The Duchess Sparkles in Safiyaa at the Royal Variety Performance

Meghan chose separates by Safiyaa for tonight’s Royal Variety Performance.

People’s Simon Perry shared a video of the couple arriving; you can see Meghan step over and say hello to a few people and accept a package she was given.

That package, or bag, is a gift for Baby Sussex, as explained in this tweet. Lucy is the young lady giving Meghan the gift.

This was the Duchess’s first time attending the event.

The Duke and Duchess arrived at the London Palladium about 6:30 local time. 

Meghan was given a lovely posey of flowers by Darcie.

I am loving Darcie’s tiara and sparkly shoes.

The bouquet include foliage from Brinsworth House garden, the care home supported by Royal Variety Charity.

Simon Perry also posted a video of the couple speaking with cast members from Hamilton, which they saw just a few months ago.

All proceeds raised from the show aid the Royal Variety Charity. Kensington Palace notes the charity helps “…entertainers throughout the UK in need of help and assistance as a result of old age, ill-health, or hard times.” The Queen has been patron of the organization since 1952.

This is not Prince Harry’s first time attending the show. You see him below at the 2015 show.

In the image above (upper right) you see Prince Harry shaking hands with the show’s 2015 host, comedian Jack Whitehall, with Sir Elton John seen to Jack’s right. Also seen on the montage above, Harry having a laugh with Sir Elton John.

We learn more about the show from the Royal Variety Charity website.

The Royal Variety Performance has been staged since 1912 and is now watched by over 152 million TV viewers worldwide, making it the most successful and longest running entertainment show in the world.

There isn’t a show in the history of show-business, nor indeed in the history of television, that compares to the Royal Variety Performance; 88 shows over 104 years is a feat unsurpassed, and the very best in entertainment from around the globe has been presented year after year since the show’s origins in 1912.”

Some of the show’s past performers include:

Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, The Beatles, Take That (Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams), 1930’s comedy duo Laurel & Hardy, Michael McIntyre – comedian and host of The Big Show, Aretha Franklin, One Direction, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson, Duke Ellington, Sir Elton John, the Spice Girls, Bob Hope, Dame Shirley Bassey, Lady Gaga, actors Sir Laurence Olivier and Gene Kelly. The list of legendary performers is certainly a long and amazing one!

Sting performing at the show in 2016.

Lady Gaga with Prince Charles in 2016. Singer Robbie Williams can be seen to her right.

The Beatles with HM The Queen Mother in 1963, the year Beatlemania was taking the country and just starting to take the world by storm!

You can visit the show’s gallery archive here.

This year’s show was hosted by comedian and television star Greg Davies. His reaction on being asked to host the event, via an ITV news release.

I am delighted to host the Royal Variety. It is a role that I am wildly unsuited to and I will no doubt offend a great many people, but my Mum has a voracious appetite for meeting members of the Royal family and this seems a reasonable price to pay for the gift of life.”

Tonight’s lineup of performers included:

Take That, the West End cast of the phenomenal hit musical Hamilton, chart topper George Ezra, award winners Clean Bandit, West End cast of Tina – The Tina Turner Musical and the legendary Andrea Bocelli & his son Matteo. Britain’s Got Talent winner, comedian The Lost Voice Guy, a special performance from Rick Astley, comedian Rhod Gilbert, the mesmerising Cirque Du Soleil, plus music from Sigrid and cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason.  Circus 1903 will be unveiling their unique and beautifully crafted performances with their extraordinary elephant puppetry, and there will be more comedy from stand up comedians Gad Elmaleh and Rod Woodward.

A video of the Duke and Duchess entering the theatre shared by Duchess of Sussex on Twitter.

The show is recorded and will be shown later in December on iTV. Below, the fanfare being sounded before the national anthem. You can just see the royal box on the far right.

The Duke and Duchess just before the curtain went up on tonight’s show.

After the performances, the couple met performers and organizers onstage.
Embed from Getty Images
Below, Meghan speaking with tenor Andrea Bocelli, and on his right, his son Matteo Bocelli, who just released his first album.
Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess speaking with the three members of the band Take That. The group has a new greatest hits collection and they will be doing a 30th-anniversary tour next year.
Embed from Getty Images

And now for our look at what Meghan wore, beginning with her top by Safiyaa.

She is wearing a custom version of the brand’s Bicolour Strapless Bustier Top ($1149), featuring an asymmetric overlay peplum, and what looks like a hand-sequinned leaf motif.

