Meghan in British Brands for Commonwealth Service

Meghan chose an ensemble showcasing British brands for today’s Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey.

A video shows Meghan, Harry, William and Kate arriving at the Abbey.

This marks Meghan’s first official engagement alongside the Queen.

This is from The Telegraph:

Her attendance at the service marked a major milestone for the bride-to-be: the first time she has taken part in an official event with the Queen.

The day is also of deep importance to the Queen, celebrating the Commonwealth and its members she holds dear.

HM as she arrived at the Abbey this afternoon.

Organized by The Royal Commonwealth Society, the service is the largest iinterfaithgathering in the UK. It is led by the Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall, and it includes hymns, readings, speeches from community leaders and performances from artists around the Commonwealth.

Below, the London Maori Choir singing the call for Welcome.

More from The Express:

Commonwealth Day brings together people from countries in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Americas, Asia and the Pacific. There are currently 53 countries as part of the Commonwealth across the globe.

The annual celebration is observed every year across the world on the second Monday of March and this year falls on March 12.

One Direction star Liam Payne performed at the service, singing “Waiting on the World to Change,” a piece written by John Mayer.

The flags of all Commonwealth Nations as they are processed out of the Abbey at the conclusion of today’s service.

Children presented the female royals with flowers. More from People:

After the service, Meghan, Harry, William and Kate head into the square behind the Abbey for a meet-and-greet with school children before attending a reception. Meghan shared a sweet moment with a young girl who handed the royal-to-be a bouquet of flowers.

Meghan speaking with teens who attended today’s service.

Rebecca English shared a video of Meghan after the service.

Another view.

And Richard Palmer of The Express posted this video of the couple chatting with Iesu Williams from Wales.

A closer view of Harry and Meghan outside the Abbey.

From The Daily Mail’s coverage

Meghan Markle told well-wishers today she is ‘very excited’ about her wedding, with just over two months to go to the big day.

She chatted to schoolchildren and teachers outside Westminster Abbey after attending the Commonwealth service, her first official royal engagement with the Queen.

Meghan and Harry at the post-service reception in a photo tweeted by Television Malta.

Now to what Meghan wore for the day’s events. We begin with her coat by British designer Amanda Wakeley, the Sculpted Tailoring ‘Crombie’ Coat in cream.

The coat has a relaxed fit with on-seam pockets, a slight flare at the cuff, and a broad waistband; it has a hook and eye closure at the waist. In addition to being available at Amanda Wakeley ($1199) the coat is also offered at Orchard Mile ($1199). The Crombie also comes in midnight navy and in black.

Meghan also wore an Amanda Wakeley dress today, the Springsteen Tailored Midi Dress in midnight ($678).

It is made in a poly/viscose/cotton blend piece that has a touch of Elastane for stretch and ease of movement; the sleeveless design is snug, with a vee neck and the brand’s signature exposed zipper on the back.

The company was founded in 1990; Amanda Wakeley designs are known for their tailored, clean lines and feminine silhouettes. Kate has worn Amanda Wakeley; other fans of the label include Prime Minister Theresa May, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson.

Meghan carried a new bag by another British brand, Mulberry.

The bag is Mulberry’s ‘Darley’ style in the small size. The bag measures 5″ x 7″ and features the label’s notable postman’s lock on the front; it also has a detachable shoulder strap.

We saw Meghan in a new pair of Manolo Blahnik BB pumps.

Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Tora Heel, Pointy-Toe in navy suede

Like her black pair, the new navy style heels worn today feature a point-toe design and spike heel that is 4″. We show them at Barneys ($625) where they are offered in a broad variety of colors.

Meghan’s chapeau is by Stephen Jones.  It is a basic beret without embellishment or other design elements.

Thoughts from Bethan Holt in her Telegraph piece:

One of the tacit sartorial responsibilities of the royal family is to promote Britain’s hatters. After all, unless it’s a beanie or a cap, few of us have occasion to don our finest millinery unless we’re attending a particularly fancy wedding or race day.

