Royal Wedding Daily Digest: Thursday, May 17

Welcome to one of our last Daily Digest posts! It’s hard to believe the wedding is just 36 hours away.

It was another busy day. We’ll start with a trip to Windsor for the bride and groom.

They were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

More about the afternoon from The Telegraph’s coverage:

The bride-to-be was photographed on Thursday with Prince Harry, being driven down Windsor Castle’s Long Walk to undertake final rehearsals for their wedding on Saturday.

The young page boys and bridesmaids were shown the ropes at St George’s Chapel, with ten children aged between two and seven due to accompany Ms Markle.

Now for a glance at what Meghan wore this afternoon. It looked like she brought back the Tuxe Bodywear bodysuit first seen at the Endeavour Awards. The piece is called is ‘The Boss’ pussy-bow silk bodysuit. We show the item at Net a Porter ($280).

It is believed Meghan’s earrings are the Birks Snowstorm Diamond style in white gold ($12000), although we are still looking for a hi-res photo to better see if this the case. Many thanks to Heaven on Twitter for suggesting these as the earrings.  

Meghan had on sunglasses by Ray-Ban. The design is called the Panthos at Macy’s ($143); at Ray-Ban it is the RB2180 ($143); at Amazon the style is RB2180 Round ($143). A big ‘thank you’ to Taylor Z. for her simply delightful email.


Elsewhere in Windsor it was a day for military dress rehearsals. More than 250 members of the Armed Forces took part in today’s practice runs. Below, members of the Blues and Royals, Harry’s old regiment, as they march through Windsor.

Another view.

The rehearsal allowed personnel to “…check their moves, route and timings and make the necessary tweaks to ensure perfection on the day.”

Among them, those taking part in the carriage ride through Windsor and the Long Walk.

And part of the Traveling Escort which will accompany Meghan and Harry during the carriage procession.

Below, a few of the Royal Gurkha Rifles.

The Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force will all be represented in ceremonies celebrating the royal wedding.

It is sure to be an impressive sight.

There were preparations going on at many Windsor locations. Below, the Choir of St. George’s Chapel.

Earlier in the day Kensington Palace released a statement from Meghan regarding her father:

The front pages of tomorrow’s Daily Mirror and Daily Mail.

Our other topic tonight: tiaras. One of the most enjoyable elements of covering the wedding is learning new things. This is the first time I (this is Susan K writing) have spent much time reading about tiaras. In talking about what we’re likely to see Meghan wearing on Saturday, both of us think there is a good possibility Meghan will wear a tiara, and that it could well be an entirely new piece made specifically for her. If she does not wear a tiara we both believe some sort of hair ornament with diamonds and/or other jewels is likely.

Fortunately, we have the interwebs and you do not have to rely on our scant knowledge of the topic. There are experts out there and one of the very best is The Royal Order of Splendor. Last week the regular Tiara Thursday focus was on the upcoming wedding, in a post titled Place Your Meghan Tiara Bets. This graphic was included in the post.   

I think you will enjoy the post, as well as comments left by readers.

Women’s Wear Daily wrote about the subject today:

She’s marrying a senior member of the royal family, so it’s likely that Markle will sparkle with something precious, and the headpiece will most certainly come from Queen Elizabeth.

The selection will be wide, considering the British royal family has one of the most enviable jewelry collections in the world, hence the suspense ahead of Saturday’s wedding.

While there are so many tiaras that Markle could wear, it’s unlikely that she’ll appear in creations such as the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara or the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, both of which were made by Garrard. The latter was a favorite of Princess Diana’s.

Both of us are almost as excited about the tiara topic as we are about the dress! What do you think, will Meghan wear a tiara? Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I think Meghan will wear a tiara and vote for them in the given order 1) The Strathmore Rose Tiara, 2) The Queen Mother’s Cartier Bracelet Bandeau, and 3) Queen Mary’s Lozenge Bandeau.
    Really hoping for The Strathmore Rose Tiara, with elder flower cake and all those floral arrangements decorating Windsor Castle.

  2. Great post and lovely pics, thank you. Yet more tiaras to choose from — the Queen Mary Lozenge is a new one on me and looks very restrained and Meghan. I remain non-plussed as to how anyone could ID that top she was wearing, she is certainly looking very good. In both her statement and demeanour she looks perfectly in control, and I like how both have started making things look normal again. Nice work

  3. Thanks for a great post Susan! I can’t believe we are only about 24-ish hours away from the big event!

    I believe that Meghan will wear a tiara, as modern as she might be who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to wear an honest-to-God royal tiara on her wedding day!! My favorite choice for her is the Cartier Bandeau Bracelet Tiara, it’s modern, sleek and so very much keeping with Meghan’s style. My close second favorite would be the Strathmore Rose Tiara, given Meghan’s love of flowers and her expressed desire that her wedding dress be “romantic and whimsical” this tiara would be the perfect fit. Either way I think her best accessories for the day will be her radiant smile and Prince Harry on her arm 🙂

  4. Hi, there is a photo yesterday of Meghan facing Harry in the car. In the window reflection, you can see Meghan is wearing a white and blue floral skirt. I have seen similar comments in another style blog! Could you please identify!


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