Meghan Makes Surprise Appearance at Red Sox/Yankees Game….in London!

The Duchess surprised many of us with an early evening appearance in London.

Meghan and Harry attended the first regular season Major League Baseball game ever played in Europe, dubbed the “London Series.”

The event’s charity partner: The Invictus Games Foundation.

There have been activities all week tied to the event. Some may remember yesterday’s post, where we shared this photo of Yankees legend CC Sabathia with Invictus Games competitors. 

Of course, this was also in yesterday’s post:

There is a remote chance the Duchess could join Harry at the game, although we think the chances are very slim.

That is kind of the ‘royal we,’ I am the one who wrote that. (Susan Kelley.) Ahem.

It was the perfect day for the event in London, it is Armed Forces Day in the UK. There were lots of activities before the game got underway. This quick video shows Invictus team athletes from the US and the UK learning how to play softball/baseball before the big game.

There was also a reception before the game with Invictus athletes, officials, sponsors, and family members. The get-together included former competitors from the USA and the UK. 

The couple spent time with both teams. Below, the Duke and Duchess meeting some of the Boston Red Sox.

Meghan even had a hug for Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts.

Why did he get special royal treatment? The Boston Globe explains in this story:

It all came about because of a Globe story published on May 7, 2018 that revealed Betts and Markle were distantly related.

Jim McNiff, an amateur genealogist from Burlington, Mass., discovered the link between Betts and actress Meghan Markle, who was engaged to Prince Harry at the time. It went back to ancestors 150 years ago in Alabama.

They also had a connection via a 1920 marriage between Betts’s great uncle and Markle’s great-great aunt.

And a group photo.

A closer look.

The Royals spent time with the NY Yankees as well. 

Where they were also given a tiny uniform for Archie. 

It showcases the team’s distinctive pinstripes, one of the most iconic uniforms in US sports.  

Meghan clearly enjoying something one of the Yankees said. 

After all the meet and greet activity, it was time for the national anthems. Both God Save the Queen and the Star Spangled Banner were performed by the Kingdom Choir; the group did the classic version of Stand By Me at Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

This 1-minute shows some of the anthem. (We link to a wonderful 3:30 video of both anthems being sung in the ‘videos’ section at the bottom of the post.)

The Duke and Duchess joined Invictus Games competitors on the field for the ceremonial first pitch. 

The baseball used for the first pitch was taken to the mound by Maya, daughter of an Invictus Games competitor.

This video has more on the first pitch.

Another view.
Embed from Getty Images
There was a good crowd on hand for the game.

The goings-on included a mascot race like those seen at some games in the US. The four special “mascots”: Freddie Mercury of Queen, Winston Churchill, King Henry VIII and the Loch Ness Monster.

The couple in the stands. 

It was a treat to see Meghan, especially at such a fun event for a good cause.
Embed from Getty Images

It looked like the Duke and Duchess thoroughly enjoyed the London Series.
Embed from Getty Images

Below, the couple leaving the stadium this evening. 

Ultimately the Yankees were victorious. If interested in watching tomorrow’s game, it starts at 10:10am on the east coast, 3:10 in London; in the USA the game will be on ESPN.

Now for what the Duchess wore to the historic event. She was in a dress by Stella McCartney, the label’s Belted Keyhole Dress.

The piece is crafted of a viscose/acetate/spandex fabric. It features a jewel neckline, short sleeves, hidden back zipper, wide belt with goldtone metal, a full skirt, and the keyhole opening at the neck.

It was offered in a broad range of colors, including a pink version as well as blue.

Our thanks to Innominate on Twitter for the speedy dress ID!.

Many recognized Meghan’s flats immediately, as they featured the distinctive bow at the heel of Aquazzura’s ‘Deneuve’ style shoes. 