But with their packed schedule of official services and ceremonies, the women of the royal family need an arsenal of hats to tick the dress code requirements. For Meghan Markle, Monday’s Commonwealth Day Service- her first official engagement with The Queen- marked a new tangent in her royal dressing forays as she put together her first proper hat-topped look.

A bit more from the Telegraph piece:

When The Telegraph spoke to Jones at an event to launch Royal Ascot’s latest dress codes last week, the milliner emphasised the beret’s formal credentials. “Absolutely, they are suitable occasionwear. It’s not only a big, flower-strewn hat that’s suitable for Ascot, as much as something quite simple like a beret,” he said. “In the 1930s, ladies did wear simpler hats like that sometimes, a white beret or something.”

Meghan’s earrings look much like the pair she wore in Birmingham last week (below left). They remain unidentified at this point. It looks like Meghan’s earrings are by Adina Reyter, a California based company. They are the Three Diamond Amigos Curved Posts in 14K gold ($498).  Many thanks to Meghan’s Fashion for the tip on these!


We’ll leave you with this video of Meghan and Harry, along with Kate and William, greeting people after the service.

A quick look at everything that Meghan and Kate wore today in collages done by Susan C. –

For more on what Kate wore, please visit our sister site at



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  1. I really like the nave blue and snow white colours together the popped collar on the coat is an odd placement and the beret is too small for such an event but i can see that she was trying to be different (in a good way)I love the shoes and clutch together and it was so cute that her heels matched kate’s.

  2. Well, I’m thrilled to see her in a dress, and I love the one she chose. It’s so elegant, and with that modern edge she favors. And I think it’s cute that the ladies seem to have coordinated their color palette.

    Despite the milliner’s assurances, I do think the beret feels much too casual, especially alongside the other hats on the scene. (I love the Queen’s and Sophie’s hats, such beauties!)

    Once again, she’s chosen a coat that looks like she borrowed it from someone two sizes bigger. She’s obviously a fan of the oversized silhouette, but unfortunately it tends to veer into looking like her clothes just don’t fit. I’d love to see her in something more tailored to her frame.

  3. I love Meghan’s entire ensemble! She looks very fresh and stylish while maintaining a proper air of tradition befitting her first engagement with the queen, and one in such a place as Westminster Abbey. My only quibble, and it’s really small, is with her popped collar. I love the idea of the popped collar, but my OCD tendancies wish that the inner material on the collar matched the rest of the coat. I would have loved to see her with the coat off—her Amanda Wakeley dress looks gorgeous. I continue to be quite thrilled with Meghan’s handbags—I want every bag she’s carried so far. Finally, I am a fan of the beret—simple, elegant perfection to me. Can’t wait to see what she wears next! Thanks to Admin for this sight—I am really enjoying it!!

  4. I want to like this outfit but I just can’t, it has the potential to brilliant but there are just too many little mistakes in the execution of the styling that drag it down. The hat is all wrong, for me it’s not just that it is a beret but the colour as well. A navy hat would have better balanced the outfit and helped to make the coat a statement piece. The jacket is poorly tailored, it is miles to big in the sleeves and the waist and her tiny frame is drowning because of it. Finally, I don’t understand why she has chosen (or been directed) to wear the collar turned up; the felt (?) of the underside of the collar is a different colour to the fabric of the jacket and indicates that it is not intended to be worn like this.

    • Darn! I had seen one photo of the underside of the collar with a contrasting color fabric, but I thought it was a trick of my computer screen :(. When she wore it turned up throughout the service and afterwards, I just assumed the jacket was designed with the lapels up.

  5. Meghan looks lovely. The coat is an interesting design, and it doesn’t swamp her as did her other choices. Her dress looks chic, a simple beautifully cut sheath. The length is perfect, too. Unlike several posters here, I love the beret. It’s as much a classic hat design as Kate’s classic and timeless “Tiffany” hat, and there’s something about berets that suit her face and style. I can’t see her in a fascinator at all — but perhaps that’s because I dislike them so much. Also, as an American, she’s probably unused to wearing hats generally, except for the more simple and basic styles like a beret. I hope she keeps wearing them.