The material is used in several pieces: the Paloma Bicolour Sequin Jacket, the Tupelo Bi-color Sequin Long Dress, and Meghan’s Bicolour Strapless Bustier Top.

The Duchess wore a version of the Gayeta Fishtail Skirt ($764) in black to coordinate with her top.

The piece is a made in a blend of 96% polyester with 4% Elastane. This is the second time we have seen Meghan wear the brand. The first time was at the Fiji state dinner in October.

Also today, we saw the UFO clutch first carried to the Hamilton fundraiser for Sentebale.

A closer look at the bag. 

UPDATE: It looks like Meghan’s shoes Meghan’s shoes are by Aquazzura. From what we can see it seems to be the Simply Irresistible 105 Suede Pumps in black. 

The Duchess accessorized with her Birks Snowstorm diamond earrings.

Another look at Meghan, this one as she was leaving the London Palladium tonight. 

The Royal Variety folks posted a very quick video of the couple onstage.

We’ll leave you with this raw video from ITN’s Royal Family Channel.


A quick retail note:  Sarah Flint has Meghan’s Natalie Flat back in stock. The company is also doing it’s “buy more, save more” promotion. If you buy two pairs of shoes you get $50 off; buy three and the discount is $100; buy four and you will save $150. 

• The Royal Variety Charity site can be found here; its Facebook page is here, and the Twitter feed may be seen here; you can learn more about Brinsworth House by clicking here

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  1. The sequinned top is a miss for all of the reasons named here. If Meghan had to have the sequins, then the sequinned jacket with black cigarette pants would have been right up her alley style-wise.
    I like the mermaid/fishtail squirt and really like it paired with the should-hole top above. It’s that Fijian blue in the photos, but surely Meghan could have had both pieces in black, or any other color she wanted. The top is both structured and playful with the shoulder cut-outs. The top surely could have been customized for her pregnancy. It would have been a very chic look for her, imho.

  2. Just back from my Thanksgiving holiday trip and had to comment about Meghan’s ultra exciting evening look!

    The pairing of the Safiyaa Bicolour Bustier Top and the Gayeta Fishtail Skirt is dramatic and sexy. The long drapes of the skirt ground the exquisite hand-sequinned leaves. Meghan looked glamorous and perfect for a black tie fund raising event known for it’s history of star studded celebrity performers.

    The event in itself seems legendary… the Queen Mum in her diamond necklace, satin-like evening gown, tiara, fur stole, and what looks to be a white gloved hand extended to George Harrison, unbelievable! The venue, London Palladium, seems to be the perfect location for hosting this televised event, glitzy and so theatrical.

  3. I do wish she had chosen this print as a dress as it is shown with the one shoulder and move the slit to the back to make it a vent. It would have looked very sophisticated for the Variety. Or she could have gone all black or all white sequins without the belt. The separates just don’t work that well together.
    I would have preferred a more classic updo like a chic chignon that would have been more apt for the Variety; this updo seems a little casual with the front swaying to and fro.
    I can see the idea of what she was going for, but it just didn’t quite come together as she had hoped.

    • I agree Karen, can’t believe how mean and nasty some of the comments are about Megs appearance. I wonder if they critique their work colleagues and friends in such a manner. Keyboard warriors at there nastiest. Oh dear!!

  4. The DOS is a lovely woman and I wish her and Harry all the happiness in their lives together and joy in the new baby. But, I am over the hair. Pin it, paste it do something with it so it isn’t falling in the face and constantly being pushed behind the ears!

  5. I agree with many of the comments already. Can I suggest ‘Apron’? The straps look like Meghan is wearing a pinny over her clothes. The fishtail is a nice idea but doesn’t work with this top, I think some loose palazzo pants would look better (although possibly, a bit cruise ship). The skirt must be off to the dry cleaners though after sweeping the wet streets of London on Monday. I agree with someone else who suggested Meghan seems so determined to follow her own style that she forget’s to dress for her new role and climate. Its not awful but she could look a whole lot nicer.

  6. Ah the style police are out in force, hope this woman never reads some of the comments or she would never go out in public again!! Plus I am curious about why the comments say wear maternity wear, is that something big and baggy or something that fits you well and shows off your gorgeous baby bump.

