

More from The Daily Mail:

The royal couple spent Wednesday night in only each other’s company on the idyllic Vatuvara Private Islands, about an hour east of the Fijian capital Suva.

It boasts three secluded and expansive seaside villas, meticulously crafted with local materials. Expansive beaches and crystal clear waters greet early risers, with 800 acres of private land available for explorers.

Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya described the island as a paradise which showcases the Fijian spirit, as the Duke and Duchess conclude their three-day tour of the nation.

Now we turn to what Meghan wore at the Nadi airport. 

She was in a Jason Wu Collection dress.  Jason Wu peacock green fitted dress meghan markle oct 24 2018The knee-length piece is described as being ‘peacock green,’ and it is a blend of acetate and polyester. Other features include the fitted silhouette, round neck, back zipper and slit, and exposed seams. The dress is available at Saks and at Jason Wu ($1695).

Meghan was wearing her Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in navy. (We show them as worn at a previous engagement.

The Duchess carried her Dior handbag, a custom version of the D-Bee bag. We show it below in black, with the affixed bee that gives the piece its name and its retractable handle in the up position. Meghan’s clutch is navy leather.

It looks like Meghan wore more Pippa Small jewelry today. Her earrings look like the 18k ‘Peepal Leaf’ earrings, dating back to the fall 2015 collection. Thank you to TheRoyalsandI, UFONoMore and MeghansMirror for their ID work on the earrings!

It appears that Meghan’s bangles could also be by Pippa Small. Below we show the Oshna Bangle ($140), atop the stack of two in our collage, and on the bottom, the Omeen Bangle ($190). Both bangles are gold-plated silver, and both are handmade by the “… men and women artisans of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation” according to the product descriptions. The Foundation’s website describes its aim this way: “…to preserve and regenerate historic areas and communities with a rich cultural heritage and to revive traditional crafts, to create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.” Another thank you to the UFO No More gang for this ID as well! UPDATE NOV 5: Pippa Small confirms the Duchess wore the Turquoise Mountain bangles.

One more image of Meghan.
Embed from Getty Images
We’re off to work on the next post, covering Meghan’s Self-Portrait dress for the Tonga arrival! Here’s a peek.


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  1. Deep green is definitely a winner on Meghan, but not this dress for all the reasons so many have already stated. The bold gold jewelry is magnificent and really enhances the green, but as also stated, creates more of a Fall color palette. I do like that we are seeing more substantial jewelry on her that doesn’t require a magnifying glass to appreciate. She has a presence and can easily pull off more statement. It must be difficult to dress at this stage of pregnancy, especially when she is experiencing it for the first time and has no gauge of how her figure is changing and fitting . . . or not fitting . . . into non-maternity wear.

  2. Love the color combination but have a few issues. The bodice looks like it doesn’t fit well, front and back. The fabric weight and color seem inappropriate for the weather and location. The dress actually makes Meghan look dumpy in some of the pictures. Surprising as she’s so petite and fine boned.

  3. The jewelry, hairstyle and color of the dress is doing the heavy lifting here. This color looks great on the duchess and the longer gold earrings brings out the natural beauty of her complexion. The top of the dress can be awkward at times but I like the design and structure regardless. Navy blue with this color green….genius! The overall look is of a modern working woman. I am happy with it.

  4. Now this is a better effort from Meghan! The color of this dress is rich and flattering, and the silhouette is chic yet classy. The exposed seaming gives the dress an updated look, but I do wish Meghan would have set off the solid color with a necklace.
    I don’t love the fit of the dress on her – something doesn’t quite look polished – but she is pregnant, so we must make allowances for a changing figure.
    This is a million times better than yesterday’s flower child hullaballoo of a dress!

  5. I really love the structure and color of this dress. I wish it was hemmed higher, maybe just above the knee. I also don’t really understand the navy shoes but that might just be me. This color looks very nice on her.

  6. Love this deep green, the sculptural silhouette, substantial fabric and the surprise of navy working as a dark neutral in the accessories. Terrific.

  7. The jewelry works fabulously with this outfit on so many levels — color, shape, feeling. Lovely contrast of colors all around, and a great color on her. While I don’t love the heaviness and fullness — she looks a bit swallowed up at the top — the color combined with the accessories is lovely.

  8. I love this color. It’s one of my favorites and is gorgeous on Meghan! However, the dress looks very heavy. I could see Meghan wearing this in London or Toronto in the fall, but it seems an odd choice for a visit to a tropical island. Also, the dress doesn’t look like it fits correctly. The shoulders are huge.

