Meghan in Givenchy for Official Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Photos!

Clarence House has released two official photos ahead of Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday tomorrow.

In this image you see ‘The Wales Family’ – featuring Prince Charles with his wife, two sons, their wives and his three grandchildren; (L to R) The Duchess of Cambridge holding a very happy Prince Louis, The Duke of Cambridge, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince George on Prince Charles’ lap, The Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Charlotte. The photo was taken in the Garden at Clarence House back in September.

In this next image, the family seems to be having a good laugh over something or someone behind the scenes.

Whatever shenanigans may have been happening behind the camera, it certainly had Meghan nearly doubled over in fits of giggles. Prince George seemed to be having quite the hearty laugh himself.

The photos were taken by Getty Images Royal Photographer, Chris Jackson. For those that may not be familiar, Chris is the husband of Natasha Archer, Kate’s personal assistant and stylist. The couple were married in the Spring of 2017 and are expecting a baby any day.

From Chris Jackson’s Instagram account, the couple at their wedding in 2017.


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6 months ago today! Can’t believe it!! ?⚡️?

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From the photographer’s Twitter account:

I was delighted to have been asked to take these official portraits of The Prince of Wales surrounded by his family to celebrate the important milestone of his 70th Birthday. It was particularly special to capture such an informal and relaxed family portrait over a fun afternoon!”

Mr Jackson’s photos have been regularly featured in some of the top magazines and newspapers. Most recently he was named Royal Photographer of the Year in 2016, as well as 2015 and 2010. He has also won special awards in previous years and was News Photographer of the year in 2005.

He recently released a book entitled Modern Monarchy: The British Royal Family Today featuring his photos accompanied by captions and text in his own words.

The book is available on in the US ($28.46) and Waterstones in the UK (£35.00)

A very brief look at what Meghan wore in the photo. It has been confirmed that Meghan is wearing a bespoke dress from Givenchy.

The white dress is a sheath style with a black contrast bateau neckline. The Duchess is also wearing her Givenchy belt, previously scene at Royal Ascot back in June.

Thoughts on what Meghan wore from Vogue’s Alice Newbold:

 The bespoke white sheath-style dress with contrasting black bateau neckline and slim belt was reminiscent of the silhouettes and palettes we have seen her wear before, and was a fitting choice for a family scene where the focus was on Prince Charles.

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• Chris Jackson’s official photography site can be found here.
• The Vanity Fair article featuring Prince Charles can be found here.
• A collection of photos taken by Alexi Lubomirski of Prince Charles and Camilla featured in Vanity Fair are here.

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  1. This is a really awesome dress and I love that it’s part of Meghan’s signature style with the wide neckline and geometric lines. Really awesome dress. This family photo is amazing.

  2. First it was Meghan’s messy bun, now it’s her arms?? Sometimes I feel like I’m reading comments from a bunch of old biddies! This is a casual family photo, not a state funeral! Let Meghan bare her arms! I remember when Michelle Obama first started baring her arms at the start of Obama’s first term. It was a HUGE deal then and the Obamas aren’t even royal. Michelle ignored the critics and I hope Meghan does the same. Anyways I think these are fun family photos and I think everyone looks appropriate. Everyone looks happy and coordinated.

    NOTE: Quick admin edit

  3. This is a wonderful family photo. Everyone looks great! Duchess Meghan’s dress can function in many capacities. It can be a very professional look for work, a church look, a reception look or a more dressed up look for a family picture as in this one. For me this look does not say sexy or cocktail. It’s much too conservative for either. Both Meghan and Camilla are wearing white which connect with the overall theme of blue and white and adds layers to the picture. Interesting that Duchess Kate is wearing a dress that one of Meghan’s guess wore to her wedding.
    I know I am suppose to talk about Meghan’s dress, but when I look at this picture I just want to admire the whole family.

  4. Meghan’s dress is exquisite in its simplicity. It looks like something Audrey Hepburn would wear. Swooning over this tailored perfection!
    I love the juxtaposition of Kate’s buttoned-up aesthetic and Meg’s sleek style. Each woman looks like herself. Both beautiful in their own way.

  5. I don’t think bare arms are wildly erogenous and I say ‘wear them while you can!’ Also, IMO this is a classic daytime sheath – very Jackie O – not a cocktail dress.

  6. Meghan looks gorgeous, happy, and at ease. That dress is exquisite and is very flattering on her.

    Thanks for including the links to Chris Jackson’s site and to the Vanity Fair article–I really enjoyed reading the article and perusing Jackson’s photos. He’s such a talent!

