Meghan In Victoria Beckham for Christmas Day Church Service UPDATED

There were smiles all around this morning as members of the Royal Family headed to church at Sandringham, the Queen’s country estate.  Below, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walking to church along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles.

They attended the service at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, where the royal family worships when at Sandringham.

Meghan and Kate share a moment.

Here is a 1-minute video showing the Queen arriving, followed by the rest of the family.

Her Majesty looked lovely as ever for the holiday.

Below, members of the Royal Family as they leave church following the service. Princess Eugenie (in red) and her husband, Jack Brooksbank can be seen behind Prince Charles. The Duke of York is just behind Harry; he escorted the Queen to church this morning. 

The Telegraph estimated as many as 800 people were on hand hoping to see or meet royal family members. Meghan chatted with well-wishers on the walk back to Sandringham.

One young lady waiting in the cold received a hug from the Duchess. Her name is Jessica Daniels, and The Mirror describes her as “a long-time Instagram and Twitter follower of the Duchess.” More from The Mirror’s coverage:

When Meghan saw 17-year-old Jessica holding up a small sign with her Instagram username on it she instantly recognised it and gave her social media friend a hug.

The teenager, from Peterborough, described the experience as “amazing” adding : “I started watching Suits, then I started following her on social media and then followed her acting and followed her humanitarian work, so I’ve been a fan of her for years.

“There were a group of us girls on social media she became kind of close with and interacted a lot online.”

She said about the Duchess, who closed down her social media accounts before her marriage to Harry: “This is the first time I’ve met her, she just said ‘it’s so lovely to meet you, incredible to finally see you’ and she was asking how we all are and if we’re still talking and supporting each other.”

A quick video as family members arrived back at the gates to Sandringham House.

For her second Christmas at Sandringham, Meghan wore the Victoria Beckham Tailored Slim Coat in deep navy cashmere, $3085.

Made of 100% cashmere, the double-breasted design is inspired by men’s tailored outerwear styles and features wide lapels with a center back vent.

We are unsure about the brand/designer of Meghan’s dress. It was thought the midi-length, v-neck style was a Victoria Beckham design. However, upon a closer look at additional photos, it appears the dress has a bit of a flared skirt to it, something missing from the Victoria Beckham design we originally thought the dress resembled. We will update the post once we have more information.

Meghan’s boots appear to be the Victoria Beckham “Heel Boot’ in black leather, $1715. The boots are available in most sizes on sale at MyTheresa for $1200 and in limited sizes at FarFetch, $1549.

The boots are a round toe style with a 4-inch heel.

It looks like Meghan’s bag is by Victoria Beckham, the Powder Box style in black from the AW 2018 Collection ($2260). It is no longer available. Thanks to Innominate on Twitter for the ID.

Victoria Beckham described the style as a “small, structured box bag….inspired by a vanity powder box…. with internal mirror and a small lipstick slide pocket, trimmed with leather. It features a circular gold grooved clasp with a wide handle.” The bag measures roughly 10″ x 3″ x 2.5″. 

It also came in purple leather, green leather and hair on leather in leopard print finish.

With thanks to Heaven for the fab detective work, we know the Duchess’s hat is by a milliner new to her closet (as far as we know), Awon Golding

The ‘Vika Cocktail Hat‘ features a wool felt pillbox base in black with two feathers inside a crinoline bow. 

The chapeau is handmade in the UK. It was offered at Moda Operandi but is no longer available. 

More about the designer via her ‘About’ page:

Awon Golding is an award-winning London-based milliner who has spent an eclectic youth in India, Hong Kong and England. She draws on her multicultural heritage to inspire fun, feminine hats and headpieces for modern women. Each piece is handcrafted in her London studio incorporating modern materials and traditional techniques.

The milliner shared her excitement on Twitter at the news Meghan chose her hat for Christmas Day services. 

Meghan wore a new necklace and earrings today, as well as a ring we’ve not previously seen.

