Meghan in J Crew to Watch Serena Williams at the US Open – UPDATED

The Duchess of Sussex wore a J. Crew dress for today’s trip to Flushing Meadows, New York.

Meghan was there to support her friend, Serena Williams, in the Women’s Final of the US Open.

Ms. Williams, the number 8 seed at the Open, was taking on Canada’s 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu, the number 15 seed.

The match was a particularly big deal. Not only might this bring Williams’ her 24th title win, but it would also break the record she holds with Chrissie Evert for most US Open titles. She would also tie tennis legend Margaret Court’s all-time record for career Grand Slams. (There are four Grand Slam events in tennis: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.)

Her comment after Thursday night’s semi-final win on making it to her 10th US Open final:

“To be in yet another final, it seems, honestly, crazy. But I don’t really expect too much less.” — Serena Williams

The competitors just before the match started.

Today the Duchess was seated between Serena’s mother, Oracene Price, and her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. You also see Serena’s sister, Venus Williams, behind Meghan, along with Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief (in yellow with sunglasses), a longtime tennis fan. In the lower-left corner of the image, Alexis Ohanian, Serena’s husband.  

Below, the Duchess greeting Mr. Ohanian.
Embed from Getty Images

A quick video of the Duchess.

Another view.

With thanks to Kelly Matthews, here is a different video of Meghan watching the match.

The Duchess watching the match.
Embed from Getty Images
Ultimately the 24th championship was not to be. 

Bianca Andreescu took the match in straight sets, 6-3, 7-5. Below, Ms. Williams congratulating Ms. Andreescu.

The win is historic, as Ms. Andreescu is the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Congratulations to the new champion.

The winner’s post-match reaction.

And here is Serena’s interview.

Meghan has supported her friend at many matches over the years. In 2016 she made several appearances at Wimbledon and the US Open, including surprising Serena right after she won the US Open 2016 Semi-Finals.

The Duchess at Wimbledon in 2018 for the Ladies’ Championship Final cheering on Serena.

Below, Meghan at Wimbledon this past July 4th with friends Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis.

And Meghan at Wimbledon for the 2019 Ladies’ Championship Final with the Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister, Pippa Matthews.

Back in 2016, Susan C. was lucky enough to see Serena play in the quarter-finals the same night Meghan was there!

Serena plays Simona Halep – US Open Quarter Finals Sept 7 2016

Below, Susan and her best friend met tennis legend Chrissie Evert before the match as well as sat court-side next to Serena’s player box!

Susan C. w/best friend at US Open 2016 / with Chrissie Evert / Sitting near Venus Williams & Alexis Ohanian

Meghan was seated just a few sections over from where Susan C. was seated!

It’s a busy week for Ms. Williams. NY Fashion Week is underway and on Tuesday she’ll present her Fall 2019 S by Serena Williams collection at New York Fashion Week. Below you see her wearing a jumpsuit from the collection, along with daughter Olympia Ohanian.

Serena and Meghan in 2013 at New York Fashion Week for the debut of Serena’s collection.

Serena and Meghan at NYFW September 13, 2016

Now for our look at what Meghan wore.

The Duchess was in the Denim Shirtdress with Tie Belt ($118, on sale for less with promo code SHOPMORE) from retailer J. Crew
Another view of the dress.
Embed from Getty Images
Our thanks to Meghan’s Mirror for their ID of Meghan’s dress.

It appears the Duchess topped off the dress with another J. Crew piece, the Juliette Collarless Sweater Blazer ($99.16 at Nordstrom).

UPDATE 9 Sept: BACK IN STOCK! The J. Crew Juliette Collarless Sweater in Heather Dove is available in all sizes at J. Crew, $148. Use code SHOPNOW for 30% OFF!

It is a 35% cotton, 35% polyester, 30% wool blend and looks like a great weight for this time of year. It is available in a broad array of colors at J. Crew. Many thanks to Gabi for identifying this piece.