  7. I can at least relate to her adding the halter strap. She may have wanted the stability, or wanted to hike the top up an inch or two. I tend to forget that she’s not just expecting, but expecting for the first time, and inexperienced at accommodating — or predicting — the physical changes, which aren’t exactly the same person to person.
    My thinking is that adding the belt had a purpose – which was to make it look less like a bathing suit top, a look that adding the halter strap was the main cause of. The top would/will look better with a fuller skirt, and I hope we see that in the future, but this combo looked pretty to me, maybe a 3.5 out of 5. I do think she made the monochrome look rock with this contrast and glitter. And I agree that it might have been intended for the tour but was not used at the time. I also recall Kate’s black dress with its fern motif from way back when.

  8. I am not a fan of this outfit either, just been typing evening maternity wear and found this one which would have ticked all the boxes and looks very Meghan (boat neck, dark colour) so there are options out there, she just needs to take the plunge and go for maternity wear. It does annoy me slightly the recent switch with celebrities trying to cram a pregnant body into mainstream clothes that are not designed for pregnant bodies.
    Love the earring though.

    • That’s really beautiful and classic. The navy is gorgeous and I even really like the ombre version which wouldn’t have been evening appropriate, but still such a gorgeous style. As much as I love Meaghan, she has missed the mark several times on her style choices in my opinion. I much prefer Kate’s style overall even though I did love one or two of Meaghan’s outfits, especially the emerald green outfit she wore prior to her pregnancy.

  9. The skirt is beautiful, but I’m not loving the top with the addition of the band and halter. The band may have been added to make the top look more like an empire waist — a typical maternity silhouette — but it cuts up the pattern. The halter is just a hard “no” from me. It doesn’t suit the cut of the top.

    • I love the skirt, too. If you look at the photo of the top on a model, with out the “waist” band, you will see that the pattern already was cut up by the seam lines on the top. Same on the dress and jacket. On such a bold pattern, the mismatched pattern at the seams is very distracting visually for me. If she had to have this pattern, I would have paired the jacket with black pants, for a chic, but more casual look.

  10. I really question her choices. I don’t like this outfit. I know she wants to blaze her own way, that I understand. But when she married Prince Harry she became a royal with all the traditions that go with the position. Dressing how you want can be done in private. When you are representing the royal family dress the part.

  11. I used to have a bathing suit top in a similar pattern (no sequins, of course), so I think that’s why this screams bathing suit top to me. I think I’d like this top better with trousers, although I do like the skirt in some of the pictures–it seems to give her a long look. It’s always delightful to see Meghan interacting with children, and the little girl in a tiara is a sweetheart.

  12. I have to say this is one of my least favorite outfits on Meghan. Especially considering the beautiful strapless tea length dress she just wore to a foundation dinner. While I do appreciate the sequin top, I do believe it would have looked best without the belt and halter strap (in it’s original form). Maybe really straps would have been better as opposed to the flimsy looking halter strap. The skirt, while lovely, just does not pair well with the top. I kind of wish she wore the one shoulder sequin dress pictured in this post. However, it most likely would not have been as comfortable as what she was wearing for the variety show.

  13. Meghan looks so physically uncomfortable because of her bump in that very structured top and it’s hard to watch. However, it is nice that she’s highlighting her shoulders and those earrings are always a winner.

  14. I rather like this, though I do agree that the halter strap is a little awkward. Especially when she was outside–all I could think is that she must be freezing!

    But I like the idea of separates for a maternity evening look, and I like the strong black-and-white pattern. When I was pregnant (both times) I had a favorite top in a black-and-white large floral print, and I felt stylish and pretty whenever I wore it. This reminds me of that. But I think that I would have either preferred it to be full-on strapless, with some kind of something draped over her shoulders when she was outside, or the same great fabric but with short sleeves (like mine was). 😀

  15. I love the Duchess but this one is a mess. The straps are so thin against that heavy top. Unfortunstely, this just doesn’t work. The fishtail skirt is not attractive with the top either. Too many shapes going on.

  16. The Duchess always looks engaged and enthusiastic at the events she attends. She is lovely. This outfit though, isn’t lovely. I like the skirt. I would like the top without the halter strap and band under the bust. I just don’t like them together. Looks very Alex Evenings to me. Mind you, I have bought some Alex Evenings clothes, but I’m 64 and a grandma. Megan’s too young for this look.

  17. Megan looks lovely, but these separates aren’t doing her any favors. I agree with other commenters that the neck strap makes the top look like a bathing suit. I also feel that the outfit ages her.