It is the Aquazzura Deneuve Bow Pointy Toe Flat. The ballerina flat is done in black kid suede with side cutouts and metallic plating on the heel. We show it at Nordstrom where most sizes are in stock; it is also offered at Bergdorf Goodman where it is available in most sizes; additionally, the style is in stock at Neiman Marcus. It is $695 at all three retailers.

Below, some of the Deneuve colors Meghan has worn in the high-heeled version of the shoe.

Thoughts on today’s look from The Telegraph’s fashion piece by Tamara Abraham.

The temperature may have hit 33 degrees Celsius in London today, but the Duchess of Sussex looked cool and comfortable on Saturday afternoon…The belt detail at her waist created a feminine silhouette, while the short sleeves and above-the-knee hem would have kept her cool in the warm weather

The black suede pumps were a polished choice on a day when most other women would have gone for sandals or flip-flops.

Meghan wore a new pair of earrings today. Anne Young suggests the Jennifer Meyer, 18-karat gold turquoise earrings, $395.

It looks like the Duchess may be wearing her Wwake 14k Three Stone cuff bracelet, $807.

Meghan’s sunglasses look like the Illesteva brand in their Leonard Half / Half with brown lenses style, $177.

We’ll leave you with this video of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, London style.


Also tonight, a quick update on Meghan’s eternity and updated engagement ring. Omid Scobie had the exclusive story in Harper’s Bazaar:

After weeks of speculation about a new diamond on Meghan’s wedding finger, can reveal that Harry helped create the piece with renowned jeweler Lorraine Schwartz as a gift to mark the couple’s wedding anniversary—and their growing family.

While creating the bespoke conflict-free diamond eternity band, Harry paid tribute by having Schwartz add birthstones for Meghan, Archie, and himself on the underside of the delicate piece.

Embed from Getty Images

Back to Omid’s story:

While working closely with the famous New York-based jeweler, the prince also took the opportunity to have Meghan’s engagement ring—which features two stones that once belonged to Princess Diana—resized and reset with a new delicate diamond band.

And this via Twitter.


This video from Major League Baseball is focused on the Freedom Choir performing the national anthems; it’s a terrific piece.

The Sussex Royal posted its first Instagram Stories video today. Royal reporter Omid Scobie shared it on Twitter.

This 1:40 piece from VOA Radio shows much of the pre-game activity.


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  1. If this was a “surprise” visit, why did the teams have “Archie” baseball shirts ready to give to Meghan and Harry?

    • Hi, Arlie, and thank you for commenting. It was a surprise for fans, tv viewers and the public at large. It was a surprise for us and some media, as well.

  2. Just love this simple and elegant dress and the flats are gorgeous. I am starting to think the fashion police are getting near the bullying line…it appears nothing this poor woman wears is ever British enough!!! Have a look at the current fashion mags and gurus, this type of look is certainly on trend. Too tight, too bunched, please stop, this woman gave birth a few weeks ago! Most women would still be slomaking in their elastic waist pants, long shapeless tops and comfy shoes…please start being a little more gentle and kind. I love reading this page about the fashion, events, history but am starting to draw a line at the personal and nasty comments about Meghan’s look.

    • Sally, I’m sorry, but this is a fashion site about HRH, DoS. I get tired of people coming to this site then complaining about the comments. I think all the comments are very respectful and thoughtful. I also feel most commenters are kinder to the DoS than the DoC. Have you looked at the WKW site? If her dress is 1 inch too long/sort, another coat dress, hat is at a different angle, etc. everyone has an negative/positive opinion. I think the DoS gets lots of “passes” on her outfits. Since she had a baby 7 weeks ago, she choose to wear this style. Some thought another style be more flattering. I have thought from her Hollywood days, Meghan made some unflattering choices. My opinion, you have your opinion, Meghan has her opinion as do all the commentators.
      I’m using my phone to view this dress so I can’t tell if it’s big, small, tight, loose, etc. I think the dress looks fine. I don’t like the dark color for summer but I understand why she wore it. 1. She likes the neutral color, 2. It coordinates with the “19” shirts. Wise choice by her.

