Meghan and Harry Deliver Food for Non-Profit and Meghan’s Zoom Call With London’s Hubb Kitchen UPDATED 4/18

UPDATE 18 April: Please scroll down to see the latest updates — Harry and Meghan were out again delivering more meals for Project Angel Food this week.

Also, Meghan will make an appearance this Monday morning (4/20) on ABC’s Good Morning America to speak about the Disney+ piece she narrated, Elephant. The appearance was previously recorded. If you have not yet seen Elephant, it is currently available on Disney+ and I encourage you all to watch for those that have a subscription to the service. It was beautifully done and a great watch for the entire family!

Good Morning America in the US begins at 7:00am EST on ABC.


I hope everyone has been staying safe and well during these trying times. With all the sadness that seems to overwhelm the news outlets these days, it’s certainly a welcoming change to hear some positive and uplifting stories. With that, here is the latest on what Meghan and Harry have been up to.

The Duke and Duchess were spotted out in Los Angeles on Wednesday this week. The couple delivered meals to locally on behalf of Project Angel Food, a non-profit based in L.A. that prepares and delivers medically tailored food to people suffering from chronic illnesses.

Meghan knew about Project Angel Food from when she previously lived in L.A.

The non-profit was founded in 1989 in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In 2004 they expanded their mission to help those who were “struggling with the multiple challenges of hunger, isolation and their critical illness”. The organization cooks and delivers over 600,000 meals each year, free of charge, to the homes of those affected by life-threatening illnesses. The meals are medically tailored and nutritional counseling services help chronically and terminally ill people throughout Los Angeles who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Drivers deliver 12,000 meals weekly to 1,400 people in need all over Los Angeles.

Richard Ayoub, Executive Director for Project Angel Food spoke with People about the couple’s involvement with the organization.

“She said she wanted to do something to give back on Easter and was talking to her mom [Doria Ragland] and her mom told her that Project Angel Food needs help and Meghan said, ‘Yes, brilliant.’ ”

“We’re completely honored.”

Before making the deliveries, Harry and Meghan toured Project Angel’s facilities. They learned how the meals at the facility are medically tailored for each client. Mr Ayoub and the staff went over all their social distancing protocols for the deliveries and they wore gloves, masks and kept six feet away.

The couple did about six deliveries on Easter Sunday and fourteen deliveries on Wednesday.

“They were extremely down to earth and genuinely interested in every single person they met,” Ayoub continues. “They engaged with our chefs, they engaged with clients — they just wanted to make sure that people felt the love and appreciation. Their goal was really to just honor our chefs and staffs and volunteers by being of service.”

More from Richard Ayoub in the below video interview from Los Angeles based KTLA.

Project Angel shared several tweets of appreciation on Twitter —

One stunned recipient of the royal couple’s delivery was Dan Tyrell who didn’t recognize the couple when he first opened the door of his West Hollywood apartment.

More from Dan’s interview with the Daily Mail.

‘My phone rang and a lady said, “Hi this is Meghan from Project Angel Food.”

“I said, “Oh, do you want to meet me downstairs?” – I didn’t realize it was THE Meghan at this point.’

Mr. Tyrell said he was startled when he walked down the building’s external staircase and spotted two black-out SUVs on the road outside.

As he approached the gate to meet the couple he said he “spotted a man with red hair who looked familiar” then looked at Meghan and put it together.

The couple attempted to keep a low profile and neither Harry nor Meghan formally introduced themselves. They told Mr. Tyrell, “Here’s your food and thank you. We hope you’re well and that you’re fine”.

Dan didn’t let on that he knew who they were either saying he “didn’t want to make them uncomfortable.”

‘To have someone come and deliver the food is amazing, it makes us here feel that somebody cares outside. So for Harry and Meghan to do this is amazing.’

Below from the Daily Mail, the apartment’s camera showing the couple arriving and delivering the food.

If you would like to donate to Project Angel, please see the following link: Donate to Project Angel


Next, Meghan held a Zoom call last week with the Hubb Community Kitchen in London.

The Duchess connected with several women of the Hubb Community Kitchen who have unveiled a new meals delivery service for struggling families during the coronavirus lockdown. Starting this Monday the women will be cooking 250-300 meals a day, three days a week.