  18. Too much going on here- First of all, its the end of November, and this seems like a summer evening outfit——The belt, was too much,—- her earrings, although so beautiful, seemed too busy for this top—-I did not care for her handbag, nor the shoes with this outfit. I think she can do much better, as she has in the past. Although we all always love seeing her, and what she wears, this was one of her worst choices.

  19. Perhaps Meghan should avoid Safiyaa in the future?
    I still haven’t recovered from the unrelieved blue tent she wore on the tour, which I consider to be one of the ugliest gowns ever worn by anybody. If my word choice sounds harsh I don’t intend to offend — I simply couldn’t find a euphemism that worked for me. The separates are a great improvement, but the bustier’s glam, with the addition of the strap and the belt, suffers badly. I don’t feel the cruise ship vibe, or the matronly complaints. But I do see the bathing suit, and a pregnant woman who needs to move into maternity wear. The time for peplums and asymmetrical folds and ruffles has passed, along with modifying designer clothing to accommodate pregnancy.

  20. This outfit is truly awful, the top is neither stylish nor flattering. The cut, belt and weird halter neckline make the DoS’s pregnant figure look boxy and as such much bigger than she is. It is time to embrace the pregnancy body and more maternity friendly fashion. The bump is her best accessory for the remainder of the pregnancy, it’s time to embrace it!

  21. I don’t like this at all. I don’t like the cut of the skirt and it’s just too long for her. This seems to be a consistent issue now where she wears clothing(usually pants) that’s not hemmed properly. I think a colorful shawl would have helped a bit here but I don’t really like the top either and I do feel the straps should have been thicker for a bit more modesty. I really think she needs to replace whomeever is advising her in fashion.

  22. Respectfully disagree with all the comments saying that the top looks like a bathing suit, the skirt looks cheap or that the entire outfit is too 80s cruise ship. I think Meghan looks fantastic – she’s positively glowing! I happen to like her fashion sense in general – she doesn’t choose the same boring, too old-for-her-age looks that we’ve come to expect from other RF members. And I’ve noticed that, aside from a few exceptions, Meghan tends to choose pieces that have a structural quality to them, vs too-feminine “frock” type looks – which appeals to my north american aesthetic. I like that she never looks over the top (especially in her choice of hats), nor looks too done (especially as regards her hair, which always looks naturally styled, vs too “not-a-single-hair-shall-move” contrived). Happy also that she’s continuing to highlight Canadian brands like Birks, which I’m guessing she became fond of during her time living in Toronto. I have a few classic pieces from them and love every single one – the quality is superb and the clean lines are, again, very north american (even in the more “elaborate” pieces).

  23. I personally don’t like this outfit; I don’t think the top works with the skirt, and I don’t like the added belt and strap.
    But Meghan looks happy and comfortable so that’s what matters.

  24. This is a big miss for me. The shoulder straps, belt at the waist, peplum, and mermaid skirt all combine to look really dated and unflattering to my eye. Now picture her in the Oscar de la Renta from the Australia tour instead! That would have been perfection for this event! It’s also clearly time for her to make the switch to maternity clothing, especially on tailored pieces. There’s no point in trying to define your waist when it no longer exists! 🙂

    • Laurie, unfortunately I agree – dated and unflattering. Looking at pictures of the original Saafiyaa designs, I have to say that this is one of the cases when custom-made combined piece does not end up great. I found the top too heavy for the skirt and vice versa, the skirt looks cheap against the top and the top looks too stiff and heavy. Plus, of course some extra support is useful for strapless top, but there was a good reason behind not putting belt and straps into the original design – it does not look good. In my opinion the best solution would be a custom (and maternity) version of the one-shoulder gown. Sorry Meghan, you are lovely and beautiful, but this is a miss in my books 🙁

  25. The Duchess looked lovely, but I too wonder about the addition of the belt plus the halter straps. It looked a bit busy with the pattern of the sequins. I truly understand the need for more support up top, but the halter neck made it look too bathing suit for my taste.

  26. Meghan is really rocking the monochrome tonight, getting some small revenge on those of us who tire of her sombre colour palette. And it’s a big plus in my view that we have a UK label, and not the chilly distance of an established global brand. It’s wonderful that Safiyaa has been able to supply two such stand-out looks for our new duchess.

