The Duchess Wears Givenchy, Sarah Flint & a Gift from the Queen in Cheshire

The Duchess of Sussex wore Givenchy for today’s engagements with the Queen in Cheshire.

These were Meghan’s first engagements without Prince Harry. She traveled with the Queen on the royal train overnight; the duo arrived at Runcorn Station around 10:30 am. This is from Simon Perry’s People story:

As the pair disembarked from the train, they were greeted by the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs, who told Meghan: “I understand it is your first trip to the north of England.” She replied: “That’s correct. I’m very happy to be here.”

More from The Sun’s coverage:

They were met with wild cheering and applause from hundreds of flag-waving schoolchildren – with Meghan taking to her new role effortlessly.

HM and Meghan attended a ceremony at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre marking the opening of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

They also met with architects and community leaders involved in the bridge project.

The Queen wore a vibrant coat by Stewart Parvin and a hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan.

Meghan and the Queen were clearly enjoying themselves as they watched a children’s dance performance at the bridge opening.

Following the ceremony, the Queen unveiled a plaque to commemorate the day.

The Queen’s green coat likely honors the one-year anniversary of the ghastly Grenfell Tower fire that killed 72 people.

It is in support of the “Green for Grenfell” heart used in the wake of the fire. From a Washington Post story.

British landmarks were floodlit in green and the country observed 72 seconds of silence to mark the one-year anniversary of the the deadliest fire in modern British history.

More from this ITV piece:

The Queen and the Duchess of Sussex fell silent to mark the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy as they teamed up for their first official visit together since the royal wedding.

They were in Chester at noon and joined people up and down the UK in observing the silence in memory of the victims of the fire.

A look at some of the day’s observances via the BBC.

There is a lovely video of Meghan and the Queen as they approached the car taking them to their next engagement. Meghan is seen asking who should get in the car first, and ultimately HM gestures that Meghan should get in first.

Us Weekly has more in this story:

At one point, Meghan could be heard asking how the Queen would like to proceed into a vehicle.

The Queen directed Meghan to go first. Several people pointed out it’s likely the Queen wanted her to do so because she would be getting out of the car first when they arrived at their next engagement.

ABC’s Carolyn Durand posted this video of the duo arriving at Storyhouse in central Cheshire.

From the Storyhouse website:

Storyhouse is a library, theatre and cinema. It is one of the country’s most successful cultural buildings, with one million customers in its first year.

The twosome as they walk to their seats.

And from the Chester Chronicle:

The £37m cultural centre, which opened its doors to the public in May 2017, prides itself on the way it brings together the entire community with its inclusive approach and this was reflected throughout today’s royal visit.

They watched a storytelling session for local nursery school children.

The Queen and Duchess were given posies by Nye Egan-Simon of Oldfield Primary School and Lilja Fagan of Newton Primary School.

After the Story house events, the Queen and Meghan did a walkabout. Richard Palmer of The Express posted a video of them as they greeted people.

Below, Meghan greeting some of those who had been waiting for hours to see the royals in person.

Below, the pair greeting people in a video Omid Scobie shared on Twitter.

HM and the Duchess were the guests of honor at a lunch at Chester Town Hall.

Rebecca English of The Daily Mail tweeted that there were four senior aides accompanying the Queen and Duchess.

Now to what Meghan wore for the day’s engagements. Her dress is by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy.

It is a belted sheath with a structure cape-style shoulder overlay. It looks like a modification of this piece from the spring 2018 couture collection.

Givenchy’s tweet about the dress.

Thank you to UFO No More for their tip on the couture dress. Below, another view of the Duchess today.

Here you can see the complex tailoring in the curved seams, and also the hook and eye closure on the back.

In this image below from the Cheshire West Facebook page you can see Meghan in the dress with the caplet removed —

Micki Maynard pointed out the design’s similarity to classic Givenchy styles; below left, Audrey Hepburn in a gown from the 1957 film Funny Face. On the right, a vintage McCall’s pattern by Givenchy.

This Telegraph piece by the paper’s Fashion Editor, Caroline Leaper, hones in on something many Meghan fashion fans have been hoping: that the choice of a Clare Waight Keller design for Givenchy was a signal of more to come.

