Meghan in Head to Toe Victoria Beckham for Commonwealth Service

The Duchess wore a Victoria Beckham ensemble for today’s Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey.

This was the first Commonwealth Service Harry and Meghan attended as a married couple.

Below, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving just ahead of Meghan and Harry.

Here we see Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive.

The Duke of York and Her Majesty arrive.

Each year the Commonwealth chooses a theme to provide a focus for activities. The theme for this year is ‘A Connected Commonwealth’. 

From the Commonwealth Service program:

The Commonwealth offers opportunities for the people, governments, and institutions of this richly diverse worldwide family of nations to connect and cooperate at many levels through far-reaching and deep-rooted networks of friendship and goodwill. The theme encourages collaboration to protect natural resources and the environment – particularly, with the adoption in 2018 of the Commonwealth Blue Charter, of the ocean which connects so many member countries.”

The Royal Family noted on Twitter:

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth, which represents a global network of 53 countries and almost 2.4 billion people.

Once HM arrived, the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall, Dean of Westminster and the rest of the royal family proceeded up the aisle. Dr. Hall conducted today’s service. 

The Dhol Foundation performed a Drummer’s Reel.

The Duke of York and Duke and Duchess of Sussex watching the drummers.  

Clean Bandit, an electronic music band from Cambridge performed as well today.

The band members consist of Grace Chatto and brothers, Jack and Luke Patterson.

Prime Minister Theresa May read from 1 Corinthians 12: 14–26 at this year’s services.

Many performers from across the Commonwealth took part in today’s service. Below, William Barton, the internationally-acclaimed didgeridoo player, performs “Kalkadungu’s Journey”. Mr. Barton is a member of the Kalkadunga people, from Mt Isa, Australia.

Tenor and actor, Alfie Boe performed an a cappella version of the song ‘Run’ written by the Northern Ireland band, Snow Patrol.

The Secretary-General of The Commonwealth, Rt Hon The Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC, leads the Act of Affirmation to the Commonwealth.

From Westminster Abbey Twitter:

‘We affirm our belief in the Commonwealth as a force for good in the world, and pledge ourselves to its service, now and for the future.’

Lurine Cato and the B Positive choir performed an uplifting rendition of ‘Rise Up’.

Meghan clearly enjoyed the performance.

Macebearer Panayiotis Krashias leading the procession out of the service.

HM The Queen leaving the service. Meghan and Harry speaking with members of the choir as they leave.

Meghan receives flowers outside the Abbey.

Meghan and Harry speaking with members of the choir as they leave.

Now to what Meghan wore for today’s service, an ensemble of Victoria Beckham pieces. We start with the Printed Crepe Long Sleeve Midi Dress ($1850), from the designer’s AW 2019 collection.

Made of 100% viscose, the piece is midi-length with long sleeves and a full, flowing skirt. It also has a scarf-effect collar and an open back (second photo from right above), although we don’t know if Meghan’s dress features those design elements.

Many thanks to Laura for another terrific ID.

There are other pieces in the collection using the chain motif, including a Silk Crepe Blouse, along with a Sleeveless Dress and Knit Trim Blouse

Meghan’s coat is also from the Victoria Beckham AW 2019 collection. It has an open front, long sleeves, besom pockets and a wide band at the back.

Meghan’s shoes are also from the AW 2019 Collection, the Satin Pump Style ($590).

Currently, the shoes are only available in yellow, orange and pink.

Meghan’s clutch is also by Victoria Beckham, the Pocket Clutch in satin.

The clutch is currently available in leather, $490.

Our thanks to the UFO No More team for sharing their information about the pieces.

All pieces Meghan wore today from the Victoria Beckham AW 2019 collection will be available later this year on her site.

The Duchess wore her hair up, topped by a cream white pillbox hat.

We do not yet have an ID for the hat.

Meghan brought back her Dean Davidson Signature Midi Knockout stud earrings, $145

UPDATE: We’re thinking Meghan wore the Black Diamond Gold Pair Ring from I+I Jewelry, £145 – about $190 at today’s exchange rates. She also had on her Catbird NY ‘Threadbare’ ring, $44.

