Meghan Keeps it Simple in White Shirt Dress for Visit to Youth Employment Services

Meghan wore a white shirt dress for the first engagement on this final day of the tour.

The Duke and Duchess visited Youth Employment Services (YES) KAGO Community Hub in Tembisa, the largest township in north Johannesburg.

Harry and Meghan toured the facility and spoke with some of the entrepreneurs. Below they meet Chef Mish Da who’s restaurant, of the same name, provides quality and innovative modern food.

The couple learned about Blossom Care Solutions, a business “Aiming to provide every girl in SA with access to sanitary dignity.” It is owned by local women who make sanitary towels which are fully biodegradable. The company notes that almost 60% of South African teenage girls “do not have regular access to sanitary products and can miss up to 25% of the school year as a consequence.” Below, a quick video.

Below, Harry & Meghan meet entrepreneur Moss who shows off his organic lettuces he’s growing to sell in local restaurants.

The image below shows the lettuce Moss produces in the greenhouse.

Both Meghan and Harry delivered remarks. From Sussex Royal, Harry’s opening statement.

“It’s moments like today and meeting all of you, that inspires us. Whether supporting young entrepreneurs, empowering women and girls, or challenging the issue of gender-based violence; whether it’s been planting trees, clearing landmines, or protecting the most beautiful creatures and places on the planet, these experiences have affirmed our love of Africa, and the issues that are so important to us.”

More from Sussex Royal

We will firmly stand up for what we believe. We are fortunate enough to have a position that gives us amazing opportunities, and we want to do all we can to play our part in building a better world.

We will always seek to challenge injustice and to speak out for those who may feel unheard. So no matter your background, your nationality, your age or gender, your sexuality, your physical ability, no matter your circumstance or colour or of your skin – we believe in you, and we intend to spend our entire lives making sure you have the opportunity to succeed – and to change the world.”

Meghan spoke next.

Below, a video clip of Meghan’s speech.

Meghan wore a cream white, midi length shirt dress for this morning’s engagement.

The dress is the limited edition Tencel Shirt Dress by ethical Cape Town label Hannah Lavery.

More from the retailer’s Instagram:

She wore a new pair of earrings by MadewellThe retailer’s ‘Stone & Tassel’ earrings ($22.40) as shown at Shopbop. 

The earrings are done in a gold-tone with a sterling silver post back, a red cotton tassel and pink jade stone. They have a 2 1/4″ drop and are 1/4″ wide.
Thank you to @HeavenQRF of the UFO No More team for the ID on these!

The Duchess wore a beaded bracelet that was given to her yesterday while visiting a private school for girls from The Teddy Bear Clinic.

Meghan wore her Stuart Weitzman ‘Legend’ pumps in Haze Beige again. The style is no longer available. The retailer offers a similar style, ‘The Leigh’, $398

Are you following us on Instagram?! Our latest What Meghan Wore Instagram posts are below:

Hannah Lavery dress / Madewell earrings / Stuart Weitzman shoes

This piece from ITN’s Royal Family Channel runs about 1 minute and has snippets of the remarks made by both royals.


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  1. Not a fan of this shirtdress as the other shirtdresses. I know some people have mentioned the lack of variety of outfits on this tour she was clearly trying to keep the focus off her clothes. Making her wardrobe boring was clearly a strategic choice.

    admin edit

  2. A fashion fail here it’s too frumpy boring and the shoes and earrings don’t match the outfit or each other!I do have those tassels and i love them she needs to mix up her tour wardrobe and enough with the shirt dresses.

  3. My daughter owns the Madewell earrings and wears them often! I love this look, and I love their message even more. It’s so great to see the young royals use their influence to bring visibility and support to these causes.

  4. I think Meghan has looked stunning throughout the tour- she is gorgeous! I admire her philanthropic nature and interest in so many great causes (especially her focus on mental health)! It seems people are tired of the shirt dress style, but I think it may be related to practicality. I remember struggling to vary my wardrobe and finding something that was practical, as well as comfortable and fit well during that phase. I may be off base here, but something that has the potential to contribute to her current wardrobe choices!

    Admin edit

  5. I love this dress- so crisp and clean. I also love Meghan’s choice of an ethical designer from Cape Town. Diplomatic dressing! The bright white also looks amazing on Meghan, and makes her stand out in a crowd. Some of the other shirt dresses have been sort of a dingy brown or green, and they have been either to tight, too loose and bulky, too short or too long. This one fits so well, and even though it’s yet another shirt dress, it’s a winner for me.

