Meghan In Casual Styles for Invictus Games Tryouts

Meghan was in casual pieces for today’s Invictus Game tryouts at the University of Bath Sports Training Village.

This is the third year in a row that Team UK trials have been held at the world-class facilities.

The athletes are competing to be on the team for the Sydney Invictus Games in October. 

Those Games will run from October 20 – 27. More than 500 competitors from 18 nations will take part.

The games were created by Prince Harry; the inaugural games were held in London in 2014. More about the name:

The word ‘Invictus’ means ‘unconquered’. It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post injury.

Below, Meghan and Harry with competitor Mark Ormrod.

The UK’s team for the Games is a partnership involving the Ministry of Defence, the Royal British Legion, and Help for Heroes.

Meghan confirmed to people at today’s tryouts that she will be attending the Sydney games with Prince Harry.

From Rebecca English’s story in The Daily Mail:

Meghan Markle today revealed her first confirmed foreign tour as a member of the Royal Family – a visit to Australia in October.

Prince Harry’s fiancee let slip that they would definitely be travelling to Sydney to watch the royal’s inspirational Invictus Games later this year.

There is significant chatter that Meghan and Harry will do a tour of Australia and New Zealand before or after the games.

Rebecca English tweeted a video of the two shortly after they arrived.

Many competitors had their own cheerleaders.

More on the Games from Somerset Live:

The international sporting competition allows injured, wounded or sick personnel and veterans to compete against each other in a variety of sports. Prince Harry created the competition.

The first Invictus Games took place in London in 2014. This year’s event, in Sydney, Australia, in October, will be the fourth time the games have been held.

Rhiannon Mills of Sky TV noted on Twitter that “Prince Harry always makes an effort to come to UK team try outs but this time at least 3x more tv crews and photographers have turned out to see…” the couple. Below, you can see a few of the journalists on hand to chronicle the day’s events.

Emily Nash of Hello! shared this video of the couple meeting competitors.

Many readers will recall that the first time we saw Meghan and Harry together was at last year’s Invictus Games in Toronto.

Meghan very much seemed to enjoy herself today.

The duo met athletes, family members and volunteers. Below, with Kelly Ganfield and her family; Kelly is visually impaired, she competed in last year’s games in Toronto.

Then it was time to head to the volleyball venue; there was a quite a crowd eager to see the couple. It’s tough to believe, but the wedding is just six weeks away.

Team Bath Facebook (Click photo to visit page)

Here you see the couple with Jayne Kavanagh, Chef De Mission for the UK team.

Kensington Palace shared a quick video of Meghan and Harry at the volleyball venue.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore for her visit with Prince Harry to the West Country.

We’ll start with her coat. The piece is by Babaton, a house brand for Canadian retailer Aritzia The company launched the Babaton line in late 2015; it’s been so successful there is now a freestanding Babaton store with more planned. Meghan’s coat is the ‘Lawson’ style in a colorway called ‘Monterey’ and retails for $245 US. It is made of 100% Lyocell in a cut that features many design elements seen on a classic trench coat: the collar, sleeve straps, deep storm pockets and a deep yoke on the back. The garment is an open style front without a button closure, and it does not have a belt.

UPDATE: Aritzia is currently taking orders for the ‘Lawson’ trench coat in the ‘Monterey’ color with ship dates close to August 14, 2018 according to the site. Most sizes currently available here.
The coat also comes in a variety of other colors as well.

Meghan wore a pair of jeans by a brand she is fond of, Mother Denim. Our thanks to Richard Palmer of The Express for sharing photos of today’s event on Twitter. We’ve seen Meghan in this pair before, the Runway Bootcut style. The jeans are crafted of a cotton/poly blend with a touch of elastane for stretch and comfort. They are available in very limited sizing at Nordstrom Rack ($79.97). The shirt Meghan (as well as Harry) is wearing is one designed specifically for the team; a similar style is available at Rebel Sport, seen below. It does not have the yellow tipping at the collar and cuffs like that seen on Meghan and Harry’s shirts.  We haven’t yet identified Meghan’s boots. Meghan did not wear earrings today, but she did have on some of her signature rings. In the upper right image below you see the ‘Threadbare’ 14-karat gold ring by Catbird Jewelry. The piece is available at Net-a-Porter’s UK site where it is £45, about $65 at today’s exchange rates. It looks like the ring is sold out on the US Net-a-Porter site. Below right you see the Vanessa Tugendhaft Infinie Promesse ring in 18K gold with pave diamonds (€1290, roughly $1600).

Meghan’s Precious Clover necklace is also by Belgian-born designer Vanessa Tugendhaft, and the jeweler is based in Paris. Many thanks to Charlotte of Mad About Meghan for getting in touch with the company and sharing their verification the necklace is their design.

A non-apparel or accessory note, it looks like Meghan hair is shorter; it seems to have been trimmed and highlighted.

