Meghan Makes a Surprise Appearance at Trooping the Colour! – UPDATED

The Duchess of Sussex made her first public appearance today since giving birth to baby Archie a month ago, as she attended Trooping the Colour with Prince Harry. 

She wore an ensemble by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy, accented with a hat by Noel Stewart. The Duke and Duchess rode in a carriage with The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan, Kate and Camilla bow their heads and Harry salutes during the National Anthem as they enter Horse Guards Parade.

Other members of the royal family followed in carriages behind, including Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank, making his first appearance at Trooping the Colour.The Earl and Countess of Wessex and their two children, Lady Louise and James Viscount Severn are seen in another.

The day marks the Queen’s official birthday and is a celebration in honor of the monarch, although her actual birthday is April 21.

The Queen took part in her first Trooping the Colour in 1947.

The Royal Colonels: The Prince of Wales – The Welsh Guards, The Duke of Cambridge – The Irish Guards, The Duke of York – The Grenadier Guards and the Princess Royal of The Blues and Royals follow behind Her Majesty.

This is Prince Andrew’s second year as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, a role previously held by Prince Philip.

Below the color of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. The colors or flags of the battalion are carried or ‘trooped’ down the ranks.

There were more than 1,400 parading soldiers, nearly 300 horses and 400 musicians from The Household Division and The Household Calvary that took part in this year’s celebration.

The Army In London tweeted a video:

Her Majesty leads the way back to Buckingham Palace to join family members on the balcony for the flypast.

Heading up the Mall to Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s Guard escorting Her Majesty. 

Below, the Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace as they watch the flypast.

This year marks Prince Louis’ first appearance at Trooping the Colour; he seemed to enjoy waving at all the people and planes.

The little prince is wearing an outfit that Harry wore to his second Trooping the Colour in 1986.

Below, Princess Beatrice, Princess Anne, Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, Harry and Meghan are seen just to the right of Prince Andrew.

Another image below shows the royal family as they watch the flypast.

The RAF Red Arrows in perfect formation as they pass over Buckingham Palace. 

A view of The Red Arrows as they fly over Buckingham Palace.

We now take a look at the fashion from this year’s event.

For this year’s event, The Duchess was in a bespoke outfit by her wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller.

The cape-like piece worn over the dress was removed before Meghan appeared on the balcony to reveal white accents with epaulets.

Her hat by Noel Stewart is adorned with navy and white feathers.

It has been suggested that the Duchess carried a new clutch by Givenchy, the Mini Pocket Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag in Prussian Blue ($995).

Thanks to UFO No More for their suggestion on the bag identification. We will updated the post with more information if we are able to find better images of Meghan carrying the bag.

Meghan also wore a pair of navy leather gloves which have yet to be identified.

She wore new earrings which have also not yet been identified. They appear to be an emerald cut shape.

Also spotted on the Duchess was a new wedding band. The band appears to be a diamond eternity ring. We’re thinking the ring may have been a traditional one year anniversary gift as the Duchess of Cambridge has an identical ring which she started wearing about a year after her wedding giving birth to Prince George. We will include photos of the ring if we are able to find any hi-res quality images from our photo agencies.

UPDATE 6/11/19: We have an update on Meghan’s eternity band from People Magazine’s Simon Perry

The eternity ring, which the new mom wore next to her wedding band and engagement ring, is an anniversary gift from husband Prince Harry, PEOPLE confirms.

Embed from Getty Images

We’ll leave you with this cute wave good-bye video from today’s events!


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  1. The band on her engagement ring has changed. Now it shows a thin textured band and previously it was a smooth tapered band.