    The use of separates, especially with the asymmetric peplum, is such a neat way to accommodate pregnancy while still being able to avail herself of mainstream styles. The beautiful leaf pattern is wonderfully photogenic and the sequins are a lovely touch of circus for an evening’s entertainment. They even reflect enough of surrounding night lights to give the impression Meghan might even be wearing colour. I love the drama of the fishtail skirt.

    I find her earrings and clutch also lovely, but not so much her hair. It’s fine when it’s all fully away from her face, but the loose tendrils later do her no favours, lengthening her face and looking lifeless and tired.

    • I loved this outfit with no reservations. It is a look I would love to emulate. She is about my height and no where near as tall at DOC. She is also a different body shape. She was dressed for an evening show and I loved the added straps for security. I also loved the sequins. Go Meghan!

  27. If you have access to the most beautiful clothing in the world, why would you choose this bathing suit top? Why not a stunning, elegant evening gown that fits perfectly?
    Most times, I feel like Meghan is trying choose the least attractive option. Why she would do that, I don’t know.

  28. How adorable is it that that little girl shows up all dressed like a princess?! I can just imagine her telling her mother exactly how she wanted to look tonight!

  29. This really looked like a 50s style one-piece bathing suit with the halter top. I bet the top with the sequins is pretty heavy, hence the strap to prevent slipping down. But I don’t get why she didn’t just choose something more secure? The long dress version of the top is stunning and less naked looking and also looks more stable in terms of slippage. Or the jacket version and pants? I laughed at the other poster’s comment about being worn on a cruise ship, I can totally see that! Also, Meghan has almost no excess body fat, yet the strapless top still pinches into rolls on her back and under the arms. Pairing this top with the thigh-skimming fish-tail skirt seemed to draw the eye to her baby bump.
    Her make-up is really beautiful though.
    I know this is a bit against Meghan’s style, but I wish she would sort of try to achieve that “First Lady/Princess Consort” look a bit more. There are so many different ways to do it in the modern day, from Queen Maxima to Queen Letizia to Michelle Obama. Funny thing, those women all worked in more rigid, professional, male-dominated environments and probably got the practice of how to dress appropriately but also stylishly there. I think Meghan gets closest with her Givenchy outfits for formal daywear, but formal evening wear has really been inconsistent.

  30. I like this. I think she looks lovely, although my first thought was “Isn’t she cold?” I think we will see more separates from her, as her baby bump gets bigger.

  31. Going to be a bit tuff here. The bathsuit strap is terrible and long skirt dragging in the water is terrible. She other night she looked great now I have to agree with a comment above… it’s a 80’s cruise ship outfit. Also she really needs to fix her hair. If you want tendrils then dint spend every 2 min tucking them behind your ears. I think she needs to cut her hair to s manageable length and style it. Not trying to be harsh but for the money she has spent and the position she has now we really should be seeing wow and sparkle and sharp on point dressing and hair.

  32. She really is beautiful and that top is mesmerizing under the theatre lights…
    I also love how Henry lets her walk first sometimes. Yes, there is protocol, but he shows he is truly a gentleman…

  33. I love this outfit tonight!! So far every evening gown Meghan has worn has been a winner for me! The only thing I would have changed (maybe) is the shoe choice, a sandal or even a pump with a pop of color would have worked too. The other thing I really like about this outfit is the versatility, the top can be worn again with a pair of trousers and the skirt can be worn with a different top. I’m so thrilled when I can get several different looks out of one outfit and hopefully Meghan shares that thrill with me.

  34. This isnt my favorite look, something about the straps or the proportions I dunno, but she seems very comfortable in it. I think I liked the long sleeved version of the sequin top on the model best, Meghan would look great in it with pants. Very chic!
    If this were What Darcie Wore, I’d say she looks very pretty tonight in her pink petals dress and braided updo ?

  35. I’m not sure why she felt it necessary to add a belt? It seems out of place with the sequins and the cut of the top. I think it makes her look bigger, too, since it just emphasizes her lack of a waist. I would have preferred this top with a pair of sleek pants, but maybe she felt the occasion required a skirt or dress. Love her handbag, as always.

  36. She is lovely, but this look is hopeless — nothing to salvage here: the bathing-suit straps, the wide black band, the awful slinky skirt, the bisecting white-black color scheme. It looks seriously dated — simultaneously exposed and matronly, like something a retiree would wear on a cruise circa 2005.

  37. Love the gorgeous top and fishtail long skirt. The fit is sensational and accentuates her gorgeous baby bump. The strapless design is elegant with a hint of a strap. Perfect for such a great event

  38. Not a fan of this look. I don’t like what she added to the bodice-halter strap and black sash around the waist. Also not a fan of the skirt.

