Meghan is Elegant for Moroccan Market Visit UPDATED

After this morning’s more casual (but yummy!) engagements the Duke and Duchess did a quick wardrobe change and headed to the Andalusian Gardens at the historic Kasbah.

Meghan and Harry saw the gardens.

It looked like a gorgeous day with high temps around 75º.

While at the Gardens the couple met with young entrepreneurs who are working to address youth unemployment and other issues impacting vulnerable communities.

Also at the Gardens, the Duke and Duchess visited a traditional Moroccan arts and crafts market. 

Roya Nikkhah of The Times shared a photo of the pair greeting a seller.  

People’s Simon Perry tweeted a quick video.

The Duke and Duchess chatting with a vendor.

Harry looked interested in something for sale here. 

It turned out he was; more from a People story:

Harry squatted down to examine one craftsman’s pieces made of cedar wood, chatting with the seller as Meghan listened. The craftsman then gifted Meghan a necklace, placing it over her head to wear as she visited other stalls. Attentive Harry then pulled up his wife’s ponytail so that it fell back over it.

I think this is when the gentleman gave Meghan the gift, shared in a photo from Robert Jobson.

A closer look as Meghan puts on the necklace.

Also included in the People article:

“Silver craftsman Sakhi Driss had a photo of Harry’s father, Prince Charles, on display from when the Queen’s son visited his store in Fez. Driss said of Harry, “He asked when the visit was and where was the picture taken.”

Another view of the couple checking out the offerings at the market.

In this photo you can see Meghan holding an item that I believe was a gift to the couple.

On their way into the market Meghan and Harry made some special friends. Say hello to Imogen and Tabitha in these darling pictures from Rebecca English. The three-year-olds brought flowers for Meghan and Harry.

Not only did the young ladies want to give the couple their flowers, Rebecca says the girls also wanted to invite Meghan and Harry to their birthday party. Rhiannon Mills of Sky News posted a video of the girls with the royals!

Now for our look at what Meghan wore. 

We’ll begin with the Duchess’s Babaton ‘Keith’ blazer ($198) from Aritzia.

The piece is 100% polyester and described as a “Japanese basketweave” material. The tailored design is fitted and collarless with on-seam front pockets. The jacket was first seen all the way back in June 2017, worn atop Meghan’s Antonio Berardi dress when she watched Harry play polo.

Meghan was in a black pleated dress with an asymmetrical hemline much like the Givenchy worn for the Association of Commonwealth Universities engagement in late January.

We initially thought this was what Meghan was wearing, but no longer think that is the case. It appears the Duchess may have been in this piece. That is the Pleated Mini Dress ($424) by a brand called Loyd/Ford. It certainly looks more like what Meghan had on than the Givenchy dress. UPDATE 3PM: We have confirmation this is the brand Meghan was wearing.

Loyd/Ford was founded in 2011 by Stephan Loyd and Franck Ford, two German-born designers who moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s. Our thanks to Mad About Meghan reader Jennifer, who sent Charlotte a note suggesting Meghan might be wearing this piece.

Our thanks also to Rebecca English of The Daily Mail for her work getting confirmation from Kensington Palace on all of the brands worn today.

The Duchess wore the Manolo Blahnik Carolyne 70 (£575) shoes we first saw yesterday.

And she accessorized with a new (to us) pair of earrings, the ‘Onde Gourmette‘ ($200) by Bijoux.

The earrings are 24K yellow gold plated brass. We show them at Neiman Marcus ($200, use promo code FASHION for $50 off of $200 or more); they are also available at Bijoux ($218).  Many thanks to the ID whizzes at UFO No More for identifying the earrings!

UPDATE: The coin like ring Meghan was wearing has been ID’d as the Pippa Small Durga Round ring in 22k gold, $1190.

Our thanks again to Anne Young for the ID!

Our WMW fashion recap from Instagram.

Loyd/Ford dress / GAS Bijoux earrings / Aritzia blazer / Pippa Small ring / Manolo Blahnik shoes

This RFC video runs about 2 minutes and includes little Imogen and Tabitha.

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  1. I really want to like this more, but the uneven hem and the extreme unscructured-ness of the dress are a bit offputting for me. I mean, it’s basically just a midi skirt with shoulder straps, isn’t it? I’m worry about high winds. And the unfinished hem just gives the impression that the skirt has rotated incorrectly around her torso or is otherwise hanging improperly. I’m *all about* black knife pleats, but I’m wanting a more polished version.

    BUT…the white blazer is “wicked sharp,” as we say in Maine, and the earrings and ring are to die for, especially in those super-drenched 22K gold tones. I really enjoy her simple, understated jewelry, but I must say she looks well in bolder pieces too. And I’m happy to see the shoes again, because I felt like they were underserved in their last appearance.

  2. Love love love this outfit! Such a fun, flowing dress. And those shoes! I didn’t notice from the far away photos but the polka dots on the shoes are awesome! My favorite look of the tour so far.

  3. Not completely head over heels with this look but the dress by itself looks darling for pregnancy. The blazer is amazing and shoe envy is very strong. I had to laugh when I saw the photo of them walking with the gorgeous rugs behind them and the cat in front of them! It is proper Morocco! I don’t think it is an inappropriate dress. You can have bare legs in Morocco, just slightly below the knees. I know it is a Muslim country and every time I have been there I never got any comments about having
    legs, arms and neck/chest exposed. Plus I always felt very welcomed and comfortable. People have a bit of a misconception that when in a Muslim country women need to be covered head to toe, it is not so in Morocco.

