The Duchess in Armani & Hugo Boss for First Visit to Sussex

The Duchess wore a mix of brands for today’s visit to Sussex. 

The Sussexes are traveling to several locations in their home county.

There were eager crowds waiting to greet the couple.

They were delighted when Meghan and Harry did a walkabout.

A quick video from Kensington Palace.

How cute were these two, all dressed up in their royal wedding garb?! Sam Dixon-French, who tweeted the photo, says this is Harry Scott, age 5, and Olivia Bell, age 8; both are from Palantine Primary School.

Sam Dixon-French Twitter @samdfjournalist

A beautiful image of Meghan generously shared by Dan Jones on Twitter.

Dan Jones Twitter @Hypnodan (Click image to visit feed)

Mr. Jones also got some wonderful photos of Prince Harry.

Dan Jones Twitter (click photo to visit feed)

This image from Mark Stewart is darling.

In this video you can hear Meghan say she is “thrilled to be here.”

More people to meet, more hands to shake.

One more quick video, this one from Emily Nash of Hello!

After the walkabout, everyone headed to the historic Edes house, a Georgian mansion built at the end of the 17th-Century.  It has nine rooms which are available to rent out for a variety of occasions.

The Duke and Duchess were there to view one of only two ceremonial parchment manuscript copies of the American Declaration of Independence.

Here you see the couple with Wendy Walker, County Archivist, and Harry Goring, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex. More from the West Sussex County Council:

County Archivist Wendy Walker said: “It was a real privilege to meet the couple and to be able to show them this fascinating and very rare document. They both showed great interest in the Declaration and the American connection with the Duchess made it extra special.”

The other copy is at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

You can hear the crowds cheering when they saw the Duke and Duchess as they left Edes House.

Then it was on to the University of Chichester.  

The Duke and Duchess were at the University to officially open the new Engineering and Digital Technology Park, £35 million state-of-the-art facility on campus.

The pair being welcomed and introduced.

Meghan tried the “Mecmesin machine.’

More from The Mirror’s coverage:

They watched a demonstration of a Mecmesin machine, which tests the durability of materials. The duchess pressed the button to begin the test and Meghan and Harry both donned safety goggles during the experiment.
She exclaimed that it was “incredible” and he remarked that “it’s a very cool machine”.

The Duchess speaking with students.

One of the University’s goals is to change the way STEM subjects are taught by combining science and engineering techniques and skills with creative technologies. Meghan and Harry saw a new, state of the art sound stage and watched the University’s chamber orchestra rehearsing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Also on hand, some of the science and engineering students who were recording the rehearsal digitally.

The University tweeted that “The Duke gets to have a go at operating a camera filming the orchestra, helped by one of our CDT students!”

Reactions to the visit come via a Bognor Regis Observer story:

Matt Jacques, who has worked on blockbuster films such as Interstellar and Inception said: “They were really relaxed people and really interested in the students. It was all about the students.

“Harry was genuinely interested in animation. It is inspiring and infectious when someone is interested in your work.”

After a tour and conversations with students, as well as time in a class, it was time to unveil a commemorative plaque marking the Duke and Duchess’s visit and the building’s opening.

(Hmmm. Looks like someone is peeking behind the curtain.)

I *think* this might have been Meghan’s first official unveiling of a commemorative marker…?

The couple as they are departing. 

The West Sussex County Council tweeted “Our great thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for visiting Chichester and Bognor Regis today. What a special occasion for everyone who witnessed it.”

The next stop was Brighton. Simon Perry of People shared this photo, saying, “This collection of mobile phones and spectators craning their necks is what they see as they walk between two sets of royal fans.”

A quick video of the Duke and Duchess:

As seen in Simon’s photo, there were big crowds.

The duo dived right in.

It looked like a glorious day weather-wise.

The Duke and Duchess were in Brighton to see the historic Royal Pavilion.

More from Simon’s People story:

The iconic structure was built in the mid-1780s and was used by George IV as something of a pleasure palace. Its flamboyant style, with no expense spared on its interior decorations, matched its royal patron’s lavish tastes for fashion and the arts. His regular visits to Brighton helped put the seaside town on the map and it grew in importance after that.

