Meghan Wears Brandon Maxwell for National Theatre Engagement

The Duchess wore Brandon Maxwell for today’s visit to the National Theatre.

This was Meghan’s first visit to the theatre since it was announced the Queen was passing patronage of the organization to her. Below, being welcomed by Rufus Norris, National Theatre Director (far left); Lisa Burger, the organization’s Executive Director (2nd from left); and Sir Damon Buffini, Chair of the National Theatre (center in navy suit).

Meghan has spoken on multiple occasions about her belief that the arts can bring together people and communities with varied backgrounds. More from The Telegraph’s story by Hannah Furness; the second paragraph quotes Mr. Norris.

Rufus Norris, artistic director, called her a “very natural fit” with the National Theatre, with a mutual passion for education, community arts and broadening the diversity of audiences.

“It’s a natural fit because she knows what a rehearsal room is, she knows what dressing rooms are and is passionate about the impact the arts can have.”

Here you see her with Jenna Omeltschenko, the theatre’s Touring Director (L) and Lisa Burger.

Today she took part in a workshop with members of the Pericles company. You see the Duchess speaking with Blessing, who is 13. She was in the Pericles cast; the production was the Theatre’s first Public Acts production.

Public Acts is a fairly new initiative undertaken to “create extraordinary acts of theatre and community,” described as “…a participatory program involving the community.” Below, a scene from the Pericles production.  

The next Public Acts production will be a musical adaptation of As You Like It at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch in August 2019.

The Duchess also met current and former apprentices at the theatre. Below, she is seen speaking with Technical Apprentices Olivia and Kelsey and a former apprentice, Tamykha. They are working on chandeliers that will be used in Tartuffe, an upcoming production.

More on the apprentice program from Kensington Palace: “The Theatre’s apprenticeship scheme was launched in 2011, which combines studying for formal qualifications alongside practical training.”

Another view.

As we have mentioned previously, even though Meghan’s most recent work was in a television series, her training at Northwestern University focused on the theater.

Today she watched a children’s performance inspired by War Horse.

The children’s version of the play was done by students from Edith Neville Primary School. It was part of the Theatre’s primary school programme, involving school workshops and other resources.

It turns out this wasn’t her first time seeing the play. We return to The Telegraph article.

…the Duchess told pupils from Edith Neville Primary School in Camden: “You guys did an amazing job when I saw you perform right before Christmas.

“I snuck in and watched. It was great, I didn’t want to leave.”

A video from People‘s Simon Perry as the Duchess departs.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore today.

Meghan’s Brandon Maxwell dress is from the Spring/Summer 2019 runway collection.

The sleeveless style is 100% viscose and mini-length, with a flared, flippy skirt. Meghan’s dress has been altered for a longer length that hits at the knee.

The jacket by Brandon Maxwell is from the same collection. It is an open front style with a shawl collar, front welt pockets, center back vent and gold metallic buttons at the cuff. It also looks like the Duchess may have had the sleeves shortened so they are more bracelet-length than a full long sleeve.

I don’t believe Meghan’s fabric is the same color as that seen above. In the item descriptions the color is called ‘neutral.’ In tweeting about today’s look Brandon Maxwell referred to the ensemble as ‘blush.’ Many thanks to Michelle of Perth’s fashion for her speedy ID of Meghan’s dress and jacket.

Meghan carried a clutch we first saw at Trooping the Colour, a Carolina Herrera style based on the designer’s Metropolitan Insignia series of bags.

And she wore her Aquazzura Matilde pumps. Made of suede, the style has a point-toe, a 4″ heel and the distinctive crossover ties, or laces. We show the Very Matilde pumps at Matches Fashion and also at My Theresa; the shoe is $695 at both places. It has a slightly smaller heel cup than what we see on Meghan’s style and is designed to tie in the back.

The Duchess wore a new pair of earrings by Ecksand. They are the Tresses Bar Stud style in 18k recycled gold (CND $575, about $430 at today’s exchange rates). 

