The Duchess in Emilia Wickstead at ANZAC Memorial Dedication

Meghan chose an Emilia Wickstead dress for today’s dedication of the ANZAC Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

Prince Harry wore his Blues & Royals tropical dress, medals & KCVO (Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order).

More from The Daily Mail’s story:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at Hyde Park about 10am on Saturday with NSW Governor David Hurley, a former chief of the defence force, and were welcomed by an Australian Army marching band.

The Memorial opened in 1934; more from the Daily Telegraph:

The Anzac Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park, which commemorates the sacrifices made by those who served for Australia and New Zealand, was designed in the 1930s by Bruce Dellitt.

But following the Great Depression, the finances were not available to make Mr Dellitt’s vision – including a four-tier cascading waterfall on the Liverpool Street side of the monument – a reality.

From 9News Australia:

The extension has been designed to enhance the memorial’s role to support and provide services for veterans and their families, ensuring a public and a private place of contemplation, remembrance, education and reflection.

The extension is the centrepiece of NSW’s Centenary of Anzac commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War this year.

Emily Andrews of The Sun reports that the choir at the Memorial “…sang “I vow to thee my country”: Princess Diana’s favourite hymn from her school days, sung both at her wedding in 1981 and her funeral in 1997.”

The couple also placed a wreath at the Memorial.

Another view.

Here is a closer look at the wreath and accompanying card in photos shared by Emily Andrews.

The card reads: “In grateful memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and in recognition of the men and women for whom the scars of war endure.”

Below, Prince Harry and New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian after Harry unveiled a new plaque.

A closer look.

Now to what Meghan wore for the morning ceremony. She was in an Emilia Wickstead design, the Camila dress, from the A/W 2018 collection.

It is done in a wool crepe and features a classic fit and flare silhouette, with a mock-neck collar and distinctive decorative buttons up on the front. (The dress has a concealed zipper on the back.) We show the dress at Net-a-Porter ($2110), where it is available in very limited sizes. It is also offered at Orchard Mile ($2080) and at Matches Fashion ($2070).

Meghan carried her Givenchy Satin Clutch ($1990).

We saw the Pippa Small Herkimer Diamond ‘Almost’ Ring first worn to Princess Eugenie’s wedding (far left); it looks like she had on a new Pippa Small Eternity Ring similar to the one seen in the center photo, but only similar. We do not believe that is identical to the ring you see Meghan wearing today. We have not been able to locate the exact ring we believe she is wearing.

Meghan’s earrings appear to be the Pippa Small 18-karat gold Herkimer diamond pair also seen at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

It looked like the Duchess was in a pair of the Tabitha Simmons Millie Slingbacks ($695).  The shoe has a classic pointed toe, and bow at the 3.5″ heel. Our thanks to Heaven QRF for the shoe ID.

Meghan’s hat is by Philip Treacy.

We first saw the Duchess wearing it at the Charlie Van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks wedding in August.

This offers a different view of the hat as well as Meghan’s partial updo.
Embed from Getty Images

Prime Minister Scott Morrison posted several photos from the service on Instagram.


View this post on Instagram


Joined the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Official Opening of the ANZAC Memorial Centenary Extension this morning.

A post shared by Scott Morrison (@scottmorrisonmp) on

Here is our look at what Meghan wore. 


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  1. This was a lovely, elegant choice. Obviously, black is the right choice for a memorial event, but in fact she looks so striking in the color that I don’t ever fault her for wearing so much of it. She remains admirably slim-waisted even into her second trimester now, and this dress shows that off without being “showy.” The drape of the bodice into the full skirt is very graceful. And the fascinator and shoes pair well with it–they bring a little lightness and detail to the overall look.

    I quite like the white version of the dress, too–would be tickled to see the Duchess wear that sometime too.

  2. This outfit reminded me of something a nun would wear. I love nuns (I’m the niece of one!), but it really looked like a costume to me. My first reaction seeing it on Instagram was that it surely was a doctored photo. It even had shades of the macabre in it.

  3. I thought this Wickstead dress was the perfect choice for the occasion. The long A-line is sober and beautiful as well as most elegant when taken to a midi length. The thoroughly military row of buttons is a great way to break up solid colour without becoming garish.

    The neat short sleeves are youthful and the garment as a whole succeeds in being fresh without any loss of dignity. I’m glad Meghan has had a second outing for the hat and I’m always happy when hair is kept away from the face, especially in such a pretty semi updo.

    I’m not so sure about the shoes. I suppose the exposed foot area around the slingback might make for some kind of contrast with the plain dress, but it’s a style I find more appropriate to a less formal occasion, a view I felt was borne out when they reappeared at the next event. That style doesn’t feel strong enough to support the heaviness of the drape above it. The clutch is lovely and jewellery is as low-key and intriguing as always with Meghan.