Meghan chatted with Leila Hedjem, as well as cooks Cherine Mallah, Halima Al-Hudafi, Oxana Sinitsyna and Jennifer Odonkor. The women will prepare the meals in the their homes and deliveries will be handled by Street Games, which runs the Fit and Fed campaign that aims to provide nutritious meals for children at risk of going hungry during the school holidays. Harry spent time with Street Games earlier last year.

Below Prince Harry at Street Games in February 2019.

You may remember the couple visiting with Street Games while in Cardiff Wales, January 2018.

From the Evening Standard Meghan said —

“The spirit of the Hubb Community Kitchen has always been one of caring, giving back and helping those in need, initially in Grenfell and now throughout the UK.

“A home-cooked meal from one neighbour to another, when they need it most, is what community is all about.

The news comes as the Duchess of Sussex backs the Evening Standard’s #FoodForLondonNow campaign, which raise funds for the delivery of food to poor, elderly and vulnerable Londoners during the coronavirus pandemic.

More from the Evening Standard

“I’m so proud of the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen, and the continued support The Felix Project gives them to carry out these acts of goodwill, which at this moment are urgently needed.

“I’m equally moved by the many people who are contributing to the Evening Standard’s campaign to raise money for these vital organisations in the wake of Covid-19.” — The Duchess of Sussex

Most of the produce will be supplied to the Hubb kitchen team by the charity’s partner, The Felix Project, who source surplus food from cafés, resturants and supermarkets.

From the Felix Project on Twitter —

If you would like to donate to the Felix Project, please see the following link: The Felix Project – Coronavirus Response – Help Feed London.


While this is a fashion blog, it didn’t seem right to put a lot of focus on what the Duchess wore for the two different occasions. However, there were some inquiries about her white t-shirt worn in the video and the outfit in the Project Angel images. I’ll list out the items below and any profits made will be donated to Project Angel.

I’ll start with the Angel Project images of Meghan.

It appears that she may be wearing her Frank & Eileen, ‘Eileen’ white Italian linen shirt,

We first saw the shirt during the Australia 2018 tour while leaving Fraser Island.

For those wondering, the Frank & Eileen ‘Eileen’ style shirts tend to run large. Therefore I would suggest sizing down one size if you want a more “fitted” look. Otherwise if you order your regular size you will get a loose, slightly larger style. I do own a F&E ‘Eileen’ shirt in a rayon fabric and when I sized down one size the fit is perfect (and I’m petite!). I hope this helps.

If you are looking for a similar shirt at a more reasonable price, Meghan’s J. Crew slim perfect shirt in white Irish linen is available, reg. $79.50 now ON SALE$60.00(24% Off).

The shirt is also available in French Blue, which Meghan was spotted wearing in the Together cookbook.

It’s really hard to say what black skinny jeans Meghan wore. She owns quite a few including the following:

Finally, I always had a theory that perhaps she wore the J Crew Toothpick in black while in Australia as well. There was one pair that didn’t match that of the Outland Denim pair or the Morther Denim pair. (More on that in another post!). Regardless, they are another great alternative. #MatchMegStyle #RepliMeg

J Crew, 9″ high-rise stretchy toothpick jean in new black, $110.

j.crew: 9 high-rise stretchy toothpick jean in new black for women, right side, view zoomed

Meghan appears to be wearing a pair of white sneakers with possibly the navy contrast at the heel. These could be a pair of Adidas Stan Smith. They are not the Stella McCartney x Stan Smith style she’s previously worn as these do not have the red and blue ribbon stripe at the heel. I know she owns the Stan Smith style in the white and green.

Adidas Stan Smith in white and navy, reg. $80. Available at Zappos, $60 and Adidas, $80.

If you like Meghan’s Stella McCartney x Stan Smith version with the blue and red ribbon stripe on the heel, watch for an upcoming WMW first – a DIY post on how to “get the look”!

She also had a pair of sunglasses hanging on her shirt. These could have been the Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglasses in black tort and khaki mono, $69.00. (Shown below when she wore them in South Africa last Fall.) Meghan also wore these while leaving Fraser Island, Australia.
The Duchess also had on a Project Angel hat which can be purchased on the non-profit’s website here – Project Angel Food hat, $25.


