Meghan in Somber Looks for Dawn and Noon ANZAC Services

Meghan and Harry attended multiple Anzac Day in London events today, beginning with a Dawn Service at the New Zealand Memorial in Hyde Park.

A quick backgrounder on the day’s significance comes via the Australian War Memorial: ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as Anzacs, and the pride they took in that name endures to this day.

Initially created to recognize members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in the Battle of Gallipoli in WWI, the day now honors all Australian and New Zealand military personnel who have lost their lives in the line of service. This year’s service also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the allied victory at Villers Bretonneux, bringing an end to the last major offensive of WW1.

Defense Service Chiefs from all three nations laid wreaths this morning. There were several hymns during the service, and The Last Post was played.

There was also a minute’s silence, marking the 103rd anniversary of the Anzac landing in Gallipoli in 1915.

Twitter video clip via Rebecca English of the Daily Mail.

You see Prince Harry laying a wreath in this video shared by Richard Palmer of The Express.

The card reads “For all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of our freedom. Thank you. Harry”.

There were several ‘firsts’ for Meghan today, including the first time she has signed an official book of condolence with Harry. Rebecca English of The Daily Mail shared a photo of the book.

Sky News put together this video from the morning service.

Later in the morning Prince Harry took part in a wreath-laying service and parade at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. To Harry’s left you see New Zealand High Commissioner Sir Jerry Mateparae.

That 11 am event included dignitaries from New Zealand and Australia, as well as other officials and dignitaries from the UK government and military branches.

The Prince laid the first wreath, followed by the High Commissioner for New Zealand and then Australia’s High Commissioner.

Following that memorial, Prince Harry, Prince William (a nice surprise) and Meghan for the annual Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

The trio entering the Abbey with the Very Revered Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster.

The flags of Turkey, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia are brought into the service.

William, Meghan and Harry inside the Abbey.

Here you see the Dean of Westminster again, as he delivered the day’s address.

During the service the High Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand laid wreaths at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.

The Turkish Ambassador, Abdurraham Bilgic, read the words of Ataturk:

Reveille was sounded.

“They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.”

And the service was concluded.

Another view.

Now we turn to something far less important than the events of the day, but our task nonetheless, what Meghan wore for today’s commemorations.

For this morning’s dawn service she was in a coat by Smythe, the Pagoda style from the Fall 2018 collection.

The coat is a poly/wool blend with a touch of Elastance for stretch and ease of movement. The double-breasted style features slanted pocket flaps, a high back vent, contrasting buttons and interesting detail at the shoulder.Hopefully you can see the additional inset between the shoulder seam and top of the sleeve, an interesting detail and “very Smythe.” The piece is priced at $995. Our thanks to Meghans Mirror for the coat ID.

It looks like Meghan may be wearing the Stella McCartney Pussy Bow silk blouse in black.

Meghan carried the Gucci the Dionysus Velvet Mini Bag we first saw last week at a women’s empowerment reception during the CHOGM events.

Meghan wore her Sarah Flint Jay pumps as well.

For the Westminster Abbey service Meghan showed more of her sartorial diplomacy skills, wearing pieces by New Zealand-born designer Emilia Wickstead.

It looks like Meghan was in bespoke versions of styles from the spring 2014 collection, modeled on the ‘Kristie’ top seen above, made of a textured black matelassé. The fabric is a blend of acetate, polyester and acrylic as is the matching skirt, or *possibly* the dress Megan is wearing. Below you see the pieces on the runway and at Net-a-Porter.

When seeing the look from the back you can see how much less volume there is in Meghan’s skirt when compared to what is seen on the model.

Both the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wear Emilia Wickstead. Below you see Sophie in an almost identical ensemble in soft blue matelassé material at a June 2015 garden party she hosted.

Many thanks to Anna and the HRH Countess of Wessex blog for sharing the information and image, and Michelle of Perth’s Fashion for her speedy Emilia Wickstead suggestion.

