It’s Karen Walker & ASOS Maternity for New Zealand Arrival

Meghan went with a local favorite, Karen Walker, for the royal tour arrival in Wellington.

It was very, very windy on the tarmac when the Duke and Duchess arrived in New Zealand this afternoon.

The couple flew on a Royal New Zealand Air Force plane that was carrying competitors from the New Zealand Invictus Games team. They were welcomed by the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and everyone posed for an Invictus group photo.

A quick video of their arrival from Emily Andrews of The Sun.

They royals then traveled to Government House for a traditional welcome ceremony. Government House is the residence of the Governor-General of New Zealand Dame Patsy Reddy. 

They were invited to hongi with the Governor General’s Kuia and Kaumātua (Māori elders). Meghan was first.

And then Prince Harry.

Another view.

The Duke and Duchess were treated to a traditonal Haka performed by members of the New Zealand Defence Forces.

Then Prince Harry took part in the Wero, an ancient warrior tradition of the Māori used to determine whether visitors have come in peace or with hostile intent.The Duke also inspected a military guard this afternoon.

There was a more formal welcome with the Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy and Sir David once everyone went inside.

The next engagement of the day was at the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park where they placed a wreath. 

And each placed a frond at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. 

Also at the Memorial, Harry was presented with a “Badge in Gold”, the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association’s highest honour, awarded for his work with veterans and the Armed Forces.

They then did a walkabout in the Memorial Park, where there was a large crowd eager to see the royals. Kensington Palace shared a video.

Emily Andrews posted this photo of another Harry.

ITV’s Rupert Evelyn posted a quick video.

Oh, those selfies!

Now for our look at what Meghan wore as the royal tour arrived in New Zealand.

Her dress is from the ASOS maternity collection. It looked like Meghan wore the ASOS Design Maternity Wiggle Mini Dress. The piece features an empire waistline and boat neck, done in a 96% poly / 4% Spandex blend.  

The Maternity Wiggle also comes in a Midi Length ($60). The frock is offered in other versions, including the Non-Maternity style, as well as the Tall Wiggle Dress ($56). Our thanks to the UFO No More gang for the dress ID.

Meaghan’s trench coat is by Karen Walker, a sartorially diplomatic selection, as the brand is a New Zealand company The Banks Trench is a poly/rayon blend in a plaid suiting pattern. It features double-breasted styling, an exaggerated lapel and storm flaps, deep pockets, self-covered buttons and the back pleat. It is  available at Karen Walker ($750).  Meghan has been a fan of the brand, and has already worn Karen Walker sunglasses and earrings on the tour.

Meghan wore her Sarah Flint Jay Pump 100 ($395).

Meghan ‘s earrings are by Birks, the Muse Citrine Diamond style. 

Yesterday we saw Meghan wearing what looked like one of the Royal British Legion’s paper poppies. Today she had on a metal pin that looked small enough to be of lapel size.

The night ahead for the Duke and Duchess is busy. More from The Telegraph’s story:

In the early evening, the Duke and Duchess will receive official calls from the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition at Government House.T

They will then attend a reception celebrating the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand, a cause particularly close to the Duchess’ heart.

We’ll see you for coverage of that event shortly.

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  1. This is cute. I guess we’re all just going to have to get used to Meghan with her open coats. As a fellow California girl myself, I get it. Coats are for going over your outfit. Coats aren’t THE outfit. After years of watching Kate at events, I see that for British folks coats are often the entirety of the outfit. Seems that Meghan hasn’t joined that way of thinking yet. It has been a bit off-putting to see in the past, but I think this outfit is perfect. Whether the coat is open or tied, it looks great. The black dress underneath is perfect. I like the coat itself. It’s a great combo.

  2. love Meghan’s clothes. Prince Harry also has better clothes….tighter trousers, shorter jacket and tighter fit far better and younger look…..fabulous

    • I was just about to comment that Harry’s clothes seem too small in the official photo – I’d be surprised if he could close the second button on the jacket – ?? He certainly looks slim, but that jacket doesn’t appear to fit properly.

  3. Wellington would have to be the windiest place I have ever visited. Meg’s dress was simple and elegant and matched with a gorgeous trench by Catherine Walker. Most likely would have been really cool so dressed appropriately and love the shoes with the slight block heel.

  4. Rather extravagant to purchase that lovely Hugo Boss dress only for a photoshoot of getting onto a plane, given that the Asos maternity dress was neither seen nor particularly special for the more formal events that followed. The Karen Walker trench is a nice spin on the trench though and looked rather smart when buttoned up instead of flapping loosely. Hope part of the reason for so many outfit changes is to build a working wardrobe for future events.