    • Jennifer, Until we get some hi-res closeup images of Meghan’s rings again, it’s hard to confirm. It could be the sunlight, reflections, etc. causing it to look textured. We’ve seen this before when we thought her opal earrings from Birks were smooth around the edge and not textured. It’s possible though, that she may have had a new band made for the ring – I’m not sure that they can take the original and add stones to it. I honestly hope she didn’t because IMO, it would take away from the three stones and really not “add” anything to the overall look of the ring alone. SC

    • Jennifer – you are correct, Meghan’s engagement ring has been reset in a new setting with small diamonds on the side to match her eternity band (the eternity band was gifted to her by Harry for their first anniversary). The engagement ring was in the new setting for the Archie debut photos before their anniversary. Good spot by you! Thanks! – Susan C.

  2. Great to see Meghan back. I enjoyed all the fashion, as usual. I would’ve liked to see more pictures of the outfit because it’s quite hard to make a judgement from what was visible. I liked the epaulets and hat, also the gloves (it has been freezing here so can see the need for them). Colour wise, the navy stands out compared to Kate and Camilla, but I don’t really remember many pastel outings for Meghan apart from last year’s “Trooping the Colour.” and Prince Charles birthday garden party. I think she seems most comfortable wearing neutrals.
    I did end up playing fantasy stylist and thought how great she would look in vintage Courreges and trapeze style dresses and coats. I’d love to see her in red and purple again. Not my favourite outfit of hers but I didn’t hate it either. Can’t wait to see the christening photos!

  3. I can see what she was going for with this ensemble but unfortunately, it just doesn’t completely work. She likes no fuss and clean lines, which I get – I am in love with those gloves. Also, what skincare does she use? her skin looks positively radiant! best I have ever seen.

    • Hi Amanda, I am currently putting together a dedicated page for Meghan’s skincare and makeup that she has been known to use – from the Vanity Fair photo shoot and her Wedding (Daniel Martin). Including a step by step. 😉 I hope to have that up in a few days. Thanks, Susan C.

  4. I don’t love the outfit but I think it was chosen for very specific and practical reasons. She is very likely still nursing the baby, so a dark colour would hide any unexpected leakage… The white shoulders draw the eye up to her face and away from any remaining fullness around her middle. An all over dark out fit generally masks all sorts of figure issues. She would have ordered this outfit a while ago without knowing where her figure would be at this stage so I assume it was cut fairly loose just to be safe. Remember at Eugenie’s wedding she also wore a navy dress and coat to mask any early sign of pregnancy until they announced it in Australia a couple of days later? Navy or black hide a lot of lumps and bumps that you might want to camouflage. Also, Harry and Meghan generally stand toward the back of the balcony group so for this event accents on the shoulders and nondescript below seems logical. Last year she wore that light pink suit with the dramatic collar – again all the detail up high on the outfit. Kate generally stands at the front so all the detail around her waist is visible. Yes there are lots of other colours and styles that would have been more appropriate for this event, but given that she’s doing well to put herself together and show up at all I think this outfit was perfectly suitable and sensible.

  5. Megan has chosen a designer who does not make flattering tops. If you look at the last runway from her there are odd caplets, jutting shoulders and other quirky details.

  6. my comment doesn’t pertain to Meghan but rather to what the queen wore. I was just noticing that colored pleated ribbon on her coat and wondered if there was a better picture of it available

    • Hi Tanya, The Queen is wearing a coat created by her personal dresser, Angela Kelly. I haven’t seen a better image of Her Majesty in the coat showing the details of the ribbon other than the image we have in the post. It looks really pretty though and highlights the tweed colors in her coat. If I come across anything I will certainly share it. Thanks, Susan C.

  7. I am so touched that Meghan made such an effort to show up for the Queen alongside Harry. I can’t imagine the strain of being on the world’s stage so soon post-partum with one first child. It can take months to feel like oneself again. I think she looked understated and elegant, and while I think a more dramatic hat with navy and white flowers would have added some spring-like festivity and balance to the oversized cape, she likely wanted to blend in instead of stand out with a showy hat. Hats are still quite a new part of her wardrobe. Kate wore little fascinators years ago. Now, she wears these dramatic floral displays with aplomb. I enjoy both of their fashions evolving.