  3. I’m a former baseball writer and a big baseball fan. Her expression when Aaron Boone pulls the jersey for Archie out of the bag is priceless. That would’ve been my lede if I’d been the beat writer.

  4. Ah so nice to see Meghan! I had a strong inkling we’d see her at one of the games. Passing up seeing the Red Sox and New York Yankees play in London would have been too good of an opportunity to miss seeing as it is one of the oldest baseball rivalries to exist. And she’s American so it was kind of a given. I loved her reaction when she got Archie’s onesie from the New York Yankees, she definitely wasn’t expecting it to have his name on it!
    As for her outfit, it is classic Meghan! Navy blue, simple, and clean lines. A cute, breezy dress for the occasion. I think it fits her well and I don’t think the belt is too wide or what have you. And I love she wore cute flats and forwent heels for the baseball fields.
    As for the redesign of her engagement ring, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve never really been that into jewelry though I don’t mind stopping in front of jewelry stores and looking at the display cases now and then. The only “valuable” piece of jewelry I own is a sapphire ring which belonged to my mother (she received the ring as gift from my father after I was born and gifted it to me last year when I hit a milestone birthday) with I guess is what is called a “gold setting” with 10 small diamonds surrounding the sapphire. The sapphire is not that big either, don’t go comparing it to Kate’s engagement ring haha. As for those insisting Meghan’s ring is “part of British history,” her ring isn’t part of the royal collection so she can do with it as she pleases. Kate altered Diana’s earrings (there are plenty of articles about it) and pretty sure she modified Diana’s engagement ring as well. It’s fine to not like Meghan’s jewelry modifications (I personally don’t care since I never got a good look at her engagement ring to begin with) but claiming she is interfering with history is a bit much.

  5. This was such a wonderful surprise to see Meghan at a baseball game! Those pictures with the Red Sox and Yankess and the baby jersey are adorable. This is the perfect event for the American in the British Royal Family to attend!

  6. Meghan’s hair and makeup are both to die for here! As other posters have said, it’s a world of difference here from the Trooping of the Colour! I do think the Stella, while a nice nod to British fashion, was an odd choice. It looks like she bought it a size down (which makes sense when you are trying to lose baby weight) but the fit was off in the busy and the hips. She would have looked lovely in a black (Seraphine dress ala Kate. It would have read as a great transitional piece as her body is changing yet again! And those dresses are super comfortable! Adore the shoes!

  7. She is definitely radiant but I’m afraid the dress doesn’t work for me either: the waist is too high and on some shots the hemline hits her legs at an odd height. It looks too tight, too short and uncomfortable? I however absolutely adore these flats: I’d buy them in every colour of only I had the budget!

  8. I really like this outfit. The belt is perhaps a little too wide, but otherwise, I think the dress is flattering and very youthful. As others have noted, Meghan looks a good ten years younger than she did a few weeks ago at Trooping the Colour. I know Meghan loves black, but I think she’s look good in the pink and/or blue versions of the dress as well. I also think the flats are really cute. I wish Meghan and Kate would wear flat shoes more often, instead of those 4- or 5-inch heels they usually favor. I don’t know how they do it. I couldn’t walk in such high heels!

  9. I love seeing her in flats. It is nice for all of us walking on city streets to be able to wear a dress without high heels. Sends a great message. And they look so happy!

  10. Meghan looks summery and chic in this belted dress. Adore these flats!! Fun, feminine and wearable. Yes, please!

    What a treat to see her in this surprise outing. She looks radiant and happy, as does her prince.

    I think an engagement ring and any subsequent additional changee is distinctly personal. I know she is a public figure and we are hear to discuss her clothes, shoes and jewels, but I am flummoxed at the “disappointment” some feel about her choice of rings. This was obviously something she and Harry decided to mark a double milestone: 1st year anniversary and their first child. With criticism at every turn, I’m delighted that they are marking their joy in a way that makes them happy.

