Givenchy and Birdies for Final Tour Engagements

Following the morning’s amazing ceremonial events, the Duke and Duchess changed clothes and went to the Rainbow Springs Nature Park.

More from Stephanie Petit’s People story.

…the pair headed to Rainbow Springs to learn more about the center’s kiwi breeding initiative. Kiwis, which are New Zealand’s national bird, have become increasingly endangered in recent years, as most chicks struggle to survive in the wild. Meghan and Harry met conservationists working to protect the species.

The duo was also asked to come up with names for two chicks.

The choices: ‘Tihei,’ the Māori word for sneeze, and ‘Koha,’ which means gift.

Then it was time for the walkabout. You can see from Andrew Hough’s picture there was quite a crowd.

Meghan and Harry arriving for the walkabout.

People had been waiting for hours for a chance to see the couple.

Harry always appears very much at ease in walkabouts.  

Natalie Oliveri has been lovely this week, allowing us to share some of her Twitter photos with all of you, like this one.

Lots of people had gifts for Meghan and Harry.

Below you see Meghan with Catalina Rivera.

More about her via The New Zealand Herald:

One little girl was allowed past the barriers and gave Meghan a hug. Two year old Catalina Rivera said she was “very happy” to get a hug from Meghan.

The tot arrived with her mum Mercedes Dr Rivera and their Rotorua friend Bianca Alvarez at 12pm to nab a front row spot.

Alvarez said she had always loved Princess Diana and her children.

You can also see Catalina in this 1:11 ITV video with walkabout highlights.

Harry’s energy never seemed to flag.

Nor did Meghan’s.

They both seem to connect very well with people in the crowds.

The 76th, and the final engagement of the of the tour, was a visit to the

The newlyweds, who are expecting their first child this spring, headed to the Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua on Wednesday for a journey along the walkway of suspension bridges between 117-year-old Redwood trees. As they explored the forest, they learned more about its history.

The forest is also the home to a thriving mountain biking community that draws people of all ages to the Redwoods. Meghan and Harry met invited representatives of the local biking community under the forest canopy.

It looks breathtaking.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore during these last two engagements of the trip. For the Nature Park and walkabout she changed into a Givenchy top just like one worn in Dublin in July, but in a different color. Heaven recognized the top right away

Meghan’s skirt is from the pre-fall 2018 collection, done in shades of blue,black and indigo. 


Since publishing the post this morning there has been lots of chatter about the perception the Givenchy skirt is sheer. When we both had some sleep and looked at photos we initially thought, “Whoa! What is up with the skirt?!” We’re not entirely sure what is going on; it’s possible the line we’re seeing in some shots is an undergarment. We all know that even when trying to consider every contingency, some things are not going to show up in the lighting of an atelier that are only noticeable in direct, peak sunlight. When a knit fabric is stretched or is more tautly pulled it will allow more light through.

We do not think the skirt itself is sheer. It is clearly a fairly thick, heavy weight knit. When the pleats are stitched down on the upper portion of the skirt you do not see the lighter blue color. When the pleats open up and move freely the integration of the lighter blue color makes the skirt appear lighter. Below right, a pleated Givenchy skirt from the 1970s that Michelle of Perths Fashion discovered; it may well be the skirt Meghan’s is modeled upon. It has the same effect: you don’t see the ivory or cream fabric at the upper portion of the skirt where the pleats are stitched down. When the pleats open up and you see the ivory with the other colors it looks like a lighter piece.

We expect there may be more discussion of the topic and we may learn more in the days to come. In the process of exploring the fabric and pleat usage in Meghan’s skirt we did love seeing the 1970s version that Michelle showed us!


Heaven shared info on the pleated skirt being available in another colorway. The Duchess wore her trusty Manolo Blahnik BB point toe pumps in navy suede for the hatchery and walkabout.