…the new Duchess of Sussex chose to wear a dress by Givenchy, the French fashion house behind her bridal gown, suggesting that she too intends to collaborate with designer Clare Waight Keller again and again.

With Meghan as her new muse and ambassador it will be exciting to see what Waight Keller does next. Givenchy hasn’t had such an elegant patron since the days when its founder would outfit Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Wallis Simpson – indeed, under Riccardo Tisci, Waight Keller’s predecessor, the Kardashians, rather than the British royal family, were Givenchy’s flagship clients.

From Eliza Brooke at Racked:

Anything Markle wears is going to get a lot of attention, but this latest dress is particularly distinctive. The body of the dress, a slim cut that hits just below the knee, is elevated office professional (something you might wear while working at a TV law firm, perhaps?). On top, it’s all sculptural fashion, with a short, tailored shell cocooning the chest.

Meghan’s handbag and belt are both by Givenchy. The Triple Layer Crossbody Handbag is made of black goat leather lined with suede; it measures 8.5″ x 5.5″.

The bag can be carried by a detachable leather strap or the chain. It can be preordered at Forward, with an estimated delivery date of September 10th ($1190). Neiman Marcus shows a delivery date of September 7th. Our thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the bag ID.

Toward the end of this video that Roz pointed out, you’ll see the Duchess carrying the bag by its chain.

The belt features the Givenchy double-G logo. We show it at Farfetch, where it is $450. Susan K. noted out on Facebook it looks like the belt is technically ‘backward.’

Meghan was in another pair of Sarah Flint shoes, the Perfect Pump 100.

The heels are made of black nappa leather and have a 4″ heel ($355).

Meghan’s earrings are a gift from the Queen.

Michelle of Perth’s Fashion points out replicas of the earrings are available in two different sizes at Historic Royal Palaces. Meghan’s bracelet was first noted at the May Garden Party. We still don’t have an ID on it; it is a white gold or platinum piece with a gold clasp.

Here is a look at what Meghan wore in graphic form.

We will be updating the post with more photos and information.




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    • Thanks Tessa, the image is from the Cheshire West and Chester Council Government UK account. Our post was updated to include this from their facebook page.

  1. I’m not crazy about the cape (?) element; I think it’s a bit too fashion-forward for this event. But everything else about this works. Great to have a neutral-head-to-toe look so as not to compete with the Queen’s neon ensemble. They looked fabulous together.

    But the main reason I’m commenting is to note how much faith The Firm seems to have in Meghan as an ambassador. They’ve sent her out solo already, and a duo appearance with HM so early in the marriage seems to me to be a signal that they see her as a great asset.

    Actually, the REAL main reason I’m commenting is those wonderful pictures of the two sitting together. These two have truly hit it off. Great to see.

  2. Love the style, drape and structure of this dress. So elegant and will become a timeless piece in the royal wardrobe.

  3. I think this is a beautiful look, very elegant. And I’m excited because I have a pair of very similar earrings already, I bought them to wear for my wedding nearly 14 years ago and wear them regularly – timeless styling and very versatile.

  4. Well. Looks like Meghan and Givenchy are at the start of a beautiful friendship. This look is the epitome of elegant, minimalist chic. It evokes Hollywood royalty like Audrey Hepburn, reflecting what I think is Meghan’s very conscious choice to meld the best of her old world and new one when presenting herself in her new role.
    Is the look perfect? Not quite. The cape portion comes off a little bit overwhelming for her frame. And maybe the neckline didn’t need to be quite that closed up to her throat.
    But all in all, a highly memorable look that makes me eager to see what else she has in store.