The couple outside the structure.

Richard Palmer posted a video of Meghan with some of the children eager to see the royals.

This was followed by a walk to Survivors’ Network Rape Crisis Service. The couple was there to learn about the Service’s work to reduce sexual violence and its impact on survivors’ lives. More from an ELLE story:

During their visit at the centre – which ‘offers a range of professional relevant services to survivors of any gender aged 14+ who have experienced any form of sexual violence’ – the couple met with service users, staff and volunteers to discuss the institution’s ground-breaking work.

More from Elle’s story.

The couple also showed an interest in how the organisation encourages survivors to develop their own projects.

‘We were interested to show them the knit work project, conceived by a survivor who called on women’s centres and student unions to knit small squares of purple fabric, which were then knitted together into a big scarf.

Rebecca English of The Daily Mail shared a video of Meghan and Harry as they signed the guest book at the Survivors’ Network.

Meghan and Harry’s last engagement was at the JOFF Youth Centre in the coastal town of Peacehaven, East Sussex.

They were there to learn about the Centre’s work on mental health and well being.

A group photo.

Now to what Meghan wore for today’s engagements.

Her coat is by Emporio Armani, the Cashmere Double Cloth Coat. The coat features a lapel collar, back vent, button cuffs and three pockets and it is unlined. It is no longer available.

Her skirt is by Hugo Boss, the brand’s paneled pencil skirt in green lambskin (£369, roughly $480). The blouse is by & Other Stories, the Straight Fit Silk Shirt (£69). It has a concealed front placket, a box pleat on the back, and a rounded hem; it is slightly longer in the back.If unfamiliar with & Other Stories, it is a brand from H&M that launched back in 2013, created to offer higher-end goods.

Meghan’s bag is also green, it is Gabriela Hearst’s Demi Satin Tote ($1995). It is a smaller version of the brand’s classic Nina’ bag, and it is designed to look like a fortune cookie. The official color is emerald, and there is a twist lock at the top. 

A big ‘thank you’ to HeavenQRF for the bag ID and to The Lady’s Maid for pointing out the fabric.

Meghan’s heels appear to be by Stuart Weitzman

NOTE: We originally said Meghan’s heels were by Gianvito Rossi, but that is not the case. Our thanks to Gabi K for pointing out the error. Below we show the Stuart Weitzman Legend ($375) in a color called ‘haze beige.’  The Legend features a 3.75″ stiletto heel, low vamp and pointed toe.

We saw new jewelry pieces today, including a signet ring.

The bracelets and ring are all by Missoma, a Meghan favorite. Today’s styles are:

and the Mantra Open Heart Signet Ring ($110) in 18K gold vermeil with a crystal embellished eye. The ring is described as “Representing emotions of love, passion and friendship. One to wear close to the heart.”

In addition to Missoma’s ecommerce site, many of these pieces are also offered at Harrod’s, as well as at Harvey Nichols. Thank you to Michelle of Perth Fashion for her ID work on the jewelry!

Meghan also appeared to have a new necklace on, possibly the Adina Reyter 14K Gold Solid Pavé Teardrop ($418). Meghan wore her hair up.

It appeared to be an immensely successful series of engagements. For those in the area, the Bogner Regis Observer is doing a special 8-page supplement tomorrow. 

One last photo. 


We have one other very quick note today, one that we are excited about: Lavender Hill Clothing is a new What Meghan Wore sponsor! You might remember Meghan in one of the company’s tees when the Duke and Duchess were in Dublin.

We’ll have more fun Lavender Hill news next week, but wanted to share this today.


Here are links to a few videos from ITN’s Royal Family Channel:

  • This one is about 3:30 and covers the first walkabout.
  • This 2-minute video covers the visit to the University.

  • This video is focused on the final engagement of the day at the JOFF Youth Centre

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  1. I liked this outfit, and noticed that Queen Letizia often wears both Hugo Boss and leather skirts and even has (I think) worn leather pants.