UPDATE JAN 12: WE have confirmation that the earrings and ring are both by a boutique brand, i+i Jewelry. We start with the Crescent Moon Ring, hand made of 14kt gold (£190, about $245 at today’s exchange rate). Meghan also wore the Diamond Half Hoop Earrings, featuring white diamonds in 14kt gold (£480, roughly $615). The earrings are available to pre-order, with shipping expected in late January.  

i+i is a boutique brand that uses ethically sourced stones and donates 10% of all profits to a charity called Set Beautiful Free; the organization rescues women and children from sex trafficking and teaches them skills to start a new life. If you’re wondering about the name, ” i and i” is anagram for India, where founder Kirsty Patterson first started making jewelry.

The always savvy Anne Young suggested the styles may be by Jennifer Meyer, an LA-based designer the Duchess has worn previously. Anne mentioned the Jennifer Meyer 18K Gold Turquoise Necklace as one possibility. We show a small closeup of an earring in the montage below.  

UPDATE DEC 27: Jennifer Meyer confirmed via her Instagram account that Meghan was indeed wearing their 3 turquoise mini bezel dangle necklace.

UPDATE DEC 27: Meghan’s gloves are thought to be from Club Monaco. The Claudia leather style in black, $98, currently on sale $79 with an additional 30% off at Club Monaco (no code needed). They are also available at ShopBop, $99. Thanks again to Anne Young for this one!

Meghan on Christmas Day last year and today.

Just think, next Christmas the Duke and Duchess will be celebrating the holiday as a family of three, how fun is that to think about?

One of the Christmas Day activities everyone takes part in when at Sandringham: watching the Queen’s annual Christmas message. More from The Mirror:

Footage of Harry and Meghan’s glittering wedding was featured in the broadcast alongside Eugenie and Jack’s nuptials, and also the moments when the couples kissed on the steps of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The Duke and Duchess’s carriage ride was also screened.

Bringing a touch of humour to her televised address, the Queen, surrounded by family photos, said: “Closer to home, it’s been a busy year for my family, with two weddings and two babies and another child expected soon.

“It helps to keep a grandmother well occupied.”

You can see the entire 9-minute message below.

And here is a four-minute video from today, shot by news photographer Terry Harris.

Merry Christmas to all marking the holiday!

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  1. She looks lovely. The hat, with the bright-blue-tipped feathers, is quite charming and festive. Regarding the dark colors, I think we just need to understand that it’s a signature look for her. She looks well in them, they’re almost always a safe and respectful choice, and she’s probably a bit self-conscious about her shape these days. She’s given every indication that she takes her new position seriously, and I think she’s developing something of a work “uniform” of businesslike colors, streamlined silhouettes, and updated classics. I, for one, think it works for her, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her fashion evolves in 2019.

  2. The mixed reactions regarding Meghan’s outfit choice are a treat to read! I am firmly on the side of adoring the entire ensemble (though it’s worth mentioning that my design aesthetic skews towards minimal as well). I think the knit dress is both chic and comfortable for a woman in her second trimester. Her bag is quirky and interesting, the hat is divine, and those boots are so classic (and forgiving should Meghan’s ankles swell at all, as so often happens to many pregnant women throughout their days). I find the tone-on-tone navy to be modern, understated, and inline style-wise with what many members of the Royal Family wore. It’s worth mentioning that the most recent time that the Duchess wore a light grey coat with a floral dress, many critics said that she wasn’t dressed properly for the season and that she looked too “spring.”
    The criticisms of her menswear-inspired overcoat being worn open make me chuckle as I recall the myriad of criticisms that Kate faced from commentors when she wore double breasted coats that were buttoned and pulling during her pregnancies (including last Christmas’s ensemble). Perhaps there’s just a lack of maternity-friendly, double breasted coats out there? In any case, I think that we’ve become so accustomed to the fitted coatdress that seeing an actual overcoat throws our perception of what “fits.” As always, Meghan looks healthy and happy and I think it’s lovely to think that by this time next year, the Sussex family will be a party of three!

  3. She seems to ‘hide’ in big loose clothes too often. She’s a tiny pretty little frame under all the loose heavy dark fabrics. Even the wide shaft of the boots…

  4. I love Meghan’s outfit and am delighted to see VB get such a boost as I think she’s still under-represented in royal wardrobes, though Sophie Wessex certainly does her best. Interesting that pregnancy may have made Meghan feel more confident about wearing a Beckham piece which seemed cut for longer body shapes than her own.