  11. So excited about these flats that I bought a pair! I wish Kate would wear flats to casual events, but alas…

  12. Did I miss the significance of the “19” on the gifts for Archie?

    I loved this look today. Yes, it probably could have been better fitted through the bodice, but it was fine. It was not about her clothes today. It was about seeing her out and about again, and at an event supporting a cause near and dear to their hearts.

  13. Great to see the Sussexes and I think Meghan looks great. Thanks for the update on Meghan’s ring. Meghan’s wedding rings and any changes they or she chooses to make to it is, not In my opinion, public domain. People saying it is apart of British history is just nonsense on a grand scale. The stones are from Diana’s jewelry ….not the band. Women change and up grade their rings all the time. BTW the Royals are constantly changing or altering their jewelry. In fact Kate recently altered Princess Diana’s earrings. Now those earrings are apart of British history!

  14. Like the dress and it looks great on the model. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit Meghan well. It is all bunched up on the sides and too tight across the bust.

  15. What a wonderful surprise it was to see Meghan back out on duty again on Saturday. I simply love this McCartney dress, it looks like Meghan is setting up a good partnership with Stella much as she has with Waight Keller at Givenchy.

    I’m a bit sorry we had to lose the whole of the keyhole feature – would just a teensy one not have been all right? – but the basic cut and style is adorable. I think my only quibble might be to wonder why have such a marked feature belt when a waistline is still recovering but Meghan still looks remarkably slender under the circumstances. I think the belt is a classy, elegant feature, carried off well by McCartney with the giant buckle, and I love the short-sleeve bodice on a flared skirt combo which is so flattering, with maybe just a touch of drum majorette.

    Meghan’s hair looks amazing today – extensions? – and those Aquazzura flats are to die for. She looks wonderful and is right as always to skip the bling. That said, the story about her gorgeous engagement ring is charming. She can wear it any way she likes as far as I’m concerned.

  16. What a great event! I’m sure it was nice for Meghan to be a part of something so American as baseball and to hear her national anthem. She looked light and happy and had a spring in her step, and I totally agree with others that she could pass for 10 years younger. I love the fit and flare silhouette on her, but the belt, especially the width of it, does her no favors. A slim belt like the kind we have seen her wear before would have possibly been ok, but with her short waist I think it is never a bad idea to go without, especially for something so casual. I was totally shocked to see her wearing flat shoes, and these are so cute and feminine. I would love to see her continue to wear flats to casual events. As usual, her sunglass game is top notch, and her hair looks amazing.

    I, too, am a bit perplexed (even a bit saddened) at the update to her engagement ring, and agree it has a totally different balance to it now, both visually and literally. I wonder how that all came about, and whose idea it was. That gorgeous ring, with it’s nostalgic symbolism in the choice of diamonds carefully thought out by Harry, became a part of British history the moment it was revealed to the world, and it seems really strange to bling it up, as it were. I love the idea of Harry adding the birthstones to the eternity ring, but also wonder why they are on the underside?

    • The fact that celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz out of New York did the update should tell you exactly who wanted to update the engagement ring.

      • Juniper and Ali, I commented below to say that I think the thicker, gold band created a better balance for the large centre diamond. I’d say Ali is correct in her comment regarding Lorraine Schwartz. In the interview that was done at the time of their engagement, Harry said, “The ring is obviously yellow gold because that’s her favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother’s jewelry collection, to make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together,” Meghan replied “It’s beautiful and he designed it. It’s incredible.” So one wonders why Meghan later decided it wasn’t incredible. As for Juniper’s comment about History, she is supported by editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward, who questioned Meghan’s “odd” move to “alter a ring that her husband has especially designed for her. “Seward said: “”A royal engagement ring is a piece of history not a bit of jewellery to be updated when it looks old fashioned.”