    Admin Edit

  4. Love the look especially the earrings! I’m Soooo glad she is wearing lower heels! It just looks more appropriate in my opinion, more natural, and less forced. A growing belly caused your center of gravity to change.

  5. I’ve been an avid reader of this great blog since its inception, but have never posted until now. This is my favorite look yet. The combination of cream jacket, black dress and statement earrings is effortless chic. Love, love, love!

  6. This look could work for an island getaway or Sunday brunch or shopping in a market place while being watched by thousands of people. Love it!

  7. Love those earrings with her hair in the ponytail. Very chic. She looks a little tired to me on this outing. I imagine it was also plenty hot. Gotta be hard to be doing this in your last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. Well done.

  8. Crisp and chic! As always, her accessories elevate a monochrome palette into something with panache and style. I also appreciate the textures at play here: the floaty pleats and the tonal polka dots on her slingbacks. Earrings are fabulous!!

  9. I feel rather neutral about this outfit. I don’t love it; I don’t hate it. The pleating works well for pregnancy, as the pleats expand, as the body expands. I’m glad to see Meghan wearing a dressy shoe with a lower heel, so much more comfortable and easier on the body. At last, some statement earrings. They look very nice on her.

    It is too bad that they didn’t visit any souks….my favourite thing to do in Morocco. But perhaps the security logistics would be too complex. This is an odd tour with really no mingling with the general public. I’m sure, however, that Harry and Meghan have left a positive impression on the contolled groups of people, who did meet them.

    • Bonnie, I agree with about the heels and the earrings! I did have a question I thought you might be able to answer seeing as you’ve been to Morocco. While I find her outfit pretty and appropriate in most circumstances, I’m wondering about the appropriateness of it in a conservative Muslim country? Bare legs, above knee skirt and open neck (but no visible cleavage) would seem a bit out of step with the local culture, no? Especially when bending down or interacting with people in the market. I feel the red Valentino was fine, because it was a longer skirt and completely covered up top. Someone else who had been to Morocco seemed to agree with this assessment, but I’m still curious if that’s everyone’s experience. Morocco may be more lax in this area than other countries. But I do know many conservative Muslim countries do not require foreigners to cover their heads, but they do expect a certain level of covering up for women, with little exposed skin, as a way of respecting their culture. I just found it odd for someone who is representing another country as a diplomat to go out of step with this cultural norm?

      • Kat, I would say that Meghan is walking a fine line on the decorum of this dress. I have always been told, in Muslim countries (and other conservative places) a woman needs to cover her shoulders to her knees. So Meghan’s shoulders are covered, although there is a bare area from her neck to the top of her dress. Her knees are sometimes covered, but with the uneven hemline fluttering as she walks, her knees are often exposed. Personally I would not wear this dress in Morocco. Some slack is given to tourists and nobody is going to challenge a royal. For me being covered shoulders to below the knee is a sign of respect. Meghan has been criticized for wearing a sleeveless dress at a memorial service. I don’t think she aims to be disrespectful. She grew up in California, where people show much more skin. I don’t know if she is not being advised, or if she chooses not to take advice. With the exception of this black dress, however, her outfits have shown an awareness to Morocco’s culture.

  10. Such a fun look to wear though a tour of the market. These earrings are marvelous! Thanks to the admins for including the close up. (I was too caught up by the dress to notice them in the early pictures.)
    And, I can’t be the only one who went “Awww!” when Harry fixed her ponytail.

  11. This is my favourite look so far for DoS on this trip. She looks comfortable and there is no bunching or squashing anywhere! She looks stunning, and everything from the jacket to the shoes and earrings come together beautifully! Although she loves designer clothing, IMHO I don’t think the designers have necessarily been very good at dressing a very pregnant DoS. This outfit, on the other hand, makes her look fantastic.

  12. I normally don’t like super flowy on a pregnant body but Meghan is crushing it with these outfits on the Morocco trip! I love this outfit and would wear it myself. I love the clean, sleek ponytail and those Manolos are amazing. Great blend of expensive and affordable pieces. And also, could she bottle that pregnancy glow and share it with the rest of us? Her skin has been so flawless since she announced she’s expecting!

  13. What a great look for this appearance. I admit I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t buy the earrings in Morocco. On the upside, however, is that I can have them too! They’re awesome.

  14. This LBD has a lot of possibilities. The dress looks easy, breezy and comfortable and a piece that can be styled up or down. Nice how Meghan paired it with a simple, collarless, clean white blazer. Even the jacket pockets are streamlined… hidden into the side seam.

    I wonder if they are now moving on to their audience with King Mohammed VI of Morocco?

  15. This is a fabulous little outfit, ideal for the travelling tourist! Love getting the update on the jacket, I’m a big fan of these classic edge-to-edge styles that slip on so easy over any number of outfits.

    The dress is perfect for maternity and the knife pleating keeps it flowing happily over the bump and gives the fabric lovely movement.

    The earrings are just knock-out dead gorgeous and lift the whole outfit to something really special, and so right with the sleek ponytail. Thanks for all the great posts, Meghan is keeping everyone busy today 🙂


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