  6. White is a beautiful color on her but another shirt dress! Too many of the same style on this tour. She looked so wonderful and fashionable in her chic black pantsuit. I agree with others that it appears she is hiding more of her than showing off how wonderful she looks. Will never love her hair this way but I guess im in the lower half of what people view as pretty hair styles. I am sure they are happy to be home! SO happy to see good images of their son and a glimps into his persnality! Look forward to more tours and events. Thank you for your hard work on this tour!

    admin edit

  7. I thought the clothing and jewelry choices were most appropriate for location/climate/ activities. They drew attention to the mission not the model.

  8. Color is a win. Beautiful color on her.

    The fact that it’s not too right is a win. I do wonder if that’s why she left it unbuttoned so low. As a busty woman myself, button up shirts are difficult to wear without being sack-like or straining at one button (green dress for one of many examples). Of course I’m not able to have every garment personally tailored, so I just skip button ups. I think this is why I dislike shirt dresses on her. I’d love to see a well-tailored wrap dress. Do you think she skips them because Kate wears that style? The shirt dress has become her coat dress. At least it’s not a trench dress. Surely ethical clothiers make something other than these two types of dresses…

    The material seems to drape nicely and not get rumpled (which was not the case with the green dress from the other engagement). The hemline makes it feel ultra casual, more suited for a beach day or travel day. Her extra long, loose hair adds to the casual feel.

    Earrings are a fun pop of color.

    The shoes do not go with the vibe of the outfit at all. I would like to see the persimmon flats with this (again, for a more casual engagement), but that might make the hemline too long.

  9. If an outfit ever needed the Duchess’ persimmon flats to pull it together, this was it. The nude heels were a fail for me. And being as short-waisted as she is, she should always choose a colored belt (MORE persimmon) in a dark color, hopefully riding a little lower than these wan listless self cloth belts her shirtwaist dresses come with. I am short-waisted, and I know the challenges. Those earrings were wonderful

    quick admin edit

  10. While I appreciate the story behind the dress, this is just not very flattering on Meghan. It just doesn’t fit properly.

    I do like it when members of the Royal family visit and highlight entrepreneurs so it was nice to learn about these businesses in the post.

    I do hope we get some announcements in the coming weeks about Meghan taking on some of the organizations visited on this tour as new patronages.

  11. I am not a fan of this look at all! It looks wrong. It reminds me of an old fashioned nightgown., and too casual. It seems too baggy , making her look big through the middle, and the proportions are off. I agree that her button placement/closer is also questionable. I have not been a fan of this constant shirt-dress look on her. I wish she would try a different look, perhaps something more tailored and with less extra fabric. She is a beautiful woman, with a side of adorable. Many women would love to have her great figure. To me, it seems like she’s trying to hide herself in too much fabric, like she’s uncomfortable with herself. She should be showing off how great she looks, not hiding!

  12. I was going back and forth on whether I liked this outfit as I scrolled through the post. I finally decided it’s not my favorite. The hem on the dress is what ruins it for me. From the waist up, the dress looks professional and pretty. The hem, though, looks like she’s about to crawl into bed. Too bad, as she always looks lovely in white!
    And a note just to add that I have really been enjoying her earrings on this tour!

  13. So not the right shoes for that dress.
    And again unfortunately the fit just isn’t quite right.
    The earrings are rather fun though!

  14. Well, another shirt dress. As I said yesterday, I like Meghan in shirt dresses over trench dresses, both of which we’ve seen several times on this tour. This white one is fine, but so plain, it is hard to have much of an opinion about it. I’d prefer a straight hemline, rather than the shirttail hemline. I’ve also noticed that when Meghan rolls up her sleeves they are not done with neat folds. Perhaps this is her Californian vibe. While the earrings are fun, tassels on the ears can be a bit goofy looking.
    The wardrobe choices on this trip are very understated, either repeats or restrained in cost. I applaud the message being sent and certainly respect the sensitivity of this. However, from a fashion standpoint , this tour have been underwhelming.

  15. I can appreciate her wearing white to speak at this particular charity and I appreciate all the things she has supported during this trip but i think this dress is a big miss. Too long and apparently sized wrong. The green shirt dress was a much better fit and much more falttering

  16. I think I am finally seeing the pattern of work clothes Meghan prefers. Meghan’s shirt-dresses and trench-dresses are are her go-to working royal look. Kate has her coat dresses and Meghan has her shirt dresses. Interesting how they each gravitated towards a basic silhouette, with variations on the theme.

