The Duchess Glows in Elegant Evening Gown at Sentebale Fundraiser

The Duchess of Sussex was the epitome of elegance at tonight’s fundraiser for Sentebale.

Meghan and Harry attended the event at the Royal Albert Hall.

Sentebale is a charity co-founded by the Duke that works with children and young people affected by HIV in southern Africa. More from Sentebale:

Founded in 2006, Sentebale helps the most vulnerable children in Lesotho, Botswana and Malawi – the victims of extreme poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic – get the support, tools and education they need to lead long, healthy and productive lives.

And from The Sun:

A 2004 gap year trip to the landlocked African nation of Lesotho inspired the duke to set up his Sentebale charity two years later with the country’s Prince Seeiso, younger brother of King Letsie III.

Their aim was to help youngsters in need and other children who had lost one or both parents to Aids or contracted the disease themselves.

The pair established Sentebale in memory of their mothers, with the name of the charity meaning forget-me-not, which Harry later found out was his mother Diana, Princess of Wales’s favourite flower growing up.

Tonight the London premiere of Cirque de Soleil’s TOTEM was showcased in partnership with Sentebale. Below, Meghan and Harry being greeted at the theatre.

The Duke and Duchess met performers before the show got started. 

TOTEM “traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly.’

You see the duo speaking with performers in a video shared by Richard Palmer of The Express.

Tonight’s function was the second in a series of ‘Sentebale Nights.’ More from a Daily Telegraph story by Hannah Furness (the first sentence references tonight’s event):

The evening will be the second in a series of “Sentebale Nights”, following on from a fundraising performance of the hit musical Hamilton last year which the Duke and Duchess attended.

That performance is understood to have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the charity in donations, with the Duke taking to the stage himself for a short speech in which he teased the audience by beginning to sing a song usually performed by the character of King George III.

The charity posted Sentebale Nights graphics on Twitter with facts about HIV and its impact in Africa.

An Instagram post shared by Sentebale.

The Duke and Duchess after they were seated in the royal box.
Embed from Getty Images

Now to what Meghan wore.

We begin with her shimmering sequinned gown by Roland Mouret

Mr. Mouret is a personal friend of Meghan’s, and tonight she wore his Sarandon Paneled gown ($5595) from the Resort ’19 collection. The floor-length design features one of Meghan’s favorite fashion elements, a boat neck, as well as a ruched waist with folded fabric panels, wrap-style skirt, split front and back zipper. The dress is made in the UK. In addition to Meghan’s color, the Sarandon is also offered in silver at Roland Mouret. The navy blue is carried at Neiman Marcus and at Selfridges.

The Duchess brought back a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels she has worn before. She was in the Nudistsong Sandal in black suede ($398), featuring a 4″ heel and ankle strap. We show them at Nordstrom where they are available in a mix of sizes, although several sizes are marked, “only 1 left.” Moda Operandi has the style in very limited sizes, and there are a few sizes in stock at Revolve.

You may remember seeing the sandal worn to the October Government House reception in New Zealand.

The evening bag Meghan carried tonight is also familiar, the Givenchy Black satin minaudière with jewel clasp.

The Duchess wore Princess Diana’s gold cuff bracelet. The piece was first noted on the Australia tour in October 2018 (shown below right).

UPDATE: Meghan’s hair was up and she wore blue circular earrings. Pippa Small confirmed via their Instagram account that Meghan’s earrings are their Kyanite Classic Stud Earrings (inset).

Meghan first wore the earrings in Melbourne, Australia on the Royal Tour 2018.


Here is 4-minute+ nat sound coverage from ITN’s Royal Family Channel.

A People look at the evening.

Today’s earlier post about Meghan’s visit to one of her new patronages, the Mayhew animal charity, may be seen here.


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  1. The Duchess really glowed in this exquisite gown, she looks great in navy! And this darker/more pronounced lip color is stunning on her!

    NOTE: Admin edit

  2. I have just noticed that The Duchess’s nail polish on her toes did not match the polish on her fingers. I always thought that the two should match, but it looks fine on Meghan, I guess because the polish on her hands is such a neutral colour. Perhaps she thought that deep red on her hands would have looked too harsh and that’s why she chose to wear the softer colour. I thought it was quite interesting as I have never noticed anyone wearing two colours like that before. (Perhaps I just never noticed, and people do it all the time).

    • yes, i get my nails done on a regular basis and would never ever ever match my fingers and toes! none of my friends would either. maybe it’s a 30-something american thing?

  3. I think that was her best evening outifit and hair-style/make-up glam so far. 9/10 .
    A bit hollywoodish , but she interpreted it in the best way. Much better than the black and white sequin corset she wore in the previous engagement at the theatre where neither the gown, nor the hairstyle flattered her.
    I also liked the cream ensemble she previously wore during the day visit at the pet rescue center: very Italian style, although I am used to wear that kind of clothes for a drink with friends. Frankly I believe high pumps and bare legs were not that approriate for a social engagement related to dogs. Maybe some cognac suede boots would have served better for the occasion. 8/10
    Anyway, well done!

