Meghan and Harry Make A Surprise Visit to Northern Ireland UPDATED

NOTE: As of March 26 Meghan’s shoes and sweater have been IDed. The new info is down the page.

Meghan and Harry made an unannounced trip to Northern Ireland today. Below, the couple is welcomed by MP Karen Bradley.

Details of the trip were not revealed for security purposes.

This was their first joint visit to Northern Ireland.

As many readers will remember, they have also visited Cardiff, Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Their first stop was the Eikon Centre in Lisburn for an Amazing the Space event.

Amazing the Space is a peace-building initiative that encourages young people to be ambassadors for peace in their communities. The endeavor was launched by Prince Harry last September.

From a BBC story:

The couple surprised a huge crowd of unsuspecting children when they arrived to take their seats in the front row for the event.

They received a rapturous reception as they entered the performance arena to watch a fusion of song, dance and uplifting messages from young people as they delivered their “peace pledges”.

Back to the BBC story:

They briefly joined some of the performers on stage at the end of the event when they were presented with a picture of a “peace tree”.

Northern Ireland Office

There were about 2500 students at today’s event.

After watching the performances, Meghan and Harry met students who have participated in Amazing the Space activities.

More from Us Weekly:

“You’re trying to educate the older generation, which is just amazing,” Harry told the schoolchildren who gathered at the venue. “Well done. Clean the slate, guys. You got this!”

Meghan viewing some of the peace pledges.

We return to the Us Weekly piece:
Ryan McCallion, a 17-year-old who welcomed the couple to the exhibition center, said he was impressed by them. “They were so humble and down to earth,” he said. “I felt they’d be up on this pedestal but they brought us together and made us feel almost equal. They were really interested in what we were doing.”

The couple also met organizers and volunteers.

The next stop: Belfast’s iconic Crown Liquor Saloon, more commonly known as the Crown Bar.

The saloon dates back to the 1880s. More from the Belfast Telegraph:

Harry joked with Heather McLachlan, the National Trust’s director for Northern Ireland, asking “Are you open?”, before declaring “We want food”.

His fiancee added: “We saw the menu last week, and said ‘We’ll have this’.”

Ms Markle revealed that they had been anticipating their trip to the well-known pub, which is owned by the National Trust (NT) and famed for its ornate decorations.

Omid Scobie posted a quick video of the couple leaving the restaurant.

Meghan and Harry did a walkabout after lunch.

Northern Ireland Office

You can see there were sizable crowds on Great Victoria Street eager to meet them.

In this video from ITV’s Chris Ship Harry and Meghan are chatting with 5-year-old Jude Campbell, who had a Cadbury egg for the couple. That was until he decided that maybe it would be better if he held on to it for himself.

Harry and Meghan then visited the Belfast campus of a science park where entrepreneurs work. In this video you see the couple being welcomed; you can hear him say ‘It’s very cold’ in this video from Radio News.

Catalyst is a non-profit created to support the knowledge economy. Meghan and Harry met some of the innovators working in the facility.

They heard about some of the projects and products being created at the science center.

More from The Daily Mail:

During a visit to the Catalyst Inc science park, Meghan, 33, made it quite clear she and Harry, 36, are already planning their first child.

Gesturing towards an innovative baby bath made by a Northern Irish firm she quipped : ‘I am sure at one point we will need the whole thing.’

(Bonnie and Imke point out in their comments the ages are mixed up in the Daily Mail piece.)

The Belfast City Council shared a video from the Catalyst engagement.

Meghan and Harry’s final stop was Titanic Belfast,

The duo was welcomed by six-year-old Jackson and younger sister, Rosie Jackson, who is four.

Titanic Belfast is located on the site of the Harland & Wolff shipyard where the Titanic was built. A quick video from Kensington Palace.

The multimedia exhibits and interactive galleries showcase the story of the Titanic from her conception in the early 1900s all the way through the construction and launch stages.

Signing the guestbook.

Richard Palmer of The Express tweeted a photo of Harry and Meghan’s signatures.

Richard Palmer, The Express @RoyalReporter

Back to The Daily Mail article:

The bride-to-be praised the warmth of the Northern Irish people, commenting: ‘It’s been lovely. Everyone has been so warm and friendly.’

Now to what Meghan wore for today’s whirlwind visit to the Belfast area.