The Duchess brought back the CH Carolina Herrera Matroyshka Large Shoulder Bag we have seen her carry before. We show it below when carried at another event.

The Matroyshka line is described as being “… inspired by the traditional Russian nesting dolls, featuring different sizes which neatly fit inside each other.”

*UPDATE 8 Sept: Mini Mini Jewelry has confirm via Instagram that Meghan is wearing their Dog Tag Pendants in the “H” and “M” with the diamond stone on each.

Meghan wore a new necklace/pendant with an ‘H’ on it accented by a small stone. Hilary suggested on Twitter it could be the Mini Mini Jewelry 14K Dog Tag Pendant ($125 – $245), and we think it certainly looks like the Duchess’s necklace. 

It’s possible there are two pendants on the necklace, but I couldn’t find a clear enough photo showing that definitively.

UPDATE: Another view of the necklace shows the two pendants, the second shows an “M” with what appears to be the birthstones in the upper left side of each tag. It looks like both tags have the diamond stone.

The necklace is available in a variety of other symbols as well as rose gold and white gold – also available at Nordstroms.

We saw the return of the Jennifer Meyer 18-karat gold turquoise earrings, $395, shown below as worn at another event.

UPDATE 28 Sept: We’re thinking that the bracelet that Meghan was seen wearing at the US Open is by Alemdara jewelry. The Didem yellow gold and turquoise enamel, £275 ($338 USD at today’s exchange rate).

Meghan’s sunglasses appear to be her Victoria Beckham Navigator Power Frame, $425, previously worn back in January while at lunch in Soho. The sunglasses are no longer available in the brown lenses, but are available in updated lens colors at Victoria Beckham.

Another piece we have yet to identify is a new bracelet Meghan was wearing. It appears to be gold with an evil eye in turquoise and white.

One more shot of the Duchess.
Embed from Getty Images
In case you missed it, yesterday’s post has all of the details of the upcoming tour, which starts in just two weeks!

We’ll see you Thursday for Meghan’s Smart Works engagement!

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  1. I can’t find anything positive about the outfit i’m sorry!The coat is nice and the dress would be cute without the long sleeves.

  2. Commenting late as usual…! I watched this match on TV, it was exciting to be part of it in a small way. I felt terrible for Serena, I know she has been working so hard to win a Grand Slam since she became a mother (I mean she won a Grand Slam WHILE pregnant!) and it was gut wrenching to watch her lose. But it was exciting to see Bianca win, even if I wasn’t necessarily a fan to begin with.
    As for what Meghan wore, it was great to see her support her friend in a cute outfit! I don’t know if I necessarily liked the long sweater with the denim dress but I liked both items separately. I don’t know if I would get a denim dress myself, it’s one of those things that seems to be such a staple of the 90s that I’m a bit hesitant to adopt myself but on Meghan it looks cute. It was nice to see Meghan enjoying the match wearing casual clothes and having a day off from baby and Harry. Her charm necklace with the H & M was a cute touch if not a bit cheesy lol (I find engraved jewelry with your SO’s name on it a bit corny but it’s better than getting a tattoo of your SO’s name!).

    • Hi Anna – the shoes were included in the post if you scroll towards the bottom. They are Manolo Blahnik BB suede pumps in cognac – new season. Thanks, Susan C

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice coverage!
    The dress‘s and Blazer‘s cuts really do not match. Her hair is gorgeus. She does look unlike a noble Person, I like that.
    Whilst I do like Meghans casual Look, I do not think it is in any way representative for any event. It is as if she wanted to really show the world she was not on a Full Time Job representing the BRF. But she still wants to „Support“ Serena Williams and give her even more Publicity. Let us not forget that these two are business women. Meghans presence sells Serena and this is what is upsetting some Royalists, which is Strange, because the Royal Family Itself is a Kind of Enterprise. But The DoC sells even more than the DoS (i e clothes). The tabloids help both their popularity, and Meghans is to be the „Bad guy“ just as the DoC is the „Good guy“. None of the duchesses are to be pitied, I dont think they take it personally.