  4. I like the Navy always on her, but I do think she should have changed the heel to a matte pewter, and then wore some knock out jewelry- It is an evening event, and her “jewels” were lacking- time for Harry to once again to open the vault, and find something truly royal in a sapphire and diamond piece.

    • The dress is lovely, and the makeup is beautiful. I would like to have seen silver or gold accessories.
      It pains me to see her feet. She has such problems with her feet at her young age. I wish she would wear lower heels to have less stress on them. Also, the strappy sandals have no support. I hear she wears shoes that are too big for her to avoid blisters, but proper fitting shoes with hosiery would be better for her.

  5. The dress is a bit mother of the bride or cruise ship to me with the sequins and what looks like a forlorn ruffle in the front, but I could imagine in person it comes off as more chic. The boatneck on this dress is one of my favorites of the boatnecks she wears because it frames her neck quite elegantly. Subtle difference, but it has a noticeable impact in my opinion.

  6. Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. I so admire her wonderful posture and her ability to squat down (for lengthy intervals) as she did earlier in the day, and rise gracefully with a good-sized bump and foot-ruining heels. Her yoga practice shines through in her grace and inner calm.
    N.B. I read that in Carib cultures calling someone a “fat lady” during pregnancy is a glowing compliment. I hope someone shared that with Meghan.

  7. Simply wonderful — tonight I think a royal was born. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but somehow watching Meghan these past months I’ve found myself worrying about her making uncertain first steps. But this is the third outfit in a row which has been all-round excellent, and three times on which she hasn’t felt the need to resort to her black uniform — this midnight blue is lovely on her. I would love to think she’s stepping out of any shadows which have been thrown at her from some quarters.

    I definitely love that she’s chosen to wear sequins for a night at the circus and the Mouret take on what might be considered a red-carpet staple manages to ring the changes with interesting draping at the front. The bateau neckline and three-quarter sleeves are subtle but fun highlights which equally rescue monochrome from monotony. The slit is nicely judged to be high enough for glamour without endangering discretion

    Her hair and evening make-up are simply the best, she looks sensational, and I love the whip-thin straps on those sandals. She has been astute in avoiding jewellery other than the understated dark studs which team so well with her Diana bracelet. It’s wonderful how both Harry and William are able to see their mother honoured in this way.

  8. Meghan looks radiant and sparkly and luminous all at the same time. She really is glowing and the darker lip matches the glamour of that glorious gown. I, too, would have loved to have seen a slightly larger earring but that is the only quibble in a magnificent look.
    Is she really only having one baby? I know there was talk of twins early on and it just seems like that is a possibility with her bump being quite substantial for six months along in a first pregnancy.

  9. Oh my! She looked elegant and polished! Her hair was in control and loved the red lips on her! Beautiful color gown and it fit her appropriately! I personally would have liked a drop earring with her hair up of more substance but that is me. One of her prettiest and sophisticated looks tto date!

  10. Another beautiful ensemble. I like everything about this look too (just as I commented about her winter cream outfit from earlier in the day). The things that particularly draw me in, the black strappy heels with navy evening gown, and the tiny earrings and red lips. Meghan does minimal so well. And I have adored the combination of navy and black for quite some time. I have one critique, however, and that is the bunching across her waist that appears to show the gown may not be fully accommodating her bump. Other than that, she looks smashing. And I love the high slit too. Glamour with just the right amount of sex appeal. Perfect for an evening event.

  11. I love this look! Beautiful, soft eye makeup, and the lip colour is perfect with the navy gown. Glamorous, glowing, fabulous! 10/10!

  12. Wow! What an outfit! Meghan looks PHENOMENAL!!! I especially love her hair and makeup tonight as well. Stunning look all around.

  13. Love everything about this shimmery dress, she should wear it at all her fancy engagements haha. It is so flattering on her. And this dress proves you can wear form-fitting during pregnancy and you don’t need to hide the bump. This reminds me of some red carpet dresses I’ve seen actresses wear during their pregnancy (makes sense I guess as that is Meghan’s former profession). I hope she wears it again at some point. I’m glad she got rid of the heavy bronzer and her makeup is looking more natural, she went through a period where the bronzer was a bit too much. I know some people wish she’d wear more dramatic bling but this dress is dramatic enough, it doesn’t need more bling. More bling would be overkill in this case!

  14. I love everything about this look…something I don’t often say about Meghan’s attire. The dress is elegant and shimmering and although it isn’t maternity wear, it does the job. Her shoes and purse are perfect for evening. The jewellery is simple as the dress has enough pizazz. And I am thrilled to see her hair under control with no need to push tendrils out of her face. Her lips look luscious and she glows. Well done, Meghan!

    • I love Meghan’s hair tonight, but I’m a little puzzled at how the style looks softer in this context where when she wore a similar one with her Givenchy one-shoulder dress at the fashion awards the effect was so much more severe. Possibly the result of extra flesh on show :-/

      • ElizaMo, You and I are on the same page regarding a controlled chignon vs a messy bun. This look could be less severe as you say, due to less flesh. Or it could be the difference in the dresses. The sparkling sequins in navy are more playful than the drama of black velvet.