Meghan changed into jeans and flats for the Redwood Treewalk, but kept the Givenchy top on. The jeans look like they *might* be the pair worn yesterday, J Crew’s Toothpick style in the brand’s ‘charcoal’ wash ($128, take 30% off with promo code FLASH). Meghan also had on her Birdies Blackbird slippers.

Throughout the day the Duchess wore her Boh Runga Discologo earrings; they were a gift from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Meghan brought back her Birdie’s Slippers for the Redwoods Treewalk. Her style is the original ‘Blackbird’ which were replaced this fall with a newer version from the brand, The Starling, $120.

Below a few photos of Meghan in the ‘Blackbird’ version of the slippers from 2016.

The new version is a black velvet with quilted lining and a slight raised heel.

Susan C. owns a few pair of Birdies slippers. You can read her review of them here.

That is it for the tour for now. Emily Andrews of The Sun and the On Heir podcast posted some stats today on Twitter. The tour included:

  • 76 engagements
  • 41 outfits
  • 16 days
  • 10 cities/towns
  • 4 countries

That is some serious royal touring! Does it seem like it was a long time ago to you that we learned Meghan and Harry are expecting their first child, and then, boom, the tour was underway? Following this first Sussex tour has been exciting and exhausting, and very educational. More than anything it has been fun. Connecting with you has made it worth the sleep deprivation, the angst about getting posts published, and trying to stay a step ahead of the chaos. Thank you for being so tolerant of the typos, the slower-than-hoped publishing times, and any other hiccups we stumbled over along the way!

The Governor-General’s office put together 45-seconds of today’s activities.

The Morning Show has 5+ minutes from the ceremonies and events this morning.

The Royal Family Channel has 3+ minutes from the walkabout.

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  1. FYI…during the Royal Tour the exhibition at Windsor of Meghan and Harry’s wedding attire opened on October 26. There are many interesting articles online, People, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, etc. have lovely photos and coverage of the display. Also included in the exhibition are the outfits worn by George and Charlotte. The display will leave Windsor on January 6 and reopen in Edinburgh in June 2019.

    I have been curious since the wedding, and again during the Royal Tour when Harry wore his stripped uniform trousers, about the history of Harry’s 3″ red stripe. I contacted Bruce Bassett-Powell, from Uniformology, and this was his reply: “Thanks for your enquiry. Prince Harry is in a regiment known as the Blues and Royals (formed in 1660) and since the 1850s the regiment has worn a 3” scarlet stripe on their trousers (known as “Overalls”). They are the only British regiment to have this distinction. I hope this helps. Best regards Bruce.”

  2. I don’t know what I will do with my free time now that there won’t be frequent Meghan clothing photos to peruse. Thank you to admin for keeping this site updated and so regularly too! I speak for myself when I say pleats are really hard to pull off and can draw attention to the hips but of course Meghan looks flawless in this beautiful skirt. I don’t mind that you can see her underpants. She is wearing modest underwear and it is hardly a big deal. I would also like to see her in the two coloured skirt featured. It looks really edgy and fun and I can’t recall her wearing pink tones recently.

  3. Thank you everyone at “What Meghan Wore” for doing an AWESOME job on the Royal Tour. You gave me something to look forward to every day and you never disappointed!!

  4. My mom’s only fashion advice to me when I was younger was that if I was going to wear a dress or skirt, always wear skivvies that covered my bum. Thank goodness the Duchess followed that today! Even with the accidental sheerness, I think this outfit was a great way to wrap up the tour. To simply refer to it as “another navy outfit” is a great disservice to the intricate pleating on the skirt and the beautiful shades of blue.

    My heart is melting with the latest update from KP with the photo that Harry took of Meghan among the Redwoods. Thank you to Susan and Susan for providing such thorough content for all of us! You ladies really bust your humps on the WMW and WKW sites and the hard work is SO appreciated!

  5. I don’t usually comment, but I wanted to thank everyone involved with this site on their amazing work during the tour. I’ve enjoyed coming to this site every day and seeing the updates & I’ve been amazed by your ability to stay on top of so many events & clothing changes. Meghan looked great throughout the tour. Thank you, Whatmeghanwore!

