Meet Meghan’s Team

Ever wonder who’s who on Meghan’s team? Below we provide a snapshot of Meghan’s (as well as Harry’s) staff.

Edward Lane Fox
♦ Private Secretary to Prince Harry (2013 – Summer 2018)

  • A former army officer who served in Bosnia and Iraq, Lane Fox, 41, met Harry in the Blues and Royals, a regiment of the Household Cavalry. After a master’s degree in documentary photography and photojournalism, he worked in communications before being appointed Harry’s first private secretary in 2013.
  • Edward can be seen on engagements and royal visits along side Amy Pickerill.

Heather Wong
♦ Assistant Private Secretary to Prince Harry (2016 – Present)

Amy Pickerill
♦ Private Assistant Secretary to Duchess of Sussex, Meghan (February 19, 2018 – Present)

  • Prior to becoming Meghan’s Private Assistant Secretary, Amy was the Communications Secretary  from 2016 – 2018.

Samantha Cohen
♦ Assisting Meghan – guiding her for 6 months beginning Spring 2018

  • Formerly HM The Queen’s Assistant Press Secretary (2001-2007)
  • Assistant Private Secretary (2010 – Summer 2018)
  • Prior roles include; Mainly for Prince Andrew, Press and Communications Secretary (2007-2010)

George Northwood – Meghan’s hair stylist
Daniel Martin – Meghan’s makeup-artist
Jessica Mulroney – Meghan’s fashion consultant/stylist