Thanks to @Solidmoonlight on Twitter for tip!

Finally Meghan wore another piece we have seen several times before. It is a diamond tennis bracelet that we are thinking belonged to Princess Diana.

She wore the bracelet while on the Royal Tour in Fiji and Tonga.

The fashion recap from our WMW Instagram account:

Victoria Beckham dress, coat, clutch and shoes / Dean Davidson earrings / Pill Box hat



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  1. What bothers most about this dress is the lack of pattern matching at the seams. I know to some that will see petty but a well made outfit should be pattern matched, so that you don’t lose the pattern over the edge of seam, it makes for a cleaner look. I’d have thought for a designer brand, this would have been a give. My eyes are drawn to where the chain doesn’t run over the seams. Again though it looks ill fitting over her bump, though a real shame as the whole look put together looks lovely.

  2. The outfit is nice, but the hat is too big! And perhaps if it wasn’t white, she wouldn’t look like an old-school nurse :/ I think the only successful wearer of pillbox hats was Jackie O, and I don’t think hers was that big in proportion to her head.

  3. I think she looks great! However, my first thought was that the hat does resemble a nurse’s cap. I also think the dress wouldn’t look as great without the coat on . It appears from where bottom of the bodice lays she just ordered a larger size as opposed to having it made into a maternity dress. I still think she looks great and I liked the idea that some else mentioned of a green hat to match her shoes. I think that would rectify the nurse look of her hat.

  4. It’s so interesting to read people’s comments on what they like/dislike in an outfit. I had never really thought about a dress being an inch or two longer than a coat. If the coat works and the length is off by a few inches, it’s never bothered me. Obviously having the right coat for an outfit is important but if a dress is slightly longer than a coat, I don’t consider that a huge no-no. Interesting that some people do.
    It’s great to see her in Victoria Beckham on such an important British holiday. I personally am not bothered that Meghan doesn’t constantly wear British labels but if there was ever a day to wear a British label, she nailed it with her choice. The pattern of the dress is fun and a bit edgy but toned down with the coat over it. No idea if it is an open back but she had the neckline altered so I wouldn’t be surprised if the dress didn’t have an open back either. Really enjoyed the green shoes and clutch.
    As for the much debated hat, I don’t hate it but I don’t know if I love it either. I didn’t really think about the nurse hat resemblance until it was pointed out as I was born way after nurses stopped wearing hats like that. I think the severe middle part of her hairstyle is throwing off the look because from some angles the hat looks fine to me. When it’s a head on picture, the middle part is distracting and throws off the flow of the hat.

  5. No one appears to have noticed the significance of a chain-link pattern in the context of a celebration of A Connected Commonwealth! What could be more apposite? I think the DoS was not only appropriately dressed for this, but ingeniously so, in a subtle way. I agree about the mismatch of coat and dress lengths, but I think overall she looked very good. She hit the mark of appropriateness, something she seems to be still learning.

  6. This is a great look, but I think just a smidgen too long, which is bringing it dangerously close to “dowdy” territory, and it seems to have crossed that line in some photos. The dress itself is a fun print without being inappropriate. I hope Meghan gets it tailored (and hemmed!) after pregnancy, I would love to see it again in warmer months with the open back. The hat as a nurse’s cap was not my initial reaction, though it did jump out at me in some of the pictures in this post. The accessories are a beautiful shade and a nice warm contrast to the white. I just wish there wasn’t so much fabric swallowing up Meghan’s tiny frame.

    • I too am very surprised that she is wearing the long coat! The DOC never wears coatdresses that are long!
      I too thought the hat looked like an old fashioned nurses cap. That being said….love the rest of her ensemble!

  7. Well I have read enough nasty comments today about Meghan and her appearance. Call them what you like, dress them up into what you might call constructive feedback but I think the commentary is really going too far. I am sure I will await the barrage of ….but it is a fashion website…..we are being constructive….it is personal taste…..Just another case of women being negative about other women!!

  8. I was wrong in my Links of London comment. After seeing another wrist photo from a different and clearer angle, it was definately her diamond bracelet.

