Meghan Shares Glimpse Of Smart Works Capsule Collection Ahead of Autumn Launch

On Wednesday afternoon, The Duchess of Sussex shared a behind-the-scenes sneak peek from a photo shoot for the upcoming Smart Works collaborative capsule collection on @SussexRoyal Instagram Stories.

Part one of the video below shows Meghan surprising participants as they arrive at a location in London.

Most may recognize the catchy R&B song in the video, it’s Billy Withers’ 1977 hit, ‘Lovely Day’.

In the September issue of British Vogue, Meghan wrote a piece about Smart Works revealing that she was partnering with British retailers Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Jigsaw and designer Misha Nonoo, a personal friend, to design a capsule collection for a work-wear wardrobe. The collection will “help equip the women of Smart Works with the key work-wear essentials they need as they enter into the workplace.” For each item purchased at one of the four retailers, another will be donated to the charity.

As participants arrived, Meghan surprised each one while the photographer captured the happy moment.

Expressions of shock on the women’s faces as they came up the stairs to find the Duchess waiting to greet them.

Below, Meghan jumped into action during the shoot making a slight adjustment to a black dress by adding a belt.

From the few glimpses we could see of the piece, it appears to be a black dress with a split-v neckline and 3/4 sleeves which may be ruched or possibly have a loose cuff.

Below Meghan and the photographer appear to be looking over some of the pieces on the women. One piece looks like it could be either a blazer or jacket worn with a skirt in black.

We also spotted a cognac tote bag, similar to the Everlane tote that Meghan has, in one shot.  

As Meghan waits for another model to come from wardrobe, we spotted a few more tote bags sitting on the floor in black and burgundy, similar in style to the one above.

A closer look at the cognac, black and burgundy tote bags.

The team reviews the results of the photo shoot.

A peek at the monitor shows one model in a white blouse or button-down shirt worn with what could be trousers in black.

Perhaps something similar to the Misha Nonoo ‘Husband” shirt, $185 that Meghan made famous when she wore it while making her appearance with Harry at the Invictus Games Toronto, September 2017.

Like Meghan, we’re just as excited and really looking forward to the launch of this collection!

UPDATE: Meghan wore a shirt from Frank & Eileen in the video. The style is the Eileen in Sky Blue with White Stripe, Italian Modal, $228.

Meghan’s shirt is confirmed to be by London based, With Nothing Underneath. It is the brand’s Linen Sky Blue & White stripe, £85 ($103). The shirt is currently available for pre-order and ships worldwide including the US. (NOTE: We are awaiting updated information from the brand on restock dates.)

The shirt is described as loose fitting and inspired by classic menswear styles but adjusted for women.

The brand was launched in 2017 by former British Vogue stylist and Tatler Editor, Pip Durell.

More from the With Nothing Underneath site

WNU was created to make the perfect everyday boyfriend shirt. Designed in London, inspired by men’s tailoring adjusted for women; WNU offers an affordable boyfriend shirt – a casual luxury with scrupulous detail using the highest quality materials.”

Thanks to @Carolinepparr for the early morning tip about the shirt!

We’re thinking Meghan might be wearing repeat jewelry pieces — Wwake 14k Three Stone Cuff Bracelet, $807.00, Pippa Small, 22k Goddess Durga Round Ring, $1,190 and two other gold rings, one might be her Pippa Small, 18-karat gold Herkimer diamond ring, $1,185 and the other is very hard to determine from the images.

Meghan was also wearing her Staurt Weitzman ‘Legend’ pumps in Haze Beige, $375. An alternate style is the Leigh, $398, available in all sizes on Stuart Weitman.

Meghan’s jeans look similar to this pair from Mother denim, The Looker skinny in Grand Sophie, $220.

Once more photos from behinds the scenes are released we’ll be able to take a closer look at some details of Meghan’s jeans an jewelry.

We’ll leave you with the second part of the video from @SussexRoyal Instagram stories below.

Be sure to check back for updates!