She was in a mix of British and Canadian brands.

Meghan wore the Mackage Mai belted wool coat in Sand ($750).

Mackage Mai belted wool coat with waterfall collar in Sand

On the Mackage site the coat is described as a maxi-length, wool and cashmere blend with leather trim welt pockets at the front, waterfall asymmetrical wrap closure with a tie belt at the waist. The coat is also available in black, light grey, rose and a gold color.

Meghan also wore the Victoria Beckham sweater initially seen in one of her engagement photos.

More from The Daily Telegraph:

Beckham is thought to now be a personal friend of Ms Markle’s and is a name in the running (albeit at the back of the pack of pacemakers) to perhaps design the dress.

UPDATE MAR 26: It looks like Meghan is wearing the Victoria Beckham Cashmere Sweater in ivory.  

The piece is 97% cashmere and 3% Elastane (for stretch and ease of movement). The jumper is a pullover style with a classic crew neck and ribbing at the cuffs and neck. It is available at Harrods in all sizes ($1029) and in very limited sizes at StyleBop ($945).

Meghan’s skirt is by Greta Constantine, also a Canadian brand. Designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong are known for their styles crafted in a distinctive jersey knit fabric.

The company says Meghan is wearing their ‘Kace’ skirt in teal. The pencil skirt with its flared hem is done in the label’s signature fabric, a poly/elastane blend.

The brand doesn’t offer ecommerce; on its Instagram it links to retailer Farfetch. UPDATE MAR 28: The skirt is available for pre-ordering at Tres Chic in Montreal ($409 CAD / $317 USD / £224); at Miami’s En Avance ($445 USD); at Andrews in Toronto ($445).

Meghan’s handbag is by Charlotte Elizabeth, the brand’s Bloomsbury style.

Charlotte Elizabeth Bloomsbury Bag in Chestnut

The brand has a fascinating background story. It is funded in part by The Princes Trust. More about the entrepreneur from a Daily Telegraph article:

In 2014, when she was 19, Charlotte had attended a four-day course in entrepreneurship run by the organisation (which is headed up by Markle’s father-in-law to-be, Prince Charles) and had learned how to set up a fashion business.

She had left school at the age of 16 due to heart complications, and this course gave her the valuable skills she needed to set up shop, however two weeks after the training, she suddenly became paralysed.

More from Caroline Leaper’s Telegraph story.

“I had a heart operation in 2012 and I had to leave school at 16 because of it,” Jones previously told The Telegraph. “I couldn’t get A Levels or go to uni, and it was hard to find employment because of my physical health conditions.”

Jones has done a phenomenal job of starting her label – something that many recovering from such difficulties with their health might not have attempted – and with support from The Prince’s Trust, she has developed her product line, made with leathers sourced at a British tannery, and stitched in Buckinghamshire.

Charlotte Elizabeth Facebook

In a March 11 post on her Facebook page Charlotte Elizabeth Jones wrote about the two year anniversary of her brand.

A heartfelt thank you to anyone who takes time to message, like my posts, send letters, share my story and purchase my products. Your support means more than you could ever know. Thank you for enabling me to live out my dream

This is sure to be another case of the Meghan Effect. It is terrific to see a young brand receiving exposure like this. Our guess is the Prince’s Trust or people associated with it will be able to assist with the massive influx of interest and orders.

Meghan’s shoes are by Jimmy Choo, the Romy style. We haven’t determined precisely what color Meghan is wearing.

The Romy is a style basic for the brand, available in a broad mix of colors and materials. UPDATED MAR 26: Jimmy Choo corporate has confirmed for us the color is ‘Oxid’ and the shoe is from the brand’s Cruise ’18 collection. Here you see the shoe in Oxid in the ‘Marti’ style.

Meghan did not wear earrings today, but she did have on a ring we did not recognize. You can see it on her thumb.

We will update as soon as we learn anything more about the ring.

We’ll leave you with this photo of Meghan and Harry.

What did you think of Meghan’s look today?


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  1. The casual jumper doesn’t go with the formal skirt and a pencil style would of looked more chic!I don’t mind the coat but she should of buttoned/belted it up for her formal role and the hair does look youthful but too fly-away for a royal role also when inside she should of handed her bag to an assistant to really engage with the hosts and waiting guests.