    This coat looks just great, and I’m glad we have one without a flying tie belt flapping round, the open coat thing works better for me in a tailored style. The boots are to die for, love the combination of the wide cut at the ankle and the slim block heel, and perfect with a long winter coat. The hat is perfection and I find the bag quirky and adorbs, a classic Beckham twist against a relatively conventional coat. Class.

    It’s also nice to se Meghan in a relatively soft dark navy as against a harsh black and her minimalist styling looks very chic. She has come a long way in one year and is looking ever more the part with each outing.

  5. Any idea about the ring on Harry’s right hand? I kind of love the idea that it’s Meghan’s gift, and says “Here. You need more black in your wardrobe!”

    I love her navy coat. I’m unclear why people are fussing about it not having a brooch on a lapel. It has six gold buttons; seems more than ample to me. Also, VB shows it unbuttoned, and I like that she wore it that way. She is not a buttoned-up woman.

    • It’s “smart jewelry,” I think that’s the term. I believe the brand is Oura (so?) and it’s supposed to track sleep and maybe other things, like heart rate. ? -sek

    • DALE –

      Harry’s band worn on his right hand started to draw comments during their October 2018 Royal Tour. WMW commentators noted it was/could be a sleep tracker ring. I thought it was something we would see just during the Tour but Harry has been photographed with it on his right hand back in the UK. I posted a comment about it (and Harry’s Audi) on November 15th when I saw a fleeting glimpse of it, a photograph, of him and Meghan driving to “Charles 70th Birthday Bash at Buckingham Palace.”

      I’m with you on Meghan’s lovely coat and simple styling. Her VB Navy Cashmere Coat and Black Leather Boots are stunning and she looks wonderful.

  6. I’m torn on this look! Beautiful fabrics and individual pieces… but something just seems off. The heaviness of the long dark coat, tall dark boots, and dark bag leave us with a monochromatic look without any defined shape. And somehow all the interesting pieces just fade away. Too bad, because you know that coat must look and feel exquisite in person.

  7. She does look like shes in colors way too dark for the Christmas days! We know she loves her blacks and navys, as we all do, but for one day or two, a red color could have come into play.
    It would have been a standout- Even an evergreen coat would have been good for her.
    I do not care for the style of the boots, I think she should have worn a black suede boot-
    I do not like the hangbag, and again, a nice winter suede would have been good- Her turquoise necklace is too much of a summer color, I would have gone with emerald or ruby something. This whole look was a miss for me—-

  8. I think Meghan looked lovely and this color palette is clearly her comfort zone, neutrals. While I do understand people’s desire to see her in more vibrant colors, I think the expectation that she “should” because it is Christmas, etc. is pretty anti feminist. Specifically compared to the fact that I don’t think people would comment (in general) that Harry or William should be wearing something vibrant or light in color, they were both in dark over coats. I realize also that a statement about feminism on a blog that follows fashion and allows for criticism of fashion might be ironic. Just my own thoughts on the color issue. It was lovely to see both Duchesses our today!

  9. It was nice to see both Duchesses chatting easily whilst walking to service. Loved all the outfits but I ESPECIALLY loved the dark hunter green hi-low coat that one of the other royals wore. I don’t know who she is but she was walking with the little girls and Eugenie. I wonder who makes THAT coat! I neeeeeed it!

    • Monica – that’s Autumn Phillips and she is wearing Claire Mischevani – the forest green drop hem coat dress. – Susan C.

  10. Awon Golding’s millinery work for Meghan is beautifully done. The downward slant of the beret like base is given an upward slant with those magnificent feathers and crinoline bow. The piece fits perfectly on Meghan’s head and is delightful.

    Both Meghan and Harry look smart and effortlessly coordinated as they walk hand in hand to St. Magdalene’s.

    I must say that Charles’ top coat, as seen in the 7th photo, above – taken just outside of St. Magdalene’s with the clergy – looks a bit ill fitted with the hidden buttons/snaps pulling across his torso. And, while the camel tan color is lovely, I don’t care for it matched with light grey trousers.