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  1. For good or for bad, Meghan is a “oner,” Her approach to some of her charities has culminated in small works of art – a cookbook, a Vogue edition, and now a capsule wardrobe for women re-entering/still in, the workforce. I find her approach to jewelry, and especially to rings, to be no less singular. Teenage-ish it may be, but it does express the quixotic mix of Boho meets Royalty.

  2. I like Meghan’s casual man style shirt for a work day behind the scenes. It suits her personality but when I see all the rings on one hand it puts me in mind of a 14 year old skater girl, not a mature woman nearing 40. I would like to see her in more classic jewelry. And please…only one ring per hand….ever.

    • Meghan’s jewellery selection mystifies me. She is in a position to afford the very best and we assume has access to the royal gems, and yet her choices are often underwhelming. I agree that the many rings on one hand give off a teen vibe.

    • For me, the “many rings on the hand” is bohemian Californian. I like it, personally. But then again…I’m from California 🙂

  3. What a great initiative for Meghan to be involved in! Love the looks of the models/clients coming in to see Meghan herself. I can’t wait to see the full line of the capsule collection when it is launched.
    As for what Meghan is wearing, I love it! I myself might not wear such a boyfriend/oversize large shirt but I feel like this is part of Meghan’s style? It reminds me of the shirt she wore to Wimbledon last year with Kate, she likes striped oversize button down shirts. As for the heels, I think they look great paired with the skinny jeans. The proportions of the outfit work for me (and that isn’t always the case with Meghan’s outfits for me).

  4. I love her casual styles. she mixes everything nicely and acceptable.
    that is how a true artist is. I am your fan Meghan.

  5. Meghan looks like she is really enjoying herself, and I am enjoying watching this project come to life as well! She looks happy and healthy, and I like her hair longer again!! Love the skinny jean with the heel, I think the shirt could have been one size smaller, would have still covered her in case she is still trying to lose the baby weight- but, we should all look so good! Love her!1

  6. I really like the combination of the loose menswear-style shirt and the black skinny jeans. Comfy, classy and stylish! I think she looks very cute, here. I think her ripped denim jeans and white shirt combo was one of my favorite of her pre-Duchess looks. I know ripped jeans aren’t duchess-y enough now, but I like seeing her in a similar outfit. I’m just not a fan of the super high heels with the casual shirt and jeans, mostly because ultra high heels terrify me, and they don’t look comfortable at all. They’re a too formal for the outfit too, in my opinion, and they keep her from moving around freely and naturally. Knee-high, minimalist black boots, ankle boots, flats, boat shoes or espadrilles would have looked cute, and fit the relaxed aesthetic.

  7. Sorry, but I am just shocked and perplexed by this outfit. The shirt is wrinkled! And, the whole thing looks like she was sitting on the couch nursing Archie when someone said, “Hey Meg, wanna go to the photo shoot?” Then, she just jumped up, slipped on a pair of heels and went on her merry way! She KNEW millions of people were not going to be scrutinizing her at this event. A nice tee or a shell with a boyfriend blazer would have been nice and more believable. This look makes her look like she is trying too hard to be “normal.” She needs to accept that she is no longer “normal” she is a member of the royal family, she needs to dress accordingly even if she is on maternity leave.

    Note: Admin Edit

  8. I love the cut, color, and fit of the skinny jeans. Not a fan of the shirt – maybe if it were tucked in, or a bit more tailored? It is so massively large on her petite frame, a smaller size could have been better as well.
    It’s great seeing her working with groups that are empowering women – the idea of making a capsule wardrobe with a 1:1 donation to charity is fantastic.

  9. So excited to see the continuation of this project! Such a wonderful way for Meghan to use her connections and style prowess, and I can’t wait to see the full collection. It’s great to see her hard at work and looking so happy and animated, especially in the midst of all the negativity being thrown at her right now.

    Not much to say style-wise, but I really love this silhouette on Meghan. It’s so effortlessly chic and a great integration of Meghan’s California-girl style into the demands of her current role, and perfect for this sort of behind-the-scenes, working engagement. Would definitely love to see more iterations of this in the future.