  8. I think the issue with the hat and outfit is the fact that I don’t think you can wear a hat with a cape style dress without it looking out of proportion. Meghan does not look appropriate for this kind of event. The dress should have been a brighter colour. Even a basic A line or a sheath would have been good for a new mother ( in a lighter blue, peach, or even a olive green) all those colours would be a good complement to her skin tone.

  9. Love the hair and the hat but it was a tad too small for such a big event.The dress would of been better for royal ascot and an emerald green i think would of looked nicer then sombre blue if meghan wanted to be comfortable but different!

  10. I think the duchess here is trying to take the focus away from herself. Some may disagree with whether or not she was successful, but to me this outfit says “I would like to blend in.” The navy, small hat, and cape means she blends into the background, especially in the balcony photos. And anyway, other women have worn navy to TTC; just as other women have gone sleeveless like she did last year. I am not wild about the cut of the cape or the sleeves, but I do like the contrasting white and epaulette tribute to the military. The hat is fabulous, especially with the cape off. I love the purse and the earrings! And a beautiful smile always works.
    I love the color of Autumn Phillips’ dress and Kate looks fantastic as well.

    • I feel this outfit made her stand out rather than blend in. A pastel color would have blended with the rest of the ladies (except Lady Louise) and a larger had would have also blended in.

  11. I hope we see that hat again. I especially love the way it looks from the side opposite the feather… just the sleek top and that insouciant feather rising up!
    I don’t feel like I got enough of a look at the dress to have an opinion, but I do think navy and white is a perfectly acceptable summer combination.

  12. Woah, she just had a baby a month ago…let’s maybe give her a little bit of grace??! We don’t know what she’s going through. I’m almost eight weeks postpartum and still feel like a potato whose wardrobe is exclusively stretchy materials. I can’t imagine having to get dolled up and sit in a carriage across from the superhuman Kate, who somehow never looked like she gained an ounce outside of her compact belly during any of her pregnancies. Critique her cape, critique her beret, but to add your interpretation of her emotions and attitude based on a few photos…that’s just harsh.
    I’ve always thought navy and white to be a classic springtime combination, so I’m surprised to find that I’m in such a minority here. Perhaps her color choice wouldn’t have been so critiqued had Camilla and Kate not worn pastels, which ensure they stand out against the color of the carriage as well as on the balcony. In any case, the proportions of the hat with the cape do seem off, but the hat makes more sense when worn sans voluminous cape.
    Hopefully when the day’s events were over, the brand new Mama and Papa were able to return home to Archie, take a nap, and enjoy some time as a family.

  13. Meghan’s face looked so cute. I would like to see Meghan embrace English hats. I think they would look great on her. I think Meghan is playing it safe in an effort not to be seen as competing with the Queen and Kate. Without the cape the dress was very nice and flattering. I did not find the cap sleeves to be an issue. I agree that a lighter color would have been better with gloves optional ( not leather ).
    In any case I enjoyed seeing her. I am thinking the next time we see her it will at the christening. Can’t wait to see what she wears to that.

    Note: Admin Edit

  14. Those white accents are a total miss. Sorry, but it looks like that white “towel” you put on your shoulders before feeding your baby… She looks pretty in navy, but the shape of that dress could have been a whole lot better. It looks like a sack on her…

  15. The cape looked a bit like a blanket thrown over her shoulders. It created a lot of volume in her silhouette, which was further put off balance by her small hat, which seemed to blend in with her head/hair. It was just an unfortunate combination of shapes in a somber color, especially when making the unavoidable comparisons with the other cheerily-dressed women. While the whole dress wasn’t visible the impression of the ensemble was much improved with the removal of the cape. The bright pop of white was echoed in her smile and pretty earrings and the size of the hat seemed less of an issue. Her skin, make up, and expression were lovely. It’s good to see her looking so well.