  9. I’m sorry but the whole look just looks so matronly and baggy to me. I think Meghan is gorgeous but she really is not doing herself any favors in these clothes she’s been wearing. I understand she needs to look conservative but you can be pregnant, conservative, and look attractive at the same time. Who is styling her? She used to dress so cute back in the day .

  10. I read something today about Meghan, where she said that her fashion ethos was that (I paraphrase) a perfectly styled outfit has to have something messy to be perfect, even if it’s messy hair or make-up. I found this so revealing in explaining her style. Maybe that’s why she wears skirts dangling below coats and on her perfect wedding day, had messy hair!

    • Elizabeth, I have read this also. But the logic baffles me. It is like having a beautifully decorated dining room, with a basket of laundry sitting on the table. Or having an exquisite garden of flowers, with a huge weed patch. It may be Meghan’s fashion ethos, but it opens her always to criticism.

  11. If I paid nearly 2k for a frock I would expect a better seam match than the one On Meghan’s dress. I’ve seen better on dresses from Asda. That is especially so with large print designs. Having said that, it could be a nice dress but again a strange summery choice (ref the open back) on a cold blustery early spring day. I share the concern re the nurse’s cap. The coat is a good piece – but how many lightweight cream coats does any one need? And it being shorter than the dress was distracting.
    However, Meghan is now beginning to get to grips with formal dressing and this is a good platform from which to build. Kate took a couple of years to find a consistent style and actually I hope Meghan doesn’t do so. I prefer the constant surprises.

  12. I don’t love this look. For me, I think it was ruined by the hat, which resembles a nurse’s. I’m also not keen on the chain-print dress – that particular print is all over Zara right now (a knock-off of Versace’s designs) and makes the dress look cheap to me! Nothing against Zara though – I shop there all the time. 🙂

  13. Love this look! I think Victoria Beckham is a perfect designer for her and should totally wear her more often. I like the shade of green on the shoes and think they added the perfect touch to the whole ensemble.

  14. I’m thrilled to see her wearing pieces that fit! I wonder if the the metallic brocade (though with a fitting coat and different shoes) worn for Charles’s reception would’ve been better flip flopped with this. Minus the nurse’s hat. I love her bag, shoes, and jewelry. She looks beautiful in this shade of creamy white.

  15. Normally I don’t comment on outfits that aren’t my favorite or that doesn’t work on her but this time I just need to let it out so to speak. 🙂 I love the dress and shoes and clutch. That is about it though. I feel like the coat overwhelmed her and kind of took away from the beautiful dress. The hat needs to be thrown into the nearest bin. It was so distracting for me.

  16. The green shoes and bag! Stunning. And I am loving the fabric and color of the coat; Meghan looks so lovely in that crisp winter white. Like others, I agree the white pillbox hat, particularly with the center-part hairstyle, isn’t quite right. There are so many lovely elements to this look, but the hat demands all the attention. I actually think the same hat with a very simple coatdress would be lovely. I also agree that the dress hanging longer than the coat looks like an oversight, and rather puzzling too as it must have been intentional. But that is being picky. I truly applaud Meghan for what she has done this year and the scrutiny she endures. I cannot imagine being newly married into the RF and pregnant for the first time on the world’s stage. I hope she and Harry get a good bit of time and peace to enjoy their new baby.

  17. My thought on seeing the first picture was not nurse, but “mature bride”, like something you would see at a second wedding.

  18. Upon first seeing the pictures of Meghan over on WKW I thought she had on black or darker shoes but as someone pointed out (and I lightened my screen) they are green which makes me like them even more! I like the detail or shape at the top of the heel. The pillbox hat is too cute and makes the whole thing so ladylike and chic. The bag is great too, I have a weakness for kisslock clutches.

  19. This is one of my favorite outside she has worn. The dress is so lovely I hope that she decides to have it taken in after she has the baby.

  20. Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite designers and is the perfect choice for Meghan in so many ways, but this look falls just a little bit flat for me. I love the nubby cream coat and the dress fits Meghan wonderfully (the benefit of working with a designer who’s been pregnant several times!), but I’m not sold on the chain print for this formal of an event and the dress should absolutely not be longer than the coat.