  7. Another chic and sophisticated choice of a classic sheath from Meghan and in her signature navy and cream, which this time of course coordinates with the whole group. It’s both clever and charming how the navy has been used as a highlight feature across the shoulders with the wide neckline and then picked up again in the belt. Wonderful tailoring from Givenchy as ever.

    My own copy of Modern Monarchy has arrived and due to be wrapped to go under the Christmas tree. A sneak peek however has shown it to be a lovely production.

  8. I’m very certain that the accent on the dress is navy (albeit a very dark shade of navy) and not black. I ended up using an RGB meter on both photos and it gave values in the neighborhood of 15-15-30, which corresponds to a very dark but distinctly blue shade.

    Aside from the ambiguity over its color, it’s an absolutely gorgeous dress. Love the photos too!

  9. Hi all, I’m going to be a prude and say that Meghan looks lovely in her dress, but a little out of place. I would prefer a slightly less fitted and cocktail-y dress. This Givenchy dress is expensive, gorgeous, stunning, sleek and very sexy. Perfect for cocktails or a reception, but less for a family garden photo, where the idea is to fit in with the whole family. And I’m not even 30 years old yet, but I just can’t help looking at Meghan in this photo and in the photos of the Festival of Remembrance and thinking, “Sleeves!”. She has great arms, and I know it is summer, but everyone else in this photo is so covered up she just really stands out. I don’t think she needs to be just like Kate, by the way- Kate’s dress is ultra-modest here- I know Meghan has her own style.

    • Laura, I agree with all that you have said, also with others who have commented about the sleeveless look on Meghan. Having bare arms at this family gathering is not as crucial as at the Festival of Remembrance, or the memorial service in the spring. This photo, however, will be there in history for years to come. I’m sure that Meghan means no disrespect. I did read elsewhere online, from someone living in California, that Meghan is a Californian girl and sleeveless dresses are worn there year round and for all occasions. What Meghan needs to understand is that she no longer in Cali and she is now a member of the Royal Family. There are many times that she looks stunning, but wrong for the event. Either someone needs to advise her (although perhaps nobody wants to appear critical) or Meghan needs to ask more questions and seek out guidance.

    • I think she’s fine. I think everyone looks great in this photo – casual dress family photo. If Meghan is comfortable sleeveless then she should wear sleeveless. If it were really an issue I’m sure Camilla or Kate would’ve mentioned it to her by now. I’m sure she gets on fine with them both well enough for any of them to provide any sort of guidance if they felt it were necessary.
      I live on the East Coast and it gets super hot here through the Fall months. I would be in sleeveless or short sleeves as well. -SC

  10. The Duchess of Cornwall’s hands appear to be positioned to form a heart. Perhaps coincidental but I did notice her hands straight off and thought they appeared rather awkward. Then I realized they are forming a heart. If that’s what she is actually doing, it’s a sweet message to her husband on his 70th.
    Meghan look pretty and relaxed. I also noticed that Harry has his hand around her waist. His hand is visible in the more formal shot.

  11. I’ve never commented on one of these sites before but it seems odd to me that Meghan wouldn’t coordinate with the rest of the family. It’s a simple enough color scheme and she’s proven she has plenty of navy clothes. Also would have loved to see her wear a sleeve as unfortunately I think her arms are drawing a lot of attention. All in all, great dress for a work or professional event (and unlike other clothes of hers, fits her beautifully and is tailored well) but I think it’s the wrong choice for this occasion.

  12. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Meghan looks wonderful. Is the dress really black and white? Not navy to coordinate with everyone else in blue and white?

  13. Super nice family photo of “The Wales Family!” Great to see an outdoor photo in a relaxed garden setting far away from flashing camera lights and indoor trappings. The adults and children look happy, healthy and at ease which isn’t always the case in family group photos. Chris Jackson truly is a magician and deserves the title of Royal Photographer of the Year!

    Interesting to see Meghan as she was back in September before her pregnancy was announced and the Royal Tour over and done. She very discreetly has her hands casually placed in front, almost mirroring Kate’s pose. She looks lovely and very comfortable with this family.

    Meghan’s Givenchy sheath dress with the black yoke bateau neckline is a dream. Wish I could see the back of the dress because it seems the black yoke, seen in front, does not carry over to the back. Ingenious.

    And, the addition of her Givenchy belt, last seen at Ascot, is just the right accessory.

    Thank you, Susan, for including the links to the Vanity Fair article featuring Prince Charles and Alexi Lubomirski’s photographs. Alexi’s photographs have such a painterly quality about them, just beautiful.


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