  16. Lovely to see the Duchess again. This outfit was a miss for me, the hat especially. The Queen looked beautiful

  17. I liked Meghan’s ensemble overall but not sure about the white sleeves. I’d have to see the entire dress to make a final judgment so hopefully Meghan will wear this dress again.
    I’m not sure why people think Trooping the Color is an event where people should wear light colors. Navy is a year-round color and you can wear it in summertime. Plus as has been noted, the weather was cool and Meghan is only five weeks post-partum (though maybe she should have invested in an outfit with long sleeves for the cool weather like Camilla or Kate, she’s learning I think). Her body is still changing and adjusting after giving birth and you can tell her face is fuller looking, I know I wouldn’t want to be walking around in super light colors where my post-pregnancy body was front and center.
    Is the hat the same one she wore at Princess Eugenie and Jack’s wedding or was that a different navy hat? I don’t hate the hat but not sure I like the placement of it on Meghan’s head? It looks better when the cape is removed but the combo of the hat and cape is a bit much for me for some reason.

  18. Congrats to Meghan for being on public display today. Considering she didn’t show up in a bathrobe or sweatpants which most women wear 24/7 at this point of motherhood , I think she nailed it.

  19. So fun to see Meghan again yesterday!

    I don’t dislike any piece of her outfit on its own (and LOVED the hat when she wore it last fall), but the overall look seems kind of disjointed and is not one of my favorites. The cape is too heavy and dark for a summertime event, and the miltary-style dress clashes heavily with the more organic hat. I know that it can be easy to suggest things for Meghan that aren’t at all her style, but there are so many things that would have been fully Trooping-appropriate and still true to what Meghan likes to wear; something constructed from the same light beige wool as the caped Givenchy dress that she wore on her outing with the Queen last summer with a black Philip Treacy hat would have been impossibly chic, monochrome, and still summery. I do think that Meghan is still very much figuring out how to dress for events like this and that the flashes of brilliance that we’ve seen here and there (i.e. the navy Dior ensemble from last summer’s RAF service) will become more regular.

    Fun seeing other members of the family too–Kate’s yellow ensemble was stunning, and this was one of the absolute best looks we’ve ever seen from Princess Beatrice, IMO.

  20. I don’t feel I can comment on Meghan’s outfit because I can’t see anything but her head and shoulders. The hat is probably a great choice given the wind. I like navy year round. I am in awe that a first time Mother whose little one is a month old, is out of the house and all dressed up. So well done.

  21. I don’t feel I can comment much about the DoS outfit because I haven’t seen much of it. I hope we see more of it in the future. I understand she likes navy but for a joyous event and her first outing since her joyous event, I would think she would have chosen a more up beat color. To me she looks like
    she is going to a funeral. I would think it’s part of Clare Keller’s job to research what is worn to the Trooping and merge that into the DoS personal style. What I see here is the Duchess’s personal style. Which is fine but at an official function, I would
    Think blending in would b better than standing out.

  22. I probably should’ve noted in the post yesterday that the weather in London, although sunny, the temperatures were in the low 60s (reported to have been around 61 degrees fahrenheit) and low of 49 degrees. The lower temps coupled with the winds from storm ‘Miguel’ that just blew through (the wind gusts were anywhere from 20-30 mph) made for a challenging day. Initially the forecast called for light rain in the morning.
    It was reported that some planes were not able to be included in the flypast due to the wind gusts. The Red Arrows had issues with the winds and staying in formation for their flypast as well. At one point in the carriage you see Kate grab her hat. This is when she and Meghan were having quite a good laugh, most likely about a gust of wind that tried to take it off her head. Meghan may have decided to wear a smaller hat knowing, after attending last year’s event, that it tends to be windy in the carriage rides and on the balcony. She may not have wanted to worry about it flying off her head.
    I personally loved her hat as I thought it was a nice homage to the RAF with the way the blue and white feathers represented the look of a jet stream etc. As well, the white shoulders and epaulets were a lovely nod to the military all together. I would’ve loved to have seen a little bit of white in the dress itself – perhaps a white belt or band maybe. Perhaps we will see this dress again with some modifications. It was hard to tell as they were both standing in the back of the very crowded balcony. – Susan C.

    • Thank you Susan C. for your updated notes regarding the weather.