      • I thought the same thing. Tonight’s hair seemed much less severe. I think three things perhaps: the darker lip balances out the contrast of lighter skin and darker hair, less hair product tonight, and softer lighting tonight than when she was on stage in the Givenchy dress. She looks lovely.

  15. Wow! The Duchess really brought it tonight. The blue sequence with the red lips took the entire look to another level and those earrings are tiny but they add a lot of color to the look. I Hope The Duke and Duchess had a great evening and that it was a successful event for the charity.

  16. I don’t believe Meghan was wearing the Nudist Song version of that shoe tonight–I think she was in the original style heel, the Nudist, which is much steeper. You can see the very high arch here and here (I own a pair of Nudists Songs and they are no where near that extreme curvature):

    • Hi Vittoria, thank you for commenting and sharing the photo links, we really appreciate it. We are looking at more photos this morning and see why you think it is the Nudist. We’ll keep at it and may well end up changing the post. Thank you again! 🙂

  17. The truth is, my one quibble with the way Megan dresses for pregnancy is that the majority of clothing is too tight. I don’t believe in Royals wearing tight, very form-fitting clothing. The beige dress she wore earlier today was simply not refined – it showed too much. And as for tonight’s gown, it may be a beautiful concept in theory, but it is way too bodycon for a pregnant woman. In fact, I even saw a headline announcing that her dress revealed the baby’s gender! To me, that dress is hugging her figure too tightly, revealing too much.
    Of course, a baby bump is a wonderful blessing and a thing of beauty, but to highlight it like that just isn’t dignified. And if anyone is supposed to be dignified and respectable-looking, Meghan is.
    NOTE: admin edit

    • Your pregnancy fashion is very antiquated. Meghan looks beautiful in all of her body hugging pregnancy clothes. Royal or not, she has in no way revealed anything inappropriately.

  18. Lovely evening gown (like the touch of wearing Diana’s jewelry). Perfectly appropriate not to wear hose for evening while wearing an open toed shoe. But I do wish Meghan would adhere to royal protocol and where hose during the day with a skirt or a dress as a sign of respect. Its also not that warm in London right now and only logical at a forecasted high temperature of 5c according to

    • Does the royal family have an actual policy to wear hose or is it just a media beat up. Good on Meghan for not wearing hose, love her attitude?. The fashion police unfortunately are after her!!

    • It’s not really royal protocol is it? People keep going on about wearing hose as protocol but I really think it’s the Queen’s preference and not official royal protocol.

      • Hi, Amelie, and Sally and Martha, and thank you for commenting.
        There really isn’t any official written rule book when it comes to apparel and accessories. There *are* specific protocol practices, especially for those in the diplomatic corps, and those dealing with matters of state, and they are pretty hard and fast.
        But there is nothing that says “female members of the royal family must not wear dark nail polish,” or “legs must be crossed at the ankle and not the knee.” (At yesterday’s engagement Kate sat with her legs crossed.) It’s more a matter of absorbing what is appropriate and behaving accordingly. Personally, I don’t think HM is keeping track of most/all of the things ascribed to her in this area. However, I do think she has preferences and if something really bothered her she would let it be known. I do think Meghan has immense respect for the monarchy and the Queen and she wouldn’t knowingly conduct herself in any way detrimental to those institutions. -sek 🙂

      • Exactly. It’s -8C in Toronto today so from her perspective she’s moved to a balmy climate and it opens up lots of fashion choices. Add pregnancy heat to the mix and it’s completely understandable. In a milder climate she can wear pretty much whatever she likes year round. I suspect that the longer she lives there, the more acclimatized she’ll become and may start dressing more like a local. It will be interesting to see if she makes the same choices next winter (assuming she isn’t pregnant again next winter… :))

  19. Roland Mouret is a favorite of many royal ladies and mine as well. His signature use of a drape, fold or flounce adds interest and distinction to his designs. Tonight’s gown in shimmery navy was perfect for a magical night with Harry, and paired with Princess Diana’s gold cuff bracelet the look became iconic.

    So happy for Harry and all of the success Sentebale Nights is bringing to his charity in ways of proceeds and awareness.

  20. What a great fashion day she had! This look is so dramatic and elegant at the same time. The hair and makeup look shows her beauty off to the greatest effect, and her lovely pregnant form only adds to the drama and glow. Home run!

  21. So beautiful! I love the gorgeous gray-blue color, and she looks wonderful with her hair up in that sleek up do! I’m wondering, is there a little floofy thing on the waist of the dress, right under the bust? I can’t tell in the pictures, either on Meghan or on the model. The sequins get in the way.

  22. 100% yes. Hair, makeup (especially the lip), gown, shoes. So elegant and becoming of a duchess. I love the way her alto voice carries, so warm.

  23. Ohhh, glorious. Signature elements here with the boatneck, the navy blue, the black accessories, and the understated jewelry–but it’s all elevated here. How lovely to use Diana’s bracelet and bag.

    Anyway, what a beautiful gown, and doesn’t it suit her! I’m surprised at how well it adapts to a very pregnant figure, but I do think it works well. Her makeup is just gorgeous–that bright lip and all the highlighter. She has LITERALLY got that glow!


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