  6. What a great first tour for Harry and Meghan! I didn’t love everything Meghan wore but I’m going to cut her a lot of slack for this being her first tour and also being four months pregnant! I’m sure this was quite a learning experience for her and the next tour will be a bit different. I love that we were able to hear her speak so often and that the couple were involved in so many events dealing with issues they are passionate about. A walk in the woods was a beautiful way to cap off the tour.

    That said, I am glad it’s over now, especially since I’m going on my own (not-so-royal) 16ish-day tour and don’t have to keep up with this one! Just following on this blog and instagram was exhausting enough so I can’t imagine how hard it was to have to write and research everything, or to be the one partaking in all the action! I hope Meghan and Harry get a nice rest now too before Remembrance Day (hope we’ll see Meghan wearing a Canadian poppy too on that day 🙂 ).

    Thank you for your wonderful coverage of the tour, I always love your collection of stories and information about the causes. You also deserve a break. Please know your hard work does not go unappreciated!

  7. Thank you for all the coverage, I truly enjoyed clicking on your site, and seeing what Meghan had worn that day- I even purchased a few items myself, and it added to the fun of it all.
    Would love to see you continue this, and follow her every event outing,it’s fun to see what she is wearing, and somewhat try to do the same. As for this trip, I was 75/25 on her clothing. I am sure she is still trying to adjust to having to wear such LONG skirts all the time, and things that are a bit old fashioned for her real underneath style, but it all comes with the territory. I would like to see her in some more pastels, and less of the navy, her skin color, and hair color, does well with lighter colors around her face. Love her jewelry and bags, would like to see more comparisons that we, the common folk can purchase. Once again, thanks for the coverage—–:) Ava

  8. Daily Mail has a good article about the supposed sheerness of the skirt. I kind of figure if DM is defending Meghan, then its probably not see-through 🙂

    This Givenchy may end up being my favorite outfit. It’s just so classy but not boring at all. Love the skirt. Also love that she continued to wear those earrings throughout the NZ portion of the tour.

    Hope everyone (including you ladies!) gets a little break now!

  9. This outfit was a nice choice to complete the tour. A classic label with an English designer and I like that Meghan wears separates as well as dresses. She is a fast learner and on the whole has done a fabulous job on her first tour particularly bearing in mind her early pregnancy. Harry seems very supportive and always good humoured and I think we are very lucky to have them and they can do a lot of good in the world.

    Thank you so much for the coverage, a huge job to cover the outfits and to keep the tone of the comments on the right lines. I love reading your text and then seeing what others think. This and its sister blog are an enjoyable respite from the busy world. Thank you!!

  10. I love this look and the colour, just a quick question is the waistband from the top or the skirt? In other words did she tuck her top in or over the skirt. Thanks a lot Ive looked at it so many times and cant decide

  11. I really wish she would do something different with her hair. Those long tendrils that hang in her face look messy and lazy. And she keeps putting her hair behind her ears I believe as a nervous gesture. I do hope that she evolves into wearing a more polished and professional hairstyle.

  12. Meghan was an international studies major . She seemed to follow the colors of a country’s flag in choosing clothes for that country .
    Hence navy for Australia, Fiji blue for Fiji, and red for Tonga. Just a thought.

  13. Thanks for such great coverage of this tour! You must be absolutely exhausted and I can’t imagine how they feel. However, I feel like the sheerness of the skirt (as well as the price tag from earlier in the tour) should be addressed in this post because it is a huge way in which the skirt is viewed to the world. It doesn’t need to be negative coverage of Meghan, I think it’s just more inclusive coverage of what happened and what others are talking about. Thanks again!

    • We couldn’t agree more about including the issue in our coverage. We just updated the post with fresh content about the sheer skirt issue. It wasn’t deliberately excluded; we were both simply exhausted and tried to get some sleep. We realized we needed to address the issue as soon as we were both awake and cogent. 🙂

  14. Another stunning Givenchy, congratulations to Meghan. At first I shrank from a fourth consecutive outfit in dark blue, but then I had to appreciate the terrific contrast blue in the pleating. A tour-de-force.