      I did notice in the video footage the crowds were bundled up. People viewing the parade on the sidewalk and later on at Buck Palace were in coats and scarfs. Meghan came prepared with gloves, wearing a hat she didn’t need to hold on to in an attempt to keep it on against the wind, and a matching coat over her dress. Unfortunately, few noticed these details.

  23. I agree with a lot of people here that the long gloves looked odd and the hat appeared too small – even more so by comparison with duchesses of Cambridge and Cornwall. I also agree with posters saying she looked tired and as if she didn’t want to be there, wich I imagine comes naturally with having a very young baby and probably being still in the figuring-out-process of becoming a family instead of a couple.
    What I totally don’t get is why navy as a color seems to be inappropriate for her when everyone praised Lady Louise Windsor in her navy-blue dress (albeit in a less grown-up design).
    I’m not a fan of the bulky cape and neither of the huge white shoulder/sleeve-part (almost like added as a afterthought, as to bring in a pop of bright), but I don’t find any fault with a classical navy-blue in spring/early summer.

    • I think the difference between D Meghan’s navy and Lady Louise’s navy is the style. Lady Louise’s dress had a summery style (cut and lighter fabric) and therefore the navy looked great. Meghan wore a big cape in a heavy fabric that looks like something that should rather have been worn over a long-sleeved top. The fabric, the style AND the dark navy were just too heavy for the occasion. On top of that also long leather gloves that she removed anyway after a while. Maybe the style would have worked in cream and in a lighter, less woolen type of fabric. Or even a cream dress underneath. Anything to take away the overwhelming amount of dark navy.

    • I don’t think the navy blue is wrong as such, but it’s coupled with her signature super clean, no-frills (almost severe) style, which seems wrong. Lady Louise is wearing navy blue with a lot of celebratory accents.

  24. I agree with most of the comments. Meghan’s look was just not quite right. All of the other hats were fabulous but Meghan looked so severe. How does the Duchess of Cambridge nail it every single time? I’m also really impressed by the style of the Duchess of Cornwall, as her hats always seem to take my breath away. I think we should give Meghan time as it also took the other royal women a while to get their fashion on point. I remember a few years ago people complained that the Duchess of Cambridge looked “old fashioned” at times.

  25. Meghan looks happy in the pics, which I think is the main thing. I can’t really imagine dealing with this level of focus so soon after giving birth.
    I like the dark blue dress and cape, though I don’t think it was ideal for the day and am a bit puzzled by the gloves (though they are gorgeous) for a day event in June. Is it me or does she take them off during the carriage ride?

    I don’t imagine we’ll ever know, but I’m curious about what kind of research she or her stylist do before such events–there’s such a history of easily accessible photos of this kind of event to see what other royal ladies have worn.

  26. It’s so difficult I would imagine to balance your personal style aesthetic and still blend with the rest of the family. For me, I think a white dress would have been a better choice while still feeling modern and chic. And I completely agree that in some of the photos she is a double for her lovely mother. I love dark colors too but there are times it can make you appear sullen and I think we’re seeing a bit of that here.

  27. Fabulous look for such a stylish lady. Still chuckling about the flesh showing comments eg arms…goodness what century is that look from!!

  28. The photo of the carriage says it all.
    Kate and Camilla look lovely and celebratory in their spring colors.
    Putting a damper on the image, Meghan sits in the carriage swamped in navy blue, with a teeny tiny hat, looking as if she’s attending a completely different event than the others.
    It was a very unfortunate bespoke choice.

  29. I think navy is a perfect Spring color. As a child growing up on the East coast Us myvEaster coats were more likely than not navy blue and so I typically associate rage color with Springtime. In my opinion the fine leather gloves- not I the least bit heavy or bulky – are gorgeous. I do agree the hat appears to be overall a bit out of scale for the dress with cape. Nevertheless ” Brava” Duchess of Sussex for participating today with such grace and with a beautiful smile

  30. I love Meghan, but today was a total miss for me. I like that she’s not afraid to push the bondaries, but nothing seemed to work right today. Just my opinion, but I think she needs a stylist who really understands her and can push her clothing right to the edge but still looking “within protocol”. Especially with hats and tailoring. She’ll get there.