Michelle also identified Meghan’s hat by Philip Treacy.

It appears to be this style shown on the milliner’s website, without the floral embellishment, and just the single attached dragonfly.

And Michelle made short work of identifying Meghan’s bag, the J Box Clutch by Jimmy Choo.

An enormous thank you and Tip of the Tiara to Michelle, she is always extraordinarily generous with information and ever-so-helpful in other ways.

Once again, we’re seeing Meghan wearing her Cartier ‘Galanterie De Cartier’ earrings, price upon request.

The earrings are described on the brand’s site as 18K white gold, each set with a brilliant-cut diamond available in 0.18 to 0.22 carats and 0.40 to 0.44 carats, and paved with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Due to the variation in the brilliant cut diamonds, the price of the earrings varies and therefore anyone interested in purchasing a pair may request a price via one of Cartier’s Ambassadors on their site.

Meghan was in what appears to be a new pair of Manolo Blahnik BB black suede heels.

Meghan wore a poppy at each event.


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  1. The first outfit just does not appeal to me; I actually prefer her belted coats to this one although I think they tend to look like dressing gowns as they are always so big! This coat looks far too bulky and the floppy hat somehow doesn’t work for me. The second look is much better but again, something’s not quite right. Love the beret, would prefer her hair back in a low bun (NOT a messy one!) or even a neat low pony tail, but I was taught to have the hair off the face when wearing a hat. The suit is lovely but the material makes it look bulky and I agree with Jessica, an earlier poster, that the length and fit are not quite right, Could easily be shorter, just below the knees and a bit more fitted. However, I do love that she is not going overboard with any of her outfits, she has definite style which is very refreshing and if it’s not what we Brits are used to with the Royals, then fine, we need to open up to her more. I loved the Hugo Boss dress in an earlier article, it was absolutely perfect!

  2. I think what we are watching is Meghan, like other women joining the Royal Family from outside, starting out wearing mostly pieces she already has and gradually upgrading and adding to her wardrobe as she discovers what she needs in her new role. I am enjoying the process. The Jackie O dress and the Westminster Abbey ANZAC outfit were perfect, in my opinion. She has a great sense of style and is clearly used to being in the public eye–not to mention a clear belief in what she is embarking on, which shines through no matter what she is wearing–and I can’t wait to see where she takes her look. I had never heard of Meghan before she became engaged to Harry, but I have become a big fan.

  3. From the pictures, I’d say this coat is wrong for her body type. She’s slim but she doesn’t have a promounced waist and even with the emphasized shoulders, this beautifully tailored coat makes her look even more waist-less. The two sets of pocket flaps did not help. The black dress, however, is exactly what she needs. It gives the illusion of a waist where there is none and emphasizes the one that’s there. I’m sure she will eventually consistently find styles that suit her new life *and* her body type.

  4. I think Meghan looked beautiful and was dressed appropriately for both occasions. One (humble) opinion to mention about the grey coat – trench coat styles, which this one is reminiscent of, are not usually very figure flattering. I’m of the opinion that they’re more for warmth as an overcoat, versus a more fitted dress coat, but as a result they add a little bit of bulk to the wearer. However, given that this was outdoors at dawn, I’d have to imagine it was a bit chilly and that warmth was needed. A few people have mentioned that it looks snug across the top, but to me it looks like perhaps there was a hidden button near the top that was missed, causing the part of the coat that is under the decorative buttons to not lay flat and look like it is being pulled as thought it is tight. Maybe I’m way off! The Abbey outfit was just perfect and I’m in awe of her ability to wear midi lengths on her petite frame and not be drowning in them. Perhaps it’s because of that reason that she opted for a slimmer skirt instead of a full skirt? In any case, kudos to the beautiful outfits and informative post!

  5. Meghan looked absolutely beautiful. Both of these understated ensembles were so elegant and glamorous. I adore that (often tricky) mid length skirt. Quite vintage looking.