Team Bath posted a 50-second video of the day’s events:

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  1. I really like this look on Meghan. In contrast to some of the other commenters I’m a big fan of the oversized coat this time around, and I find she pulls this particular style off well, maybe because she is so petite. I won’t be wearing bootcut jeans myself anytime soon but Meghan wears them well. I agree with others that sportier shoes (with shorter jeans) may have been more appropriate for the event. Overall I think Meghan is getting a bit more used to these events and that shows in her smile – confidence makes the outfit!

    That coat, though… If I hadn’t already spoiled myself with coats this past year I would definitely be considering this one. Though as someone who uses a bike has a major transportation mode I wouldn’t get much use out of a coat that doesn’t stay closed!

  2. There’s not much to remark upon here. Her standard jeans, a team polo shirt, and …another coat in a drab neutral that swamps her. So far I’ve seen very little that would lead me to believe she has much of a style at all, other than slouchy coats that look too big, some with huge, flopping lapels, and badly tied belts, and a predilection for very high heels. I’d never heard of Meghan Markle until her name was connected to Harry’s, and have never seen an episode of Suits. I’m not sure I’d consider runway shots at events a real indicator of her “style.” At any rate, none of this is meant in an unkind way — I’m one of the posters who loves her messy buns. Wanting her in a ponytail and sneakers, looking “sporty” is Kate, not Meghan, I think.She’s a very pretty woman, who should lock those coats away in a closet.

  3. I have to agree with Jessica. I don’t really like the coat and I think casual shoes or sneakers would have been a better choice. Harry and Meghan are really a cute couple!!!
    On a side note – I just read that Erdem is hiring a new PR person and more staff possibly because they are designing the wedding gown. Very exciting!!

    • Nooooo not Erdem!!!! Nooooooo. Oh God, it’ll be full of ruffles and high necks and loud floral prints plus the dreaded dust ruffle at the bottom!!

      • ralph and Russo also hiring PR person)) I doubt it will be either one of those. Besides her dress 99% done by now. We are going to see very clean line dress with some modern twists

  4. Love this look Meghan looks so nice and relaxed. I love those jeans and they suit her figure perfectly. I can’t tell whether her boots are heeled or not. What do you think?

  5. I like that it seems Meghan is picking clothes from her existing wardrobe where she can. She does a good job of accessorising and clearly enjoys working on her look but as someone else mentioned, when she’s done, she’s finished and off getting on with her day. She seems to take fashion seriously up to the right point when she can move onto something more pressing.
    My only other comment is how incredibly happy everyone appears at this event. Its great to see.

  6. I think she looks great, nice coat and the color is really pretty for her. But I think the trench style coat and, more importantly, the high heels are an unusual choice for an athletic-type event. I think a shorter jacket and sneakers (or at least flat shoes) would have been more appropriate for the day. Especially, as one poster said, since they were not in the stands, but walking around on the track, etc. The heels just look odd and out of place. Her hair looks lovely down/a little shorter, and I’m thankful for no messy bun — yet, ironically, it would have actually been appropriate on this day of all days (or a pony tail) since the event is more athletic/more casual.

    This is one of those events where I see Harry and am so happy for him that he finally has “his person” to share these experiences with, after so many years of being on his own. Especially events related to Invictus, which I know is his love. In terms of Meghan not hanging on him today, I think that’s great. Maybe it’s a sign that she’s getting comfortable and no longer needs the additional “support”. And maybe it was direction from the palace. If it was, I would understand and agree with that. These events are supposed to be about the event and the people there, and the story should not be about PDA between the couple. Will and Kate are completely correct with the way they handle themselves at what are, essentially, work events. It’s nice to see that Harry and Meghan look like they might be following suit.

    • Outfit is appropriate with the exception of the shoes. But it is oh so drab. Meghan’s hair is nice. All in all there is nothing memorable about this look.

    • I have to agree about dialing back the PDA. It feels like we are seeing them out on a date most of the time as opposed to representing the Royal Family and their philanthropic endeavors. It’s great that they look happy, but the reason they are in the spotlight is because of the Royal Family. Harry seems to be enjoying himself as the centre of attention and while that’s fine too, as member of the Royal Family his role is promote and support social and charitable causes. It’s all been a bit ‘showy’ for me.

  7. I do like Meghan’s outfit today, very nicely put together. I will admit that since she’s come onto the royal scene it’s inspired me to up my style a bit, not too fancy or anything but just a bit more put together with one thing a bit out of sorts as is the Meghan way. 🙂 I like that she doesn’t strive for fashion perfection, with every hair in place and all prim and proper but rather like a woman who has a full life, is doing lots of things and not spending too much time/energy on her style. I feel that once she’s dressed and ready to go, that’s it she doesn’t stress about how she looks, she just gets on with her day.