    • I agree. The strap around her neck looks too flimsy and the fabric a bit 90s. The skirt and top fabric would not look out of place on somebody 30 years older than her. The fabric also looks stiff and boxy. I generally love Meghan’s fashion but this is a definite miss for me.

  39. Lovely combination of pieces, and I love those earrings. I wonder if she had the skirt shortened and used the fabric removed to make the waist band and straps?

  40. Am I the only one who’d like to see Megan fix that chunk of hair that’s always falling onto her face? She looks so pretty –but the hair seems in the way.

  41. The black of the band around the top doesn’t work well with the black sequins, and I’m not really sure what the point of it is. The top already has a feature at the bottom, with the asymmetrical peplum. The strap around the neck looks like bathers.
    A fail for me. I don’t like it at all.

  42. I love this entire look. It says glamour all the way. I am glad she wore her hair up because out and loose would have been too casual for this gown. For this look I like when she has wisps of her hair escaping around her face. I know some people hate it, but it softens the look and frames her face nicely. Her make up is spot on. I wonder if she and Prince Harry try to compliment each other with their dress because they do it so well.

  43. My theory is that this was supposed to be worn in New Zealand, as I believe black and ferns pay tribute to them. It was almost summer on their tour and maybe have been more appropriate there.

    • you may be right about that. Kate wore a black cocktail dress to an evening event and it had silver or white ferns embroidered over one shoulder.

    • One of my first thoughts was this must have been something that never got used on the trip and Meghan only got the use out of it now 😉

    • I think you’re onto something here, Allie. I wonder if she wasn’t quite showing enough for the top to work? I’m not a fan of the overall look (those who said bathing suit straps called it), but I do like the skirt and its train. I liked the earrings with the white gown on the tour, but I’m sick of them again already and wish she’d give us more earring variety. I’m so demanding! Even when I was just doing some virtual window shopping for earrings earlier while pondering the challenge that faces newer earrings cracking into my own regular, non-royal rotation!

  44. She sparkles in those glittery sequins! What a celebratory look. And always happy to see my favorite earrings : )
    The photo of Meghan bending down to receive her posy is magical…the way her dress fits and flares makes her look like a mermaid. So very pretty!

  45. Black again, although the white in the design and the sequins do provide some variety. This outfit is a miss for me. The bodice looks like the top of a bathing suit, especially with the straps. Now is the time for Meghan to dress for her growing body. It is hard in the early stages of pregnancy to know what to wear, but Meghan has the money and the resources to seek clothing with a nicer fit. She no longer has a natural waistline and so this gown, with the black belt, is not flattering. The length of the skirt look like a tripping hazard.

    Its time to look at maternity clothes, Meghan. There is no need for bows and ruffles and Peter Pan collars of bygone eras. But styles, that are cut to allow for the expanding area of the body are needed.

    • I agree. She is at the point where she needs to wear clothing that is made for pregnant bodies. Although this is a lovely garment, it does not fit correctly and is unflattering. Maternity wear is gorgeous now and would flatter her figure immensely. .

    • The gown Lady Gaga is wearing in the picture above would make a stunning dress for the early stages of pregnancy (or even later if there is a ton of draped material).

  46. So when I first saw a picture of her I was like “Oooooh! A beautiful dress!” Then I realized it was a top! Which was a bit confusing. While I like the top and the skirt separately, not sure I like them together. I dunno, the pairing is very awkward. I thought Meghan was maybe wearing long billowy pants at first (which could have worked!) before I realized it was a (mermaid?) skirt. Maybe if the skirt had been shorter? Or maybe if she had worn a tulle skirt with the rest of the top tucked into the skirt right below the belt on the top? Not sure… but for me the two separates don’t really work. The idea is there but… hmmm. Well she still looks gorgeous as usual.
    Random but I was so surprised to see Gad Elmaleh as a featured performer! I know maybe most of the people on this site have not heard of him… but he’s a very famous French language comedian (he is Moroccan) and I’ve actually gotten to see him perform in English and in French here in NYC. I’m a fan. 🙂 He is currently doing a worldwide English language comedy tour, must have been a huge honor for him to perform in English in London for such a big show! (For those of you who follow royal gossip, he is the father to Charlotte Casiraghi’s first child, they dated for a few years).


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