  6. Perfection! This is the best I’ve seen Meghan look since she arrived on the scene. This is a polished outfit, that says, “Yes, I am ready to join the Royal Family and dress appropriately for the occasion.” In the past Meghan’s ripped jeans, messy bun and coats that swamped her, have not presented the correct image. This more controlled look suits her well. She has managed her hair, is wearing tights, her clothes fit and in every way she looks like a soon to be Duchess.

    • Totally agree! Let’s hope this is the start of a new approach — having her appearance reflect the seriousness of her new position. I’m all for injecting fresh air into the Royal Family but as we’ve seen in the past, sometimes too much is just….too much! I have seen photos of Meghan with her hair styled in an updo and she looks very polished; I do hope the wedding will be an opportunity for her to do something different with it, perhaps in conjunction with the first time she wears a tiara. I suspect that she has very little experience with wearing hats and a good milliner would be a great help for her – showing her all of the possibilities in shape and form and also which hats look best with which hairstyles. Perhaps more than anything, I actually thought the fact that she wore a pair of pantyhose showed a big shift in her attitude and she looked SO much better!

  7. I was very pleased to see Meghan embrace a couple of top British labels, and completely entranced by this coat. I love the flipped collar creating that pretty notch neckline, and am in awe of her not adding a necklace and thus remaining cool and uncluttered at the throat.

    I also like the low-set waistline with it’s neat single fastening, and the general roominess of the coat which references the outsize trend without swamping Meghan. I simply love that she sticks to dark daywear under the pale coat, so very grown up, and this is one gorgeous classic sheath.

    I like the clutch very much but am puzzled as to how the chain is showing. I make it a rule never to keep a chain on a bag if I’m using it as a clutch, and if by any chance the chain were fixed I would only use it on my shoulder. Just a personal foible, of course. The only time a chain would end up like this with me is if I were caught out in some way and had to make hasty adjustment from shoulder to clutch. But I would have thought there would have been enough notice of this event for Meghan to have sourced something that would work without a peeping chain.

    And I understand that Meghan’s a big fan of the Blahniks but I find that ultra skinny stiletto too vampish for church. Still, I suspect there must quite a culture shift for Meghan in moving from red carpet full-on sexy mode to restrained and dignified royal, and in my view she’s coming on in leaps and bounds given how polished this outfit is overall.

    I’m smitten by the neat beret, which combines fun and chic in totally appropriate way. Even better it helps keep Meghan’s hair away from her face. I wonder when she might adopt more ways of fixing her hair back as she takes on more royal duties. It really can’t help with meeting and greeting to have great hanks of it falling over her face all the time.

    • Both Kate and Meghan are wearing sky-high stilettos. I don’t see them as “vampish,” rather impractical for walking on slick cobblestones. I think high heels affect both their postures in negative ways.

      • Agree with you about cobblestones! I have no idea how ladies in heels can stay upright on such a medieval surface 🙂 I was wondering if the Blahnik seemed more ‘vampy’ to me because the heel is straight to the top where the Sanderson is more shaped. But looking at them again there’s little to choose between them and I don’t object to Kate’s so I may have to reconsider Meghan’s!

  8. I think Meghan looks extremely elegant and I love her outfit. I wish the coat was tailored more at her waist. I understand it is designed to be a relaxed fit, but it comes across as just too big on her. If it was nipped in at the waist this would easily slide in as my favorite Meghan outfit to date.

    • Agreed – the width of that band, combined with the relaxed fit, made it seem larger. I was so close to rating this her #1 ensemble.

    • Agreed. When I first saw the pictures I thought she was swimming in the coat. Now I do think it is part of the relaxed fit, but could have maybe been tailored to fit her frame better.

  9. What an interesting coat! It seems to have sort of a dropped waist on Meghan, who is short-waisted. That’s a very different silhouette from Kate, who is long-waisted, even though they are both so slim. As a fellow short-waisted woman, I’m very interested in this choice, which I might not have made, thinking “it really doesn’t fit me”. But Meghan has made a design statement by allowing it to sort of ‘rattle around and reveal’ the dress beneath, in a way of wearing that the manufacturer’s photos don’t suggest. Very different from the DoC…nice as a variation!