  31. I like the navy, but I wish the hat had been a bit “more”! I think Meghan is still finding her style with hats, and needs to experiment and have experience with different hats. I liked the dress but not the cape. Overall, it was good to see her and she looked happy!

  32. I didn’t really get a good look at the dress so won’t comment on that. Hopefully she will repeat it again soon so we can see the full dress. Meghan definitely seems to like navy that’s for sure. I did like the fun bag. I agree that the smaller hat is a bit underwhelming. I think it would have looked better had she worn her down instead of in a bun.

  33. Good things first…the cape for the carriage ride and then the reveal of the white sleeves on the balcony was a lovely surprise. The fabric of the dress is beautiful and I’m sure Meghan felt comfortable in her signature navy. Unfortunately, the rest of the look was a total miss for me. The dark color is truly puzzling for this event. The white dress worn at Windsor when Archie was introduced to the world was so bright and happy and Meghan looked radiant. I wish she had carried that idea through to today to reflect the joy of this occasion. As it is, the navy just feels dreary amongst the other royal women dressed in bright summer colors. And yet, I think the dress could have been salvaged… if not for that hat. It feels vastly undersized against the voluminous cape, and viewed from afar the low profile blends into her dark hair and just creates an odd shape. I keep imagining the same dress with a gorgeous, high, floral hat. I think it would have transformed the entire look into one more fitting the season and occasion.

  34. It was nice to see Meghan today and she looks very healthy (how amazing does her skin look), but not much makes sense for me sartorially, especially for this event. My first glimpse of her literally made me sigh in disappointment when I saw her wearing dark blue yet again. Trooping is such a joyful celebration and I did not see joy or celebration in her choice of outfit. I do like the white shoulders and epaulets on the dress, and like others, would love to see what the rest of it looks like. And I like these new earrings, as they are large enough to be seen. But the cape, for me, is a huge miss. I do understand she is working with her changing body, but I just expect better design from Givenchy. I don’t think the beret-style hat worked either – she needed a something that balanced out her tight hairstyle, fuller face and wide shouldered silhouette. And honestly, to be riding in the same carriage as Kate and Camilla who have such fa fierce hat game kind of underscored this. I also think the materials and textures are all over the place with her accessories – the mixture of the straw hat, quilted leather bag and long leather gloves is puzzling to me (the gloves would be an amazing addition to some future outfit, perhaps for evening wear in the Fall). I caught a few second focus on her and Harry in one of the videos where they definitely looked like they wanted to leave the balcony but God Save the Queen started playing. I just get the sense from her expressions that she was not keen on being there today.

  35. Wow. I don’t get the comments about Meghan’s choice of navy. It’s absolutely classic, even in the summer. And she just had a baby. She probably didn’t feel like wearing mint green or salmon and looking like a dish of sherbet. Once again I have to take a deep breath, remind myself she will never please everyone and STAY AWAY FROM THE COMMENT SECTION.

  36. This was a nice outfit, though not my favorite. I feel like I really don’t understand the gloves, though, and I agree with others that the proportion of the hat looked a little off.
    She looks beautiful and healthy but I am sure she’s stressing over being away from the little one. I went to a wedding when my first was only about four weeks old and I honestly couldn’t think about anything else!

    • I think the hat looks strange bc her hair is so severely pulled back..maybe? I’m not a fan

      Poor Meghan she looks tired maybe baby Archie kept her up all night! Props to her for going to the trooping of the colors today!

  37. Clare Waight Keller’s design for Meghan’s appearance at Trooping the Colour was beautiful. The drape of the cape like coat, seen while Meghan was riding in the coach, was simple elegance. Then, the reveal of the dress underneath, seen on the balcony, was very fashion forward with a new and fresh silhouette. Her fascinator by Noel Stewart with the crisp blue and white feathers looked charming…was the hat straw? If so, double points!