  8. Thank you, Susan!!! I just love MM’s style and really do covet that trench coat. I own several Catbird rings and earrings myself, and just wanted to let you know that anyone interested in purchasing the Threadbare ring can do so directly through their site: They’re VERY delicate and tend to break easily, but they have many options for sturdier bands (like the Mignon!). I bought my very first Catbird piece about six years ago after I moved to New York. 🙂 I’m so happy to see Meghan sporting their pieces!

  9. This is actually the first time that I have thought Meghan’s look is kind of off. It’s a sporting event! And she wasn’t just in the stands; she was on the track and the court, hanging with the athletes. The long trench, bootcut jeans, and hair hanging straight down seem … underthought. A neat ponytail, some cute kicks, and some kind of sportier jacket would have been nice here. I love Meghan’s taste in coats as a rule, but that shapeless, army-green trench–especially paired with the black–just looks sad to me.

    • I think the trench choice was fine, I mean the Chef De Mission for the UK team was wearing a trench. But I agree with you about the boots and also think a pony tail would have been cute. And I think the trench could have been smaller, which maybe would have made it shorter. I liked the look overall though.

    • I liked the trench overall, and I didn’t even mind that she wore it open and flapping in the wind – it was an acceptable length for that much movement, and the shirt and jeans underneath worked with it. If it was closed and belted it would have been a smidge too formal for the event. I was surprised at just how thin it was, as the pockets of her jeans were clearly outlined through the material in the wind, so I’m guessing the lining is nonexistent or not much to speak of. A sleek ponytail would have been great here, but oh well.

  10. I think she looks just right for the event — casual but still polished given her role. I love that her hair is down although in the wind they seemed to have faced she’s probably wishing for the messy bun! Interestingly, this is the first time she and Harry aren’t holding hands, and in a lot of the Daily Mail photos he seems to deliberately have the hand nearest her in his back pocket as if they were told they needed to show less hand-holding and they’re needing to deliberately focus on not doing it! Regardless if that’s true, they look fabulous, her outfit suits her and the event perfectly, and she gets more and more beautiful every day. Such a fabulous cause to support.

    • I’ll be really sad if the “less hand-holding” is true. It’s very mild for PDA and conveys warmth and affection. I love that Peter and Autumn Phillips are great hand-holders, even after many years of marriage. I often wish Kate and William could be more affectionate in public. Even when she’s pregnant, he rarely reaches to help her navigate steps, etc, which is just basic courtesy.

  11. I think this is one of Meghan’s best looks so far, I find it more streamlined while staying true to her signature style. She looks remarkably well in black and I love seeing her sporting an Invictus top – definitely a team member now!

    I simply love the trench. The fabric looks wonderful, so fluid and comfortable, I can see why the coat’s a good seller, and that murky shade of neutral is a great foil to Meghan’s black uniform. It’s also less outsize than some of her tie-belt styles which may help me to find some extra polish in this outfit

    She seems to have embraced the bootcut with heels look and I’m ok with it as a fashion and also because I think there’s a whiff of Hollywood about it, casual-glamour if that’s possible. It’s her style and I like that she keeps to that as much as she can.

  12. In the second clip, I noticed that Meghan waited for Harry to walk on the field and then followed. This seems to be standard royal protocol. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this. To protect the woman?

    • Marie, I understand it as a seniority protocol thing. Harry outranks Meghan. Similarly Prince Phillip follows the Queen. How the younger generation chooses to continue with this (or not, or depending on the situation) will be interesting to see. Also, for this event, the Invictus Games are almost Harrys ‘baby’ in how much they mean to him, so this is much more ‘his’ event than hers, that could also explain her hanging back slightly.

    • That second clip was…surprising. Meghan didn’t immediately reach out to shake the athlete’s hand, which is a bit out of character for her, but within moments she completely turns her back on him and talks with the people behind her – ?? That certainly isn’t how she typically comes across, and actually seemed rude. She is ALWAYS so friendly!

  13. She looks cute, appropriate for the event and the weather, except for the shoes–which look fine with the outfit in general, but not while contemplating walking on non paved ground. Interesting that she goes without earrings a fair amount. That is one thing I always wear, along with my wedding ring, even if only tiny studs or hoops.

    • I completely agree with you. I feel naked without earrings, my engagement ring (married 13 years but no wedding ring – engagement ring style didn’t really allow for one, plus I moved to states on fiance visa to marry my US hubby, we got married at city hall but never got round to the ‘proper’ wedding where we’d have done ring exchange if we could make one work stylistically) and my right hand ring stack.
      Liking her jeans today and the top is perfect for the occasion too. Not sure on the shoes for the surfaces, and the coat I’m still deciding if I like it or not. I’m thinking it might once again be a little too big for her smaller frame. She has an incredible figure and I’d love to see her show it off with more tailored clothing.

      • I’m of the opposite feeling…I can’t stand earrings…I’ve actually let my holes close. I feel with her hair down, earrings are not necessary,


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