  2. Love the skirt, shoes and coat. Not a fan of the purse or blouse. The blouse is too wrinkly. I also agree that this is too similar to the monochromatic green outfit from previous which I liked better.

  3. Adorable couple! I must agree with the majority here. The skirt looked great but the blouse a miss. The color did not look good with the skirt and did not lay well on her. A pretty print to bring in the color of the coat and shoes would have been lovely. I must say I am not a fan of her hair. Like it up in a bun back but those pieces always in her face and the flat part down the middle does not make her look as beautiful as she really is. Look at images of her with it on the side. I cant wait for the part down the middle to phase out. At any rate kudos for walking all over those streets in the high heels!!

  4. I feel like I would have liked this a lot if the execution was a little more cohesive. The skirt fits nicely, but a think a more tailored blouse would have looked better with it. I think if both of the greens were warm or cool toned they would have complimented each other better. And finally, the coat is beautiful, but the length looks odd with the skirt.

  5. I think that this is all very nice, but so conceptually similar to what she wore in Ireland that she might as well have worn the same thing. And if it comes to that, I prefer the Ireland look–the skirt was smarter, IMO (I wear plenty of leather in shoes and accessories, but somehow leather clothing always seems unnecessarily decadent to me), the top trimmer and neater, and the rose-gold earrings a lovely, subtle accent for the updo.

    Here I must say that I do like the bag, and her hair looks very nice.

    • That leather skirt worries me. Ok for evening and a bit of glitz but feels out of place around schoolkids. I think the soft shirt helps give a casual touch, though silk again a bit upmarket around youngsters. I’m sorry she doesn’t feel she could ease up on the high-end thing a bit, and maybe embrace a bit more from the country in which she’s come to live.

      • Hi ELIZAMO –

        You brought up so many interesting comments here and I just had to chime in!

        You have to remember that Meghan and Harry had a slew of stops that day…Edes House, University of Chichester, Survivor’s Network, Royal Pavilion, and JOFF Youth Center, really nothing site specific with youngsters. I believe the only children Meghan interacted with would have been part of the crowds who greeted Meghan and Harry. Meghan stayed in the same outfit the entire day and I thought she chose something appropriate for the varied venues and diverse representatives she would be meeting with.

        While Meghan’s silk blouse might seem upmarket, Kate recently wore a 100% silk blouse (Joseph Rainer) to Sayer’s Forest School on Tuesday and that engagement was definitely all about youngsters!

        In the States, leather; faux leather; animal prints; suede, silk, etc. is worn daytime and appropriate as professional attire in workplaces. It’s not something we save just for evening wear. This is not just commonplace in the States. I recently spotted, online, a very stylish royal in Spain (I bet you know who I’m talking about!) wearing a very similar leather skirt. She was photographed with children attending an awards ceremony this past May. Perhaps you saw the story I’m referring to?

        Finally, I’m of the opinion that the Queen and senior Royals are wanting the younger Royals to be accessible to a WIDER range of people, not only in the UK but, around the world. I believe Harry and Meghan have the skill sets needed to be front and center internationally. Part of which means, perhaps, dressing in a more international style by using labels from around the world, and for sure from the Commonwealth. Of course, by all means the Queen would love to assist the fashion industry in the UK. We’ve recently seen her make new inroads…the QEII Award for British Design and the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange for example. Isn’t it nice to know that the Queen, Anne, Camilla, Zara, Sophie, Beatrice, Eugenie, Kate, Meghan, etc. don’t have to all wear the same designers?

        Always look forward to your comments, hope you don’t mind mine.

        NOTE: Quick Admin Edit

        • Also, just to add and note, Kate wore a sweater and jacket over her silk blouse as well.

          I actually loved the outfit in the monochromatic green. While I was a bit surprised by the crease (any number of possible reasons and we’ll never know), I found the brand, & Other Stories, she choose interesting because, for those that may not know, this is a brand that Amy Pickerill is known to wear. If you have not seen our “What Amy Wore” tab ( yet, visit our ‘What They Wore’ menu item and click for the menu items. I am searching for a number of pieces she wore, but know that she wears COS, another H&M owned brand. I am wondering if Amy may be suggesting items. Earlier this year I spotted Amy wearing the Shaun Leane cuff Tusk bracelet before Meghan wore the bracelet to the Queen’s concert in April. I have picked up on these little details and have been paying close attention to Amy from day one. – Susan C.