    Happy Boxing Day to my fellow WMW commentators!

  11. Such a wonderful post and such a happy part of my day, Thank you! I feel that Meghan looks beautiful but I am in agreement of many of the other replies. Too dark and therefore sort of boring. No pretty brooch to liven up the coat. The jewelry pieces she has chosen are so tiny you can barely see them. With all that said the boots look wonderful on her and are proportioned to balance out the weight of the coat. Her hat looked nice just wish she would have worn a more festive color. When ever she wears color she always gets such positive feedback! I wonder if she reads these posts. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to this post.

  12. Most adorable bag I’ve ever seen , boots are hot ! Entire ensemble is very thought out and put together . It complemented Catherine’s ensamble well and didn’t compete or brought too much attention . Meghan is staying true to herself by being respectful to tradition but modern and edgy. Well done Duchess Meghan ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I have a theory based on the fact that I didn’t like a single element of what I felt was an uninspired look from a savvy fashion-person.

    Much has been made of the supposed ‘feud’ between Kate and Meghan and the move out of Kensington Palace which IMO is simply the very natural reaction of a new family wanting their own space and more privacy.

    I think Meghan purposely decided to ‘disappear’ visually so Kate could have center stage and in an effort not to upstage the event, the day, the Queen. As if anyone could! She is marvelous.

  14. This look is a bit of a hash for me, I’m afraid. I’m baffled by the coat sleeves. On the model they are full length but on Meghan they seem to be bracelet length. Longer gloves would have been better. Perhaps the awkwardness of the exposed slice of forearm is why Meghan is carrying her gloves in most pictures? Plus wearing the coat open looks too nonchalant for this particular event, when everyone else is neatly buttoned. It’s really well past time to invest in some beautiful maternity wear.

    It’s great to see her wearing a British designer, but the prices on what are fairly unremarkable coat and boots, from a design perspective, are absurd. Personally I’d save a VB budget for her dresses and skirts, where her design creativity shines. The bag was designed to look adorable on a retail shelf; it’s an extravagant purchase given how poorly it photographs in actual use. Maybe it would look a bit better against a contrasting color outfit.

    Disappointed to see such a somber color palette on Christmas Day without even a cheerier scarf or pretty visible jewelry to lighten the look. At least the hat has some panache.

    • Melanie completely agree about this outfit. Unremarkable is the perfect word and I really didn’t like the boots. I know they’re $$$ but the style somehow looked ‘cheap’ to me in photographs.

    • I don’t know if Meghan, or any other senior royals attended this year. Some years there have been photos of people on their way to/from the service, but there were none this year and I’ve not seen it mentioned in any of the articles I have scanned.

  15. meg looks amazing, who cares what colour her outfit is as long as she is healthy and happy. Always being on the end of every public camera must be hard going, we must remember she is a young woman, recently married and now expecting a child all under the public microscope, how difficult that must be as well as a strain on your own well being. Your doing a wonderful job and look fabulous

  16. The two feathers on Meghan’s hat really show how millinery is an art. The way her hair is twisted into a bun makes it look perfect. Also, I noticed the Queen wore a dove gray coat with a floral dress the same way Meghan did to her last engagement to “The Old Pros Paradise”.

  17. Maybe the Duchess is using a dark colour to keep with a more slimline effect, now that pregnancy is advancing somewhat. The Queen looks absolutely beautiful in her outfit, the colour is stunning on her! her complexion is amazing.

  18. Meghan looks fine but this is yet another navy outfit and after awhile they all blur together. As you look at all the other ladies in the Royal Family, they look festive in various pretty colours. Meghan looks like she is going to a funeral or a service of remembrance. I do like her hat. Not keen on the purse which is stiff and boxy.

    Thanks so much, Susan for posting and therefore working on Christmas Day.