    It’s lovely to see her hair up and she’s getting the Kate-habit, while on tour, of keeping the same earrings and shoes. They remain perfect here.

    As for this tour – I’m still reeling. I feel as if I’ve been hit by an express train and then run over by a bus. I’ve no real idea how, but I seem to have been through some major highs and lows. I can only imagine it might be the challenge of getting used to a new duchess when my last one has become so dear and familiar.

    I’m lost in admiration for the consistent degree of elegance Meghan achieves and have no doubt of her sincerity in wishing to represent the BRF in the best possible way she can. Maybe as time passes she will favour more colours and change some of her styles; it seems inevitable given the industrial scale of outfits required by the average royal diary. I hate seeing her come under any fire so early on in her new life and try not to express too much criticism for fear of triggering any bout of online antagonism.

    Separately, given the challenges in following a woman who seems minded for now never to wear one outfit where three would do, I cannot imagine just what has been going on at admin HQ. Suffice to say I’m lost in admiration for your work here and thank you so much for keeping up with the pace so brilliantly. I’ve no idea how you managed it as I was sometimes limping behind despite only being a poster. This remains a wonderful blog to visit, and a credit to the WKW brand.

    Though if Harry and Meghan are going to make a habit of tagging world tours on to the Invictus Games I may in future be reduced to simply posting points out of ten next time – I need my sleep!

    • ELIZAMO –

      INVICTUS 2020 will be hosted by The Hague in The Netherlands so I’m doubtful Meghan and Harry will be adding a “world tour” to that. But you never know!

      I thought it made sense, since the Queen appointed Harry the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, that he visit, meet,and encourage the youth and youth leaders of the Commonwealth. One of his duties, as I read online, is to encourage youth to use various Commonwealth platforms. While he and Meghan were all the way in Sydney for INVICTUS it seemed like a no-brainer for them to visit the South Pacific. Yes it was a lot, but perhaps easier than two separate trips.

      It will be interesting to tally up the days Meghan wore three separate outfits when one might have been all that was required. I don’t think there will be all the many, really. This last day there were two wardrobe changes shown on WMW, seems reasonable for a city walkabout, visit to the kiwi breeding laboratory and trek through the redwoods. I have several wardrobe changes a day myself!

      Looks like the next Royal “engagement” event is November 11. See you then!

      • Christina, I perfectly see the logic in the tour being extended on commonwealth ambassador grounds, but I fear it may just be too much for my own energy levels if repeated. I agree The Hague sounds much more promising, though I suppose they could attempt every country in the EU while they are there…This seemed such a tough tour I can’t help thinking it was drawn up before pregnancy was in view and which may after all have been unexpected. Stranger things have happened.

        As for changes of outfit, I’m sure everyone has their own views, I was just missing Kate’s trick of keeping a day outfit on for most of the day, and even taking semi-casual into semi-formal. But the comparison is of course irrelevant since these are two distinct individuals and I think it’s much more a case of getting used to someone doing things differently from what I’ve become accustomed to with my first duchess!

  15. Is this inappropriate to point out? I don’t want to cross a line, but…. In some of the photos, and in photos published on other sites, it looks like you can see through her Givenchy skirt. It is such a lovely skirt but it looks as though in some light the knit is see-through. I feel with certain fabrics, it can look fine when you leave the house, but becomes transparent in natural light. Otherwise, I love the Givenchy skirt and top. She looks lovely.

    • Hi Laura, and thank you for commenting. It’s entirely appropriate, it’s part of what Meghan wore. We have updated the post with new content about the topic. 🙂

      • Thanks for the skirt updates. I still have a touch of suspicion as the ‘illusion’ appears to outline the shape of a perfect pair of large briefs. This is the shape currently favoured in multiple translucent outfits being sported by A-listers this season, but then I do think the unlikelihood of a royal consciously stepping out in such a design is probably too remote to be considered. If I squint hard enough I can turn it into fabric sheen! And no one ever knows how a thing will photograph.