  5. I love the dress and the outfit in general, but I did wonder about the creasing and the bunching. Something I really noticed in her wedding dress too that I wonder if Clare Waight Keller needs a bit more experience or needs to find a really good pattern maker stat. What’s the point of a great design when a haute couture outfit (seriously that’s 2 haute couture outfits) has a not nice fit. The fit and cut of this is better than the wedding dress which was really quite not there at all, but I just can’t equate a fit such as this with haute couture. Maybe its just the allure of haute couture, but it is literally made to measure with all highly skilled craftsmen right? The other thing I wonder, and I want to know the forum’s thoughts, is why Givenchy? I really think she should pick another brand, actually a UK brand and designer. I know the designer is British, but she is just one person in a French house, French brand, and French company. I know its a storied fashion house, but she now represents the UK. She is part and parcel a symbol of the country. She can wear any brand outside official functions, but in official functions (not unless your doing fashion diplomacy), I think you should wear a UK brand. Like why not Stella McCarthy? She tics all the boxes. It’s a homegrown UK brand with a UK designer (and female, if that’s another requirement you want). There’s so many UK designer in UK brands out there, why pick a French house that quintessentially French. Forums thoughts?

    • Hi – She did wear Stella McCartney for the evening reception. We know that she went with Clare/Givenchy for her British talent and of course because she is a female designer as well as her global presence and influence. Clare is known for “elegant aesthetic” and has now served as head of THREE global fashion houses – Pringles, Chloe and now Givenchy. She is the first female artistic director of Givenchy in 66 years, I’d say that’s a pretty major accomplishment! She really does check all the boxes for what Meghan would look for as well as, we also know that Meghan is a fan of Parisian fashion and classic, chic styles. As for going completely “British” for her wedding dress – my thoughts are that I’m not surprised she came a bit out of “left field” and surprised us all with her pick. This is who Meghan is.
      I’ve noticed that Kate does not always favor British brands these days. In the past several years now she has been wearing designers/brands such as Gucci, D&G and a number of others suddenly. We seem to be seeing this more and more from her. I think it’s just a preference and recognizing other well known designers. – Keeping the focus on Meghan here, I think she did a good job of mixing the various brands she loves that showed us she is still “Meghan” and yet at the same time, paid homage to British designers and brands by incorporating quite a bit into what she wore. Her veil, another example, and the Commonwealths represented in the embroidery. – SAC

      • Hi. Thanks for your thoughts. I could see where your coming from, though my personal preference is still sticking to UK brands as there are a lot of them out there. I just think it sets a good tone and a good morale booster at the start to patronize British-Scottish-Irish-Welsh brands out there. Brands that in itself are ambassadors to UK culture and a vital part of the UK economy, and what better way in joining in by wearing them. But to each their own, and I do love to hear differing thoughts and points of interest. So cheers! And thank you for answering my question.

        • Hi Chris, if you look at some of the earlier engagements this year, she’s done a fairly good job at promoting British goods/brands/designers. In Cardiff she wore Hiut Denim, which I had actually looked at the company the evening before the engagement and said to Susan K. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan shows up in a pair of their dark jeans for the event, this is just the type of company she would show support for as well they are a local brand. She wore the Dina black jeans from them. They are fantastic by the way! I purchased a pair. Review is coming. 😉 Then in Brixton for Reprezent Radio event she wore the M&S Autograph black sweater. She has also worn their leather gloves in cognac at Christmas – I wrote a post and review about them. Interestingly enough, when Meghan had her blog, The Tig, she had featured the Panama hat from M&S on there as well! Meghan has worn a lot of Burberry – a big fan of the brand for quite some time.
          Other items she has worn at engagements have been John Lewis (skirt), Kurt Geiger (boots), Strathberry bag, Charlotte Elizabeth bag (Belfast), Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Amanda Wakely, Philip Treacy (hats), Shaun Leane Jewellery (worn to the Queen’s birthday concert), Stella McCartney (worn in Cardiff and the Queen’s birthday concert), Oroton (Australian company – struggling company), Tamara Mellon shoes – and those are just a number of British brands/designers, etc. off the top of my head.
          If you are referring to just the day of the wedding, then we know, as I said, she did a mix of brands/designers to incorporate all – who she is, etc. – This is a good discussion though as it challenged my memory on what she has worn. LOL – 🙂 – Susan C.

    • One thought on the more-recent inclusions of non-British fashions by both Meghan and Kate is that Great Britain is balancing “flying the British flag” with life in a post-Brexit world, and the desire to continue good relations with the EU, and the RF is a big part of that. Given that Meghan isn’t the wife of the heir to the throne, she likely has greater latitude on fashion houses, and Givenchy is still a good pick from a diplomatic perspective.