    • Ellis! I agree, I love this chic silhouette on everyone. It’s one of my favorite casual outfits! Very fun to see her remain true to her pre-royal style. 😁 She’s still the same.

  10. This is so much fun and Meghan looks terrific in her boyfriend shirt over slim-leg jeans. I’m not really a fan of heels with jeans but they look great on Meghan and I’m more than happy to accept a standard combo which is her own; I like her to be different. The pale blue stripe shirt is good against the dark pants and the nude tone of the pumps finishes everything off nicely.

    It’s great to see Meghan clearly enjoying herself and the possible glimpses of the SmartWorks capsule wardrobe look most intriguing, can’t want to see the launch!

  11. Thanks so much! It’s such a treat to see Meghan again, and she’s so smart to tease us with this first glimpse of her SmartWorks collection 💖 I’m seeing conflicting reports that her shirt is a more affordable linen button down from With Nothing Underneath. Linen sounds like classic MM. I even flirted with the idea of buying the shirt to calculate shipping costs to the US (way too expensive!).

    I’m blanking out and can’t remember—did you do a feature on Pippa Small and Herkimer diamonds? About to go search the archives. Thanks again for posting, I LOVE the clip’s soundtrack 😜

    • Hi Lauren – yes, we’ve done past posts on the Pippa Small pieces. She first wore the Durga ring in Australia. If you search you’ll find the posts on them. Keep watching for upcoming enhancements to the site that will allow easy navigation of all Meghan items. 😉 The post includes the WNU shirt as well. When I hit publish on the post, the information came out on the shirt at around the same time (4am ET) but I couldn’t wrap my head around it and get it into the post at the time so some confusion around the F&E shirt was left in first thing this morning. Thanks! Susan C.

      • Gosh Susan, I’m amazed that you pulled all the details and wrote this piece at 4am!!!!!! That’s incredible. I always knew you and Susan K were dedicated and rigorous, but yowza. This is really impressive!

        Thanks for addressing the Herkimers. I’ve always loved a rough gem set simply in gold. Who doesn’t love a giant cocktail ring? I remember Meghan’s debut of the Pippa Small suite at Eugenie’s wedding, but they’re only now appealing to me! I love the symbolism of the Herkimers as an American version of a diamond (although it’s really quartz). Very much like Meghan herself! 💖

        Looking forward to playing with the site’s new features.

  12. Meghan does make things happen and her efforts with Smart Works are certainly proof of that. Her look today is more casual than the other participants. I like the blouse, but would have preferred a neater rollup of the sleeves, or the sleeves left down. I’m sure it is comfortable to wear. I’ve never been a fan of skinny jeans, but have to say they look fine on Meghan. Flat shoes would have been my choice, however, these neutral heels work.

    • True that she’s more casual than others there. I think that sometimes Meghan seems to be mismatched in terms of her fashion vs. the event or what others are wearing. Most of the women looked business casual, or dressed up, and she looked weekend casual. Not a bad look at all, and I liked it! But I see your point about being dressed differently than the women around her.

      • As this was a photo shoot, the photographer and assistant were also dressed down and casual (she was in a t-shirt, cotton pants, espadrilles and he was in jeans and a plaid shirt) so in terms of how Meghan was dressed, I think she blended right in. For photo shoots this is the norm. I can think of a number of behind the scenes photo shoots I’ve seen where everyone working behind the camera is dressed down and very casual. – SC

        • True the photographers are dressed casual. And yes, as you say, Susan, behind the scenes photo shoots can have people working in casual clothes. But Meghan wasn’t behind the scenes, she was front and centre greeting the participants, who were more dressed up. Meghan is representing the royal family, so that is the difference.

  13. This looks like so much fun! I wonder if the models are women from SmartWorks? They look so surprised and happy to see her!

    • Melissa, we think the participants are Smart Works clients who were selected and asked to model for the collection. I’m sure we will learn about it all soon enough when the collection is ready to launch. 🙂 – SC


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