      • Ok, good, I didn’t want to cross a line :-). Thanks for the follow-up in your article. I was assuming the skirt wasn’t sheer, but maybe with the knit pulling, or the light? Or maybe it is just the pattern and color of the skirt itself. I am definitely overthinking it.

  16. Nice to meet you Sneeze and Gift! I bet I know which one was named by Harry and which one by Meghan.

    Givenchy’s midi length pleated skirt in blue, black and indigo is breathtaking. Unlike the two tone pink and red version the model is wearing in the photo above, Meghan’s has a surprise of bright indigo color when kicked into action. The blue top is a great match-up for a sporty and daytime look.

    Thank you for including the link for Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua. It was very interesting. I’ve visited the Californian redwoods in Big Sur and in Humboldt and was curious how redwoods made it to New Zealand. The photo of Meghan and Harry visiting the mountain bikers at their picnic spot is magical. Her Birdies Slippers were a good choice for navigating the planks on the walkway, most likely they provided a good grip.

    Thank you, Susan, for providing me with a front row seat on the Royal Tour. How I enjoyed it all! I’m taken with how you not only curated all the fashion pieces but highlighted their charitable endeavors as well. That’s what you purport this blog is about and you nailed it!

    During the Royal Tour I often went back and read your posted Comments Policy. It helped remind me that the best posts are those that add something fresh and move the dialogue further along. Being repetitive and comparing royals is a “no.” I can only hope as Meghan and Harry journey home we’ll all think anew how we state our viewpoints keeping them in line with your policy.

    Safe travels home Meghan and Harry!

    • Thank you, Bea! We love the comments as well. The input is terrific and we learn so much from everyone’s input and perspective. 🙂

  17. 76 engagements and 41 outfits in 16 days….and preggers! She has to be so ready to get home and hibernate! She’s been a trooper for sure. Going to miss seeing them everyday! Blessings to Harry, Meghan, and Bump!

  18. Was in Rotorua yesterday and saw the skirt close up as I shook hands with Meghan, it was stunning and gorgeous colours in the pleats.

  19. Thank you so much for your excellent coverage of this tour. It has been so much fun to check in on a daily basis. As far as the clothing for the day, I’m a bit confused as to why she changed from a navy dress to a navy top and skirt. I much preferred the skirt outfit, as I found the dress a bit bland. The color of the top was a richer navy than the dress, and the skirt was just gorgeous. The beautiful blues and they way it moved as she walked made it so special. I think it would have worked great for the morning activities as well.

  20. Oooh, I love that skirt! Just gorgeous with the mix of blues! Lovely.
    Thank you so much for the multi-daily coverage of this long tour! Much appreciated!!! Enjoy your well deserved break from all this! 🙂

  21. Oh, I love this skirt. It may be my favorite piece of the whole tour. And the outfit hits the mark perfectly for the walkabout and kiwi naming.
    Is Meghan wearing Harry’s jacket at the Redwood Treewalk?

  22. Nobody mentioned the elephant in the room; you can see her underpants through the skirt. I would have thought the fashion house might have suggested appropriate undergarments for the sheer fabric of the skirt.

  23. This is a lovely outfit, and all the navy didn’t bother me in the least. She’s not dressing to please me, or my idea of what an HRH “should” wear. Mostly I just evaluate each outfit on its own. I liked some more than others, but overall she presented herself very well. She had two very bad days, so to speak: the olive green and white striped dress, and the formal blue — shroud. I mean no disrespect, but that’s exactly what I thought the moment I saw it. One endless unrelieved piece of blue wrapped around her. We could have done without trench coats and big flapping lapels on coats, too. I don’t perceive trench coats as an all purpose garment that works no matter what is underneath it. Perhaps her best ‘outfit” was her unfailing good humor during a brutal tour. The noise, the crowds, the event itself, the rapid , nonstop click of cameras, the pop of flashbulbs, the video cameras — it’s a constant assault. And she smiled her gracious way through it all.