  6. I really like this look. That skirt is delicious and Meghan wears it well. I also love the coat, shoes and jewelry. I know the messy bun is very Meghan, but dang I want to shove a hairpin into those locks of hair that hang down in her face. She looks much better with them behind her ears. Speaking of ears, I am surprised she didn’t wear earrings.

  7. Love the skirt, but not the blouse, which looked messy, too big, and wrinkled. I did not think that the colors worked together – they don’t have to match, but these two greens were in conflict. This part of the outfit is so similar to the Givenchy green pencil skirt and top that she wore in Ireland that I am wondering why she needs a second outfit that is so similar.

    Liked the shoes, and love that they fit her. Loved the coat. So some hits and some misses for me.

    • I love the skirt too but have to agree about the blouse. I also don’t like that she rolled the sleeves up rather than leave them long or wear a short sleeve blouse.

    • I agree with you. I don’t think the greens photograph well together. Maybe they look better in person? Also, I know it’s fall but I’m tired if all the dark, one color outfits. It’s boring to me. The skirt fits beautifully but the blouse looks too big. That must be a look the DOS likes because most of her blouses are large. The messy bun to me is distracting to me. I look at those bangs hanging down instead of her beautiful face.

  8. I enjoyed the colour combination of dark green with oatmeal beige – A calm, friendly pairing. I’d love to see the skirt with a different top in the future.

  9. Meghan looks beautiful in this ensemble. How can that fabulous skirt look so appropriate yet still be sexy and cool??! Plus I’m happy to learn about two new brands (blouse, jewelry) that are affordable.
    Can’t wait for the tour!

  10. No.
    Monochromatic is a tough look to pull off. This does not work at all. I don’t understand the love people are showing for this look.
    I do however like her up do and purse. And her comfortableness with the crowds really showed through today!

  11. This is one event I would have like to participate in. The Duke and Duchess looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The crowd was warm and welcoming, and the children were adorable. The elderly lady who gave Meghan that, no way are you getting away with just a handshake, I am getting a hug, stole the show.
    Meghan’s outfit starts out chic. The overcoat looks more like a long suit jacket than a coat and the color matched the shoes beautifully. The tone of her shoe in some lighting matched the skin tone of her leg and added an element of sophistication. At first I thought the bag was leather then realized it was satin and fell in love. I love the shape and the handle of the bag. It’s small but large enough to fit those items which we ladies cannot do without. Often I saw it dangling daintily from one or two fingers of her hand. The leather pencil skirt was a delightful surprise. The colors of her outfit went well together.
    I said the outfit starts out chic, but ended up looking very comfortable which she needed for this extended visit. I guess what I like about it is that it was not the usual “royal uniform.” Meghan blends chic, comfortable and approachability very well.

  12. I think Megan is stunning and charismatic, but perhaps intuitively I like Kate’s more traditioinal style. Meghan sometimes looks like she threw things on randomly running out the door. and I agree with the commenters about the un-ironed blouse–we have also seen Kate in things that clearly needed steaming. what are their stylists and assistants thinking ? I would not leave my house in something that wrinkled! that said, I think she is fantastic and admire how smart and independent she is.

  13. I love reading about the imaginary royal fashion rules….is there a list or do people just make this up in their head because the Queen wears a particular style and history tells us she is rather traditional.
    Love the Meghan look with the different fabric mix, leather, silk and suede. Simply stunning.

  14. Excellent job here, as usual! I always start here when checking out the Sussex pair. Is it me or did they have alot more security than their normal??

  15. Just a quick historical note about Edes House; it is not Georgian as George I cane to power in 1714 and the house was built the century before.

  16. What fun to watch the videos of Meghan and Harry interacting with the crowds at the many stops, meet and greets and venues. Especially enjoyed Harry’s antics seen in the video you posted from the Royal Family Channel… he got me chuckling! Meghan and Harry give off so much energy, warmth and positivity and I’m happy they could visit Sussex before embarking on their Royal Tour later this month.

