A Wedding in Windsor – Meghan & Harry’s Special Day

Say hello to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The new titles were announced this morning. Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex, as well as Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel, and Meghan is now officially HRH Duchess of Sussex. A note about titles from The NY Times:

A duke is the highest ranking member of the English nobility, or peerage. Dukes outrank marquesses. (And marquesses outrank earls, who outrank viscounts, who outrank relatively lowly barons.)

It was a perfect day for a wedding in Windsor.

The crowds grew overnight and throughout the morning. 

Those on hand to watch or be part of the events seemed to be in good spirits.
More than 250 military personnel took part in today’s events. Below, the Band of the Irish Guards.

There were many notable names at the wedding. Here you see one of Meghan’s close friends, Serena Williams, with her husband, Alexis Ohanian.

Oprah Winfrey.

Amal and George Clooney.

Actress Carey Mulligan and musician Marcus Mumford.

In this group photo you can see entertainer James Corden in the center with his wife, Julia Carey. On the far right, Priyanka Chopra wears a lavender Vivienne Westwood suit; just to the left is actress Abigail Spencer in navy Alessandra Rich.

Below (left to right) the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton, Pippa Middleton Matthews, and her husband Jame Matthews.

As guests were arriving at the Chapel a convoy left Coworth bringing Harry and William to Windsor.

And members of the royal family started arriving. Below, Sophie Wessex in Suzannah, accompanied by Princess Anne and her husband, Sir Tim Laurence.

From left to right: Princess Eugenie wearing a Gainsbourg dress, Fiona Graham hat and Valentino heels; Prince Andrew in the center; Princess Beatrice is wearing a Roksanda hand-dyed silk organza dress with a Stephen Jones hat and Gianvito Rossi heels.

Harry with his best man and big brother as they walked to the Chapel.

The last of the royals to arrive: HM and Prince Philip. This was the Duke’s first public function as he continues recovering from hip replacement surgery. The Queen wore a flared dress in lime, lemon, purple and grey printed silk, while her coat is crafted of lime silk tweed; both pieces are by Stewart Parvin. HM’s hat is in the same silk tweed,and it was made by Angela Kelly.

Then we had our first glimpse of the bride, riding with her mother, Doria Ragland. 

When they arrived at St George’s Chapel, Ms. Ragland was escorted inside.

Meghan’s mother wore Oscar de la Renta with Rosée du Matin earrings by Canadian jeweler Birks, who also made her Snowflake Starry Night pendant.

Prince Harry and Prince William both wore the frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals, tailored at Dege and Skinner on Savile Row.

Meghan followed not long after.

The video shows the special handling needed for the 16-foot train. You can also see how the dress moves as Meghan moves up the steps. At about :22 there is a lovely look at William and Harry’s reaction to the crowds cheering Meghan.

The scene inside the Chapel.

This is a terrific piece of video. At about :40 seconds you will see the gaggle of young attendants, including Prince George holding the hand of Jasper Dyer, age 6. And when Prince Charles gives Meghan’s hand to Prince Harry at roughly 1:43 you can see Harry tell his father, “Thank you, Pa.”

Another view of the bridesmaids and page boys.

You hear Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas in this brief video.

Meghan’s helpers getting seated.

From The Mirror’s coverage:

The couple had smiled throughout a memorable service which saw Meghan arrive at Harry’s side and greet him with one word: “Hi.”

The prince was left open-mouthed by his stunning bride and told her: “You look amazing.” She replied: “Thank you.”

This was a lovely moment.

It was a two ring ceremony; Meghan’s ring was made from a piece of Welsh gold, gifted by the Queen. Harry’s is a textured platinum band. 

Both rings were made by Cleave and Company, the same firm that made Meghan’s engagement ring.

Meghan’s dress was designed by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy.

This shows the 16-foot train.

From the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan:

The sleek white gown, with its six strategically placed seams, was stitched from a heavy silk with a subtle sheen. A simple bateau neckline gracefully framed her face. The body of the dress subtly outlined her waist and flowed into a full train.