  10. I like this ensemble, but it is not one of my favorites. The positives first: I love the colors, navy and white, even if she didn’t choose them herself–she looks great in these neutrals; I also love Meghan’s penchant for simple, minimal shapes and styles which this outfit admirably demonstrates; lastly, I would guess that the dress (if we ever get to see it without the coat) looks fabulous on her and showcases her lovely slimness. However, I feel that Meghan could easily get a tailor (or a better one) to assist with fitting her clothes more flatteringly to her body type. Meghan appears to have a short waist and long legs–not an altogether bad combination–but one that requires good tailoring to achieve fits that look flattering on her very slender body type. Additionally, I also do not care for this hat, I think I like it less than the first hat she wore in the public eye (at the Christmas service). She looks as if she is struggling with the English custom of wearing hats. Overall, I would give this look a thumbs up, though I think the coat and hat detract minimally due to elements in both that I do not care for.

    • I think that dress looks divine, she really knows how to rock a classic sheath. I like the way the exposed zip has been handled at the back, classy and not too out-there. Also like that length on her, very grown-up to touch just below the knee. Definitely some class tailoring there.

    • I like Meghan’s minimalist style as well, and I agree that if she tailors her clothes a little more fitted to her body she would look fantastic. The one element of this coat I wasn’t fond of was the wide band at the waist that had a 20’s feel, rather boxy from top to hem, but Meghan’s slim figure could handle it. I didn’t see any photos of the dress without the coat over it, but in reading ElizaMo’s comment about the dress looking divine, and class tailoring going on, apparently there are some photos out there, will have to look. I didn’t get a good read on the dress underneath the coat to be able to appreciate how it fit her figure. But no question, it’s a nice ensemble. I also liked that her freckles shone through, good that she’s staying true to herself on that front. 🙂

    • Meghan looked absolutely gorgeous, fresh, chic and fit in perfectly. These are two very different women and whilst they are both commoners married and marrying into the royal family, it is wonderful to see so far their own unique personalities.

      NOTE: Admin edit

  11. Looked amazing and the colours complimented each other and also the event. Loved the hat, small, elegant and not a grandiose design that screamed at the simplicity and elegance of the outfit. A huge winner and can’t wait to see more of M and her impeccible elegant style.

  12. Meghan and Kate look lovely, but the queen looks like a dream!! The color on her is heavenly, and I absolutely love the print on her blouse/dress. She looks so fresh and springy!

  13. I absolutely love this outfit except that hat. The hat looks like a scoop of vanilla icecream is melting on her head. But otherwise, stunning. And I would love to see that dress without a coat.
    Thank you, Admin for starting this blog. This is the first post I have read.

  14. I’m sorry. I hate the hat! Ok, not really the hat but the hat at this event. This is her first hat event, she should have done something more grand than a beret.

  15. Overall a great look!
    I do think that it’s time to move away from berets. I don’t find them flattering on her and long to see her step it up a bit. A good milliner can help.

  16. While I haven’t been a fan of what she wore so far, today she looks great 🙂 Dressed up, properly accessorized and put together. Well done 🙂 Doth mine eyes deceive me or is she wearing a pair of nude tights? So far she’s been very casual in her engagements and very pared down on the jewelry. I hope that after the wedding she’ll step it up a notch.

    • I was glad to see the tights as well. I’m a bit puzzled when folk react so strongly against them, in my own mind they are simply normal wear for a British woman. They are an essential layer to help fend off chilly damp British weather; bare legs would be misery in the cold.

      • I agree that the tights/panty hose are a good idea. Not only do they add a layer of warmth on a cold day, but they also make for a more polished look. The legs on most women are far from perfect. They can be blotchy, have bruises, have spider veins, or varicose veins. Tights, even nude ones, help to disguise all this. Unless it is a steamy hot summer day, I always wear panty hose for dress up occasions.