You may remember Meghan wearing rings by Ecksand for the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games in Sydney. The brand is dedicated to ethical and eco-friendly practices. From the Ecksand site: “We aim to make the world a better place by supporting honest, ethical and environmentally responsible business practices.” Our thanks to Monique Jessen of People for the ID information.

A reminder that tomorrow we’ll see the Duchess at her Association of Commonwealth Universities engagement.


Here is a 4-minute look at today’s engagement from ITN’s Royal Family Channel.

A 1-minute Reuters video via The Washington Post.

Emily Andrews of The Sun shared a 50-second look at the Pericles workshop.



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  1. Something looked rather twee and girly about this outfit, maybe the form-fitting cut with the flippiness of the skirt or the length plus the bows on her heels. I can imagine her restyling later when not pregnant, and it will probably come off as much more sophisticated. Can anyone comment on the fabric of the outfit? The lustre is beautiful. As a bi-racial woman myself, I enjoy looking at Meghan’s style for flattering palettes, and this was really exceptional.

  2. I haven’t joined in the discussion in quite some time now as I’ve just been too busy. I LOVED Meghan’s outfit on Friday. The green boots and small purse highlighted the bits of green in her dress – a nice accent. The dress was beautiful and I absolutely adored the print – she looked so beautiful in it. The coat was just perfect. I love the whole vintage look of it. It was different and a nice change from all of the trench coat and lapel styles. The edge of the dress peeking out just below the coat hemline was a nice accent as well. There is no rule on how long the coat should be – not all length of coats are going to cover a dress length. I’ve seen long dresses with shorter style coats. If the coat is the right style and cut it looks fantastic. Fashion “rules” are meant to be broken. It’s fashion – the only real rule is to have fun with it. Sometimes it’s not going to be perfect and of course not everyone will agree based on what individual styles and tastes are.
    I also loved the other two outfits this week. The only thing I didn’t care for was how the dress she wore on Thursday for ACU, was tiered. It actually looked like she was wearing a separate sweater. It was hard to tell because we never got a good look at the whole ensemble. The asymmetrical, sort of handkerchief look of the hem was so much fun! It added a nice twist to the whole look with the coat. The nude/blush heels were perfect – that color shoe can make you look taller and elongate the leg. Plus, it’s not so matchy-matchy and that’s something I like.
    The Brandon Maxwell was perfect and the color was on point with the current trend. It’s the peak of winter and time to start mixing in the blush pinks, neutrals and greys – all those winter pastel colors to lighten things up a bit. It gives that sense of Spring being around the corner.
    I have no issues with her not wearing hoses or tights – kudos to her! I can’t stand wearing hose and I’d rather wear tights if it’s really cold out and I am wearing a skirt or dress along with tall boots! A lot of women (20s, 30s, etc) do not wear hose these days. It’s just the way it is. It all depends on the office dress code (most are business casual anymore) or what/where they are going. I wouldn’t expect to see Meghan wear hose all that often as she has been doing – it’s just the way it is and the norm. – SC

  3. Such an odd choice in so many ways for this function. The dress has a terrible silhouette. Her shoes are much much too high ( for that dress style and for a woman who is this far along in her pregnancy). I really think it’s just plain dangerous to wear high heels like these in latter half of your pregnancy The dress may be very pricey, but the cut and flare and tight body really makes it look like an ‘off the rack’ type of outfit.