Back to the Post piece:

But what was most noticeable were all the things that the dress was not. It was not a Hollywood red-carpet statement. It was not a Disney-princess fantasy. It was not a mountain of camouflaging tulle and chiffon.

Clare Waight Keller is British. Earlier in her career she worked at Calvin Klein and Gucci; she was also creative director at Pringle of Scotland, and spent six years at Chloé. Last year Ms. Waight Keller became the first female artistic director at storied French fashion house Givenchy.

Background on how Ms. Waight Keller was selected to the dress comes via a Palace news release.

After meeting Ms. Waight Keller in early 2018, Ms. Markle chose to work with her for her timeless and elegant aesthetic, impeccable tailoring, and relaxed demeanour. Ms. Markle also wanted to highlight the success of a leading British talent who has now served as the creative head of three globally influential fashion houses – Pringle of Scotland, Chloé, and now Givenchy.

The news release notes say that Meghan and the designer worked closely together on the dress.The company proudly noted the royal wedding gown connection on its home page, Instagram and other social media sites.

Meghan’s veil incorporated a flower from each of the 53 Commonwealth countries.

Now, about that tiara. Meghan wore Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau, lent to her by the Queen.

It was made for Queen Mary in 1932.  More from The Telegraph’s coverage:

And what a tiara it is: a beautifully detailed, perfectly sized art deco-style platinum and diamond headpiece that previously belonged to Prince Harry’s great-great grandmother, Queen Mary, and was lent to the bride by the Queen.

From the news release: The bandeau is formed as a flexible band of eleven sections, pierced with interlaced ovals and pave set with large and small brilliant diamonds. As ever, the Royal Order of Splendor has outstanding information on the glittering, shiny, shimmering things.

The piece was constructed specifically to accommodate the detachable brooch in the center, set with ten brilliant diamonds.

The bandeau and the brooch were bequeathed by Queen Mary to The Queen in 1953.

This was not a tiara any of us expected to see, at least among a group of friends who are royal experts and fashion bloggers. It looked perfect on Meghan.

On Meghan’s wrist, the Reflection de Cartier Bracelet in 18k white gold and diamonds.

From the bracelet’s product description:

Large model Reflection de Cartier bracelet, 18K white gold, set with 166 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 12.96 carats, 30 princess-cut diamonds totaling 4.23 carats and 2 troidia-cut diamonds totaling 0.81 carats.”

Some recognized her earrings immediately; they are from the Galanterie de Cartier collection and were first worn to an Invictus reception during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings in April.

Meghan’s shoes were “based on a Givenchy refined pointed couture design made of a silk duchess satin.” For more on the shoes, please see our detailed post here.

Meghan’s bouquet by florist Philippa Craddock was “…a petite design, pulled together in a gentle, ethereal, relaxed style with delicate blooms also including scented sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine and astrantia, and sprigs of myrtle all bound with a naturally dyed, raw silk ribbon.” Arguably the nicest touch in the bouquet: Prince Harry handpicked several flowers for the bouquet from their private garden at Kensington Palace.

For tonight’s reception Meghan was in a bespoke dress by Stella McCartney.

You see the Duke and Duchess in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero. The vehicle was made in 1968, but has since been converted to electric power.

Meghan’s shoes by Aquazurra, crafted in satin with nude mesh. The soles of the heels were painted baby blue.

In this photo you might spot a cocktail ring Meghan on Meghan’s right hand.

Most think that is Princess Diana’s much-loved aquamarine ring.

Tonight Meghan wore new earrings, they are part of Cartier’s Reflection de Cartier collection.

From the product description.

Reflection de Cartier earrings, large model, 18K white gold, each set with 19 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.81 carats, and with 10 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 1.08 carats.”

One more look at St. George’s this afternoon.

UPDATE: In keeping with the tradition started in 1923 by the Queen Mother, Meghan’s bouquet was placed on the tomb of the unknown soldier at Westminster Abbey.

More from The Abbey:

The Duchess of Sussex has sent the bouquet she carried during her wedding ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, to Westminster Abbey to rest on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.