    She has such a ladylike demeanor and her clothing reflects that. Her eyes show so much emotion, it is fascinating to watch her take in the events and people around her. Harry is so lucky to have this modern royal at his side. Not many could sign up for a life like this.

  6. I wasn’t wild about the grey coat from the dawn service – it somehow managed to look a little too small and a little too big at the same time – not sure why. But who cares really, since the ensemble worn at the Abbey was fantastic. I’m surprised that people would have liked to see it on Meghan with the fuller skirt, I think it would have looked too “little girl”, and that would have been bad in black – this style was very Audrey Hepburn, and it was perfect for Meghan’s build. I loved that the fabric was textured to give an added element without cluttering the clean lines. Hat and shoes were perfect, her hair worked with the look, clutch was great. Beautiful!

  7. I’m surprised some aren’t enamored with the length of the Emilia Wickstead outfit — the whole outfit seem perfect retro elegance to me, and the length helped with that. Love that hers was made more pencil-like — on Suits she wore almost exclusively pencil skirts and they work perfectly with her figure. The fabric on the Wickstead is divine! What is it called? What a perfect outfit for the occasion, and lovely with that red poppy. I swooned with her hat in the morning … what a gorgeous, elegance chapeau. And unlike some I thought the coat was beautiful and appropriate. Very elegant day for Ms. Markle, with items so appropriate for the events.

  8. Beautiful! I prefer the second look. I think I would have enjoyed the fuller skirt just as much, but I love that she’s begun to dip into ‘bespoke’ options, and the change in the skirt makes this a little bit more special. She probably has a few outfits underway by now; she can’t have too many appropriate, classic, muted options for services like this one.

    The Smythe coat this morning is probably my least favorite coat I’ve seen on her, but I love the unexpected hat. How fun to have this couple keeping us all paying attention by appearing so consistently!

  9. I like the Emilia Wickstead dress. It looks a little “Jackie O” to me, and I loved Jacqueline Kennedy’s style when she was First Lady. However, I too, feel that Meghan would look better in the full skirt instead of the straight skirt. Kate often wears full skirts to somber events, so I don’t feel a full skirt would detract from the tone of the event. I like that Meghan is wearing hosiery, I think it polishes off the looks quite appropriately. I do not like the Smythe coat very much. While it is not terrible, I am not a fan of double breasted designs in general; to me, they look unnecessarily stern and “military”, in my very humble opinion. 🙂 In general, I think that Meghan might do well to wear more styles with full skirt silhouettes that are naturally “waist-whittling”. I am build similarly to her, with a slim, fairly straight up and down body type, and I find that dresses with fuller skirts and built in waistlines tend to look best on me. At any rate, I do love the last look–I must underline that I think she looks fantastic, and the hat too–beautiful job!

    • Meghan does not have the height of Kate. So my guess would be full skirts overwelm her. There are better ways to create a waiste. The black suit yesterday uses one: cropped jacket.

      • Yes, the cropped jacket was a beautiful design element, and also created a nice silhouette. However, I felt (like some other commentators) that the proportions were not quite right, skirt a bit too long, etc. I feel a full skirt would look ages better! 🙂

  10. I’m not big on the grey coat. It stood out oddly when everyone else seemed to be wearing black. Loved the dress which we were able to see st the later service. And, while the beret was fine with the dress I keep hoping for a little more variety in the hat department. We’ve had three berets so far. Perhaps that will come in time.

  11. I absolutely love the whole outfit that Meghan wore to the Abbey this afternoon! These retro styles can be tough to pull off correctly but the hat, purse and shoes pulled the whole look together. I feel as though she is continuing to grow more and more into her new role, even though she’s not officially a royal yet, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her both the causes she choices to patronage and her fashion choices.

    My only quibble about the coat she wore this morning was the buttons and double row of flaps, it felt like too much was going on for her petite frame. But on the whole, with the hat and shoes, I thought she looked very nice and appropriate.