    • I think we can expect an adult like Meghan to know for herself if her footwear is dangerous or too high during pregnancy. And having looked at the same pictures that you – presumably – have, I find nothing wrong whatsoever with Meghan’s outfit. The entirety of it is very aesthetically pleasing, in fact. So maybe rethink the nitpicking mentality and appreciate the beauty and grace Meghan presents herself with – even this advanced stage of her pregnancy.
      NOTE: admin edit

  4. So happy top see her today. Although I agree with most that the dress was yet again way to tight, I loved her hair parted on the side. So sick of the hair in middle. It is not flattering to anyones face structure. She looked so much more beautiful! I liked the jacket that help conceal the tight fitting dress. I also agree that she is quite large for what the “supposed due date is”. Is it twins? Or maybe she is due to deliver much earlier to throw off the wolves?? The color is good on her. The earrings were too small but she seems to be in favor of tiny earrings. The shoes are pretty on her. Again loved the side part!

  5. “It’s pink! It’s a girl” is what I imagine the tabloids will be saying next week. A lovely look, and the side part is beyond flattering on her. Here’s hoping we see more of it. And blue next week, to throw the tabs off.

  6. She looks absolutely beautiful as usual! As for the fashion, I did not care for this look. I think replacing the flowy skirt with a form fitting shift dress would have made the styling look more polished overall. The bump just doesn’t go with the open jacket and flowy skirt combo at all, too much fabric and uncontrolled lines. I applaud her for wearing those stunning heels, however I do think at this stage of pregnancy it is awkward to see a woman wearing them – it’s simply straining on the ligaments and not safe in general. I imagine she only wears them for a short time. As a mother myself, I’m noticing her lovely non-swollen feet! 🙂

  7. Oh, I love this. I love baby bump clothes that hug the bump! I see I’m in the minority, but that was definitely my preference when I was pregnant and wanted to feel dressy, not dowdy. To each their own, I say. And I actually felt the close-fitting clothes better supported the belly and bosom than loose, empire-waist looks.

  8. I love the dress and jacket on the runway model! The flippy skirt and lush fabric are gorgeous. Meghan always looks beautiful, but the design elements aren’t working here with the cut of the dress on her during pregnancy. It’s a lovely ensemble, but poor execution right now since it just doesn’t fit correctly. At this stage in pregnancy, it gets increasingly difficult to make straight-size clothes fit an expanding belly. The hairstyle is great, love the clutch! Not a fan of the shoes for a daytime business look, they seem more suited to a cocktail hour.

  9. Reading all the comments makes me think that, yes, maybe the dress was pulling too much in the belly area and yes, maybe the shoes and the clutch were not that appropriate for the event especially in comparison with the staff she met, but I like the overall look. the color is amazing on her and the hair are finally in control. it must not be easy for stylists to dress a pregnant woman, not very tall, who needs to be polished but wants to remain feminine. it’s a really subtle line.

  10. This is an elegant outfit and a lovely color choice for the season. Hair and makeup- perfect. But, I have to say- I am following the Duchess less and less. It’s mainly because I often don’t enjoy the outfits that she chooses to wear. Before pregnancy, many of her clothes were too large. Now, many outfits are just too tight. Why is the Duchess continuing to wear clothes that don’t not fit her? I agree with other posters- how can it be comfortable? The dress is lovely and would be fine for someone who is not as far along at Meghan is. The fabric is pulling and is so tight at the edges of her baby bump and the bust. But, to each her own. She is the only one who has to be happy with her clothing choices. Personally, I just don’t get it.

  11. I love the color and realized that some of my favorite looks on her are the monochrome outfits. It just suits her and looks modern. I also think the combination of a simple dress and blazer is a great idea for an elegant maternity look. However, I too feel that the shape of the skirt has thrown off the proportions of the look.
    In looking at the dress in the pictures by itself, it has an unusually-shaped flare. This style would have been interesting, but was really thrown off by being warn on a pregnant form with little alteration. I do wish she would wear maternity cut clothes at this point in her pregnancy. Then she could wear many different styles that take into account how the bump will affect the fit and proportions of the overall look. I also think pregnant women everywhere would love to see beautiful maternity clothes on display.