    • Susan, You said below and have said before, that comments should relate to fashion. Carmen raises some interesting points, that some will agree with and others won’t. But the majority are beyond fashion. This is not in any way to shame or be critical of Carmen. She is simply expressing her opinion. However, it needs to be clarified. Can people discuss Meghan’s intentions and personality….or do we just talk about clothes, shoes and jewellery?

      • Hi Bonnie, We’ve recently updated our comment policy based on points raised over the past few months and having to step in with reminders or address various items and issues.
        WMW has always had two primary focuses – covering Meghan’s fashion and highlighting her charitable work. When the topic of discussion is derailed it can sometimes lead into a heated debate, or it jumps so far off track the discussion completely loses sight of the topic. This is what we would like to avoid.
        Of course we want and encourage all of our readers to participate in healthy debate and discussion. Discussing Meghan’s intentions and personality about a piece that she is wearing or her style is fine. As an example — “perhaps she intended to wear the dress by itself, however the weather changed quickly and she had only packed the one cardigan” or “pushing her sleeves up or wearing a messy bun is a part of her style and injects a bit of her fun personality”.
        On the flip side of all of this, with regards to the conversation around Meghan’s intentions for going to the US Open, we can see how this topic derailed itself and jumps away from the discussion of fashion and style all together. I hope this helped and please be sure to see our most current updated comment policy. Thanks, SC

  4. I think Meghan looks fantastic in her casual denim dress. Nice to see her wearing something we can all wear and relate to. It’s lovely that she came out to support one of her best friends. The British press and their fellow haters are atrocious. It is the 21st century people – Archie has another parent! Well done Bianca!

  5. I LOVE that the DoS went to support her friend in such an important match. And she looked lovely doing it! I was lucky because I nabbed the sweater blazer. The denim dress, while it looked great on the DoS, I think you have to have her shape to pull it off. It was a great casual yet chic look on her.
    The press need a new hobby. The DoS has done nothing but try to have a positive impact with her new position in the world. I think she is a great role model and Force for Change. 🙂 Keep going Meghan!

    • Great news – the sweater is back in stock – see the post for updates and code for a discount. Also, J. Crew has said they expect to have the dress back in stock soon. – SC

  6. I find the “H” & “M” jewelry very endearing. It’s funny how there’s also a very famous clothing brand called H&M… it reminds me of how Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong used to get LA Dodgers gear from fans because the team’s logo are just the “LA” initials. I wonder if we will ever be treated to a Meghan or Harry H&M brand pun!

    • Hi Karen, we do not have an ID yet on the bracelet. It is a gold bracelet with an evil eye in what looks like turquoise, white and possibly a black dot. We’ve only seen one photo of it. Perhaps she will wear it while on the tour and we will get a better look. Thanks, Susan C.

  7. Love the look overall, though I agree the sweater doesn’t quite go with the dress. I’m mainly writing to comment that I’m truly mystified by the continuing comments here and elsewhere that Meghan is somehow not dressing appropriately “for a duchess” or “as a representative of the royal family.” It seems to me that, anytime she’s appeared with the older generation (Archie’s christening, trouping of the colour, etc.), her clothing and jewelry have always been quite conservative and beyond reproach (at least from an “appropriateness” standpoint; obviously, people can take issue with the fashion choices, given that this is a fashion blog). On the other hand, when she’s out on her own or with the younger royals, she does express her style more — call it American, Californian, bohemian, casual, youthful, whatever. I think she’s getting the balance exactly right. My favorite looks for Meghan have been ones that you would never see Kate in — e.g. the oversize dress at the horse racing — which is not a criticism of Kate; I just like the fact that Meghan is not trying to be someone she is not. After all, even though their husbands are brothers, Kate and Meghan are different people with different tastes and, more importantly, VERY different roles in the royal family, in that Kate is the wife and mother of future kings.