We’ll leave you with this video from The Telegraph.

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  1. I loved everything. I think the dress was an architectural masterpiece. I was very relieved that the Duchess decided to go for such a gown without embellishment, and I had hoped it would preclude (the default) comparison to the Duchess of Cambridge.
    I think the thickness of the material was to prevent the material from wrinkling. The neckline looked as it if was sculpted to her shoulders–perfecta s was the way it molded her waist. I think the ‘extra roominess’ around the bosom was a feature not a bug. This is my first royal wedding, more a HnM than a royal family fan. I think the roominess in the arm/chest area was done for comfort and from what I’ve observed , Meghan likes simplicity and comfort. What I saw was a beautiful, unembellished gown structured for comfort so that she could spend over half hour waving-to the left and to the right without ending with a sore arm or the material pinching into her upper arm. The gown was also the perfect complement to beautifully extravagant veil, any adornment on the gown and it would have been overkill. As beautiful as the I think the gown, tiara and veil were, it was the service that caused my roof to leak on my eyes. This wedding was the respite that my weary souls needed in these trying times. So, thank you HRH Prince and Princess Henry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Earl and Countess, Baron and Baroness Kilkeel, thank you.
    And, thank you for your time and effort in this write up

    NOTE: admin edit

  2. She was such a vision in white! Overall I thought Meghan looked beautiful. I didn’t think her dress was perfect but that was the dress she wanted and she looked so happy in it. I thought the fabric looked a little heavy for a spring wedding but it didn’t seem to impede her movement. I know some people have mentioned the tailoring looking loose around the sleeves but that didn’t bother me at all. The boat neck really flattered her. And her veil was just stunning. Typically I am not a fan of long cathedral veils and much preferred what Kate did with her veil at her wedding which was much shorter. But because the dress was so simple, the veil was the star of the show.
    I think my major quibble was her hair. I know Meghan loves loose messy buns but her hair looked bulky and really odd beneath the veil. In the official wedding pictures, the black and white one of her and Harry she has her veil off and the hair looks MUCH better without the veil on it. I don’t think she necessarily had to have her hair pulled back in an updo but I wasn’t a fan of the way her hair looked during the ceremony, it just looked odd paired with the veil.

    And of course absolutely loved the second dress she wore to the evening reception, quite the sexy ensemble! She and Harry looked so happy throughout the ceremony, it was great. Thanks for all your coverage!!

  3. I agree with another who commented here that the dress looked better from afar than up close. Initially, as I saw her step out of the car live, I *really* disliked it. I felt the sleeves were awkward and the bodice was improperly tailored (seen best [worst??] when Meghan is seated). I felt that the bodice needed to be slightly slimmed in at the sides- it read as very stiff and boxy. I also wished the dress had some sort of sparkle or feature to it, however small, to help it compete and hold its own against that GORGEOUS tiara. A simple same-colored sash or some embroidery… something! It has grown on me somewhat since then, though, and now that I look at the photos, it does look very lovely when she is moving and her arms are away from her sides. The show-stopping veil does a lot in the posed photos to break up and soften the stark simplicity of the neon-white silk. I applaud her for going simple and elegant, but for me, it was just a teensy, tiny, little bit, too simple.

    The music blew me away, though. I cried during the Tallis piece, which was sung at my wedding. It was so gorgeous! And I really really liked the soft, romantic arrangement of Stand By Me. It was so PERFECT for the setting while being so completely unexpected. And that fiery Chicago preacher and those stiff-lipped royals! now THAT was a sight! (We gotta get y’all married!) The children were perfect, the flowers were perfect, the weather was perfect… what a wonderful start to their marriage!

    Overall, a fantastic Saturday morning =)

  4. I was wondering if Meghan and her mom were wearing matching jewelry. Meghan’s earrings and Mom’s necklace looked very similar. That would have been a very sweet touch. What do you think?