  6. This is an outfit that when I first saw it – I thought, hmm. I liked the skirt, liked the accessories, but wasn’t sure about the structured cape around the bodice. The more I saw it though, the more I liked it. I even like the neutral color (which is a little boring objectively) because the black accessories offset the color nicely and I think a bolder color would have overwhelmed the design (and run the risk of clashing with the Queen.)
    I think her hair up would have made the dress look too stiff and boxy, so I get why it was down, but I’m sure she wasn’t expecting it to be that windy. Oh well, that’s a minor thing and overall she looked lovely and it looked like she and the Queen were having a great time.

  7. Wow, I couldn’t love this look any more! It’s classic and modern all at once, fits her like a glove, and looks smooth and professional for the occasion. I also find it funny that after all the shoulder-baring critique she’s swallowed them up in fabric. “Ha, see! I know how to cover my shoulders!” Of course that’s a coincidence but it seems fun timing. The look is both bold and appropriate, and the color lets Her Majesty stand out. The Givenchy belt is perfection. Love how comfortable they seem with each other. What I would give for a tour of that train!! It supposedly has extra air suspension for an especially smooth ride.

  8. So excited to see this this morning! One of her best outfits so far, IMO, and she looks positively regal in it. I would love to see this repeated at some point with black shoes with an ankle tie and a wide-brimmed black hat, or with burgundy or grey snakeskin accessories. I was actually looking at a very similar Givenchy dress (cream and with a cape, but more similar in style to the navy Stella McCartney she wore a while back) last week and hoping that Meghan would wear something like that to Trooping the Color, so I was particularly happy to see this.

    I’m curious if she’ll develop the same sort of relationship with Givenchy and Clare Waight Keller that Kate has with Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen. I think that Givenchy has done a wonderful job so far and I’m excited to see her in more of their clothes.

    All in all, wonderful impressed with this look.

  9. Wow! So beautifully classic but unique, what else can does one expect from Givenchy, I guess! I just loved this whole ensemble and the fit and tailoring were fantastic . She looked very chic and fashionable while so comfortable and confident. I think she represented herself and Harry very well. I so enjoyed seeing this incredible dress, on Meghan. Her hair did look a bit out of control in some of the pictures but nothing could distract (IMO) from that incredibly dress and cape! Loved it!
    I usually hate it when expensive garments wrinkle in and around the torso and hips while sitting and I did notice that in the pictures here. But for some reason it did not bother me that much in this case. She just looked so natural and comfortable and normal!

    • Look closely at the pictures. The dress is all bunched up around and just above the waist. You can see this from the front and back. I am wondering, given the fit of the wedding dress as well, if it is something about Meghan’s figure and the fact that she doesn’t really have a waist. Loved the style and color of the dress.

      • It is curious that so many comment on the smallest details of the construction (and I agree with them, by the way – this is a lovely dress and I think the capelet is great), yet can’t see the wrinkles and bunching in the same photo. So, its too bad about the wrinkles, but enough said. My only other quibble is the belt, it really isn’t needed here – Meghan is such a petite, slim person and doesn’t really have curves through the hips, so the belt actually makes her waist look wider, rather than nipped in – and she is NOT. I’d skip those in the future on sheath-style dresses.

  10. Meghan looks great! This is going to be one of those outfits that if she wore 10 years from now it would still current and classy. Does anyone know or can you tell in photos if the cape is attached to the dress at the back or zipper or is it a seperate piece added on top of the sheath dress?

  11. Nailed it! Yes, Meghan! Great choices, the hair and accessories are perfection with the cut and colour of the dress, and the best part was her beautifully polished demeanor. I couldn’t be prouder of the Duchess!

  12. Am I the only one who thinks the fabric choice for Meghan’s dress was less than stellar? It was already well-wrinkled as she got off the train and adding that to the fact that her Givenchy wedding dress really did need a little better tailoring around the arms, it’s making me question this fashion label’s ability to execute.