    I saw a photo earlier of the dawn service where it appeared that Harry was tearing up and the look that Meghan was giving his was so compassionate and full of love, it just made my heart melt. I imagine that as a former serviceman, these events can bring up quite a few emotions for Harry and it’s wonderful that he has someone compassionate and loving by his side.

  12. Well done, Meghan! I think she looked perfect for both events. I especially love the Smythe coat. I actually prefer the Emilia Wickstead dress with the fuller skirt, but that’s just my style. The full skirt may been too attention-grabbing for such an event. Altogether, she seems to be acclimating well to the life she’s beginning as a royal. I’m looking forward to seeing her in some of the queen’s jewels!

  13. These were two contrasting outfits for me. The Smythe coat was less successful as it appeared to be pulling at the top buttons and to be drooping at the back hem. I also found the big hat too much over such a heavily detailed coat. I’m not convinced that pale grey does Meghan any favours though she offset that problem with her dark top framing her face.

    The Wickstead outfit on the other hand seemed to be from another fashion planet. It’s the best example of a box jacket over slim midi skirt I’ve seen outside of a designer sketch pad. Most women attempting to wear this style come a cropped, but Meghan’s slim short-waisted frame was simply made for it. I love it, and the hat, clutch and shoes. The whole outfit is perfection.

    I get tired of seeing disclaimers that the fashions worn to these events are less important than the events themselves. The outfits are critical as they have to balance the freshness of fashion with the sobriety of the event, something Meghan appears able to achieve with some genius.

  14. I noticed Meghan’s signature is changing, there isn’t the same flourish to her M. I’m sure handwriting analysts would have something to say about it.
    I wondered if she might be wearing the Birks bee chic silver white quartz stud earrings. It’s hard to tell from the photos.

  15. Meghan looked gorgeous in both outfits. I’m not really a fan of Emilia Wickstead but the straightened skirt and beret changed the whole look for me – just so beautiful.

  16. The card on the wreath placed during the dawn remembrance ceremony reads:
    In loving memory of those who mad the ultimate sacrifice and the many whose lives were changed forever. Harry

  17. For the morning outfits: Bravo!!! Very very very appropriate for not only the occasion, but the status and title she assuming in the British Royal Family. My only teeny tiny quibble, and I’m sure it will come with time, she needs to hire a good seamstress to custom fit her clothes to her particular body shape, which would takes this outfit from fabulous to extraordinary.

    P.S. I also love that she is bringing structured shoulders back into style as it really helps to balance out those of us that are more hippy in body type.

    For the afternoon outfit: Again,
    Bravo!!! Very very very appropriate for not only the occasion, but the status and title she assuming in the British Royal Family. I’m even going to say something, I very rarely say, which is she could have shortened the skirt, and this outfit would have still been a home run on all fronts.

  18. Meghan in Emilia Wickstead and Philip Treacy! *swoon* Great look for the second event. Understanding that the full skirt, which I prefer, would have looked a bit flippant for such a solemn ceremony, my only wish is that the skirt she did wear was either just a *skotch* shorter or a skotch tighter. The combination of the garment’s ease and length just looks a little off to me.

    The first outfit of the day is less my taste. I actually love her belted coats and find them more flattering than this double-breasted, double-pocket-flap style. But certainly it was a very elegant and appropriate look, and the shoes–we’ve seen these before, haven’t we?–are terrific.

    Her bags, my word. She should open a bag museum. Each one is a jewel.

    I was just thinking, it must be a very strange thing for Meghan to be changing nationalities in this very sudden, very public way. Of course people who marry often change their citizenship/national affiliation, but less abruptly, I think, and certainly less in the public eye. Of course, the US and the UK are strong allies who have always mourned each others’ war dead, but you have to wonder if events like these feel surreal for a person who is used to celebrating Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day instead. I think for me it would almost feel like converting to another religion (which of course she is also doing). She’s handling it all very gracefully; I am sure her emotions are complex.