  5. I thought she looked absolutely stunning! Well worth getting up at 1.30am here in California. I’m an ex-pat Brit who carried all my dolls and stuffed animals downstairs and sat them in rows to watch Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson get married when I was little, so no way I was doing anything other than watch the whole thing! I think this is my favorite royal wedding dress to date – so simple, elegant, the neckline was perfection. And then the veil – oh my! Love that she had the commonwealth flowers, plus California poppies on it. Love that her make-up was so natural looking too, and her freckles were visible. All that, combined with so many of the ceremony details – the African American preacher, the gospel music etc, just showed that she is so (rightly) proud of her background, upbringing and heritage, and I really respect that. She is a strong and modern woman who really seems to understand the tradition that she is marrying into.
    And then the evening look – so glamorous. Total classic James Bond the two of them dressed the way they were (was Harrys jacket velvet? Or am I just imagining that?), that wonderful car too. I’m hoping that is Diana’s aquamarine cocktail ring. We know that William and Harry inherited much of her jewellery, so that would make sense. Cute detail the bottom of her shoes being blue too.
    And Prince Charles. What a great man. I was born in 1978 and lived in the UK until I was mid-20’s, and I remember how much he was vilified in the 1980’s especially, and 1990’s too. Not just the marriage fallout, but his thoughts on conservation, talking to plants, and architecture. He was ridiculed. And now we see he was just waaaaay ahead of his time, and right about all of it. This Saturday the world got to see that he is a nice guy. He was an absolute gentleman with Doria – the extended hand when they went to sign the register, arm linking for the procession out, talking her through what was going on – and it was all so genuinely warm. That’s before we talk about what are reportedly his suggestions for the music – including that incredible rendition of ‘Stand By Me’. And his walking Meghan down the aisle – which, btw, is not the first time he has stepped into that role either.
    I am feeling so proud to be British right now!

  6. What a fun day! I was so happy to have another royal wedding to look forward to. Being in a better timezone and having learned a lot more about the royal family since William and Kate’s wedding made this a really festive occasion for me. I dressed up with my fascinator, made British sandwiches and meringues, and just enjoyed the coverage of the event all morning.

    Meghan’s dress was not to my personal taste – it was a bit too sleek for me and I would have preferred some lace or embellishment somewhere – but, shockingly, it wasn’t my wedding or my dress so who cares! The dress suited Meghan perfectly. Having learned more about her style through this blog, I think it ticked all the right boxes. The neckline was undeniably flattering and the sleekness suits her minimalist style, plus I’m glad she didn’t make any homage attempts to Princess Diana. I appreciated her inclusion of all the Commonwealth countries in her beautiful veil. I think the whole look was also a bit of a statement of her understanding of her new role – it’s respectful and understated, rather than over-the-top Hollywood.

    I really loved the mix of traditions during the service as well. Michael Curry’s sermon was just wonderful, both in the words that he spoke and the reactions of the British wedding guests. Zara Tindall looked like she had just had all her stereotypes about American culture confirmed! I also appreciated how much attention Charles paid to Doria Ragland. Obviously distance is a bigger factor but I do hope she will get the occasional invite to Christmas and other family events, like Kate’s family sometimes do.

    Of course, what stood out most to me was how in love Harry and Meghan looked. Harry seemed so nervous whenever he was on camera, until he would look at Meghan. I’m so happy for them and wish them all the best as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! I’m so grateful they let us share in their day. And thanks WMW team for the wonderful coverage! 🙂

  7. This has to be one of the most sober choices of wedding gown I’ve seen. Pre-wedding talk of embellishment and flounces have been firmly sidelined so the tailoring does all the talking. Pared back close to the point of a penitential shift, the dress reflects the serious commitment of the wearer to her new role, while all embellishment is deftly relegated to the fabulous extended veil.

    Overall the outfit manages to focus around the stunning brooch at the heart of the tiara, which, along with the dress designer’s identity, was quite unforeseen. I’ve seen various fashion mavens was lyrical about the six panels making up the skirt but have been unable to find photos which give sight of them, apart from one enormous newspaper pull-out poster.