    I am enjoying how these modern duchesses choose to dress. (Because so much of it is personal preference, despite the endless Protocol Police articles)

    This tour has been so impressive. I came here for the clothes, but stayed to read about the causes Harry and Meghan are highlighting. Which is exactly the way this was meant to be. Bravo, House Sussex!

  17. I’d also love to know the ID on the pretty white dress with the floral pattern. Meghan looks very happy alongside Harry, but I’m afraid I don’t care for the look today.

  18. I love how Meghan’s dark hair pops against the creamy white color, and the red earrings are a fun touch. I like the ease of the fit in the waist and bosom, and do not find it unflattering. Women’s clothing is so body conscious these days, and it’s nice to see Meghan in outfits that challenge that silhouette. I don’t love the hem; the designer was too literal with the “shirt” part of shirt dress.
    I continue to be so impressed with the engagements on this tour. They are all so interesting and meaningful, and I for one am learning a lot. Great choices by Team Sussex!

    • Hi Jessica – we’ve had several inquiries regarding her dress on Instagram. I will see what I can come up with while we’re both working on the upcoming posts this afternoon. It may be a SA brand or local retailer so could pose some difficulty in locating. Will keep you all posted. Thanks for asking! – Susan C.

  19. I don’t love the shirttail hem, but other than that, this is hard to find fault with. As others have observed, the Duchess is clearly making an effort to dress down on this trip, and to wear local, sustainable fashions, and as far as I can see she’s done so with grace and elegance in almost every appearance. She’s making fashion part of her message in a really savvy way.

    The Madewell tassel earrings are adorable, and I’m only wishing that she’d worn the red-orange flats from the other day to coordinate with them!

  20. I really like meeting all these ethical labels. Meghan is opening my eyes to how much work some parts of the fashion industry are doing to clean up their act. I love this flowing white House of Nonie shirtwaister, the all-white is very sub-tropical and the flow of the fabric quite dreamy. I’m struck by how individual each outfit is even when Meghan is sticking to the one style, I feel I can still identify each outing by its outfit, and I’m lost in awe at the professional use of accessories.

    These Madewell earrings are a case in point. I find tassel styles a bit OTT as a rule, but these are ideal for adding an enlivening touch of warmth, the showiness of the tassel offsets the simplicity of the dress. I was even more impressed when I caught sight of a whole earring and saw how it’s set into a stone setting, this converted me to its merits entirely!

    I like also like the touching addition of the child-made bracelet and am just delighted to see the Duchess has the good sense to use a slip under her skirt, and one with tasteful lace edging, always a fun thing to do with button front dresses which have a tendency to gape in unexpected places.

  21. Hereafter, this tour will be known as the “tour of the shirt dresses.”
    I’m afraid I’ve liked some of the other shirt dresses better than this one, though she does look amazing in white.
    I also admire her approach to dressing on this tour–these looks are from sustainable and conscious brands and also seem to be a decision to avoid flaunting wealth.

      • I’ve been disappointed in the variety of looks–while I think shirt dresses are fun (and even something I would actually wear), the look gets a bit tiresome. I think the brand consciousness is reflective of Meghan’s goals (and I applaud them) and the choice to be cost-conscious in the clothing choices is reflective of the country they’re visiting and the efforts they’re promoting (and the goal to be accessible), but I wonder at so little variety in the dresses.

  22. In my opinion, Meghan’s buttons are usually one too low on top and one too high on the bottom. It leaves me a little uncomfortable and concerned for a wardrobe malfunction. I know this is intentional as it is commonplace with her. I think a nod to her “free to be me” fashion mentality. She looks so lovely, just keeps me on edge!

    • I have felt the same way about most of the outfits also. I am glad to see I’m not the only one. Guess I’m just Old-fashioned, but I do believe a bit more buttoned up would be appropriate, and would still be stylish.

  23. Not feeling it. Another belted shirt dress, which isn’t the most flattering for her. This time the shirt tail hem just made it too casual for me.

  24. I really enjoyed Meghan’s outfits on this tour which shows that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look polished and appropriate. Obviously, I enjoy her high-end designer fashion, but this has been refreshing and worked very well for the mission of this tour. Well done, Meghan!


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