UPDATE 18 April: A few followers inquired about what Meghan wore while she and Harry delivered more meals for Project Angel in the past day or so. Our agencies do not have any photos of the couple and therefore we will not be sharing any here.

Meghan wore her Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in white and green, $80. We first saw her wear the sneakers in Toronto, 2016. Available at Footlocker, $60 in most sizes, Dick’s Sporting Goods in all sizes, $60 and Adidas, $80 in all sizes.

Her jogger pants are by LA based designer James Perse. They are the Mixed Media Jersey Pant in Army Green Pigment, $245. The pants are also available in most sizes at Revolve, $245.

She also wore a black long sleeve tee shirt. This could be any number of brands. In looking closely at one of the photos of Meghan, I thought I spotted a small white dot on the back of her black tee. This led me to Misha Nonoo’s All Day Long Sleeve Tee in black, $85.

Another brand Meghan favors is Cuyana and they also have a black long sleeve tee that would match what she was wearing. It is their Classic Long Sleeve Tee in black, $55.

Either way, they are both great tee shirts!

Harry and Meghan were also seen walking their dogs. Meghan had on a cap sleeve black tee, white jeans and her black Adidas running sneakers. The photos were very blurry and there is no way to really identify the jeans or tee. Her Adidas sneakers can be found by searching our site. She wore them while in New York for her baby shower in February 2019.


In the Zoom video call, Meghan had on a white crew neck tee shirt. This of course could be any number of brands. However, Meghan tends to favor sustainable brand Everlane and they have one that would be a close match.

Everlane, The Cotton Crew, $18. The shirt is due to be re-stocked on May 10. Sign up for the wait list now!

I checked Cuyana as I thought they had one as well, but they do not show one that would match this style on their site currently. The Everlane tees are really nice. I own a v-neck one in black and have had it for some time now. It’s one of my favorites!

UPDATE 18 April: After looking at a few tee more t-shirts, I found one from Misha Nonoo that might also be a good match for Meghan’s white tee. We know she favors this brand and Misha is a good friend of the Duchess as well.

Misha Nonoo’s Girlfriend 2.0 tee shirt in white, $70, has a high crew neck collar and also comes in a variety of colors.

Again, either of these tees would be a great wardrobe addition!

The Together: Our Community Cookbook, $12, is still available. A quick reminder that proceeds from this cookbook benefit The Hubb Community.


One last bit of news. It has been reported that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to launch a non-profit under the name of Archewell. I’ll have more on this in an upcoming post and the meaning behind the name.


Finally, I hope to do another post in a day or so that will include a few DIY items and some beauty tips, including Meghan’s makeup and beauty products from the past few years. I will also include some products for dry hands from all the hand washing everyone has been doing!

These days I’ve been quite busy sewing face masks for my husband, who is a first responder, as well as friends and family. In the past week, our governor here in New Jersey signed an executive order that everyone must wear masks when entering essential businesses. I do feel that this should have been in place from day one based on my knowledge from past experiences.

Flu Mask Pattern (Download)

My husband is a police officer and I made some heavy duty “flu” face masks with a pattern I found from a Michigan based company – Proper Fit Clothing. The company offers several different patterns for face masks and charges just a few dollars for each pattern. The money they collect pays for materials to make masks and other products.

I have been using the “Flu” pattern as I feel it’s the best and includes a pocket for a filter. They have included a new pattern with a velcro strap and I may try that pattern as well.

Below are two of the masks I sewed for my mother’s neighbor. The ones I made for my husband and his fellow officers are a midnight blue/black color and match their uniforms. I actually used an old uniform shirt. While the officers do have n95 masks, in order to conserve these, I’ve made this kind of mask for them for everyday. A filter can be used in the pocket or they can be worn over an n95 mask. The filters can be a coffee filter, vacuum filter or the filters used for the vents in our home if you have any of these. While they aren’t n95, they will help.

I hope everyone has been staying safe, staying well and staying home. Remember, it’s not social distancing, it’s physical distancing. So call that friend or family member you may not have checked in on lately. Make sure they are ‘ok’ – not just physically but mentally as well. <3 #WeAreAllInThisTogether

Susan C.