  2. I think the messy bun and modern urban aesthetic of her outfits communicates that she’s here to do real work, side by side with an easily dedicated partner. She’s not just about cutting ribbons and posing for pictures. She always appears completely and effortlessly engaged, as if she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and work. Personally, I love it, even though my style is much more “done”.

  3. My grandmother told me that if I couldn’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all, So I am keeping my mouth shut !!

  4. Love the bag and the story behind it! I went to the website-there is a 2-3 month wait for one of those bags now! I’m sure the Meghan effect is going to be a great boon for that business! (And I really want one of those bags!!!)

  5. Meghan seems to be gaining polish with every outing. This outfit has a clear businesslike feel with the use of neutral block colours and absence of print or significant jewellery. Her debut of a pencil skirt has echoes of her acting role in Suits although it also boasts a characteristic casual twist with the flippy hem.

    She has a fondness for neutral tie belt coats which is beginning to look uniform, it took me a while to believe this is actually a new coat. I love the rich dark green of the skirt giving definition to the whole and I’m impressed that we already have a wardrobe repeat via the VB top while we’re still only in fiancée mode.

    The hint of contrast colour via shoes and bags is expertly handled, the shoes being such an unusual shade. The razor-thin heels work perfectly, almost literally spiking things up, but so elegantly. I notice how we have another hand-held bag with a handle which is still roomy enough to allow the bag to slip on to her wrist. The whole look is also improved by an updo, and I wonder if Meghan is beginning to explore more ways of keeping hair out of her face while meeting and greeting. With such flyaway hair it looks as if she could have quite a job on her hands.

  6. Just weighing in on the variety of comments. I think the colours go well together. She looks casual but not dressy and yet still looks polished. The messy bun is a reality these days for many women and a matter of personal taste, but also practical for a windy day when a pony tail would be too casual and loose hair would be blowing all over her face. If Jessica Mulroney is still styling her, she’s doing a good job!

  7. Perhaps because this was a surprise visit that she was more casual? I loved her look but I agree that what she wore was casual and her hair fit the outfit as well (casual).

  8. After having read some comments, I just have to say that I love Meghan very much. Her face is glowing with kindness and hapiness. I thought Kate’s smile was the warmest before, but Meghan rivals her in that. I do love her style too. She has those bags (!!!!!!) that I envy, but also somewhat calmer, more casual pieces. She doesn’t seem like she tries so hard to please. I can totally see her as a princess, but a sweet princess, one that looks even more approachable and open than Kate. It’s a huge achievement in my book. Thanks for creating this website and way to go Meghan!

  9. Reading through the comments, there are several references to Meghan wearing the colours of green, white and orange, a nod to the tricolour flag of Ireland. If indeed the shoes are meant to represent the orange, then Meghan is committing a major faux pas. The tricolour is the flag of the free state, the Republic of Ireland. Harry and Meghan were visiting Northern Ireland, or Ulster, a separate country from the Republic and a part of Great Britain. The flag for Britain is the Union Jack. There is a long and very complex history, that divides the two countries and people need to know this, especially Meghan. At the very least Harry or an advisor should have picked up on this.

    • I also caught the tricolor flag reference but I agree that this was perhaps a bit of a faux pas and one that might have been avoided if she had an official stylist (I think I read somewhere that she does her own styling.)

  10. I think Megan’s doing a nice job of trying to fit her own look into her new role. I’m sure it will develop as she grows into her new position but she’s only a few months in with the world watching and doing a great job of mixing her own style with what’s appropriate and adding some quirky, meaningful touches (that fabulous bag) in too. Anything else would look contrived or that she was copying someone else in the family. I like her use of colour and think she looks smart. A ‘messy’ bun is relatable and age-appropriate. A tidy chignon would look bizarre. I’t will be great fun to watch how her style develops but for now, she’s doing very well and I like it!!

  11. Meghan is gorgeous and knows what suits her. Even though she may have a stylist, Meghan has a strong say in what she likes to wear and what she is comfortable in. She seems a practical sort of person and will wear trousers often like Queen Letizia of Spain.

