Wedding Merchandise & Memorabilia

Our little list of the wedding merchandise and memorabilia related to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

  • Peter Jones offers is offering its own line of Royal Wedding pieces. It’s a limited edition collection with just 500 pieces made of each item; all are English bone china and made in the UK. Best of all (okay, we’re biased!), they feature a terrific photo by award-winning royal photographer and WMW/WKW friend, Mark Stewart. (It is Mark’s work that’s featured on our Meghan and Harry notecards, see the item below for more info!)  
  • We are excited to offer our very own royal wedding collectible! It is a limited edition set of Meghan and Harry note cards featuring simply stunning photos from award-winning royal photographer Mark Stewart (known to many of you as Regal Eyes on Twitter). There are 10 cards in the set, and they come with 11 envelopes; the set is $14.95 and available here.

  • With all due respect to Prince Harry, in this paper doll set at Amazon ($9.99) his hair looks like a porcupine.
  • In this set now available at Target ($7.40) it is Meghan that doesn’t look right.
  • If you find the paper doll business too arduous there is always a coloring book. Behold, the Harry and Meghan Coloring Book. This can be yours for just $8.98.