  12. As someone who has never been pregnant, I do believe that that is a time more so than ever to wear what you like and what makes you and the bump comfortable! And the DoS is clearly comfortable and confident in her outfit choice because she looks radiant and happy. I didnt even notice ‘fit’ issues that some have referred too or it not being maternityish enough. I just immediately thought hey she looks fabulous. ?
    This blush color is so lovely on M and once again I’m digging the monochromatic thing. I like the choice of the side part with the updo, very pretty.. I hope the rest of her pregnancy is smooth sailing!❤

  13. Any idea whether the shoes are the exact ones she wore to the engagement photocall? I’ve heard they might not be, as some new pictures have come out of the soles of both.

  14. I like how Meghan is showing her unique defined style, colours, accessories and designers. She is recognizable and not boring (yet!!). But I really really dislike that she keeps wearing non-maternityclothes. De designs are ruined this way. It’s pulling and creasing in all the wrong places. Somehow she’s not investing in a good maternity wardrobe which makes me think that there won’t be a second pregnancy. Maybe I’m overthinking it…. But who (even with her budget) spends so much money on clothes that don’t fit now during the pregnancy and won’t fit after the birth either?? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  15. I love this color and the total look. And I for one am pleased to see that even the Royals can get wrinkled!

    Am I the only one who thinks that Meghan’s due date cannot possibly be “late April”. Many years ago, I was due with my first child on April 1st and am sure that my baby bump was as large as Meghan’s is now in late January. I’m not being critical….it’s just that every time I see her photo in the past month or so, I think she’s further along than a late April due date would indicate. I wish her well whenever she delivers her precious baby!!

    • I agree, I had both my kids in late April/early May, and I feel like I wasn’t as big of a bump as she is now, and I was slim too, so I popped out like a torpedo! (Boys!) She seems like she may be carrying large for gestational age or more than one, or maybe it is just her petite-ness that is making her seem bigger.. coming from an L&D nurse here! I usually love her clothes, but you can tell she isn’t picking maternity clothes, some things just don’t fit her bump well- the dress from the theater nursing home (white/blue floral?)was not great.. this is ok though! Love MM though!

    • I’ve thought for a couple of months now that the due date info she accidentally/purposely dropped was an attempt to keep the cameras off her and improve the odds of being able to get to the hospital unnoticed when she goes a few weeks ahead of when she says she’s due. Throwing reporters off guard with a later due date is the only way she can try to have a little privacy when she goes into labour.

  16. Meghan is smart to wear clothes close to the body like this. They photograph much better than voluminous dresses or strictly maternity garments. She appears to be carrying really high right now and she is relatively short. She’d be lost in a lot of fabric! Beautiful color on her and love the bracelet length sleeve on the blazer. Love that she switched it up with the shoes as well…she’s breaking the rules, but who cares about rules when you’re this polished and confident! So happy to see the return of the side part with the bun. So much respect for her grace under pressure all while creating life!

  17. Her dress and jacket are WAY too tight. The dress is pulling and rising up across her hips, under her bust-line and at the neckline. The jacket is pulling across her upper arms and back and needless to say is meant to be able to close. The dress actually is designed to be a relaxed silhouette. No hosiery in the middle of winter and barely there strappy shoes whilst it was 41 degrees in London today. This outfit would have been great in the Spring or say in Palm Beach or similar locals this time of year, and of course if it fit her. I don’t mind light colours in Winter as long as the fabric is seasonally appropriate, but this is a thin synthetic. Perhaps it will work in the Spring after the baby is born if she chooses to wear it again. She’s a very pretty woman, her hair and makeup looks great here — I think she could use a professional stylist or someone who knows what they’re doing to help her pull things together.
    NOTE: admin edit

  18. There is something off with the proportions of the ensemble. Between the jacket length, skirt volume and length, and the height of the heels things look wonky, especially from the side. The shoe straps don’t look tight enough to give any real support but, bless her heart, she can sure move in them.