  12. On the subject of the bun, it doesn’t bother me at all. There’s something kinda chic and funky about it that I like and seems very much to suit her.
    I’m afraid I have nothing else “nice” to say, unfortunately. She looks as if an airline has lost her luggage, and she’s wearing the only things she had with her. The coat swamps her, and when left open and unbelted, is the ultimate in disorganized outerwear. Because nothing “matches” at all, all I see are separates, literally and metaphorically, slapped on. There is nothing to tie the look together at all. Even her purse, which is beautiful — so enjoyed the info about the company — doesn’t fit in with her look, such as it is. It’s too structured and formal. I like some of her style/outfits, and have been indifferent to others, but somehow this crosses a line into unacceptable for her new position in life. By that I don’t mean to suggest that she become a “conservative” dresser, or model Kate, or anything like that. But she needs look like she puts thought and time into what she chooses to wear. I personally dislike skirts of that cut on anyone, but that’s neither here nor there. But how about green shoes? And maybe a green patterned scarf? Maybe a green and orange and white patterned scarf? As it is, she looks like she rolled out of bed, tossed on some clothes, and left in a hurry. It’s a mess.

  13. Can I first say, she appears lovely? Truly engaging with people. The way she looks at Harry is how everyone wants to be loved. BUT I must agree with the posters that this is too messy to be professional or pulled together. The messy bun doesn’t bother me but she should embrace it and stop tucking her hair or pin her shorter hair. The amount of time she touches it makes it less polished. The sweater and coat are too big. I have said before she needs a good tailor. I am sure she is tiny but she is swimming in this clothes. Then the colors! Orange, green and white. Was she trying to mimic the Irish flag? If she came In for an interview, I wouldn’t hire someone dressed like this.

  14. Is it possibly a replicate of the tricolour? Teal/green skirt, creamwhite coat,/orange shoes. Maybe not, but either way she looks amazing.

    • Her shoes are actually more of a brown/amber hue than orange. Some of the images we’ve seen they do appear more brown. Thinking it’s the daylight and all hitting the shoe giving off the different color hues. 🙂 sac

  15. Meghan and Harry look very in love and very happy. I love her skirt and her bag, she has carried some beautiful bags and I don’t think she should feel pressured to carry a clutch simply because Kate does, either style is appropriate. But I also find myself agreeing with Bonnie’s unmade bed analogy. I feel like the coat, while a pretty style, is too big on her again. And I honestly just don’t understand the messy hair, which I personally don’t see as a “chic messy bun” or in any way a “chignon”. It looks too casually thrown together, almost unkempt, especially when she is representing the royal family. I understand in theory the look she is going for and if she was out on the town with Harry, that would be different. I’m really hoping she veers away from this hairstyle after she is married and takes on more official duties.

  16. She connects so well to everyone she meets. Looks at them while they speak, responds in a natural way – really important, and apparently a bit of a surprise to at least one person today. I get what people are saying about her hair, but I don’t fully agree. It was an in and out kind of day, and it was windy. They were with kids, then in a pub, and also greeting people on the street. If she’d been buttoned down, with lacquered hair (which probably would have blown straight up in a huge hunk; we’ve all been there), I don’t think she would have connected as well with people. Catherine is the wife of the second in line; Meghan is the intended of one who is about to be sixth in line. Big difference, so I have different expectations.

  17. Love everything!! The green skirt is everything!! Love the story behind the bag and I think she knew exactly what she was doing by carrying it! I personally really like Meghan’s hair up like that and obviously she does too or she wouldn’t wear it as she does. I wish there were less complaints about it and calls for it to be worn down (I’ll also point out that there are always calls for Kate to wear her hair up, but obviously she likes it down — I.e. no one will ever be satisfied!) I really love Meghan’s personal style and she always leaves me wanting to peek into her closet!!

  18. She always looks nice – I think she is trying to find her style separate from DOC. She really needs to find a hairstyle that works though IMO – messy buns are fine for shopping, yoga and the gym but not for a working royal. It gives the appearance that the meeting or engagement is not important to her so she doesn’t make the effort to look smart.

  19. Love the colour combo. Envious of the shoes, I can’t wear stilettos. Not keen on the skirt style either A frame or pencil would have been better. The thrown together style is very French, very Clemence Poesy (Google Parisian style to get low down)Think opinions will remain divided, personally I think it is great.