    • I believe the fabric was a crepe wool/viscose – not positive – researching Givenchy fabrics. Given the structure of the outfit/dress, you would need a fabric that would hold it’s shape well. It’s unfortunate that it creases as it does when you sit and then stand. I’m not sure what other fabrics could’ve been incorporated into this sort of structured dress to 1. hold the shape and 2. not cause it to wrinkle/crease 3. not be hot on a warm day – it’s a tough call. Also wanting to “blend in” not stand out as that is the Queen’s moment. Again, something to figure out. I personally loved the outfit and the creases didn’t really jump out at me at all until someone pointed them out. I think the color suited Meghan’s complexion and looked fab on her. I love these colors and it looked professional yet with a bit of “flare” to it. Again, just my opinion. I worked in a corporate office on Wall Street for years and dressed business casual/business formal. Now work mostly from home and head to office from time to time. I would definitely where the dress, sans capelet / caplet to the office. – SAC

      • Wrinkles hardly noticeable. Structure/tailoring impeccable. I’d love to see a capelet/caplet in a contrasting color or a print (similar to wearing a pashmina or beautiful scarf, without all the fuss of keeping those “tidy”) on a future wear. This style is definitely worthy of a repeat.

    • I’m with you. Couldn’t believe that the dress was already wrinkled when she got off the train. Also, when you look at some of the pictures from the back, the dress doesn’t seem to fit well…it is all bunched up.

    • My thoughts exactly! Don’t get me wrong I adore the design of the dress! But from such a prestigious House like Givenchy, you wouldn’t expect anything but perfection! The creasing is disappointing indeed and reflects poorly on Givenchy, but not on the wearer. But even with creases she still looked amazing.

      • I love the Duchess and her style, but the wrinkles drive me crazy. They were there on the wedding dress too! Does Waight Keller just not care about wrinkles? I couldn’t believe it on the wedding day–millions of people watching and her dress was wrinkled. I know there are challenges with fabrics and sitting and whatever–but this is royalty and haute couture. Can’t they figure it out?

  13. I saw .Meghan and the Queen in Chester today. Meghan looked very elegant and stylish. I really liked the cape detail. She was really friendly too!

  14. My first thought was hmm….but as I scrolled through the pictures I decided the dress was amazing, especially from a distance, very flattering on her. I really liked the neutral color as a foil to the Queen’s bright lime, and the two women seem to have a good time together. Very nerve wracking event for her and she handled it with aplomb. I am very glad she didn’t wear a hat, hopefully events requiring them will be few and far between, unfortunately…tights..ugh. But overall a great look!

  15. Perfection!!! Her best look to date! The tailoring is flawless (finally!) and she looks modern and young but appropriately conservative for an appearance with the Queen. I actually love that she isn’t wearing a hat! The dress is so incredibly elegant and timeless I think it works paired with her hat-less loose waves and gives a nod to her pared-down California style.

  16. What a great post!!!! I love the cape dress, shoes, and earrings. She seems to be a natural at this and doesn’t seem nervous.

  17. Love her look and the easy way she has meeting people and interacting with HM. I wonder what they discussed on their overnight trip? Catching up on the honeymoon? And lovely that they breakfasted together before getting ready for their long day. I noticed HM’s earring appear to be identical to those she gifted Meghan. A thoughtful, grandmotherly gift.

  18. This is another dress with emphasis on the shoulders. Only in contrast to Meghan’s Trooping the Colour outfit, she has gone from bare shoulders and upper arms to being totally enclosed. Looking at the cape close up, it has wonderful design and seam/stitching details. I do, however, think this is a very constricted look. How would one ever reach up to get something overhead? But all in all, Meghan looks well put together and the accessories coordinate in their simplicity.
    There seems to be a close rapport between the Queen and Meghan and the gift of the earrings is very touching. Kate also has similar earrings, so perhaps these too were a gift from Her Majesty.

  19. Why is the belt “backwards”? In the shop photo, Givenchy can be read with the buckle in the same position, so it should be the right side up, right? Am I missing something?

    • i wondered at this too, it seems to me that Givenchy has put it together purposefully with the logo in a reverse position, perhaps because it works better as a belt buckle that way, or perhaps just as an interesting style choice- the only way i understood it is the G looks like it’s in a backwards orientation. the belt is right side up but the buckle has a backwards logo if i’m making sense.