    I think that one is unlikely to avoid nurse comparisons with a white coat and pillbox hat, no matter how chic the individual pieces are, and it’s a little bit difficult to not see that here. I would have LOVED to see the hat done in the same green satin as the shoes and bag (both of which are absolutely gorgeous). This is one of those looks that could be flawless with a couple of minor tweaks, and I’m excited to (hopefully) see Meghan and VB continue to work together.

  21. Yeah, I agree with others. The coat and dress are perfectly nice, but the hat is a bit tragic. Pillboxes–especially gigantic ones like this–are never my favorite, but in white it’s just too nursey.

    I do *love* the shoes, although *only* in the dark green, which to my eye is very elegant and classic. I don’t like it in the brights.

  22. Another stunning coat and dress ensemble! I especially enjoyed the coat being lined in the dress fabric. Those details really elevate a look for me. I agree that Victoria Beckham is a natural fit for this duchess. Wow. Stellar ensemble and a touch of retro with that hat (which I initially disliked) but has grown on me. I love how it curves and dips up around her updo. Extra points for the sumptuous satin green accessories. What an elegant use of color.

  23. I love this look. Her ring is off she is probably swelling all over at this point. I know people don’t like the dress longer than the coat but it seems these days that is the style.

  24. I really like this quiet but interesting and sophisticated look. The pattern seems perfect for this flowy dress, and the darkish green shoes add just the right amount of colour punch.

  25. Meghan is simply glowing! I am so excited for the next royal baby to be born. I think the outfit is great but the hat is just not working for me. It looks like she is holding her head so it won’t fall off.

  26. I might die of joy from that hat, such a brilliant shaping, I love the way it rises crown-like from her heard and the curved shaping on the sides is milliner poetry. I’m blown away at having a whole outfit by VB who is long overdue for getting this kind of quality exposure. I feel she and Meghan were made for each other, as Meghan wants to observe all her royal protocols, but preferably with a twist. VB can deliver an impeccable tailored twist like no other.

    I’m especially made-up that Meghan picked out the chain print which I thought had only just appeared on VB’s last runway outing. It’s so cleverly done, taking a funky theme and turning it into sinuous feminine fluidity – a thing of beauty!!

    If there is a flaw it might be that the dress is longer than the coat, and, given it’s by a small amount, the look is one of carelessness rather than style. But who doesn’t like a little carelessness in dress? Otherwise the full-length cream coat is simply superb and quite Queen Mother in its way, a matching coat-dress outfit belonging to a different generation. I think the choice of green accessories was also stellar, such a beautiful laid-back shade, gently chiming with the pattern colour while giving enough definition to prevent the outfit fading out into blah. Something Meghan of course is never likely to do!!

    • I agree 110%! With all of it, but that hat is amazing and the accessorizing using that luscious shade of green was A+ level Duchess-ing.

    • ElizaMo, you always find a way to see the positive in everything! Even when there is something you don’t necessarily like, you find a way to see the good in it. Your comments are always cheerful and positive, and that makes them a pleasure to read.
      Not that there’s something wrong with not liking something — but you amaze me with your ability to like everything!

    • My apologies, Lee, I knew the day would have to come when I’d be called out for too much niceness! I sometimes wonder that I might be bending a little too far over backwards to find positives. In Meghan’s case, I feel I’m walking on eggshells given the virulent attacks I’ve seen elsewhere on anyone who so much as questions a hem length. We are lucky to have such a well modded space here.

      I’m also aware of how one slightly negative comment can sometimes be picked up and become an unintended avalanche of disapproval — I fear the ‘nurse’s hat’ tag might be on the way to that this time. And then I’m further aware of my own capacity to change my mind, and that’s a case in point here. I’ve said initially I didn’t like the longer dress under the coat, but now feel that the coat is lighter for being shorter and therefore a break from some of the heavier coats Meghan has worn. Every time I look at this outfit Meghan just looks more beautiful!! Thank you very much for reading my comments. I especially like the idea of ‘A+ level Duchess-ing’ from Twinmama!

