The Venues

St George’s Chapel 

St. George’s Chapel is on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where HM and Prince Philip spend much of their time.

It is a more intimate setting than Westminster Abbey or St Paul’s, seating “only” 800 guests. (The Abbey can accommodate up to 2000 people.)

Some fast facts:

  • Prince Harry was baptized at St. George’s Chapel
  • This is where Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were married
  • It is also where Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones
  • Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips, married Autumn Kelly here
  • This is where Princess Eugenie will marry her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, in October

More about the Chapel from Architectural Digest:

St. George’s Chapel was built in the 15th century and is a towering piece of Gothic architecture. It is lauded for its stone fan-vault ceilings, but the intricate stained glasswork along each of its walls, and the tall arched windows, intricate woodwork, and ironwork doorframes add to the historic feel of the grand room. The tombs of ten sovereigns also lie within the chapel, including Henry VIII and Charles I.

There will be a carriage procession through Windsor. Here is a look at the route. (Click here to go to the map page.)

This is a terrific video from Visit Windsor; it gives you a ground-level view of the route in just under 2 minutes.

Here is a summertime view of the long walk heading back to the Castle.

St George’s Hall 

The reception will be at St. George’s Hall. You may recognize it as the setting for many a state banquet.

Frogmore House 

 The evening reception being hosted by Prince Charles is at Frogmore House.

This is where Meghan and Harry had their formal engagement photos taken.

Some history comes via the Royal Collection.

Standing in the Home Park of Windsor Castle, the gardens at Frogmore House have been an enduring attraction for monarchs and their families since the house was bought for Queen Charlotte by her husband George III.

Where did it get the name? The answer from the Royal website.

The name derives from the preponderance of frogs which have always lived in this low-lying marshy area.

The gardens are a major part of the venue’s appeal.