New Video of Meghan’s World Vision Work & Hello Melijoe!

We have some news updates to share today as well as a welcome to a new sponsor we are just delighted to have on board, Melijoe.

We begin with a new video of Meghan released yesterday showing her World Vision trip to India in January 2017, when she had been dating Harry for about six months. ITV News had the story.

More from Chris Ship’s coverage:

Meghan’s travels with World Vision to Rwanda in 2016 have been well documented, but the charity today released more images of the duchess on a humanitarian visit to Delhi and Mumbai in January 2017 – shortly after her romance with Harry had become public.

The video shows Meghan working on a girls’ empowerment project at a school where new latrines were installed. You can see the 1:35 video below.

This is the trip that Meghan wrote about in TIME, and where she first spent time with the Myna Mahila Foundation.

More about Myna Mahila from the ITV piece:

It offers the women stable employment and breaks taboos about menstrual hygiene by provide basic sanitary products.

Myna Mahila was one of the seven charities Harry and Meghan nominated for donations at the time of their wedding last year.


Also, an update and a ‘thank you’ from Meghan and Harry via the Sussex Royal Instagram accountThe thank you is for the donations made to charitable organizations on behalf of the couple. That sentiment was accompanied by specific news detailing how the donations are making an impact.


TIME magazine released its annual TIME 100 list of influential people this week and one of those on the list is a name you’ll recognize. 

The essay about Clare Waight Keller was written by Julianne Moore.

Clare’s simple wedding gown for ­Meghan ­Markle was exactly that—a reflection of the lovely and modern young woman who just happens to be a 21st century princess. The world gasped when they saw that bride, and everyone wanted to know who had made that dress.

We are drawn to Clare’s work because she doesn’t design from the outside in, she designs from the inside out. From the place of pinning clothes on a body.

You can read the entire essay here.


We are very excited to welcome a new sponsor to the site today, Melijoe. Described as the “ultimate kids fashion destination,” Melijoe was launched by Nathalie Genty in 2007 when she was looking for pieces her son could wear. More in this interview with Stylenest.

It was after the birth of my first child that I first discovered kid’s fashion, but I was surprised at the lack of inspiration. There was nowhere I could go to look for trends or a site that had the same level of aesthetic in the shoots as in adult fashion so I decided to create the site of my dreams with the very best edit of childrenswear brands from around the globe.

Melijoe has experienced tremendous growth, now offering a wide range of brands with designs for ages 0-16, all of them handpicked in Paris. Today we’re looking mostly at styles for newborns, with an eye on what brands and designs Meghan might be attracted to; we had no problem finding lots to love!

Several brands worn by Meghan also offer children’s lines and Melijoe carries quite a few of them. One is Stella McCartney. Below you see the Duchess wearing the designer’s caped dress at a birthday concert for the Queen, in the second gown worn on her wedding day and in a tie-front coat first worn in Cardiff.  Stella McCartney Kids embodies the same commitment to sustainable manufacturing seen with the adult collections, something we know Meghan pays attention to, and there are some really cute pieces! On the left you see the Organic Cotton Onesie and on the right, the Organic Cotton Pyjamas. This spring’s collection has some darling prints. Below left, the Graphic Organic Cotton Tee, which has snaps at the left shoulder making it easier to get on and off; on the right, the Printed Organic Cotton Tee, which has long sleeves. Both come in sizes 9 – 24 months. Meghan has worn Marc Jacobs as well; these next two pieces are from the Little Marc Jacobs collection. On the left, the Printed Tee Shirt (with snap buttons on the back); on the right, matching Plain Leggings, in sizes 3-36 months.   Another British brand Meghan wears: Burberry. Below left you see her wearing a tartan coat for a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland in February 2018. On the right, the Duchess wears a version of the brand’s iconic trench in Auckland, New Zealand last October.

The Burberry collections at Melijoe offer a youthful take on the brand’s classic designs: on the left, a precious Burberry Trench Dress and on the right, Chino Pants; both are available in sizes 3 – 36 months.