  19. I admire Victoria Beckham’s clean, beautifully cut clothes and the coat is lovely. I suppose it wasn’t possible to button it given Meghan’s growing pregnancy figure but the coat looses some of the beautiful lines when it’s left hanging open. I’ve found that often happens with double breasted coats and blazers. I love the hat with the brighter blue tipping on the feathers and I think Meghan’s low bun and the angle she wore the hat worked perfectly. Although the handbag is unusual and elegant, I’m not convinced that it was the best choice for a situation where the Duchess was shaking hands and accepting bouquets and momentos during the walkabout. When I watched the 4 min. video, the handbag often awkwardly hung lopsided and sideways on her arm when she couldn’t balance it by holding it right in the middle of the handle. It looked lovely when she was just walking along the path and might be better suited when a walkabout isn’t included in an entrance to an event. All in all, kudos to the duchess for continuing to follow her style aesthetic as her body changes during pregnancy.

    • I agree completely on the topic of the handbag. It’s adorable but I think is meant to be admired while sitting on a shelf in your gigantic walk-in closet. There is almost no logical way to carry it when it seems to hang correctly. My other comment is regarding her gloves. I have yet to see Meghan carrying or wearing a pair of fine, soft, pliable leather gloves – they always seem so stiff and more suited to driving a horse-drawn carriage. At this time of year, a wonderful pair of cashmere gloves — perhaps in a color other than black or navy? — would make such a difference.

  20. I am sorry to say that, although I like the dress and coat, it’s Christmas….not a funeral. She could have worn anything and she chose this. Even the Queen stepped out in a light and fun dress coat. Kate looked Christmasy in her coat dress as well. Meghan, ‘lighten up’!

  21. Wow, love that purse! What a fun design. And the hat! I think our Duchess looks lovely, happy, healthy. Such a happy foursome and such a happy day. Her hair looks very nice with the hat. I’m always wishing for less delicate jewelry so that it stands out more and becomes part of the outfit, but the necklace and earrings are pretty.

  22. I have to echo Gwen P and thank you for the wonderful Christmas Day post! I hope you’re having a great Christmas!

    Re: Meghan’s outfit: I’m generally pretty pro navy-and-black (I wore light navy pants and a black sweater to a party last night), but it has to look like there’s some degree of intentional contrast and I’m not getting that here. Meghan’s outfit (while otherwise stellar) kind of comes across as an amorphous blob of not-quite-matching darkness, which takes away from the wonderfully-constructed pieces that she’s wearing.

    On a more positive note; I love the coat and am happy to see her in a well-fitting dress, and the bag is to die for. I’ve always thought that Victoria Beckham would be a good fit for Meghan, and I hope that they’ll continue working together. And the hat! I let out a little screech when I saw the hat this morning, and another when I learned that it was by Awon Golding. Meghan’s hat game has improved so much since the first couple unembellished Philip Treacy hats after her wedding, and I would love to see another Awon Golding design at some point.

    Great to see all of they royals out and about this morning, and I’m praying that today will finally put an end to all of the nasty Meghan/Kate rumours.

  23. Wow! Thank you so much for making time to research and post on Christmas Day!
    Terrific photos, and just a great post. Meghan looks perfectly happy being elegant, warm, and well put-together, a simple outfit enhanced by her usual gift for subtly elegant jewelry and accessories. I love the shot of her and Kate relaxed and smiling.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  24. While the outfit is well tailored and of the highest quality, I am afraid to say the dark colour just isn’t appropriate for Christmas day IMO. Both Beatrice and Meghan were not on my A list this Christmas.

  25. This outfit is all about the accessories which are dynamite…especially that fun handbag. The dress and coat somehow look both elegant and comfy. Overall, it’s great to see Meghan looking so relaxed this Christmas. Happy holidays!

  26. The Duchess looks just radiant in this style! I love the jacket on her not such a fan of the bag…. but it works with the outfit! The hat also looks great love that she is using something hand made in the UK especially at Christmas… looks great with her hair style as well… the low bun/knot also looks really great.
    Not such a fan of the necklace although it works well with the outfit and brings in the green/blue color from the headpiece.
    This is a really nice look on the Duchess… bravo ?
    (Also nice to see the Duchess still remembers those in her past… especially such a long time fan)
    Overall great look on Meghan and like you mention in the post can’t wait to see the couple next year as three ?!


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