  8. I think it’s great that Meghan was there to support her friend. I also liked the fact that she was wearing inexpensive, every woman clothing – no airs, she’s just making a quick, unofficial trip to her home country. Be yourself 🙂

  9. You can’t go wrong with a denim shirtwaist dress. (Says me!) Meghan looks comfortable and chic, I love this look. I am enjoying the pendant necklace, seems very sentimental and sweet to have these sorts of initial and birthstone types jewelry. As an incurable romantic, I heartily approve. Countdown to Royal Tour!!

  10. She really is so beautiful. The deep denim color is beautiful on her–and I like her hair long and loose like this. As always, I love her taste in tiny, understated jewelry.

    The bag is great, and I was lugging around a big white tote this weekend, too, so I’m feeling a kinship. 🙂

  11. While others do, I guess I just don’t see the appeal. She is routinely wearing ill-fitting clothes that make her look even more common. The best thing that could happen to her is a stylist.

  12. Not a fan of the look today. Perhaps because it’s a denim dress, the wrinkles and ‘shirt dress’ look are way too casual for a Duchess IMO. A simple sheath or a basic wrap dress would have been so much more appropriate while still casual for the venue. I loved the yellow print that Anna Wintour has on ( you can see her in the row in behind), something like that would have been nice.

  13. Unfortunately she is being ripped to shreds by the British tabloids. She looks more relaxed than she has in months. I loved her outfit. I like her more casual pieces that I can fit into my lifestyle. Did anyone happen to get a glimpse of the shoes?

    • Hi Mara, there was a bit of a glimpse of her shoe in one photo – it appears she is wearing pumps in either navy or black suede. We’re still watching photos for additional views.
      I have to admit, I tend to avoid reading any of the tabloids, etc. and the few articles I did see between yesterday and today were from TIME, Vogue and the – all positive and very refreshing. – SC

  14. I couldn’t wear a soft denim dress like that without looking like the proverbial sack of potatoes so I have to hand it to Meghan for being able to carry this look off with style. It looks like something that would be comfortable to travel in as well as attending a sporting event, and is clearly accommodating her changing body shape. Meghan is able to get a really nice ooking flat knot where I’d end up with something looking like parcel string.
    There’s a great touch of nonchalance in wearing her sunglasses at the neckline and any bunching of soft fabric in the dress is neatly covered by that very savvy cardigan blazer with its clean edge-to-edge style and plain collar. Smart casual to a tee. Loose hair is just right for casual and jewellery is so pretty, love those earrings. The fabulous Herrera tote adds a quiet touch of glamour while preserving the clean lines of the cardigan with its plain straps stitched onto the body of the bag and not attached via metal hoops. So great to see Meghan out and about again and looking so well.

  15. I like the denim dress for a tennis match. The best accessory however, is that Meghan looks like she is glowing. Can’t wait to see her in the upcoming engagements!

  16. The two J. Crew pieces don’t seem like they should be in the same closet, let alone the same ensemble. The “blazer” calls to mind Garnet Hill — good for the sophisticated yet grounded 40+ set — whereas the denim dress appears to border on fast fashion and looks like a go-to brunch number for a woman in her 20s. My guess is Meghan was planning on just wearing the dress (and would have looked great!), but threw in the blazer at the last minute when she thought it might be chilly without a second layer (it was actually in the 50s here in NYC yesterday AM, though it was in the 70s during the match). A woolen striped sweater would have been a better choice. As is, the combination is confused. I’d like to see the “blazer” on her with cigarette pants and flats.