    Meghan’s top coat is fabulous…the fabric combined with the design is so rich looking…no bulk, only fluid lines.

    Details like how Meghan rolled up her shirt sleeves… casual and sporty. And, like others who have commented before me, I appreciate the fact that she didn’t try to match the greens…enjoy the contrast of shades.

    Meghan schooled me on how to successfully incorporate so many beautiful materials…silk, leather, cashmere, suede, and satin into one put-together outfit. How? With classically cut styles paired with beautiful solid colors.

    Saw Meghan’s assistant, Amy Pickerill, pictured in some of the photos! Noticed on other sites photos shot by Chris Jackson and Tim Rooke. Any ideas on who Meghan and Harry will be taking with them on their Royal Tour? Would Getty and People be sending photographers to Australia to cover the tour?

    • Getty will be sending photographers, and People will have at least reporter, if not two. There will be loads of other royal photographers going as well. -sek 🙂

    • Chris Jackson has said he is going down under with the Duke and Duchess, so I assume is wife, Natasha Archer — one of her stylists — will too!

      • Natasha wouldn’t likely be going as she is several months pregnant with the couple’s first baby. 🙂 Kate is also back doing engagements again as well. – SC

      • Natasha Archer is Kate’s PA and some say her “Syle Advisor.” Susan C., at the sister site “WKW,” did a post titled “Does Kate Have a Stylist” on September 1st. Did you see it, it was fascinating.

        Even if Natasha wasn’t pregnant I don’t think she’d be going on this trip with her photographer husband unless she took time off from her PA job with Kate. But who knows, maybe Kate and Meghan would share/swap PA’s especially if there was a need, or special circumstances, for an occasion like a Royal Tour. We’ll soon find out!

  17. I love the whole look, I want this is my closet please and thank you. Interesting how she pair the different materials and shades of green together, I think I will try this out! It looks like they had a really full exciting day. Great job admin ?

    • I like the mismatch in the greens as well, it stops the outfit becoming bland. It wasn’t till after I posted that I twigged the bag is in satin just to add to the mix of textures — very neat!

  18. Just when you think Meghan cannot look better she does! This outfit was all things fabulous. I love that she blended two shades of Green and not the same shade. That takes a great eye and she’s clearly got it!

  19. Love this look….. the bag is to die for but has no one realised that the bag the Duchess is caring is the same as Oprah did at the royal wedding?? Just wanting to put it out there

    • Me too!! There’s so many pretty things she coulda re-worn today that would have looked better and more “appropriate,” I dont understand lol.

  20. I think her outfit looks great, but someone needs to tell her that whoever is helping her with her outfits, she needs to iron out the marks on a new blouse and when she wears pants they need to go to the tailor to be hemmed to make the outfit look more together and not like it was put on last minute.

    • I’m surprised to see that you are the only person who’s noticed the oh-so-obvious horizontal crease across an otherwise beautiful silk blouse – seems crazy that something like that is ok for so many fashion fans, just looks sloppy and careless. 🙁 I actually had to zoom on a couple photos to confirm it wasn’t horizontal seaming, it was so glaring.

      • I agree. That isn’t a “she was in the car for 2 hours” wrinkle, that’s “no one bothered to steam out the creases from shipping” lack of effort. Distracting!

  21. Effortlessly chic, I like it. She is so personable and bright; Henry glows when with her. So happy for them and the work they do…

  22. I like this look, particularly the green leather skirt. I wish the blouse was a bit more fitted up top, though I think the loose neckline is very much Meghan’s style.

    Intriguing to see the coat shorter than the skirt – I thought the royals stuck to the “coat longer than the dress/skirt” rule, though I might just be assuming that Kate was adhering to that due to protocol rather than personal taste.

    • I like seeing the coat shorter over a pencil skirt like that, very chic! I think many of these so-called royal ‘rules’ are pretty much imaginary, based only on what certain royals have been in the habit of doing in the past. A new generation can safely come along and invent some rules of its own without upsetting anything too much.