  20. The whole look is a mixture of beautiful but rushed. I loved the colours. Meghan is beginning to think of colours outside her black/tan/cream palette and her transatlantic eye is pulling some lovely combos together. That is very much to her credit. And she always remembers the US/Canadian/UK markets. Very tactful of her. However, I think her shoes do not fit her. The shoes for the engagement, the joint event with the Cambridges and today’s shoes seem to swamp her feet. I am looking forward to seeing her in shoes which fit and which hopefully are more comfortable for her as her wardrobe becomes refined. All in all I liked the look and the colours but would like maybe one notch higher up on the professional image.

    • It may be that one foot is slightly smaller than the other – I noticed this and I actually go through this myself. Plus your feet slide forward in high heels – 4 inch to be exact – and that will do it. So it may be something that can’t be helped all too much at times.

      • I heard that models and celebrities deliberately wear a half to whole size larger to accommodate standing all the time, with their feet swelling, the larger fit ends up being more comfortable although it looks strange and ill-fitting to start with… makes sense to me!

        • You are right, it could be a deliberate comfort decision, but to have shoes/sandals which gape along the sides of the feet as well as being longitudinally too long (sorry for all the odd descriptive words I’m just not sure how to describe the issue) can’t be supportive and comfortable. Plus, I feel it downgrades the overall look: I think the gaping strappy shoes nearly spoiled the engagement ensemble. I really hope she looks after her feet (gosh, I sound like my grandma!) once she truly is on the royal team and gets some shoes which perform on all those fronts: style, support and comfort.

  21. I think the colours are great and work well on Ms. Markle as well as together, although I would have preferred leather shoes to go with the handbag (that’s a personal preference of mine, nothing against the outfit). I am not sure about the coat style though, all her coats with the exception of the one at Westminster Abbey, look like bathrobes to me, too oversize and lacking in fit. I’m not a fan of “messy buns” as they are just that, messy… but the relaxed style is so easily elegant on Ms Markle. Mainly a good look with a couple of tweaks necessary to lift it.

    • Olive – I saw that one as well. The ring resembles it but we’ve now seen some other images of it close-up and it appears to have stones in it and is open. That Birks one is beautiful though! – sac

    • Sartorial faux pas! Ireland is an independent country, Northern Ireland belongs to the UK. Ireland’s flag is green white and orange. Northern Ireland’s flag is the union jack blue white and red.

      NOTE: quick admin edit

  22. Just a technical post, you don’t have to publish it. But your font is all over the place, in the middle of the paragraph the letters get smaller and then back to bigger.

  23. I love this ensemble, the colors work so well together and it is an ensemble I would wear anytime. This is what I like the most about Meghan’s style, the ease and the subtlety un-done look, not too polished or too perfect because seriously who has the time to be perfect and polished all the time? I’ve seen folks on other sites comparing her to Kate and how Meghan should dress more like Kate and I just don’t get that. Each woman is uniquely her own, with her own sense of style and what clothes make them feel good. I hope that going forward Meghan will continue to stay true to her own sense of style and will continue to wear what makes her happy and confident.

    • I agree, Lauri! Half the room critiques her style as not being “royal enough.” If she were to start dressing exactly like Kate, the other half of the room would critique her for changing her style and forgetting where she’s come from. I think both women have beautiful and distinct styles that reflect the locations and culture of their respective upbringings. I personally love this look and think even the sleekest of hair styles would’ve become messy in that wind…but I’m a west coast girl from the States.

    • Totally agree!! I like how different they are —Meghan is more fashion forward and Kate is more classic and I personally love the juxtaposition! Meghan and Harry can be a little more casual and relatable bc they don’t have the weight of the commonwealth on their shoulders and I find that refreshing!

  24. I personally love this ensemble but also her seeming commitment to be herself rather than a polished up version. This makes her more accessible, I think!

  25. Beautiful skirt (I have one in a similar style in gray, and it looks great with boots, which would have been more suited to the cold), gorgeous handbag, and lovely smile.

