Royal Wedding Daily Digest: Tuesday May 15

As we draw another day closer to the wedding, it has been in terms of news, most of it upbeat.

The one topic that continued to dominate conversation is whether Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, will be at the wedding Saturday. Once again, the latest news comes via TMZ. In a story published at 2:06 PM EDT TMZ reports that Mr. Markle has told them he is having heart surgery tomorrow and will be unable to attend the wedding. From the story:

Thomas tells TMZ, he will go into surgery at 7:30 AM Wednesday. He tells us, “They [doctors] will go in and clear blockage, repair damage and put a stent where it is needed.”

Earlier today Meghan’s father told TMZ he would attend the wedding if he could. But that plan has been scrapped because of Mr. Markle’s health issues. More from the TMZ story:

He checked himself into the hospital Tuesday and a battery of tests determined he needed surgery. Thomas said the heart attack did significant damage.

As unfortunate as it is, hopefully this means the matter is settled, and people can move on from the topic. The outstanding element is who, if anyone, Meghan will have walking her down the aisle. As many have pointed out, she is certainly capable of walking herself down the aisle, and it’s not unheard of. Some have suggested Prince Charles could step into the role, noting that King Olav of Norway did it in 1968 when Sonja Haraldsen married now-King Harald.

Another possibility that many are mentioning, including several on the WMW Facebook page and here on the site in comments, is that her mother, Doria Ragland, could also undertake this element of the service. Fan of Prince Phil on Twitter points out the tradition/protocol issue.

More from The Telegraph’s coverage:

It is thought the role will now fall to the mother of the bride, Doria Ragland, who will be attending the wedding.

It is unknown who will give a speech at the evening dinner – this role may also fall to her mother.

I imagine a decision has been made and new programs are being printed. Hopefully, this ends the matter, or at least here on the site, as something that needs to be covered.


Moving to happier news, Doria Ragland is on her way to London. Multiple reports and photos show Meghan’s mother as she headed to the airport, carrying a Burberry garment bag that may well hold her dresses for the upcoming events. Photos may be seen here.

It looks like Prince Philip will be able to attend the wedding. He continues to recover from hip replacement surgery but is said to be well enough to be at the wedding. More from The Sun:

He has been walking up and down stairs to ensure he can stand without a stick at Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

It’s no secret the Duke of Edinburgh was very eager to be able to see his grandson’s wedding; it would be outstanding if he can be at St. George’s on Saturday.


Preparations for the big day continue at Windsor Castle. Below you see just a little of the equipment, personnel and police protection at the Castle.

Food preps are well underway. Royal baker Claire Ptak shared a photo on Instagram of some of the lemons that will be used in making the lemon elderflower cake for Saturday’s reception. The photo is captioned “And so it begins.”

Sky News offers this 1:40 piece on the scene in the Castle kitchen.

It appears at least some of the wine has been delivered.Some of the 140 Royal Borough Ambassadors who will be assisting visitors on Saturday posed in their special edition sneakers donated by the UK’s Hotter Shoes.

Hotter has put together a Royal Wedding collection of limited edition styles, including the Brooke (seen at the top of this image); that is the design the Ambassadors are wearing. It looks like a good choice, the volunteers will be on their feet from 4am to 7pm.

  • The media presence continues to grow; there are more than 5000 accredited press people covering the wedding.

  • The Royal Borough announced today there will be live music and entertainment for visitors; more from The Windsor Express:

Visitors planning to line The Long Walk and Windsor High Street will be serenaded on Saturday, May 19 from approximately 9am-noon and after the Royal Procession from 2pm.

A number of groups are preparing to perform on the day including the 1st Battalion Irish guards, The Windsor Boys’ School, Windsor Girls’ School, Rock Choir and, Pop Goes The Choir.

  • And, as you might expect, some of the royal family’s most ardent fans are also in Windsor.

Visit Windsor

The forecast continues to look superb for Saturday; this is via Accuweather.

We’ll leave you with this image from Hello! Magazine’s Emily Nash.

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  1. I wonder if the bulldog on doria’s Shirt is symbolic of her protectiveness towards Meghan right now. She must be feeling terrible for what her exhusband’s family is putting her through.

  2. Thank you for all the updates, I’m so excited for this wedding! Meghan’s mom raised a strong, progressive woman – my 2 cents, Meghan can walk herself down that big, beautiful aisle and just own it. Whatever they decide I’ll be watching and cheering every step of the way!

  3. I walked myself up the aisle, believing that I was giving myself in marriage. My aisle, however, was not as long or as public. It might be nice to have someone by your side at such an event. It is too bad that she is not closer to her brother or that Prince Phillip is not really able to walk well. I am sure Phillip would keep a nervous bride laughing with his humor and knowing all the in’s & out’s of Royal affairs would lead expertly.

  4. Thanks for updates WMW! I am so glad that Meghan’s father is getting his health sorted out and that as you said this matter can be settled and that Meghan and Harry can start enjoying the run up to their wedding. I’ve always thought that Doria should be the one to walk with Meghan up the aisle and into her new life and I hope that it will happen that way.

    On to happier things…I’m so excited!!! I have my DVR set to record 2 stations, CNN because I liked their coverage of W&K’s wedding and Good Morning America because I love David Muir’s voice! 🙂 I bought a tiara (seriously) to wear while watching the coverage of this joyous day and I have my morning snacks all lined out and champagne is chilling!! Do you think we’ll be hearing an announcement of the wedding party? I’m assuming G&C will be included but I’m dying to know who else will be walking with Meghan.

    I can’t believe that the baker is just starting the cake! As I recall W&K’s cake was started weeks before the big day. Also, I know a woman who bakes specialty cakes and she usually starts weeks in advance, freezes the cake and then decorates it closer to the day of. I have to say that the food they’ll serve for the afternoon reception sounds wonderful, all those fresh veggies and produce, and what a great idea to not have a big sit-down meal! This way everyone can mingle and Harry and Meghan can work the room and meet all their guests.

    Thanks WMW for all the hard work you’re doing to keep this site updated, I hope you have a mini vacation planned for after the wedding!! Outside of my immediate family no one knows what a royal geek I am and frankly my family views my small obsession with bemused tolerance and good humor, so thanks for having a place where I can come and be the crazy royal wedding fan that I am!


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