    This was where I finally appreciated the skill in cutting the panels so they flare and extend beautifully into a modest train. I simply love how the veil has been extended to create a much larger train, but lighter than over-extending the dress fabric. The skill of the atelier is also made clear in the exquisite shaping of the boat neck to enhance Meghan’s face and in the precise length of the three-quarter sleeves which show off slender wrists and their bling to perfection. Wearing a proper updo was exactly right.

    I’m glad you quoted from the Washington Post piece, there was another on similar theme by Vanessa Friedman at the New York Times who also welcomed how princessy frou-frou had been set aside.

    I am in equal raptures over the McCartney evening gown – the second women designer of the day. A similar technique of extending flared skirt panels is at work again, but this time to flirtatious effect. I love the combination of Harry’s evening suit, the low-slung sports car and Meghan’s halter-neck which give a distinct vibe of vintage 007.

    I was over the moon when McCartney released her sketches so it’s possible to see how low the back goes. I have been reassured that all has been done in the best possible taste as too low just looks a bit cheap. It’s fun how a halter-neck can boast a faux-modesty by demurely covering the throat while then allowing plenty of skin on show over shoulders and back.

    I was interested to see the bride chose to go with all white on both dresses, given I’d assumed concession would be made to a second marriage by choosing off-white or even colour. But Meghan is able to show off how easily her skin tone handles the bright monotone unlike those of us who would be eclipsed by it.

  8. So. Wow. — The dress was almost exactly what I anticipated, particularly the neckline. Very modern, like Meghan, and she likes to show her shoulders. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off the tiara! So, pretty and I thought the ornateness made a nice contrast to the simplicity of the dress. The diamonds really sparkled and reflected colors in the church. Her hair was distracting to me, though. I kept wishing for some hairspray.

    Another wish: Slower up those west stairs! What a dramatic ascent, but she went too fast.

  9. To those of us pondering about the fit of her Givenchy dress, I think it is unfortunately due to a combination of heavy fabric (French silk can be thick, you can get a sense of it by looking at he hemlines at her wrists/arms and boat neck) and Meghan’s body shape (she is a *gorgeous & slender* apple shape, but an apple shape), which mean that her waist lacked definition. As a result while I also loved her modern take on Givenchy, I agree that she looked even better in her Stella McCartney dress! Her shoulders emphasizing her small hips, what an sight! Anyway quibbles, quibbles, she still looked AMAZING in both dress!

  10. What struck me the most out of the wedding, was exactly how timeless Meghan’s look was. My first thought when she entered the chapel, with the soloist, the splendor of St. George’s Chapel (designed by King Henry the VIII and where he and his beloved wife Jane Seymour are buried), to the flowers – I felt as though I could be watching a re-enactment of a Medieval Royal wedding (with that squared train) , a flair of Aurora’s dress from Sleeping Beauty (the gorgeous crown also helped with that, too), to Saturday’s modern royal wedding. They didn’t need to explain the bride wanted timeless. You knew it when you saw it.

    Other items worth noting: as some have mentioned on the various blogs: I, too, have gained a new level of respect for Charles. He appeared more human (he’s always come across as rather robotic or stiff in his skin on occasion) and accessible in small but very loud and meaningful actions. We may have seen that at the Cambridge wedding but have not realized it as William and Catherine (and their families) had years to get to know each other. This was a newly built relationship among them all and it showed, but only in his gentile handling of the situation. To support his new daughter-in-law and his attempts to be inclusive of her mother in what must have been a moving and even slightly awkward moment in time being the only family of the bride, in such a way is tremendous. I want to see more of that Charles. You can tell that he also has a closer relationship with Harry than he does William (it’s the same in my family, my younger brother is closer to our father and I am closer to our mother. I think the younger children tend to be more forgiving.) Whatever the reason, you could see that bond.

    Last point: I should hope that Queen Mary’s Tiara doesn’t become abandoned as the Cartier Scroll Tiara did. I think this unexpected tiara is absolutely suited to Meghan in a way that seems as though it was made for her. It not only suits her esthetic but it suits her personality. I would also love to see her use the brooch in the center on occasion, as well. There is plenty of time to grow into/gain other tiaras!