    • Thank you for that comment , I too did not care for several of her outfits especially the white/brown stripe dress
      It was a Maxie but it was way to long for a beach event. And that Blue evening dress\gown made her look like a balloon (sorry). The last day, Blue pleated dress did she really do that on purpose? That was a mighty see thru no slip no nothing.
      NOTE: admin edit

  24. Thank you so much for your hard work! I am “royally addicted” and very much enjoy your posts. I especially like that you don’t allow mean and negative comments.

    • Hi Lisa, Meghan is wearing her Birdies flats in the ‘Blackbird’ style which is no longer available. The style was replaced with an updated version of the slipper, The Starling in black velvet – I’ve updated the post with the information. Thanks, Susan C.

  25. Well, only a short statement about the repetitive navy, because we have all seen it and many of us are baffled and bored by it. To wear so much navy, plus three is a row, to include two in one day, is something very hard to understand. Individually they were nice outfits, but after awhile they all looked the same.
    Other observations:
    Harry and Meghan are troupers to endure this demanding tour, always with smiles on their faces.
    Both of them seem to love children and Harry never passes a dog, without giving a pat.
    For the most part, Meghan’s hair was under control, although signs of her messy bun did sneak in.
    Meghan is am amazing woman with intelligence, grace, charm, kindness, warmth. She is perfect for this role.
    In Meghan we have one of the best public speakers in the Royal Family.
    This couple is a credit to the Queen, to England and to the Commonwealth. They ROCK!
    The two Susan’s have done an incredible job in keeping us updated on every aspect of this tour. I have enjoyed the coverage so much and I learned plenty by reading this blog. I hope the Susans have a well deserved rest. It is going to be a shock to my system to not have new posts, and sometimes more than one, each day. Well done everyone…Meghan, Harry, the people in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, and the Susans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Bonnie – we are exhausted! It was fun and exciting and much different some ways than other Royal tours. Mostly due to the magnitude and volume of material that was thrown at us! 😉 We will be doing a tour recap post over the coming days. Plus I will be including some reviews of items I own that Meghan wore. Stay tuned while we recover a bit and get back to normal?!? whatever that is. – Susan C.

      • I’m glad someone else found it quite different from other tours, I thought maybe I was just wimping out! Looking forward to those recaps and maybe finding there was more variety than first thought in Meghan’s choices.

  26. While I think Meghan looks beautiful in this dress, I must admit my only qualm with her overall style is that I feel she leans very heavily towards haute couture designers, like Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta (perhaps those two just stick out for me) that I feel it doesn’t do justice to the host country to incorporate local designers or even styles and trends.

    • Just to be technically correct here, Oscar de la Renta is not considered haute couture. He worked for haute couture designers, Dior, Balmain and Lanvin, but his own design house is not haute couture. There is a very strict code of standards that must be applied to gain haute couture status. Nevertheless, Oscar’s designs were magical and they continued after his death. Meghan asked O de la R to design her mother’s dress for the wedding. Although born in the Dominican Republic, O de la R is considered an American designer, who has dressed many first ladies. That may be why Meghan selects his clothes.

    • It appears Meghan did her homework regarding designers before their trip.She had to put her wardrobe together before leaving the UK. A designer she contacted might not have had designs that interested her and she couldn’t very well go clothes shopping in the host country on her 16 day trip.

    • meg wore quite a few Aussie designers including the stunning Karen Gee frock on arrival. Guess she receives criticism either way she goes. However I think for an expectant mother attending 76 events over 16 days she was amazing and looked amazingly. A sterling effort and just loved every minute of the tour.

  27. I Love all the navy! And the styles. This one is just lovely – I am a sucker for pleats. 🙂
    I saw pics elsewhere that the skirt was somewhat see-through and in some shots you could see what appeared to be blue underwear or a bodysuit type of thing. Did anyone else see that and do you think it was intentional? It seems odd that a royal would be that exposed, and personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable. Sheer up to a point, but if someone can tell my style of panties that is just more sharing that I care to do!