    • Julie, as much as I love Meghan, she would’ve ruined this chic look with her slouchy boot styles. Imagine that style of boots with unmade hair. I’ll take cold legs. 🙂

  26. I like this ensemble of Meghan’s quite a lot. In fact, it is in the running to be one of my favorites of hers so far. I do, however, agree with Bonnie above with the “unmade bed” comment. I feel too that Meghan could look more polished with some easy and unfussy edits… For instance, simply having her hair pulled back in a sleeker ‘do would bring her look together beautifully. On the other hand, I guess it is becoming apparent that Meghan quite enjoys a significantly unfussy, almost thrown-together look… The fact that she isn’t wearing earrings makes me imagine she runs around getting ready in the morning hurriedly grabbing things out of her closet and putting her hair back and running out the door… I enjoy that visual somehow though, as if she is enjoying her life and new responsibilities so much that she can’t take the time to fuss too much over her appearance.

  27. I love this look! Interesting mix of colors. I am a fan of all things green. And I do love that shoe color with the teal.

    I disagree about this being a messy bun, it is a chignon type of updo, not lacquered into place with spray or a net. It is certainly a bit more ‘undone’ than a sleek and formal style, but it works beautifully as a professional and stylish hairstyle. I’m a big fan of this hairdo!
    I love that Meghan is meeting so many parts of the United Kingdom before her marriage. She seems eager to learn about all the history, customs and culture of her new home.

  28. I like the skirt and love the bag. However as others have mentioned, I really hate the messiness of Meghans look today. I know it’s a style choice but the oversized clothes she has been choosing just don’t look appropriate, it looks too casual and thrown together. Perhaps if she had a fitted top instead of the slouchy jumper, then it might look OK. The combination of the oversized coat, the baggy jumper and the messy hair just is far too casual. I also dislike the bare legs, far too cold for that in ireland/uk at the moment.

  29. I love the color combo of the green skirt and rust colored heels. It’s so earthy and natural and comforting. I personally love her style, that comfortable, cozy, lived in feel. In 2018 I committed to buying no new clothes, but she is seriously making me want to break all my promises. I must be strong!
    On another note, I’m adding Titanic Belfast to my bucket list. When I was in elementary school I was obsessed with the history of the Titanic disaster. So visiting at some point in my like is a must.

    • Thank you Imke, for letting us know. We don’t alter quotations from other publications, but I will make a note the ages are mixed up. 🙂

  30. Absolutely love the skirt and the shoes are to die for — can’t wait to find what color they call that! Love the combo of colors and she looks stunning — with that pre-wedding-bursting-with-joy-and-excitement glow. The coat is lovely although she really needs to have a longer waist to pull off the tie-style she loves. I have to agree that the messiness — which must be a deliberate style choice because she’s not clueless — is a bit too much for a royal engagement. The continued messy bun, open coat, and slouchy sweater, etc. seem a bit not right. I keep wanting to reach into the photos and pull down her sweater so it falls neatly. But she looks so beautiful and happy and professional with the shoes, bag, and skirt I can’t criticize. I love them and her and they are clearly doing great ambassador work everywhere they go.

    • And overall she carries this look with so much panache and confidence, she really does look professional and chic, despite my reservations.

  31. I like Meghan very much. She is personable, warm, enthusiastic, articulate and engaging. But this is “What Meghan Wore” so I have to comment on her appearance and I’m sorry to say, in a negative tone. She looks so thrown together. Her hair is in the dreaded messy bun. She has bare legs even though it is cold in Northern Ireland. Her coat Is again oversized and slouchy and left open, is blowing in the wind. The combo of colours, to include beige, white, green and an orangey tan do not coordinate or enhance. She is like an unmade bed…you can have lovely linens and pillows, but if the bed is unmade it is a mess.

    We know Meghan can be well turned out, as seen at the Commonwealth Service with the Queen and other Royals. In my opinion, Meghan needs to seriously up her game as she joins the British Royal Family. Other Royals, even when in casual attire. still look neat and appropriate. Meghan is below the standard of expectation that is required in her new position. It is possible for her to be true to herself, but still look polished…she did prove this at Westminster Abbey, earlier in March. .

    • Wow, this is just not what I see at all. I think she does look neat, appropriate, and very polished. As fond as I am of matchy-matchyness (I mean that sincerely), I am enjoying the mix of colors, which I think is inventive but still muted; not an easy trick.
      Meghan’s look is more modern, more urban, more midtown professional, than others in the royal family. That may or may not be your (general you) taste, and it may well change with time, and that’s fine. But there’s nothing substandard or inappropriate about her look today.