      • Also essential when wearing the sky-high heels they both insist on wearing. Sheer tights allow the foot to slide instead of forming bunions and callouses. I show my nursing students x-rays of feet subject to heels over 2.5 inches—not a pretty sight. They keep podiatrists busy.

      • The hatred of pantyhose is definitely an American thing. Most women over here will simply wear pants (and they really don’t care about how formal the occasion, whether it’s church, a wedding, a funeral, or work) if it is cold and damp. And, when women do wear dresses they simply get self-tanner put on to make their legs look better. Personally, on the rare occasions that I do wear hose, I have started getting them imported from the UK as you guys have a much better color and texture selections than what can be found over here. To give you more insight this article from 2015 ( about how Kate was sparking a mini-hose revolution in the US pretty much sums it up, and not much has changed in the last 3 years.

      • Pantyhose, hose, tights, stockings and the like – are common here in the US as well, it depends on the time of year and office setting or event. For Business Formal attire or in any office hose or tights are a must for women. As a matter of fact in some company handbooks it is in the dress code description. The company I work for it’s a given and expected particularly in Executive and client meetings/functions or in our NY office for example – women wear pantyhose or tights. The overall appearance is more “polished”.
        The Wolford tights (or similar style) are sometimes common. I will wear those in the Winter months when wearing a skirt or dress to the office along with boots or coordinating footwear. In the Summer months, when it’s unbearable – you are expected to still wear pantyhose/hose – however a more lighter weight sheer is often seen. It is the proper thing to wear. Occasionally, in business casual settings, wearing a longer skirt midi-length or below knee length skirt/dress – you can sometimes get away with not wearing hose and it’s “ok”. – SAC

        • That’s interesting. It must be dependent on the area of the US you are in as here in the Mid-West (Ohio) I have seen people show up at formal weddings (evening in a church with the bridesmaids wearing long formal dresses), funerals and church services wearing shorts in the summer time, let alone see them wear hose with a dress or skirt. As for corporate businesses you’ll see some dark colored tights in the winter time, but as soon as summer comes it’s bare legs and sandals with skirts.

        • Living in the Bay Area in California, pantyhose and tights are basically nonexistent, from receptionist to executive. High heels, often open-toed, or strappy sandals, are very common. Personally, I find it noticeable because surely their legs must be freezing? And good luck finding them in department stores out here, the stock is minimal at best.

  17. Thanks for the great photos and post WMW! I really like Meghan’s ensemble today, from the beret to the shoes I like it all! I think it’s going to take me a bit of getting used to her coat game though, after 7 years of Kate’s fitted coat dresses seeing Meghan in her looser fitting coats always jars me just a bit but then after the first look I’m pretty pleased with her choice.

    The more I see of Meghan’s style choices the more excited I am for the wedding, especially the dress and tiara (hopefully a tiara)! In fact, her style sense has got me thinking about updating my work wardrobe. I work in a very casual office but I’m thinking that some nice black and navy trousers with some neutral tops might be a bit more classy. Like Meghan I favor a very monochromatic palette, mostly dark greys, white and navy and she’s provided some fashion inspiration for me. I do wonder though what her spring/summer style will be like. Dresses? Colors? it will be interesting to see.

    • Lauri – I will try and populate older ID pieces in the gallery with a focus on Spring/Summer to give you and other followers and a sense of her wardrobe for summer months – what we might see from her in the future. 🙂 – SAC

    • I remember looking forward to the wedding of Amal Clooney given how sassy her day wear picks are. Then on the big day she came up with something positively conventional. So I’m just wondering if the business of actually tying the knot might see Meghan revert to traditional shapes and styles instead. And there must be a tiara, surely?

      • ElizaMo,
        I just remembered reading somewhere that when Meghan was asked about wedding dresses (a few years ago) she said her ideal dress was Carolyn Bessett Kennedy’s dress, designed by Narcisco Rodriguez.I’m sure you’ve seen it — a beautiful, simple floor length white sheath. Given Meghan’s penchant for minimal and streamlined, I keep expecting to see her in something similar. It was a lovely dress and very different from what was popular at the time. Then again, she could appear in a million ruffles and fluffles.


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