    And, triple points for the navy leather gloves. Love the length, too.

    I’ve missed you Meghan, so nice to see you at this event!

    I also missed Philip today. I had hoped he might appear with the family on the balcony by the Queen’s side.

    • Having found the proportions of the hat a bit off against the coat, I couldn’t help but notice that, when seen against the dress alone it looked much more in keeping with the whole, especially with a pale sheen on the feathers tying in with those white shoulders.

      • Hi Elizamo,

        Yes, it’s hard to understand the proportions from what we saw in the carriage.

        It would be interesting to know if there was any collab between Clare Waight Keller and Noel Stewart. Fascinators are a curious genre of millinery and one I’m only beginning to appreciate.

    • lovely to see Meghan today as Im missing her style since she started maternity leave. Great to see her looking so well and happy and I think she looks fantastic after having a baby such a short time ago

  38. It’s such a joy to see Meghan again and looking so well. I like that she sticks to her preference for suave dark colours and the Givenchy tailoring is as immaculate as ever.

    That’s a very sweet beret style hat she is wearing, but I’m afraid I found it on the small side against the proportions of generous cape sleeves. I also can’t help noticing how she is still showing flesh on her arms as I feel this is still just a bit short of British decorum standards for the occasion, where other ladies are wearing full-length sleeves. It may just be a sunny California idea of summer-smart but it leaves me wondering why she doesn’t feel more cold parading in a draughty carriage and on an exposed balcony. Maybe that’s why she had those beautiful long gloves, modesty by another means. Very Meghan.

    But these are just the usual foibles I come up against in Meghan’s outfits while all the time I think she is challenging me to broaden my ideas. I love the white epaulettes that came into view when her beautiful cape coat was removed, a simple idea that embodies quality couture. The bold blue clutch is another odd choice in its way, but one that works for me, it makes a fun pop of colour.

    • It’s curious to me what people’s conceptions are of sunny California fashion and decorum.

      I was born and raised in Southern California and lived there for 29 years. My home, along with the homes of my parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother were within 25 miles of where Meghan grew up. While I’ve never met her I do know the towns and cities where she grew up. Some of my family and friends still reside there and I do keep in touch and visit.

      While the climate in Southern California was mild compared to the U.K. we did have seasons and dressed as such. We also dressed fashionably, modestly and with decorum. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother wore hats, gloves, coats, stoles, and wraps not just to weddings, church and special occasions but to the store and work. I have hat boxes filled with my mother’s hats, some which I still wear – some functional and some strictly artful accessories.

      Southern Californian nights and mornings could be very cold, even in summer, with the wet marine layer moving in from the Pacific Ocean to the San Fernando Valley. Locals knew wool, cashmere, mohair, and serge and wore them in and out of season.

      I imagine Meghan would have been brought up in some of the same circumstances. She attended a Catholic School and would have first hand knowledge of correct behavior and propriety in manners and conduct. Meghan would have gained further knowledge and experience with the climate and cultural trends by her years in Toronto, Canada. In addition, we have seen Meghan’s mother, Doria, and witnessed how she conducts herself.

  39. Have to say this look was a total miss from me. The combination of long leather gloves in summer, with the bulky coat, all in navy – it felt very weather inappropriate for the occasion. I think the shoulder detailing on the dress was a nice touch but would have preferred it if the colours had been reversed – white dress with navy shoulders. Hat was lovely!

    • I agree with you that reversed colors — white dress with nay shoulders — would have looked much better! I think the outfit looked too heavy for the spring day because it was such a dark color. The other ladies in the carriage are wearing bright yellow and green. Megan’s cape felt almost somber, especially with the long gloves. I do love that style of hat on her, though. Very elegant.

  40. Love the classic look of Navy in the summer, with some interesting tailoring to make it fresh. And for a post-partum woman, the perfect color – I certainly wouldn’t have been comfortable wearing a light color at a public event this soon after birth! And the fit seems really flexible as well for someone who may be nursing and thus has a bust size that is in flex.