Paul Smith is another British brand carried by Melijoe. The adult collections showcase vibrant colors and whimsical prints; Paul Smith Junior echoes these themes. From left to right: the Print Shirt for sizes 4-16 years; a pair of Boys Regular Fit Pants in sizes 3-16 years, and the Printed T-Shirt in a knit jersey for sizes 3-16 years. Some readers may be familiar with Petit Bateau, a French label known for its nautical influences. The company is also dedicated to creating products that do not irritate skin; all styles for ages up to 36 months, along with underwear and nightwear, are certified by Oeko-Tex®, guaranteeing them against the risk of allergies and skin irritation. Below, we show the brand’s Iconic Oilskin Jacket in candy pink for sizes 3-12 years; in the center, a Two-Pack of Shortalls for sizes 3-24 months; on the right, the Print Windbreaker in sizes 3-36 months. Here are a few more styles by Petit Bateau showcasing a different color palette: on the left, the Cardigan/Onesie/Pants Set in a jaunty navy and white stripe for sizes 1-18 months; in the center, another Iconic Oilskin, this one in sunny yellow that comes in sizes 3-36 months; on the right, a Set of Socks, and the brand’s Light Hat in navy blue. Catimini is a French brand offering playful patterns in styles ranging from jeans to party frocks. Below, a Printed Tee Shirt in aqua; vivid Printed Leggings for sizes 2-12 years; a Graphic Slub Printed Tee in pink for ages 2-14 years. Melijoe also stocks Mori, a company that specializes in organic cotton and bamboo designs. Below you see the Envelope Neckline Onesie; a Crossover Onesie; one of the brand’s Print Swaddles in cotton muslin with a breathable weave; and on the far right, a Stretch Jersey BlanketIn addition to clothing and accessories, Melijoe carries a splendid selection of other merchandise, like nursery decor, diaper bags, blankets, and much more. The Anais and Aden collection at Melijoe includes many of these items. Below we show a sampling: on the left, a High Seas Maxi Swaddles Pack; in the center, a Cotton Muslin Sleeping Bag in a darling Winnie the Pooh print; on the right, a Muslin Dream Blanket in a blue and white motif.  You will find a wonderful selection of giftables at Melijoe. Below we show several items by NaturaPura, a brand we think Meghan would love because they use only naturally-colored organic cotton. The designs are also ‘…dermatologically tested to assure maximal comfort against baby’s delicate skin.’ From left to right: an Organic Cotton Onesie, the Cuddly Toy Penguin and the Raised Rabbit BlanketOther ideas for gifts: on the left, the Tartine et Chocolate Cuddly Blanket; in the center you see the gift packaging for the blanket; on the right, one of Bonpoint’s Gift Packs, with a cotton sleepsuit, soft swaddle and plush animal.

This is really only a sampling of what Melijoe offers, there is a great mix of brands, designs, sizes, and more. You can also follow Melijoe on their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the new Meghan video! I’m picking April 29 for the “when the baby arrives” pool. I’m loving the fashions for children! Thanks for shining the spotlight on this line.

  2. I’m in agreement with everything Amelie posted. I believe Meghan is sincere and genuine to the core. What we see is her being herself (whether before she met Harry or after). And I also believe that Baby Sussex has already arrived. If not, then he/she will probably arrive within the next couple of days. I can hardly wait for the announcement and some pics of the precious new family member!

    • Angelia Bell, Harry was at church with the Royal Family on Easter Sunday, April 21, although Meghan wasn’t. If the baby were already here, I doubt that Harry would have left Meghan. But I think we can expect an announcement quite soon.

  3. The newly released video of Meghan’s Charity work with World Vision confirms everything we have come to learn about Meghan when it comes to how she interacts with people. She’s very natural, genuine and caring. And doesn’t she look great in a sari?
    I can’t wait for Baby Sussex to make his/her appearance which leads into the new sponsorship. Great timing, welcome and good success to their business.

  4. Congratulations to Clare Waight Keller for all of her success and recognition on TIME’s 100 list of influential people. Julianne Moore’s essay is beautiful and I would like to go back and read more entries as another one I read, Sadiq Khan’s honoring Jacinda Ardern, was very powerful.

    I imagine I will need to bone up on children’s fashion as Baby Sussex will be here any day (I thought yesterday’s full moon might have assisted) and Susan might start a “WMKW” site as well?

    • Christina – We do have a WMKW site set aside for future use. We will have a site specifically for this Royal Baby once He/She arrives. Stay tuned for that announcement. Social media accounts are ready and waiting. – Susan C.

  5. I hadn’t heard the criticism of her being “too genuine” and I don’t get it. She’s a person who expresses herself freely — almost to a fault. Harry is the same way. Then again, she’s also being criticized for “working too hard.”
    Anyway, can’t wait to see Baby Sussex. Based on the 12-week announcement at the start of the Asian tour, Meghan is 40 weeks along this weekend. So, yay, the baby is due! But first babies tend to be late. Up to two weeks late; past that, they will induce her labor. So, early May is a possibility.

    NOTE: Quick Admin Edit

  6. Looking forward to hearing that Baby Sussex has arrived too. I don’t blame them for wanting some privacy at this time. The three ring circuses for each of the Cambridge children must have been off putting. I felt sorry for any Mums giving birth at the hospital at the time. I am sure our Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, would have told Meghan what it was like to be exhausted after giving birth and knowing the press were hanging outside waiting. Here’s to a peaceful time for the lead up to the birth.

  7. Well said. I was thinking the same thing regarding her demeanor on this trip. And, if she didn’t ‘act’ genuine as she is accused of, she would be criticized for that. Gracious. On a lighter note; Winnie-the-Pooh print is beyond cunning.

  8. I’m not really into baby clothing as I do not have children (hopefully someday!) but I had a vision of Meghan dressing her baby only in neutrals which she tends to favor which made me laugh internally. 😀 Hopefully she dresses her son or daughter in a variety of clothing, some of the outfits here are really cute.
    And nice to see some coverage of her trip to India in 2017. I wonder why they’re releasing all this footage now so late but maybe Meghan dating Harry at the time would have been a conflict of interest with Harry’s charities? Who knows. Nice to finally see it though. You can tell from this video the way she acts with Harry or in her own solo outings is just the way she acts naturally when surrounded by a lot of people. I know some people have criticized her for being “too genuine” to the point that it seems she’s faking it (which I can understand). But given that in those videos she wasn’t on a world stage with paparazzi documenting her every gesture and facial expression like today, I would say she seems to be pretty natural in her interactions and enjoying her time with World Vision.
    Hopefully we get news of Baby Sussex soon! I’m almost convinced Meghan already had the baby and is just taking a few days to herself before making the big announcement.


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