  11. Of course, leading up to the big day I was very excited to watch the wedding and I was excited to see the dress, the flowers, the children. But watching Saturday morning I was surprised how emotional I was watching the family arrive, watching Harry and William walk to the chapel, watching Meghan and her mom riding to St. George’s in the car, and finally watching the beautiful service. Even being steeped in tradition, there was something intensely personal about the entire morning. I was moved by the obvious (almost leaping off the screen) love they have for each other and the little loving moments during the service. I was also moved by Bishop Curry’s sermon on harnessing the power of love and the gospel choir singing so beautifully. The cellist was the cherry on top.
    In terms of fashion, I loved both of Meghan’s dresses. I think the ceremony dress looked most beautiful when viewed in motion, especially as they were exiting the chapel. The veil was spectacular and the tiara looked so perfect! The reception dress was va-va-voom sexy. They looked straight out of a Bond movie departing in the Jag. Harry looked great in his uniform. Doria’s Oscar de la Renta was perfection, easily one of the best-dressed at the wedding. In terms of other guests, I really loved Serena’s dress and Countess Spencer’s outfit.
    Thanks for the spectacular coverage. I’m anticipating the official photos in the next few days. Can’t wait for Tuesday!

    • “I think the ceremony dress looked most beautiful when viewed in motion, especially as they were exiting the chapel.”
      I couldn’t agree more. The skill that went into creating the dress really shone here and as they exited from signing the registry. Despite the heaviness and volume of the fabric, it still showed off her figure in a beautifully and appropriately. The ceremony dress wasn’t at all what I expected (I’m not sure what I expected, tbh) and yet fit in perfectly with what we have sign of Meghan’s style post-engagement. I also love, love, love the care that went into choosing her earrings and bracelet, which complement the tiara so well.
      The music? Such a great combination of the English church music I love so much with America mixed in. Couldn’t have loved it more. I’ve read a rumor that Charles was actually the one made the suggestion of Stand By Me in addition advising on the classical selections. Just brilliant.
      Can’t wait to see the formal portraits and what M wears to her first garden party!!

  12. I expected to be bored by the wedding but what a pleasant surprise! Meghan’s dress didn’t seem to fit her torso so well, but I loved the way the bare shoulders framed her beautiful face. And that veil! Gorgeous! I liked the way it covered her tiara before the ceremony but uncovered it when she was out in the carriage under the sunlight. The children’s outfits were adorable, too. And I’m sorry, but Princess Charlotte’s cuteness completely upstaged Meghan, as well it should, lol. The best thing Meghan wore, though, was that smile. She smiles with her eyes. I didn’t expect to be besotted by this wedding, but I was. So glad I took the time to watch.

  13. I’m not generally a fan of super-simple wedding dresses, but Meghan’s was perfection. It was made so well, fitted her so well, and set off that gorgeous veil in a way that a fussier gown wouldn’t have. This gown/veil will stand the test of time; it was pure elegance.

    Among the guests, two stood out for me. Sophie Wessex’s was a refreshingly different style, with a little edgy bling, but still well within royal-wedding parameters. And Meghan’s mother, Doria’s dress/coat were beautiful, and couldn’t have been more perfect style for mother of the royal bride.

    I have to say a word about Prince Charles, who showed himself to be, well, a real prince to Meghan and Doria. It seemed he went out of his way to make them both feel welcome and comfortable in what was a completely alien situation for both of them. Bravo!

    All in all, it was a beautiful joyful day, with really no sour notes. As an American, I couldn’t be prouder of the new American duchess. Take good care of her!

  14. Very much in agreement with everything you’ve said. Elegance was in the simplicity. I too was thinking about Pippa’s wedding flower girls and page boys, they were made to look an accessory than darling tiny creatures they are. Here the children frolicked about while performing their duties. The material of the veil with or without the embroidery was simply gorgeous, light as clouds.