    • Hi, Zoe. We just updated the post with fresh content about the skirt. There are some photos where it certainly appears you might be seeing the outline of an undergarment at the upper portion of the skirt, where the material is taut and more light is allowed through the fabric. We don’t believe the skirt is sheer though, and haven’t seen photos showing her legs beneath the material. We don’t think it was intentional, not at all. It’s probably the last thing Clare Waight Keller would have wanted to happen, let alone it becoming a topic of discussion. 🙂

  28. Ah yes all the blue dresses. I hope we see them recycled over the years as they will be wonderful staples for her wardrobe, just hopefully dotted in between other choices. I like the lighter shade of this last ensemble as a true navy doesn’t brighten her up as much as this shade of royal blue.

    Many hearty thanks for the amazing coverage of this tour! I looked forward to opening it up each morning to learn all about fashion and new cultures. I have put a few brands onto my wish list like Salt Cornwall and Muck Boots and started receiving emails from & Other Stories which is so affordable so thank you! I am on Meghan and Harry overload and definitely need a break from them, but do look forward to seeing how her pregnancy progresses. I have a feeling The Firm is beyond thrilled with how this tour went and that popularity for the royals is as high as ever.

  29. Thank you, youve done an amazing job bringing us all things Meghan and Harry-the fashion, fun, news, info, all of it! Ive enjoyed learning about the different places theyve visited along with the rest of the WKW/WMW community. ?
    This skirt is fun with its pretty pops of brighter blue. It looks comfortable and fits in nicely with the rest of Meghans working wardrobe. I bet she and Harry are a mix of exhausted and excited to get back home. Was it really 76 engagements?! ? wow..
    Those redwood trees are amazing, thats something I would love to be able to see in person!

  30. Love this outfit including the accessories, hair and makeup. Lot of talk about the skirt being see through. Looking at the pictures on this post there is a hint of sheerness from a distance, but up close I can’t see through the material at all. This exact thing happened to me in church. I was rushing to leave the house and the floral design against the dark background of my skirt gave me a false sense of opacity. Once I was in church with all the bright lights….well you get the idea. I don’t think this is earth shattering, but I do think it should give the Duchess pause to consider the individual members of her team. Overall I think this tour was a hugh fashion success for the Duchess, one of many to come I am sure.

  31. You’ve done an amazing job of covering EVERYTHING, to include the groups the pair interacted with. Very educational. Now, go take a nap!

  32. Great coverage. Thank you. I enjoyed reading each day. As far as Meghan’s fashion choices, I think she did a great job. Everything was tasteful and polished. I’m starting to wonder if her color choice of navy, navy and then some more navy, is a practical thing. She only had to pack a few pairs of shoes etc…, that would go with all of the navy. Yes, she did wear some white and black too, but boy does she love blue, especially NAVY.

  33. Thank you for the great coverage. This has been a most interesting tour! I just love the navy Givenchy sweater and pleated skirt today. The combo strikes a comfortable yet professional note.

  34. Thank you so much for your dedicated coverage!! I can’t imagine how exhausting it has been given how ambitious the schedule was! Luckily Kate hasn’t been super active during the past two weeks, otherwise I shudder to think just how much double duty you two would have been pulling! It’s been great learning so much about Meghan’s fashion and her choices which seem geared toward labels that empower women and sustainable/eco-friendly clothing. I really want a Seasalt raincoat!
    I laughed during the video clip where confused Harry dealt with the wayward toddler haha, hopefully he gets used to that because he will be dealing with that quite a lot in the next few years!
    I really love the Givenchy separates, they are so chic. However it seems in other pictures I’ve seen (not here) the top of the skirt is slightly sheer? It seems Meghan is wearing a bodysuit or something underneath… not sure exactly but I don’t think it’s an optical illusion.
    I think Meghan is wearing Harry’s puffer coat by the way for the forest walk, I saw some people on other sites saying it’s his.