  • Read more from People’s article here.
  • The Daily Mail exclusive piece is here.
  • Town and Country’s article is here.
  • The Evening Standard’s article is here.
  • The Evening Standard’s ‘Food for London Now’ campaign page is here.

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  1. The Army is discouraging people from using old uniforms to make masks, as the fabric is treated with all sorts of chemicals – I know nothing about police uniforms, but hope this is not the case for them! I personally would love a mask with glitter but I suppose it would not be effective.

    • Hi Kate – Police uniform shirts are different. They are just either cotton/poly or all polyester. I line them anyway with 100 percent cotton. They only use them either to cover the n95s or just as like anytime where thing. If they are on a call and have to go into a building etc. then they have to gear up in full protective wear. That is a rare occasion for the town my husband works for. – Susan C.

  2. Thank you for all the updates about Meghan and Harry’s charity work and what they’ve been up to! I love how she is showing Harry around LA philanthropically and what a great cause for both of them to be involved in. It’s also great to see her checking in on the Hubb Community Kitchen, which was one of the first major projects she took on, and to see her involved in helping feed people in London too even though she no longer lives there.

    I agree that her fashion on these food delivery runs is not all that important but thank you for identifying the jogger pants! They are too expensive for me to buy but I have serious envy.

    I know there were some pictures of Meghan and Harry out and about walking their dogs too but it was more of the same casual-athletic running around type clothes. Anyways it’s nice to see Meghan in her stomping grounds, I’m sure Doria must be thrilled they are so close by (though maybe she can’t see them due to social distancing).

  3. Love what Meghan and Harry are doing with Project Angel Food. It’s needed now more than ever. Wow the Hub Kitchen just keeps better and better!
    Both Harry and Meghan look equal to the task in dress as well as in body language. Love the khaki pants!

  4. Thank you for the post and sharing the info about the masks. I work as a bank teller and we’ve switched to drive thru service only and we wear gloves when handling money and we have hand sanitizer, wipes etc but we have to be conservative with our supplies since its hard to get restocks of anything. Our governor has issued a shelter in place order for the month of April, with only non essential businesses open and for people to practice distancing. But sadly that hasnt really slowed people down at all. Town seems busier than ever and people ride around or hang out wearing masks like its a fashion accessory. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a nurse, did she think masks should be used? They havent been required yet for those out in public. She said its not a bad idea but the thing with the masks is You Cant Fidget With It.. constantly touching your face, touching the mask, on and off again just defeats the purpose and people dont realize how much cross contamination theyre doing. This is a moment in time when every. Single. Person. Has to do their part to stop the spread. We will bounce back from this and hopefully learn from this and not repeat it. Thanks again for the post, Im looking forward to seeing the makeup and beauty tips post! I love Meghan’s glowing look and how she picks the most flattering colors.. Im still in pursuit of the perfect lip color, one of those ‘your lips but better’ colors. 😁

    • Thanks Brandi. I agree that with the masks, not everyone is 1. wearing them correctly and 2. removing them correctly. That should be a part of the message as well. Everyone needs to stop and “think” about what they are doing and how they are doing it. If the majority are, then we should be pretty good. – Susan

  5. Good for Meghan and Harry for being out and about doing good work. They look happy and relaxed. Thanks for posting!

    There are more current pictures of Meghan wearing a black long-sleeved tee and casual khaki pants. When you get to that post, I’d love to know what brand they are. I’m sure they’re out of my price range, but they’re adorable.

    • Hi Laura – I’ve updated the post. While I was unable to obtain any images from our photo agencies, it didn’t seem right including any even if I was able to purchase them. I did include the information about how they were both out again delivering more meals in the past day or so. Meghan wore a pair of James Perse jogger pants in Army Green. The information is in the post. It’s hard to say what brand her black tee was, although I think it might be Misha Nonoo as I thought I spotted a white mark on the back in one of the images of Meghan. She also wore her Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in white and green. She’s had those for some time. Thanks! Susan C.

  6. Great post! And, in addition to the M&H news, I really appreciated your comments about face masks, and the fact that you are making them. They look really nice, and are so important.

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