  9. Thought Meghan and Harry look professional and appropriate for their duties as they bid farewell to Fiji and partake in the departure ceremony and unveil the fallen warrior sculpture. Meghan’s dress blended in with the colors of the Fijian royals and military dignitaries and I appreciate Jason Wu’s detailing and surprises. Love the Pippa Small bangle bracelets, especially the combination of a thinner bangle on Meghan’s forearm and the chunky bangle falling at her wrist. Clever.

    Must say, Harry has proved himself to be quite up to the task of this royal tour! He has been juggling days of official duties… giving speeches, making remarks, opening INVICTUS games, planting trees, unveiling plaques and sculptures, meeting and greeting, laying wreaths, participating in a beach and surfers wellness circle, Kava toasts and he’s not yet finished! His maturity, energy, dedication and his visible support and love for Meghan does his mother proud. And, while I love those red striped trousers I do like this beige, light weight, suit he’s been wearing! Susan, thank you for adding Harry’s Bula shirt to his “WHW” tab. Some day might you add Harry’s Fiji suit and perhaps the significance of his medals worn with business attire? Many thanks!

  10. I’m so pleased we have a return to structure and tailoring after our most floriferous outing. This is a gorgeous classic sheath from the ever-chic Jason Wu, with several neat twists via raised darts and feature seaming on the raglan sleeves.

    While I like the lines of the shoulder seams they seem to have had the effect of making the fabric heavy enough to bulge when Meghan moves, giving her a somewhat muscular silhouette. It look as if the seams were exposed to a further extent in the original version, but Meghan has had hers trimmed back, I don’t know if that might have stiffened the fabric in any way. The effect is still very pretty apart from that.

    The dress colour is terrific on Meghan and I like having navy accessories. Meghan is quite right to lift the sober tones with gleams of gold from earrings and bangles, which have impeccable artisan pedigree. A business-like fun and chic effort from Meghan today, on top of her form.

  11. After the beachy sundresses, this green dress looks very heavy. It is spring in that part of the world and to me this says, fall/winter. I also don’t like the shoulder detail. It gives Meghan “linebacker” shoulders. Navy with forest green is an odd choice, but it guess it doesn’t clash. The jewellery is okay. For me, this is mostly a miss.

  12. This shade of green is one of the few colors she favors. I like this dress, it has a fun shape. However, that strapless bra is back that doesn’t quite work, she’s wearing it with the red dress too. I think it just has too much padding and is very noticeable.

  13. LOVE this color. Love the dress and its subtle details–wish I could afford it for work, though I never understand why anyone would design or pay for this expensive a dress in poly.

  14. Favorite look so far! (Besides the blue evening gown) Love the color, cut and navy shoes paired with the green. I’m curious if she has a tailor on the trip with her as the clothes are all fitting impeccably. This is the time during pregnancy when the bump can be growing daily and definitely changes in size within a week or 2. Can’t wait to see more lovely looks and kudos to admin for all your hard work on the posts!

  15. I love this. I think a rich green with gold accessories is such a luxe look. Not sure about the navy shoes and bag, though. And a belt might have helped keep things tidy at the waistline–I am sure the fit there is changing on a daily basis.

    I am reminded of a cobalt blue dress with exposed seams that the DoC once wore. I just looked it up: Stella McCartney. I actually think the exposed seams are done more effectively here–I like how they are worked into the shoulder design.

  16. Spot on 3 in a row. This green dress although a bit heavy for the weather looks great. The red ond she arrived to in to the tongo also great fit and perfect for the occasion and the white dress was just right for the big dinner. Fits were all great on these three and she looked comfortable. We have all left a tag on before at least it was not toilet paper in her shoe .

  17. The top of the dress seemed to sit oddly in other photos, like rising up and adding some bulk to her shoulders. But Meghan’s complexion looks so stunning and glowing, more so than usual, in that shade of green, so definitely very flattering!

  18. I love this dress. This is something I would wear to work or to the theater (we aren’t super fancy in my city for theater outings, ha.) The color is great. I have a similar pair of earrings that I got on Amazon and now I feel very on-trend 😉

  19. Love the green dress which was a lovely shade and cut. Very elegant. The red dress that Meg wore for arrival in Tonga was lots of fun and again elegant and stylish. I have just seen a photo of the cream gown she wore to the nightime event. Again stunning, stylish and elegant

  20. Beautiful color on Meghan! This is going to sound so weird but I don’t know why the top of that dress makes the dress look like the stem of a very fancy plant to me lol. Meghan looks like a very beautiful sprout. I think it might be the shoulder detailing? Which you can’t see on Meghan’s dress because her hair is covering it. Not sure I like this exposed dart business (exposed seams?), not my cup of tea. Love the earrings. You see guys, she isn’t allergic to color!!


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