  23. Love the skirt and top, beautiful colours and the leather skirt is fab. I dont likw the coat at all. It doesn’t seem to fit with this outfit and seems like an afterthought.

  24. I thought at first we were back to all-black, but I can forgive a lot for a bit of green. Meghan looks sensational, the drape and tailoring of her cashmere coat are perfection and I love the cream contrast against her dark day outfit.

    She continues to promote an international theme in her choice of labels, possibly a bit more downtown Manhattan than High Street Sussex. The leather skirt is brilliant and glamorous, and also daring in as far as I can’t recall one being worn by a British royal before.

    I love the handbag to bits, its quirky shape nicely offsets the clean lines of the rest of her outfit, and I love seeing her hair up, barring the one fashionably stray strand. The pretty modest necklace works well too and I like the nude pumps keeping up the pale/dark contrast.

  25. This skirt is to die for, and that dark green color is (as always) absolutely gorgeous on Meghan! The coat isn’t particularly interesting, but fits well and is a flattering style and color on Meghan, and should be a good staple for her wardrobe.

    I’m not crazy about this top, though. It’s just a little big and blouse-y to be tucked in like this, and I don’t think the two similar-but-clearly-different shades of green work well together. The overall effect is just a little sloppy, and I think that takes away from the fantastic skirt. Either the white Tuxe bodysuit that she wore in January or February or the ivory version of the turtleneck one that she wore for the cookbook launch would have given a much sleeker, cleaner look and allowed the gorgeous green color of the skirt to stand out more.

    The shoes are fine, but a bit of a letdown when compared to the green skirt and burnt orange velvet pumps she wore in Belfast earlier this year. I would love to see Meghan try some Victoria Beckham-esque colorblocking at some point, and think that it could work wonderfully with her style. I love her jewelry, and the purse is fun. Overall a good look, but could be great with a different blouse.

  26. Humm. I love all the pieces except the bag, but not sure the blouse and skirt work well together. I think the blouse in a different pattern or colour would have looked better, the two shades of green are not close enough but not different enough either. Killer skirt, and the blouse is great too – and nice to see something more affordable on her too for those of us who like to imagine ourselves in her looks but don’t quite have the budget! The coat looks great with both items and is a classic that I’m sure she’ll get a lot of wear out of. In some photos the shoes look dirty, (esp the one where she is standing up talking to the two male students who are sitting) but I understand the colour choice, and that could be a trick of the light too. I’d have loved to have seen a rusty orange shoe, or a chocolate brown shoe with this look rather than this pale taupe, especially for the season.
    But what a busy day for them! Five different events in one day! Love too that she got to see one of the two copies of the Declaration of Independence – I’m sure she was thrilled by that, though it may feel a little weird to be in the UK and looking at that document as an American. As a UK transplant to the US, I have sympathy for the mixed feelings these items bring when you consider yourself a bit of each country!

  27. I think she nailed it today with this look. L the leather skirt is to die for in my opinion. The coat and skirt/blouse are a nice contrast to each other. I like that the skirt and blouse are similar colors but just slightly different and then very different materials, so it is monochromatic but not boring. Her hair looks great. And how nice to see Harry in something besides a blazer, sweater and chinos!!

  28. Just so glad to see a colour on Meghan other than black. The coat is beautifully tailored and looks very versatile. The skirt and blouse are fine, except they are not the same shade of green, Perhaps a green print might have worked better and added a bit of interest. For my tastes the purse is just too cutely, although I do recognize its uniqueness. There is no denying how well Harry and Meghan work a crowd. Their warmth is most evident.

  29. Meghan looks fabulous. As the perpetual commentator of “silhouettes” I think this silhouette looks great on her. The sheath style skirt and relaxed silk shirt along with the overcoat and low chignon looks well on her. This is one of my favorite ensembles to date. The palette she chose is gorgeous too, woodsy greens and taupe and camel are some of my favorite combinations. *I hope I am not the only one that has to look up the different spellings between palate, pallet and palette each time I try to use this homonym!


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