  4. What a beautiful ensemble on Meghan. Well coordinated with Harry’s uniform! Hair, makeup, fascinator, shoes, clutch and minimal jewelry completed her look. A total win ??????

  5. I don’t love the buttons on this dress but overall it’s a lovely look and considering the solemnity of the occasion I feel bad nitpicking anything, so I’ll just she looks very nice and I can deal with the buttons.

  6. This is a beautiful outfit. Emilia Wickstead really creates some well-crafted, timeless pieces and I feel I really don’t give them the appreciation they deserve! Big fan of the hat as well.

    Unfortunately, I think sombre occasions like these seem a bit less, I can’t really think of the right word – recognized? because of Meghan’s many black outfits. I am far from the type of person who thinks black is reserved for mourning, I think a healthy amount of black should be in any wardrobe, but considering Meghan also chose black for a dress to wear on the beach earlier this week, on this occasion the choice of black just seems less poignant as a result. Just my two cents. I hope we get a bit more colour variation for the rest of the tour. Then again, since the Sussexes travelled on a commercial flight, I have been wondering if we will see more repeats because of luggage restrictions.

  7. The Duchess looks perfect for this event. I absolutely love that dress and it fits her beautifully. The hat is very flattering and I really like the little braid interest in her hair. Harry’s uniform looks like it’s missing something. Did he forget the belt?

  8. A lovely, demure look from Meghan, perfectly suited to the occasion.
    A note on what Harry wore: this is the first time he’s been seen in his new gold aiguillettes, since the Queen made him an aide-de-camp last week. (To compare, if you look at William’s wedding pictures, you’ll see he’s wearing them but Harry isn’t.)

  9. Love this entire look. From head to toe. I like that the dress has a military look to it which compliments Harry’s look perfectly. Accessories…shoes, hair, hat and make up all perfectly done. The couple presented such a dignified presence! I also was taken aback by the memorial reading “a grandson of the The Queen”. They should rectify that and make it specific. This site offers a lot of information about the events. Thank you.

    • Hi Kari, and thank you for commenting. We’re still updating a couple of the posts and are mostly caught up, but you’ll see there are still some missing IDs. Hopefully we’ll have answers before too long. 🙂

  10. This is a lovely look on Meghan, top to toe. The skirt is beautiful, both in cut and length, the buttons seem to give a military touch, and the dress is tailored beautifully. Home run.

  11. Well I can hardly say that we are back in the navy/black repetitions, because of course, the black outfit it totally appropriate for a memorial dedication. Meghan looks simply lovely and one would be hard pressed to fault her on anything. She looks dignified in this dress and the hat, clutch, shoes and jewellery all accessorize well.

    I am baffled why the dedication plaque says, “This Memorial Extension was opened by a Grandson of the Queen.” The Queen has several grandsons…William, Harry, Peter and James. Years from now nobody will know who it was. Surely it should say, “was opened by Prince Harry, Grandson of the Queen”…or ” Prince Harry, Grandson of Queen Elizabeth ll”.

    • The video on the Daily Mail explained the initial Memorial was opened by Prince Henry of Gloucester and the plaque read “Opened by the son of a king”

    • From what I can determine after visiting the memorial’s website, the memorial is dedicated to all Australians and New Zealanders who have served in the military but none of the names of the people who served are listed. Therefore, a plaque that doesn’t include the name of the person who opened the memorial (or the memorial extension) seems particularly appropriate. I think it’s lovely that it’s dedicated to all their service people and there’s no distinction between those who died (whose names you might normally see on a plaque), those who lived (whose names you would not include on a plaque for privacy reasons, if they are still living) and those whose fates were unknown, and dedicating the memorial seems particularly fitting considering TRH are there for the Invictus Games.

  12. Meghan and Harry look very dignified and seem in sync with each other in their demeanor and participation at the ANZAC Memorial Dedication.

    I wonder if Harry is wearing the same trousers that he wore at his wedding? That looks like an awesome +/- 3″ red stripe running down the side. I tried to find a good side view online of Harry in his wedding uniform but couldn’t match one. I recall reading Harry’s wedding uniform couldn’t go on loan for the exhibition at Windsor with Meghan’s wedding gown as it was needed for service. I see a sword so it seems that was in his luggage as well! If my grandfather was here he would have been able to go over all these details on Harry’s uniform and of the former chief of the defense force with me.

    Meghan’s shoes, purse, dress, hat, hair and jewelry all present a beautiful composition. The color and length of her dress is just right for this occasion.


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