  41. Beautiful dress. Think the dark leather gloves were odd for a summer event. And not a fan of the hat. Maybe just with the tight simple bun. Just seemed flat. Maybe would have worked with loose hairstyle. Not my fav look.

  42. It is good to see Meghan out and she looks very much like her mother, Doria today. I am disappointed in her attire. It is spring and Trooping the Colour is a very festive occasion, yet here we have Meghan once again in navy blue with a minimal hat. She looks so sombre compared to the other ladies. It is as though Meghan is going to a funeral and the other women are going to a party. Once Meghan’s cape is removed the white sleeves look overly casual for this occasion. I understand that Meghan was raised not wearing hats and I also understand that she likes neutral colours, but sometime she stands out for all the wrong reasons, in not getting “with the program” as the others do.

    • It’s called being true to your style. It’s sad so many women tend to be fashion followers and not being themselves. Good on Meghan for being so ahead.

      • Ahead for the sake of being ahead is not style. You tailor your clothes to the event. When you have style you always stand out for the right reason. She does not need to school the royal family on dressing they have been nailing goes century’s.

        • Agree completely. This was a strange choice of outfit. She wore white days after giving birth, so I’m just puzzled why something this dark for a festive event. The dress would’ve looked gorgeous in reverse as suggested.

      • I agree with all of this! Having to be out in *such* a public way so soon after having a baby (especially one’s first!), it’s only logical that she’d stick to colors she’s confident in, and I think the drape of the cape was brilliant from the designer so she could sit comfortably in the carriage without having to worry about how her dress was falling over her postpartum figure. Bodies take about 9 months to stretch and change to grow a baby – they don’t go back overnight, even with the world’s best trainers, dieticians, and shapewear! And the sleek hair pulled back was probably faster to style than a luxurious blow out or loose updo that would have first required a blow out, and with a newborn, time is in short supply. Outside of that, I love navy and always have and think it’s 100% appropriate for warm weather. And I’m in the clear minority, but I like the smaller hat on her! I think it’s quite flattering! She may grow into bigger hats with time, but as an American, large ones probably still feel rather costume-y to her.

        • Julie, everything you say is spot on. Body shapes and feeling comfortable take awhile to adjust after giving birth. People are not critiquing Meghan for her style of dress, but rather for the sombre look and severity of it….mostly the colour and heavy fabric and leather gloves. This is spring and a very festive occasion. Meghan’s body could be comfortable in an outfit in a brighter colour or more joyful look. Kate commenting to my original comment above, says that Meghan is being “true to her style.” But sometimes one’s style is not suited to the occasion. The very first time we saw Meghan and Harry officially at an event together, Meghan was wearing ripped jeans…obviously true to her style. Being a member of the Royal Family, however, brings certain expectations and standards…like it or not, right or not, fair or not. Meghan so often seems out of step with the other ladies. Perhaps she purposely wants to do this, but most of us like to fit in, not stand out. Meghan is such a beautiful woman, but often her clothes do nothing to showcase this.

          • Because Meghan is wearing navy and not a brighter ” more joyful colour” does not define her outfit today as unsuitable . Meghan has a style and colour palette choice much different than the Duchess of Cambridge – but since joining the royal family I think she can hardly be labeled as dressing inappropriately. And if we choose to include and judge fashion worn by these young women in the dating stages of their relationships before joining the Royal family then may I point you to Catherine Middleton in very bright and sequined hot pants and roller skates at a charity fundraising event during her dating years prior to marriage
            I respectfully find your comment quite unfair all round

      • Agree with Bonnie. Casey, Catherine was younger and not engaged to William when that outfit was worn. Comparing that instance of dress to this one is quite unfair.

  43. Great to see Meghan at this event today looking so sleek and polished. I wish we could have seen a little more of the dress. I’m typically not an epaulette enthusiast, but I think these contributed some nice detail to the fairly plain (I think?) dress.


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