    • But the US fought in WWI as well as the UK, and Veterans Day is on November 11, simply different name for Remembrance Day in the UK. To me the difference isn’t that here in the US we have Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but that we barely acknowledge either one at the level that much of the rest of the countries involved do. Sadly, even the poppies are almost nonexistent in the US anymore, and they used to be everywhere when I was a child. Memorial Day here is a time for barbecues, not two minutes of silence, and 11 am on November 11 just doesn’t resonate with American citizens on the whole. We came late to the war, no question, and had a small fraction of killed and injured compared to the other countries involved, but we were there. I think you’re right that her emotions are complex at these commemorations, and will continue to be in the future, as she gains an insight into the sacrifice and loss of British soldiers during those conflicts and current campaigns, and I anticipate it will be much deeper than we develop in the US.

    • I agree Jessica. I’m an American and of course feel strong ties to England based on being allies and also based on my own heritage. I am an American, however, through and through, and the daughter of a vet. I imagine that it does feel strange to her to quickly have to adopt holidays that are less familiar. I wonder what she’ll do at Thanksgiving. Hopefully she’ll plan a nice trip back for some turkey or will even host the whole spread for Harry and anyone else missing the tradition.
      As far as her outfits, I love her style and can only imagine how hard it must be to also be adopting some slightly different styles and then being scrutinized publicly. Hopefully most are being kind, like you. As a lover of the hats and fascinators, I’d love to see those come in fashion in the states. One can only hope.

  19. LOVE the beret. DoC looks gorgeous in them too and I wish she’d choose them more often. Meghan’s ankles make everything look amazing – she truly has the best legs I’ve seen.

  20. YES!!! She knocked it out of the park today! So happy to see her wearing more appropriate outfits that fit properly. And hats, oh my! I think she’s going to continue to go for simpler, more understated hat styles than other royal ladies; she’s an American, after all, and those towering fascinator styles must look utterly ridiculous to her. But she looks so good, especially at the Abbey.

  21. Meghan is beautiful inside and out and my only quibble with her style is that sometimes she wears the wrong type of outfit for the occasion. Today she is perfectly and appropriately dressed. She is even wearing hosiery, which gives a more polished look. The coat worn in the early morning was fitted, unlike the her baggy coats, that swamped her. The floppy hat looked especially appealing and nicely framed her face. The attire for the later event was very elegant and respectful. She truly looked like a member of the Royal Family. Well done Meghan!

    I see that people are wearing the traditional Remembrance Day poppy. Does anyone know what the extra, little white tag is all about?

    • Hi Bonnie
      The little white tag on the poppy has on it the crest of the NZ Returned Services Association (RSA). The poppies have been the RSA’s major fundraiser since 1927, when poppies go on sale the Friday before ANZAC Day to raise funds for the welfare of returned service personnel and their dependants. The poppies are made in Christchurch, New Zealand (where I live) – originally by disabled former servicemen, and now today by men and women with disabilities.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      The white tag could be about celebrating 100 years of Anzac. I noticed them on other people’s poppies and sprigs of thyme here in Sydney yesterday 🙂

          • It is strange that they’re doing that, since Imke is absolutely correct: the infamous Gallipoli campaign was conducted in 1915, not 1918, and that is when the ANZAC came into being – I can only assume they’re co-highlighting the centennial of the end of the war with this remembrance, but it implies they’ve been in existence from 1918, which was the end of the war, glossing over three preceding years of bravery and loss. I don’t mean to be splitting hairs here or to criticize Susan in any way, but this sort of thing can be a rather sensitive subject for veterans and family members. At any rate, the families of ANZAC soldiers definitely associate 1915 with the service and sacrifice of their ancestors. ?❤️

  22. Beautiful ensembles for both events. The length of her coat and shape of her hat at the dawn service is a sartorial nod to the 40s era. Although I find Wickstead designs (and pastels) generally unbecoming, the black dress for the Abbey service was lovely. She can really rock a beret!


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