        • Ali & Bonnie – thank you for the interesting information. I was remembering how Diana supposedly chose her engagement ring, which was infinitely less personal. I believe the story goes they brought out a tray of rings and she picked the biggest one! And yet, how iconic that beautiful piece of jewelry became, and lives on on Kate’s hand.

        • My thoughts on the ring changes are that I agree the thicker band was a better-balanced look. But with an eternity ring added to the stack, changing to a narrower band might have been a comfort factor. The original band plus two more could feel heavy, bulky. I can’t wear a wide band because my finger truly does perspire under it and make me uncomfortable. Possibly, I am just weird, but I do notice that Meghan wears small, light jewelry as a rule. I assumed she just preferred the look, but weight, bulk, annoying motion (Personally, I’m uncomfortable in heavy or swing-y earrings too, tho I wear them on rare occasions when the look matters more) might be personal preference factors.

          • I too have an eternity band and diamonds on either side of the center diamond of my engagement ring. I had thought about adding a another band and we never did, which I’m glad as it would’ve been uncomfortable for me. That said, I could understand why both Harry and Meghan may have decided together to reset her engagement ring for a reason such as this. Those bands stacked up next to one another can become cumbersome if too wide or thick. Also, it was only the band that changed, not the diamonds themselves or how they are positioned, as they remained exactly the same. If you look at the ring, overhead, straight on, it looks exactly the same with just a little bit of the band showing on either side. Harry’s design of the ring that was significant and meaningful, to me, are the two diamonds (Diana’s) on either side of the larger diamond (from Botswana). HOWEVER, We will never know the overall story behind why the engagement ring was reset and the story behind the eternity band. The eternity band itself could have a million meanings – for example: just a traditional anniversary gift within the Royal Family (Kate has one), or another tradition started to honor Diana with a hidden meaning that only Harry/William and their wives know. Point is, whatever they decide, it’s between them, whether I like the look of it or not. – Susan C.

    • I agree about the ring. Harry put so much thought and sentiment into the design. To have it redesigned after only a year and a half seems kind of sad to me. Maybe after 10 years… but so soon after the wedding? I remember when Harry and Meghan first got engaged that some people were saying the ring was too plain. But I always thought the original was absolutely gorgeous. This wasn’t some cookie-cutter ring. Harry had it specially made with so much love and thoughtfulness. And, in my humble opinion, the original was prettier and very simple yet elegant.

    • If it was a part of British history the moment it was revealed, isn’t the updated version now a part of British history as well? And for pete’s sake, aren’t there more important aspects to such history than Meghan’s ring??

  17. I think summertime events show that Meghan really is a California girl. While most of London is melting in 33 degree temperatures she manages to look flawless in a black dress in close-toed shoes! 😉 Really though, she looks great. I love this variation of the Deneuve style, it’s so simple yet chic and these flats show off Meghan’s amazing legs. And that dress! I have been looking for something similar all similar, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a cap-sleeve dress that isn’t 100% polyester on the high street these days. Of course, as someone who does not deal well with heat at all I would have to opt for a different colour, but the black really suits Meghan (and I suppose she would have stood out otherwise with the rest of the Invictus crew all wearing black). Love the open hair as well, it is looking fab.

  18. This is a miss for me. I understand wearing black for the Invictus Games, but choose a summery, more casual style and fabric. And it’s ANOTHER dress that does not fit in the bust. She obviously had the dress customized with the removal of the front slit, so why not get it tailored to fit correctly? The pancaking is giving me painful flashbacks to clogged ducts from nursing my babies. It looks extraordinarily, unnecessarily uncomfortable! She’s not forced to fake it in the one nice dress she owns that might sort of kind of fit after maternity leave is over.