    • I agree, the side view is very peculiar. I cant fathom the logic of spending thousands and ending up with fabric pulling and draping funny and revealing the outline of undergarments. It would have been an attractive and professional outfit in actual literal spring, on a non-pregnant body but as worn, it’s another unforced error for me.

  19. Meghan looks radiant in this blush color. Suits her perfectly. Love the monochromatic look and the overall feel of the outfit. It is a professional look for her. The dress does appear to be pulling awkwardly around her belly and the hem seems to be a few inches longer in the front than the back. This throws off the balance of the outfit for me. Her beauty products are spot on and she definitely has that pregnancy glow!

  20. I read recently that some of the Royal women choose not to wear a seat belt because it wrinkles their clothing. Is it possible that Meghan is using a seat belt and thus the frequent wrinkles?

  21. This to me is the upscale version of the H&M outfit the Duchess wore last week. I love the full skirt…the way it adds movements and interest to the outfit and there is just something very ladylike about a swing skirt. You could make an argument that the shoes are not suited to the season, but if she isn’t cold then does it really matter? I take issue with the idea that Meghan is not wearing maternity clothes. The dress she wore was proportioned to fit her curves and angles, but not in the way many of us are comfortable with on a pregnant woman. For me I loved it and if she is going to a wedding soon then she should consider recycling this outfit with a killer hat.

  22. Could she be any prettier? Breathtaking! She looks lit up from inside in ‘full glow’ mode.
    I loved this monochrome feminine ensemble. I like that she wears different silhouettes…it makes for fun variety (and mixed reviews in the comments, but that’s all part of the fun)!
    Also, what a perfect patronage for Duchess Meghan!

  23. Again, another perfect engagement and patronage for Meghan. She really looked like she was having a good time.
    I am loving today’s up do! Who knew a side part makes all the change? Of course love the shoes, they look fabulous on her. I am really enjoying her little minimalist accessories. I am also a staple jewelry person over statement jewelry so all the little earrings and rings are right up my style alley. This blog has led me several pieces I would totally wear everyday. I love the blush color palette and the material of the dress and blazer, but I agree with some that something about the silhouette is a bit off. Maybe a strait sheath dress instead of the flair skirt? Otherwise I love today’s look.

  24. Meghan as always is beautiful. Her makeup is perfect and even her hair looks like signature Meghan, but still very classy.
    However, it’s hard to overlook the wrinkled clothes. Under her belly and in the back of the skirt. I saw an article where it had a compilation of Meghan photos with her clothes all creased (both before and during pregnancy). The author suggested she try different fabrics that wouldn’t wrinkle so easily when she sits. Maybe that’s necessary? Once I noticed the creases, it was hard to unnotice them. Spoiled the look, which otherwise would have been very pretty.

    • I don’t know if it’s the material itself that wrinkles or the fact that, with this particular dress, it’s just badly fitted to her pregnant shape that is causing wrinkles around the bump?

  25. When I was pregnant I was hot ALL THE TIME. Winter, summer, didn’t matter. So she’s actually probably really comfortable with less clothing in the cold temperatures. Still can’t believe how she’s surviving those heels. All my ligaments were a mess!

  26. This is a new sort of look for Meghan. Perfectly professional and appropriate – no question there. It’s not on par with the other signature “Meghan” styles that she has worn. Maybe this sort of look will become part of her signature style… who’s to say. We shall see in time.

  27. I like this dress and jacket and the colour is pretty. But there are a couple of things wrong. This is not maternity wear and so the dress pulls in all the wrong places. I just don’t understand Meghan’s reluctance to wear hgh end, stylish maternity garments. Secondly it is winter and the outfit is more appropriate for spring. Bare legs, light strappy shoes and a white purse, as Febrary looms….really???