  27. It took me a moment to get past the fact that the duchess appeared to be dressed in costume as a 1940’s nurse. However, once I was able to ignore the hat, I actually quite like the outfit. The dress was a nice creamy shade with an interesting print. I feel that the material of the dress was romantic and soft on her pregnant shape. The coat was nice and a lovely shade of cream, and the green accessories elevated the look nicely. My only gripes were the hat (obviously) and the hem falling below the coat.
    I have question for everyone though. It may be a matter of protocol, but why was it necessary for the duchess to change for this event? I understand that she changes when different events in one day call for different attire (sporty, casual, formal, etc.), but today’s earlier Erdem ensemble (of which I wasn’t a fan) was equally dressy, if not more so.

    For example why couldn’t she have worn the cream dress and jacket to the earlier event and then possibly added the hat (or a different hat in a perfect word) and perhaps changed to the satin purse and shoes for Westminster? Is that considered low class? It just seems easier and more economical to me.

  28. Oh dear. The dress is so awkward on a pregnant body with the mismatched waist seam pushed forward across the belly, and it looks sloppy hanging out below the coat. The band on the back of the coat seems too low to give any shape or structure. I’m just mystified by the avoidance of proper maternity wear, which would be infinitely more flattering than the sized-up pieces she chooses.

  29. I immediately thought the chains motif was a strange choice for this particular event. Chains are so easily symbolic, usually with negative connotations.
    Love the green shoes with this outfit! Hat is not my favourite.

  30. Just love this stylish outfit, have been a VB fan for years and love the edgy styles, cuts and fabrics whilst still looking fashionable.
    The hat is amazing, have been looking at fashion mags from across the globe for upcoming horse racing autumn racing season here in Aust and the pillbox continues to grace the fashion pages and is currently on trend. Meg is certainly leading the way wuth headwear.

  31. Erdem green ensemble was very chic and appropriate. This one: of course the hat is a miss. The dress alone is really pretty for a springtime engagement.

  32. Love the concept, especially using green accessories, but the length of the dress is wrong; it should not show below the coat and actually makes HRH look swamped.

  33. I think the coat is lined with the same fabric as the dress, it looks that way in the far right of the three photos next to one another.

    Also seems that as of today Meghan is no longer wearing her engagement ring.

  34. I guess the Duchess felt a very conservative look was in order for the service. She feels a bit lost in the dress with the ample skirt and very long length. And a white pillbox hat is hard not to read as “nurse” no matter what the ensemble.
    Loved the Erdem outfit earlier today; this one is a little harde to love. Yet, I continue to be incredibly impressed that she can do a deep knee bend at this stage and in those heels every time she is presented a posy!

    • Oh dear, I seem to have missed out on a theme here, I never thought of a nurse when I saw the hat! I think it comes up too high for that, though that may be down to how nurses wear them. This one reminds me more of a kokoshnik style tiara, altogether much more regal. And no nurse’s cap would have that elegant shaping at the sides to accommodate an updo.

      • I wonder if the hat might have worked better if it were more shaped like a kokoshnik tiara coming to a peak in the center? Other than the hat, I loved this ensemble. Great texture in the coat, and hurrah for the dress! Loving Meg’s embrace of patterns.

  35. I love this ensemble! I love the dress with the green print – it fits so well and the color of the green shoes and pocketbook! The hat is cool. All around I love her in white. She looks fantistic.

  36. Coat should cover skirt but otherwise I think it is quite nice, including the nurse’s cap. Not sure if it was intentional but Camilla, Kate and Meghan’s outfits represent the colors of the Union Jack.

  37. The dress and jacket are spot on. The nurse’s hat is a total miss and a great detraction from an otherwise flawless outfit. Really, Meghan is not a pill box girl — and that one in particular is terrible.

  38. I quite like the print on the dress, but don’t care for how the skirt hangs below the coat. The colour of the shoes and purse compliment the dress nicely. The hat is a miss. Directly from the front it looks like a nurse’s cap or one worn by a sailor. Given the green in this dress, it might have looked good with the morning’s, green Erdem coat. It would not have been as bulky as the green dress and the higher neckline would have filled in the bare look.

  39. That tragic nurse’s hat throws the whole outfit off IMO. And didn’t feel the coat worked with the colors of the dress. Sorry


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