Meet Meghan’s Team

Ever wonder who’s who on Meghan’s team? Below we provide a snapshot of Meghan’s (as well as Harry’s) staff.

Fiona Mcilwham, Private Secretary to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, is a former ambassador to Albania.



Sara Latham is the Head of Communications for the couple. She is an American and was a former senior advisor for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Her most recent position was as managing partner at Freuds, a large UK public relations firm.


Heather Wong is the Duke and Duchess’s Deputy Private Secretary. She was Prince Harry’s private secretary from 2016 until her promotion to her current position. Previously she worked at communications firm Milltown Partners and held multiple positions in the Obama administration.


Clara Madden – Project Officer/ Assistant to Prince Harry



David Watkins was hired as the Digital Communications Manager in August 2019. His most recent position was managing social media at Burberry.



Natalie Campbell is a Director at the Sussex Royal Foundation. She worked very closely with Meghan on the  Her most recent position was with the Royal Foundation of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Duke & Duchess of Sussex.


Karen Tracey Blackett is a trustee at the Sussex Royal Foundation who worked very closely with Meghan on the Together: Our Community Cookbook project. A British entrepreneur, she was named the most influential black person in Britain in 2014 and was awarded an OBE for her work in media. Previously she chaired MediaCom UK, the largest media company in the United Kingdom.

Gerrard Tyrrell – is Secretary at the Sussex Royal Foundation. He is a long time attorney to the BRF. Mr. Tyrrell is a Senior Partner at his legal firm, Harbottle & Lewis. He is known as a leading lawyer in the field of litigation with particular work in fields of information protection, privacy and defamation.

Keleigh Thomas Morgan – is a Partner at Sunshine Sachs & Associates, the American public relations firm, who will handle PR for the Sussex Royal Foundation.


George Northwood – Meghan’s hairstylist
Daniel Martin – Meghan’s makeup artist
Jessica Mulroney – Meghan’s fashion consultant/stylist