  5. I just love this coat — professional yet fun, just right for a first meet and great outside on a not hot day. I just wished she’d buttoned up before coming down those airplane stairs! Everything was flying every which way. But lovely look over a nice comfy maternity dress.

  6. The DoS has made many clothing changes on planes. I wonder wow it works? On private aircraft I can see it would be easy but this plane was filled with competitors from the Invictus Games. As a military plane I wouldn’t think there was a private area to change.

    I’m also wondering if this maternity dress was not part of the tours planned outfits? So many outfits needed to be altered and some were still tight in the middle and understandable so. Was this dress “drop shipped”?

  7. How meaningful for Harry to receive the “Badge in Gold” for his work with Veterans and the Armed Services. His interest and commitment to this mission seems genuine and sincere and the connection between ancient traditions and modern day were evident in today’s events. From his peaceful encounter with the Maori, reviewing the troops and remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, Harry is recognizing the fallen and giving hope to the living. Thank you, Harry!

    I’m a fan of Martin Grant’s trench and Karen Walker’s as well. The Banks Trench is a pleasing plaid which has been expertly matched so the plaid lines up in front where the trench buttons over and in back with the pleat. The simple button cuffs allows the exaggerated flaps and lapel elements to shine. This would be the perfect trench for a visit to The Shire for a meeting with Gandalf and Frodo to discuss another adventure. Or, those awesome Maori elder’s capes would work.

  8. Oh dear–yes, the wind was a problem. It must have been impossible to get a decent picture of their deplaning for that reason–the ones I’ve seen all have the poor DoS looking terribly rumpled and struggling to get her skirt and lapel in order. When they are in order–as you see in the pics at the memorial–they just just fine. I like the plaid trench, and black is a nice complement–though heaven knows, the burgundy Hugo Boss would have looked well with it, too, and may not have caused the same near-wardrobe malfunctions that the shorter, fuller maternity dress did. (The longer style of the ASOS dress might also have helped in that regard.) I must say I have never really understood why it seems imperative for royals to change clothes in-flight, especially a relatively short flight.

    • “Battening down the hatches” of the trenchcoat before heading down the stairs would have been the best attempt to control things, other than that I didn’t see much else she could have done either. The coat looked really good when buttoned and belted.

  9. Was I the only one begging her through the screen to close the coat on that windy walk down the plane stairs?? Once it was properly fastened, it was clearly a great choice for the weather and the occassion, excellent pairing with the tortoise heel, style-wise and thicker for the walk along the grass. Good move keeping the hair tamed for this event, kept the focus on the fascinating traditions of the NZ culture.
    Thank you for continuing to curate this blog, I am devouring every second of coverage!

  10. I am so glad to see Meghan in maternity wear. I personally think she is much further pregnant than we think and it seemed that quite a few of the outfits seen on this tour did not really complement her changing body.

  11. Now that I see the dress…I quite like it, but I would like it better in the longer version. The trench gives a nod to NZ designers and keeps her warm as well. I was afraid the wind was going to win the battle and blow her dress up. Thank God she buttoned her trench. I am always happy to see those shoes. Now, I have to say I really liked the outfit she wore when she departed Australia, but it would be in poor taste to start wearing NZ designers whilst still in Australia. I guess that explains why the quick change on the plan. All in all a functional offering.

  12. Like the previous trench from early in the tour, this one overpowers her and ends up looking really messy. I especially dislike the pushed up sleeves, which just look wrinkled. Another miss in my opinion.

  13. I suppose each event merits a new outfit, but it would have been easier for Meghan to leave Sydney and arrive in Wellington in the same maroon dress. Changing everything on the plane must be quite an ordeal. I find this coat to be overly busy…storm flaps, exaggerated lapels, pockets, double buttons, belt, sleeves pushed up, plus plaid. The black dress, now being maternity wear, must feel comfortable for Meghan. I think she should have removed her coat once inside, although I realize other royals often keep their coats on. The hongi greeting puts them so much closer than they usually get with people.

  14. I love the plaid print trench, very chic from Karen Walker, and just right paired with an LBD. Meghan seems keen on adopting roomy styles early in her pregnancy as I can’t quite see her filling this one out yet. She also seems keen not to miss a chance of a costume change, which is keeping everyone on their toes; we look to be heading for another three-outfit day.

    The maternity smock is very cute with its cuff sleeves and low back and I love seeing the Sarah Flint courts again, that contrast heel has been so well done in warm natural tones, tieing in with the brown plaid here.

    The earrings are lovely and it’s very welcome to get a good view of them thanks to an updo. A sound professional outfit for deplaning, sober for the wreath laying, but quietly stylish for formal greetings as well.

  15. It’s not called windy Wellington for nothing! Glad Meghan is wearing less bespoke clothes on this tour. Thanks for all your hard work in giving us info on all aspects of the tour not just the clothes.


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