  15. On her second dress, all I have to say is: Meghan walks out of Windsor in a Stella McCartney, takes six steps to a Jaguar, and the Royal Family is hit with a whole new level of sexy. Wow!!

    • I totally agree. Brides these days want to look and feel sexy; I’m sure this is new to to the Royals. All I could think of was how sexy both Harry & Meghan were. Wow!

  16. My, what a day! Their love and tender care for each other were so palpable I was teary-eyed the whole time and I’m not a crier. The dress was not what I was expecting at all, but it was lovely, classic, timeless, and I get it. But what stole the day was THAT VEIL!! That ethereal exquisiteness went for ever and enveloped her in the stuff of dreams. Seeing her go up the steps and down the nave with the sunlight flickering in and that haunting solo was so other worldly. This is a woman who knows how to make an entrance!
    I agree with others on the thickness of the fabric, but it did give it heft and removed the possibility of wrinkles on the car ride over! I’m amazed that two seven-year olds pulled this off without a major catastrophe — that was the biggest miracle of the day. Seeing the Mom-Wranglers try to get up the steps with the posse of toddlers was priceless, but the fact that they were actually left to their own devices all the way down the aisle and no one wandered off or had a meltdown was the second miracle. Hope we get a picture of her shoes. All in all, classic, simple, chic. But the big winner was their obvious love and tenderness which were so evident. Hurray!

  17. I seem to differ with some posters about the bridesmaid dresses.
    I loved them. I thought their simplicity was elegant, and they didn’t look like they were wearing costumes — Pippa’s wedding comes to mind, especially the page boys.They really matched the bride’s dress, and made no concession to what “people” expect to see little bridesmaids wearing. Liked the way the pageboys matched Harry and William, too.
    If Caroline Bessett Kennedy’s dress was Meghan’s ideal, she did an excellent job of transforming elegance and simplicity into a form suitable for a royal wedding.
    One thing I noted was that, to my eye anyway, the design was more dramatic and effective from a distance than close up.
    The stars of her ensemble were the tiara and that gorgeous, gorgeous veil. The tiara suited her and was just beautiful. And her veil was the loveliest I’ve seen at any royal wedding — not just the Commonwealth embroidery, but the material, the drape, the length. What a statement. What a veil.

    • Very much in agreement with everything you’ve said. Elegance was in the simplicity. I too was thinking about Pippa’s wedding flower girls and page boys, they were made to look an accessory than darling tiny creatures they are. Here the children frolicked about while performing their duties. The material of the veil with or without the embroidery was simply gorgeous, light as clouds.

  18. Beautiful day and the flowers and detail to service incredible. every bride looks special on her day but I am in agreement that the dress looked like it was too long waisted for her figure. The plainness was a disappointment to me. Would like to see more close up detail of the cut and flow of the train. Maybe I am missing something. The veil thank God made the dress! Her hair must have been very frustrating for her and the pieces that fell over her face should have been fixed when she went in to sign the register. When I look at pictures of her in the past, she is far more beautiful with her hair parted on the side. The harshness of the midde part and falling pieces, to me, is not flattering to her face. But the look in her shining smiling eyes was magical. God bless them both on the wedding. Let the adventure begin!

  19. Faith, I too wonder why, when Meghan wears her hair this way, that pieces seem to escape and it ends up looking very unpolished. Could it be, that her hair is straightened and this means the texture of her hair is hard to tame? Although surely hairstylists armed with pins and sprays and other products could do something. Kate wears a hairnet when she has an undo…perhaps for this very reason.
    I also agree with you about the tiara, dress and veil. The dress, although truly elegant was so plain it hardly seemed special. The veil on the other hand, was beautiful beyond words. If only some of the thought and detail of the veil, could have been transferred to Meghan’s dress and hair.

  20. Thanks for your hard work you must have been up all night!. Just a note if some were wondering why William had gold braiding and Harry did not, it is because William is an ADC to the Queen. The music was English composers and the couple were advised by Prince Charles on choice. It was also Charles who chose “Stand by me”, sung by the gospel singers.
    The couple are due to leave Windsor this afternoon and return to Kensington Palace. We will next see Meghan at a rural garden party on Tuesday and maybe at the Chelsea Flower Show which is on this week.