      • Completely agree, Jessica. I think playing with colors adds interest and fun. I love how much personality she seems to have. And let’s be real. Her hair makes her relatable, lol. How would have had good hair in all that wind. I would have preferred my hair up, too.

      • My thoughts exactly, Jessica. I thought the whole look was J.Crew chic (except for the to die for purse). However, due to the wind, I do wish her hair was styled to stay tucked behind her ears.

    • How inappropriate can you be in a wool coat, tailored skirt, pumps and a lovely cream coloured sweater? Wearing her coat open makes her seem more approachable and if her hair were in a sleek updo, it would make the whole ensemble seem too polished for these casual, daytime engagements. I believe one of Meghan’s style principles is to always have one “off” element in her outfit (see the fantastic Meghan’s Mirror blog). Sometimes it’s an upturned collar or a scarf around her neck or an oversized coat. Today it just happened to be her hair (although I do wonder why she wouldn’t wear earrings). Having said that, as she enters the British Royal Family, there will be occasions where it will be inappropriate to have “off” elements in her outfit such as State occasions or services at Westminster Abbey or St. Paul’s and she has definitely demonstrated that she understands and knows how to dress for those occasions so far. But, I think for more casual engagements like today’s, it OK for her to have a more laidback, modern look. She’s still representing the Royal Family well and looks lovely, modern and stylish doing it.

    • I disagree as well about the messy bun but I’m not surprised as Bonnie and countless others keep pointing it out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the messy bun is here to stay! Many may not like it and that is fine. But the fact of the matter is many women around Meghan’s age, myself included, wear messy buns in casual and formal situations. The severe pulled back look à la Princesse Anne is not very flattering in my opinion and looks very outdated. Meghan’s messy bun and loose hair is modern and chic and makes her look more approachable than some of the fussier hairstyles I’ve seen on Kate. Also it is entirely possible Meghan doesn’t like hairspray and I don’t blame her for it, I loathe it as well. I don’t like it when my hair is dry and straw like. We can agree to disagree but I for one hope Meghan keeps rocking the messy bun. It makes the royal family seem less uptight and stiff.

    • Bonnie, as someone commented below, Meghan is not clueless. She knows what’s appropriate and suitable for her position. I think she will wear more polished looks when necessary for the occasion and venue, as proved by Westminster Abbey. I expect to see such a look in June at the Trooping the Colour.
      Initially, I too, was disappointed at her choices because I had different expectations and wanted to be wowed. But now, I think these looks are great because we will be so excited and the internet will explode whenever she dons a “duchess” look – for lack of a better term. It also means that we won’t get bored. Perfection can quickly be tiresome.
      Also, judging by Harry’s past girlfriends, he seems to like the free spirits with casual styles. So, let Meghan be Meghan.
      Speaking of looking polished, have you seen these pictures of Meghan?:

    • I have to agree with Bonnie, I’m afraid. Regardless of the fact that she is not yet married to Harry, Meghan Markle is representing the Royal Family, and as such should follow the standards that the females are expected to follow when on a visit. I appreciate that she does not want to be a carbon copy of Catherine, but ‘ALL’ Royal Families are expected to look put together when out in public. Apart from the beret, the outfit she wore at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service her outfit was lovely.
      I would of thought that she would have worn hosiery. Northern Ireland in March is not the warmest of places. And the hairstyle, had she got up late and just scragged it back as she climbed on board the aircraft? I hate coats that are meant to be buttoned or tied up, left undone and this further added to the unpolished look.
      In my opinion, not a good look.

  32. The Daily Mail seems to have reversed their ages, which is an interesting mistake to make. Meghan, of course, looks lovely… and has such lovey-dovey eyes for Harry.

  33. The way Meghan looks at Harry ?? so lovely. I like her style so far, although playing it safe. But extra points to the shoes!

  34. She really is such a beautiful woman. The coat and shoes are to die for. I am also becoming fond of her closet full of cozy, cream-colored sweaters. And every time you post, I think to myself, I really do need to start wearing multiple, understated rings on each hand.
    I am enjoying the midi-lengths she has been gravitating toward for skirts and dresses. It’s not flattering on everyone, but it certainly is on her, and it’s kind of ideal for situations in which you will find yourself sitting in the front row opposite a press corp.

  35. Love it! Absolutely love it. And I really appreciate the story behind the bag. It looks like the classic heritage look Coach used to have.


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