    • There was an article in the Daily Mail where it was shown how the “sheerness” of that outfit is probably an optical illusion … it’s a strobe effect that makes it look sheer but it’s not really.

      • We just updated the post with fresh content about the sheer skirt issue. We don’t think it was sheer as it’s being described, but that on the upper portion it’s possible we’re seeing the outline of an undergarment. 🙂

  35. Can’t thank you enough for your tour coverage which must have been exhausting. Like Meghan and Harry, hope you take some serious downtime.
    What a triumph for the Crown this tour was. Harry and Meghan showed themselves to be truly approachable, modern royals and their stamina and good humor seems boundless. As a Californian, so proud of Meghan and also love her style and esp her independence in continuing to choose a wardrobe in her wheelhouse. Wish nothing but the best for this endearing young couple and of course, can’t help but think of the powerful influence of both of their mothers.

  36. I love the color of the Givenchy on Meghan, and for once the fit is good… but heavens, the sheer panels in the skirt and therefore clearly-visible legs and underwear! Not only in direct sunlight or in front of a ton of cameras, either, so it’s not a case of “blame the flashbulbs.” What was she/her team thinking with that choice?

  37. We learned some interesting things on this tour. First, in case people didn’t already know, Meghan’s favorite color is navy. As someone who loves navy, that’s perfectly okay with me, although I think it bothered people who want her to wear all the colors of the rainbow. Second, whomever helped her pick her clothes didn’t really know how to dress a public person. There were some mismatches of dresses that were too formal for some occasions, and too casual for high profile ones. You don’t wear a blah raincoat to a welcoming event where you’ll be viewed by hundreds of people. And the way brands are using Meghan to advertise their wares is really getting out of control. Third, she needs to wear sporty or rubber-soled shoes on occasions involving sports surfaces, no matter how comfortable she feels in heels. All that said, she looked lovely, she endured the scrutiny of a tour that went on about five days too long, and did it while pregnant, and is one of the best public speakers in the royal family. It’s a good baseline, and presumably, it all will mesh for the next tour. PS thank you for all your diligent coverage!

  38. I mean, look–it’s a lot of blue over the last few days. But this skirt is divine, and the simple top, shoes, accessories, and updo are letting it be the star of the outfit. It also looks incredibly comfortable, which makes me wonder anew why professional women have spent so long strapping themselves into knee-length pencil skirts that constantly need to be tugged into place and require careful arranging of legs in every circumstance. Something like this strikes all the right professional notes while still being eminently wearable.

    • Couldn’t agree more! This is, unquestionably, one of my favorite looks from the tour. Professional, approachable, and most of all, functional (or as you described, wearable). It’s full of class while avoiding all the stuffiness. It also shows how an outfit can be monochromatic and still fabulously interesting.

  39. This is beautiful. Professional and appropriate, and it actually looks really comfortable. This is an outfit all of us could use in our wardrobes. If we hadn’t already had so many navy blue out fits this would be a flawless choice. Since these seem to be off the rack pieces, it’s a shame she didn’t choose some non-navy options when she was having custom dresses made and had control over the colour. Each navy outfit has been beautiful on it’s own, it’s just been so very repetitive. One or two navy dresses in very different styles plus this knit set would have been plenty on one tour. On the up side it has cut down on the number of shoes to be packed – I think she’s worn those navy suede BBs about half the days of the tour 😉

  40. Cosmopolitan is running a story that Megan’s skirt is so sheer that you can see right through it. They’ve got a couple of photos that seem to support this. Can anyone comment on this? I can’t see it in any of the photos here though.

    • Hi, Becka, we just updated the post with fresh content about the sheer skirt issue. There are some photos where it looks like you might be seeing the outline of an undergarment at the upper portion of the skirt, where the material is taut and more light is allowed through the fabric. We don’t believe the skirt is sheer though, and haven’t seen images showing her legs beneath the fabric. 🙂


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