  21. Thank you for your nice work. If you would, please comment on the music as the bride arrived. It was hauntingly beautiful. Also, I’d like to see some detail of the lovely and full chignon Meghan had for the (morning) wedding.

  22. Ms Ragland’s diamond pendant is also from Birks. It’s their Snowflake Starry Night Pendant that will be for sale in the autumn. It’s on their Instagram account. 🙂

  23. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and many hours everyone involved dedicated to covering today’s events!
    There was really no way to not feel happy when watching every aspect of the wedding; Harry and Meghan’s happiness was just contagious.
    Meghan looked like a dream. Timeless, elegant, and classic. The tiara and veil were just divine.
    I will say that I personally would have liked to have seen maybe just a bit more … something… on the dress (and the little bridesmaids dresses even, although the little ones were all out of this world adorable) but that’s just my personal taste and in no way takes away from how lovely she looked.
    Thank you once again everyone – admin and my fellow guests on the Facebook page and blog – who made the day so fun!

  24. Thank you for such wonderful coverage! This is always the best site for everything sartorial and everything in between. I am wondering if anyone knows where the Cartier bracelet came from – was it a gift, in her own personal collection, lent to her for the wedding?

    • We have not heard/read yet as to who may have given her the bracelet. We are thinking that maybe Prince Charles and Camilla gifted her the bracelet and matching earrings. We may not ever know for sure, but this is just our thoughts.

  25. Thank you so much for this fantastic coverage. I know it must be an incredible amount of work.
    This was such a joyful event to watch. I expected to be enchanted with the love story, the fashion, and the tiara, but I was not expecting to be so powerfully affected by the choice of music and the homily–which, while I understand it has gotten some criticism for being a bit too long and a bit too passionately delivered–I absolutely loved. I think it really ended up being a significant historical and cultural event in ways that I truly had not anticipated. I’m so happy for them, and it’s wonderful to know that so many others are enjoying just a little bit of the light cast by their happiness and hopefulness today.

    So onto what I did anticipate–which was the dress (clean, modern, zero ornament, and long sleeves) and the tiara (this is the one I voted for on the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor poll). Both were wonderful. I was a little surprised at the heaviness of the fabric, but I think it suited the style and gave the very simple design some more heft, literally and metaphorically. The tiara is just gorgeous, and such a perfect choice for Meghan. Of COURSE that’s the one she chose. It was a dynamite match with the dress, and it framed her beautiful face in such a lovely way.

    One thing I could not have predicted was that transcendent veil. Oh my word! I was already so incredibly impressed with it–its scale, its diaphanous material, its perfectly simple drape and design–and then when I learned about the flowers of the commonwealth embroidered onto it–what did they say, 300 hours worth of handwork?–I was just blown away. That’s a real museum piece.

    I enjoyed the evening reception look as well, but the standout really was that baby-blue Jaguar. Best accessory ever!

    I don’t know if you think it would be appropriate for this site or not, but once you have had a good rest I’d love a post about what the guests wore. Sofia Wellesley, Kitty Spencer, and Mrs. Charles Spencer (in purple) were among my favorites.

    Thanks again for your coverage of this delightful day!

    • I was hunting all over to find that tiara poll but failed, alas. I thought it was a different tiara there, the Queen Mary Lozenge and I checked out pictures which seem to indicate there are two. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

      • I think you are right, ElizaMo–I realized this mistake after I posted. It was described on the OOSS poll as Queen Mary’s bandeau, and this one fits that description as well–and has a similar Art Deco feel and low-profile design–but it is in fact a different tiara. My bad! For what it’s worth, I like this one even better, so good call on Meghan’s part. 🙂 That big jewel in the center! <3

        • Oh thank you for checking, Jessica. I only mentioned it because the lozenge one had been my own favourite in the same poll. I think it’s fabulous Meghan managed to dust off this ‘old’ one!


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