  19. I really like this dress on her, the shape, length and short sleeves are very flattering. Don’t mind the dark colour, after all she’s only 8 weeks post birth. Love seeing her in a pretty low heel for a change. All together a polished and appropriate look for the occasion. Added bonus, she’s wearing British! Now the rings. Thank you for the update, as I was curious and probably wouldn’t have seen Bazaar story. Lovely and clever to include the birthstones of the family on the underside of the eternity ring. I did have a feeling the engagement ring wasn’t reset by the original jeweler, Cleave and Company and I have to say the original yellow gold band which was a bit wider looked and worked better with the 3 stone ring. If you look at the many photos from yesterday at the DM in just about every single one the ring is twisted to the side rather than the staying front. Either it’s not sized properly or the thinner band doesn’t support the large stone and two smaller, creating the imbalance. She obviously likes that stackable look (check out her wedding rings from her first marriage), but somehow the lovely large stone from Botswana and Diana’s two smaller diamonds have lost focus. They appear somehow diminished and I think that’s unfortunate.

    • KathleenVV, I agree with what you say about the resetting of the engagement ring. I think it looks so much better set with the wider gold band. The new setting looks too delicate to support the large stone. It is like a massive, oak, carved table, held up with skinny, spindly legs. I did notice that the new look has a strong resemblance to Meghan’s engagement ring from her first marriage. Wonder why that would be duplicated? The eternity ring and the addition of the birthstones is nicely sentimental.

  20. I love this look, particularly accentuated with the big belt buckle and the stylish flats. Someone else commented that she looks so young here and I agree! It’s a fresh and pretty look for her! I love that she wore her hair down, too. My only quibble is that again, her outfit is very wrinkled. I don’t know why, but I notice it more on her clothes than anyone else’s. I just wonder if maybe she needs different fabrics for these long engagements where there’s a lot of sitting?

    • Shelia, Meghan wore black as she was there for the Invictus Games Foundation – the foundation is a partner charity for the London Series this year. Thanks, Susan C.

      • Thank you! Seems though that maybe another form of black would have worked. Maybe the black polo with Invictus logo
        with khaki capris….certainly appropriate for the event too!

  21. This is a cute look for Meghan. With her hair down, the shorter shirt and flat shoes, she looks ten years younger. I do wish that other, young, royal women would wear flats or lower heeled shoes more often. Given the current extreme temperatures in the UK and Europe, I would have opted for a lighter colour, rather than the severe black, but the dress looks nice on Meghan. My preference would have been a slimmer belt with a smaller buckle.

    Good to see Meghan out and about and supporting Harry at this event. As an American, she would certainly enjoy being at a baseball game.

  22. Love this wonderful little dress, love that cool belt buckle and the pretty flats! And glad to see the couple having fun and looking so happy.

  23. Nice to see fellow Yankees fans here! This may be one of my favorite looks on Meghan since she got married. She could have easily worn the Invictus polo with black pants or a skirt but this dress keeps her in theme with Invictus while also elevating her look a bit. I’m also happy to see her in flats. Very appropriate look for representing the charity and for attending a ballgame as a Royal. I hope she picked up this dress in 1 or 2 other colors too as I’d love to see that shade of blue on her.

    • Heather – I was born a Yankees fan. 😉 Regardless, I think this is the greatest event to come to London. 🙂 – Susan C.

  24. Sorry, this outfit is a complete miss I believe, for this event. It fits odd where the pockets lie, and simply doesn’t look like a good choice for a sporting event.

  25. Lovely to see them both and what a good tie in with “The Invictus Games” and baseball series. Love Meghan’s outfit, she looks very chic but also fun. Looking forward to the christening photos!

  26. Would have loved the pink colour but the black co-ordinates with the Invictus polo shirt and the Red Sox strip. The style fits Meghan’s frame perfectly. In three words: she looks great!

  27. Meghan looks fantastic and fashionable as always, and it was nice to see her looking so relaxed at an informal event. I can’t quite see the keyhole opening in these photos. Is it possible she has it stitched together?

    • Yikes, thank you for mentioning that, Beverly! I thought I included that in the description, but clearly forgot! 🙂


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