    • Agree Luisa, I think not knowing what the weather would be here, as it was suppose to have been a little warmer, she may have grabbed it as a “just in case” while walking out the door of the hotel. I’ve done that myself or forgotten to pack a jacket/sweater to go with a specific outfit and I’m stuck with whatever I have and have to “deal with it”. I noticed she did take the sweater off during the match.
      We’re back at that time of year here (particularly on the East Coast) where the weather is so back and forth. By Wednesday we’ll be back up in the mid-80’s again (SUMMER IS NOT OVER! 😉 ) – SC

  17. Meghan, DOS .. so glad to see her supporting Serena. She looks fabulous. She must feel so much relief knowing she doesn’t have to feel the pressure that Catherine, DOC has to endure. Unfortunately the British society will put/pull her down for this, but Diana , I’m sure would have approved. Bravo…

  18. Great to see Meghan at the tennis and supporting her good friend. Wish the press and the fashion police would stop hounding the poor girl. I think they have forgotten this is not a royal engagement but is purely a friend supporting a friend. Totally disgusted in how she is treated. Great win by the young Canadian girl, I watched the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looks like purple is goung to be the in colour for tennis players over the next few months.

    • I think saying the press is hounding Meghan over this trip is a bit overstated. Reportedly, she has been friends with Serena for over ten years, but I have never seen her seated in Serena’s friend’s and family box at any of the matches before this one. (I have followed Serena and Venus since they were teenagers.) When a member of the BRF leaves the country and her 4-month-old baby to sit in the middle a potentially history making sporting event, televised world-wide, and she is seated next to Serena’s MOTHER no less. Well, what do you want the press to do .. . just ignore that? I think “the poor girl” as you call her knew exactly what she was doing.

      • Donna – Meghan actually has sat in Serena’s players box at Wimbledon in 2016 along with Anna Wintour ( We have actually shown this in previous posts I believe, regardless, it’s the images of Meghan in the black dress and suede Ralph Lauren sandals.
        I think it’s great that Meghan took a break to go and support her very good friend at this important match once again. Serena is so “hungry” for that next major win as a MOM – it’s extremely important for her to win that “next one”, not only for herself but for her daughter. I really don’t think it has anything to do with it being number 24 or 25. It’s much more than that. Serena will do it, it’s just a matter of when she will do it. – SC

        • For anyone who follows tennis closely would be fully aware that that Meghan has previously sat in the Williams family box at grandslam games.. Yes I do think the press are hounding her…you only have to pick up any newspaper, magazine, social media post about Meghan and they are being unkind and negative across all aspects of her life, not just the trip to New York. I am not sure if any of the stories have ever been confirmed through the royal house or can only be described as speculative and trashy journalism. 60 minutes even featured an extremely nasty and negative story last night featuring “so called” friends talking about the relationship. Is this really news….let us celebrate all the wonderful things the Royal family do and especially as they welcome a new member into their family.

          • Unfortunately, we’ve allowed the discussion to drift away from fashion. We approved some comments that really don’t fit within the context of our comment policy. It was late at the time and we skimmed over various comments that needed closer examination. While occasionally we do veer off the topic of fashion (the Vogue issue post was an exception) our main focus on the site is What Meghan Wore, Meghan’s fashion and covering the engagements she attends (charities, patronages, tours, etc.). Our apologies to anyone who may be upset with the direction of any part the comments/discussion.

      • Donna, you are wrong…Meghan has sat with the Williams family before at the tennis. Love the dress by the way, looks relaxed and comfortable.

  19. As a Canadian, who lives a half hour away from Bianca Andreescu, it is truly wonderful to see her win. She is such a good athlete and gracious person. BRAVO!!!!!

    I like the simplicity of Meghan’s dress and denim is a good choice for a tennis match. The sweater is also nice. I prefer her hair down as it gives a softer look. Hope Meghan enjoys her break.

  20. Markle has always looked better in cheaper more casual clothes like this dress which suit her short waisted shape better than the expensive designer clothes that are made for taller women. She almost always looked better in her pre Royal Family days than she has recently.

    • I agree completely Olivia. Loved her style pre-wedding. She has yet to find a style that fits her and her role as a member of the BRF.

  21. Happy to see the Duchess at the US open and supporting her friend. But as a proud Canadian, I have to say that I am even happier that Canadian Bianca Andreescu won!!! Whoo hoo!!! First time a Canadian has won a Grand Slam title!!


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