  28. Looks amazing, love the colour and style and the fact she hasnt thrown away the heels for a frumpy”maternity” look shoe. I look around our city and see gorgeous corporate pregnant women who have refused to adopt the baggy, lifeless gear. You rock Meghan and rhe pregnant girls out in corporate life admire and support you

  29. Meghan is on a stylistic “roll” lately. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a huge penchant for monochrome looks; I remember pouring over magazines like “In Style” and seeing a model wearing a linen outfit in monochrome nudes with matching suede sandals. I think I saved that picture as my future/adult style inspiration. So as you would expect, I appreciate when Meghan wears neutral shades–even better when she wears all one shade of neutrals! I actually like the flippy, full skirt with her bump. But I see that is quite a matter of personal preference! As I look further at her ensemble–I believe an accessory with a bit of edge would finish out her outfit a bit better than the complete matchi-ness of her clutch. I KNOW I’m being contradictory, since I just expressed my love of monochrome neutrals. But wouldn’t it be great if her bag had a little biker edge to it? I think so. Anyway, I do like this look very much, and Meghan does look well with her pregnancy glow (and the bit of additional weight). 😀

  30. Her training as a performer shines through in her pregnancy photos. She always manages a hands placement that looks natural and flattering. I think trained actors are advised to use their hands to highlight the pregnant figure and thus avoid looking merely overweight in head-on publicity photos. I bet it’s a challenge for her to find clothes that look modern, fit well, don’t look like tents and are appropriate for the occasion. London style and shopping must be quite different from LA, too.

  31. I keep saying it but she neeeeeeeds to wear maternity clothes! Don’t get me wrong, she is a glowing pregnant goddess. She looks phenomenal. But I don’t find the dress flattering, the flare looks odd with the bump. A straight silhouette would have been a better choice. I wore heels until the end of my pregnancy so I get it, but I would have preferred something less strappy – these look like evening wear for a daytime work event.0

  32. Absolutely love the colors and fabric, hair and make-up! I have no idea how she can wear those high heels while pregnant and not loose her balance. I think a kitten heel would have been more comfortable and flattering. Those heels are looking a bit ridiculous at this point, but that is just my personal opinion. Overall a knock out look!

  33. My first reaction to this was, My god, the shoes. I love the shoes! They match wonderfully with the dress and jacket. I love the color of the dress, if not the style. I’m having trouble pinpointing why … Perhaps I just prefer the straight skirt from the H&M knit dress (which has been my favorite pregnancy look so far).

    • I agree that the shoes look more for evening than a day event. Also the dress had alot of wrinkles. I think because the dream was so very tight on her especially around the belly and the sleeves. I think she need to wear a little more loose fitting clothes around the belly and higher thigh area. It looked very tight and pulled. She should also wear lower heels so as not to take a chance of tripping over them. But I loved the color of the dress on her.

  34. I actually LOVE the flared skirt here, but I think that the silhouette is otherwise a bit off. This outfit reminds me quite a bit of the black and white polka dot dress and cropped black blazer that the DoC wore while pregnant with Prince George and I think that it would be wonderfully well-proportioned if the blazer ended at Meghan’s waist and not at/past her hips (not trying to compare Meghan and Kate; I just think that that’s a good example of a flared dress and blazer combo working well on a very-pregnant woman).

    Fit aside, the dress and blazer are gorgeous and I’m loving Meghan’s recent forays back into blush-y tones. The shoes and bag are both gorgeous, and I love the little pops of gold that she’s introduced with the bag and earrings. This look is maybe a little disappointing overall, but only because it’s so, so close to being really great.

  35. I love Brandon Maxwell and am excited that she wore something of his. That said, I do not think this particular style suits the pregnant duchess. I would love if she revisited the look after giving birth.

    I also find the look more suited to another season. It is apparently very cold in London and the bare leg and blush color don’t strike me as a January look.

    The CH clutch and mixing up the hair with a side part both get a thumbs up from me.

    I think I would love the look in different seasons, both of the year, and in life.

