Meghan and Harry Arrive in Sydney

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have landed in Sydney as they prepare to start their 16-day tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. 

It was early Monday when they touched down at Sydney’s airport, arriving on a commercial Qantas flight from London via Singapore.

The Daily Telegraph’s Hannah Furness was on the same flight and shared a tweet.   

More from Rachel Clun’s story in the Sydney Morning Herald:

A casually dressed Harry and Meghan walked out a back entrance at the airport to their waiting motorcade about 7.40am, holding hands and looking happy and fresh despite their long flight.

Harry, wearing a grey jumper, placed his bag in the boot of their car and gave a thumbs up to onlookers, while Meghan was smiling and carrying two purple binders.

The arrival was covered live in Sydney. This is via a News Australia piece:

Prince Harry and Meghan, looking remarkably fresh-faced, were whisked out of the airport and into a waiting car.

The royals – and their entourage – were surrounded by a heavy security presence, but still managed to offer up quick smiles for the waiting media.

Meghan and Harry are now at Admiralty House, the official Sydney residence of the Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove.Video of their motorcade.

The Duchess is wearing the same coat seen in a photo released by Invictus Sydney last week. 

As you can see in the video, it was a rainy morning in Sydney. The temperature was about 60º when they arrived, so the coat made sense.The piece appears to either be a double-faced garment with contrasting lapels and bands at the wrist, or entirely reversible. It also looks fairly light in weight. Meghan wore a black turtleneck, possibly one of the Wolford pieces we have seen her wear previously. She also had on black jeans or trousers and black heels. We will be watching for more photos and will update with any additional pictures or information we learn about tonight.

The Duke and Duchess have an entourage of 10 people for the tour. I believe this is how it breaks down in terms of positions.

  • Private Secretary Samantha Cohen, formerly the Queen’s Assistant Private Secretary
  • Deputy Private Secretary Amy Pickerill, often seen at Meghan’s side during engagements
  • Communications staff of four:
    • probably Jason Knauf, Prince Harry’s Communications Secretary
    • Digital Communications Manager
    • two additional staffers, possibly Katrina McKeever or Charlotte Pool
  • Programme coordinator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Hairdresser George Northwood
  • Orderly

Meghan and Harry are expected to take it easy today before things officially get underway on Tuesday, when they have a very busy day. Below we show the highlights from Tuesday’s schedule; you can see our detailed itinerary for the entire tour on our Royal Tour 2018 page here.


Here is a 6-minute piece from Sunrise about the preps for their visit to the Taronga Zoo.


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  1. I saw on Sarah Flint’s most recent Instagram story that the Duchess was wearing the Jay Pump upon arrival in Sydney yesterday. Just fyi. 🙂

  2. Yeyyyy, so happy, I really love these royal these royal tours, AND following them around with you guys here, on WMW (same with the WKW page of course). It feels like a private club 🙂
    By the way, a Turkish top model sat next to me once on a trip from Istanbul. She looked very casual, and slept almost the entire flight. But as we were starting to decent, she quickly put up some make up, brushed her hair, had some water and there she was, very fresh faced and well rested and polished. So, whenever I read something about a celebrity (or royal) on how fresh faced they look, well, they work on it.

  3. I’ve managed to get my time zones in a muddle and was pleasantly surprised to learn the tour has already started. I thought I had another whole day in hand.

    It’s delightful to see the couple continuing to be so happy and relaxed while they travel. However it looks as if Meghan’s days of airport denim with white shirt are over and meantime the mystery of her coat is set to elude us a while longer. Can’t wait to see the tour outfits.

      • I, too, can’t believe they’ve arrived already!

        Did they depart London on Saturday night? Flights on the Qantas website lists 23 hours for flight time for the London – Singapore – Sydney itinerary. That’s a L O N G trek. Hope the Admiralty House has comfy beds!


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