  36. Lovely color. Suits her very well.
    Now I’ll step in it. The dress is too tight and too revealing, as was the cream colored dress at the pet shelter.
    I’m not advocating for huge tent dresses, or clothing that “hides” her pregnancy. I’m advocating for wearing stylish, lovely maternity clothes that tastefully share her pregnancy with the world. As it stands now, I feel there’s something almost immodest about her clothing choices.
    I’m sure that someone’s going to jump on me and tell me pregnancy is beautiful and that Meghan is thoroughly “on trend” wearing skin tight non-maternity clothes. If so, there are some trends best avoided, especially by the DoS.
    As others have said before, it’s time for maternity clothes. Please.

    Note: Admin Edit

  37. Wednesday’s Lovely Wows…
    1. Meghan’s side part updo.
    2. Brandon Maxwell’s blush dress and jacket.
    3. Chandelier for National Theatre’s production of “Tartuffe” (which I’d go to just to see).

  38. Meghan really nailed it with this classy ensemble, she looks like a woman in her prime and is really stepping in to her royal role with confidence. This is a classic look for her with its mix of business-like and feminine and the colour is sensational with her pregnancy glow.

    A jacket both helps cover the bump while also giving a professional touch and the edge-to-edge with shawl collar is such a hardy classic, I’ve had jackets of that style which I’ve hung on to for years. It’s a gentler feminine vibe than the tuxe styles Meghan also favours.

    The construction of the dress is so interesting too, with the dropped waistline/deep hem flare working its way naturally round the bump and being so adaptable to maternity. The flippy hem also adds a further feminine touch. Her hair is so cute with the extra coming over her forehead as opposed to the more severe swept back look she can also wears well. Love earrings, shoes and clutch – a win-win for me.

  39. I’m not sure a full skirt works so well with a bump-hugging silhouette. I believe I would have preferred a more structured…ah…bump curtain? However one might phrase that. Or else the exact same dress–color, length, sleeves, neckline, fabric–but in a fitted sheath, like the black one she wore recently. I really like the dress a lot in the runway pics; I’m just not sure it’s suited well for a pregnant figure.

    NEVERTHELESS, I think she looks wonderful in these hard-to-define neutrals, and the shoes, which I have admired since their Engagement Day appearance, seem to be a very perfect match. The side-part updo is also adorable.

    • Hi Jessica, I agree! I love the look overall, but I think the dress itself is structured wrong for a pregnant body. The way it tucks in tight through the bust and belly, then “flips” out by the hips looks strange from the side and the fabric is wrinkling up under her belly too. However, she looks lovely from the front, the fabric seems so smooth and lush, and I love, love, love the warm, soft blush colors, the blazer, the earrings and the gorgeous updo. Whatever she is doing, make-up wise, or skin-care wise, gives her a beautiful dewy glow.

  40. Pregnancy has made her face a little fuller and it’s incredibly becoming. (She also looks younger!).

    I think the side part is also really flattering. I prefer her with a looser hair style, as I think it’s more becoming and fresh, so this is perfection to me.

    Lastly, I wonder if she sometimes wears a fancier version of the Sally Hansen leg makeup. Basically like self tanner with moisturizer and that is what gives her legs that nice even glow.

    • The side-part — of course! I failed to see what it was about her hair that made it look so pretty in this style, thanks for explaining the mystery. Agree with you about her fuller face, Meghan looks simply wonderful today.

  41. First time poster, but long time reader! She looks so lovely, and the colour is beautiful on her. I do wish she would start wearing some maternity clothes, however. The dress does not sit well at her hips or at her chest. Maternity wear would probably have more “give” and not crease the way this dress does. Still, she is such a beautiful woman she can get away with anything!

    • Couldn’t agree more. This whole silhouette looks wrong to me as she teeters on her high heels. I would love to see this exact same outfit on her in about six or seven months when the fit will be so much more attractive. It’s a beautiful color and I love when her makeup includes a lighter lip color; her hair is also well under control today with the always-flattering side part. More than anything, I can’t believe these extremely tight clothes are even comfortable for her!


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