      • I believe you could wear the believe either way – so that the logo would go in either direction. That’s how I see it. – SAC

  20. I agree with everyone here, Meghan looks lovely today! I have to say that I’m enjoying this rather retro look on Meghan, it’s very flattering on her and the colors work well for her style sense.

    Oh my goodness, to receive a personal gift of jewelry from the Queen!! That’s my kind of grandmother-in-law!!

    • I think this look is as terrific as the fabulous Wickstead suit worn to the Abbey just before the wedding – and before those unfortunate Emilia remarks of course

      • I agree Elizamo! I really liked that suit on Meghan, unfortunately it might have been the last time we’ll see her wearing Wickstead. I was rather surprised that Sophie wore a Wickstead dress to the Trooping, personally when someone insults my family member I’m done with them but maybe Meghan didn’t think it was that big of a deal, time will tell.

      • Laurie, I kind of assumed Sophie might have bought the dress earlier. We may have to wait and see if she ever wears the label again!

        • I do think I’ve seen her wear it before but she certainly has other dresses that she could have worn that day.

  21. Wow! She hit this one out of the park! The dress is sophisticated, appropriate for the event, and oh so Meghan. All of the accessories and shoes are perfect as well.I love the look from head to toe!
    Meghan and HM clearly have taken well to each other. I’ve rarely seen the Queen laugh and smile so much. It’s wonderful to see how Meghan has assumed her role in the family as well as the firm so well. What a great post!

  22. Knocked it out of the ballpark!! What a stunning dress! This is my absolutely favorite outfit I’ve ever seen her wear. Just perfect in every way. I’m so excited to see more of Meghan!

  23. Kudos to Meghan for being able to carry off such a distinctive dress style with grace. This is based on a textbook classic from 1950s Givenchy and recalls old-style Hollywood for me.

    Our new Duchess seems to be running a theme in soft neutrals and wide necklines at the moment. I’m not a great fan of a cape top as the blank canvas of fabric across the chest is a touch off-putting, like soft-tailoring armour. But then if I was out on my first public outing with the Queen of England I’d be looking out to boost my defences as well.

    I had been wondering how Meghan seemed to be able to move so comfortably while appearing to be well wrapped, but I see there are interesting seams in the cape which presumably help make movement easier. I’m unable to find a close-up which might show if some of the fabric is cut on the cross which would give elasticity.

    I’m surprised to see Meghan hatless and with loose hair as those partnering the Queen so often conform to the royal hat-and-updo. Perhaps the hair gives Meghan another way to hide a little, but I can’t help wondering how long she will go on finding it practical to keep tucking hair behind her ears when meeting and greeting. Otherwise it looks very well, barring stiff breezes.

    I love the black accessories, a whip thin belt on a slender waist is a pleasure to see, the neat bag is exquisite, and the gifted pearl drops from the Queen are perfection. A stunning outfit for an historic day.

    • Appears Queen Mary is winning in the jewelry department for Meghan…the tiara and now the earrings – what a lovely embrace for HM and Meghan.

    • In Kate’s first outing with the Queen, she had a hat but no updo. So probably no strict rule on hat-and-updo, or Kate also didn’t follow it to the letter.

    • I think she will figure out an option for for her hair as she goes along. I remember that earlier on Kate would often have issues with her hair falling in her eyes or blowing in her face but she has addressed that with shorter hair and more up do’s.

    • There are some great close up pictures of the dress on’s Royalty Watch! Search for the article on her manicure. The fabric has much more texture than I expected, so I think the looser weave allows it to give more. To my eye, it looks like it’s cut on the straight. Absolutely gorgeous fabric.

  24. The Queen has nice taste in earrings! (and she looks great too).

    I think Meghan looks lovely and elegant. I don’t mind the monochrome effect; that seems to be very much Meghan’s style, and I think it looks great on her. I love the cape effect; I have a dress something like this as well, and while for me it’s only appropriate for special occasions (I can’t imagine wearing anything cape-adjacent in a work setting, not being actually royal myself), I do love it.

    The only thing I’m not sure I like is the very rigid structure of the cape shoulders and the angled seaming. I feel like it should look more like a chasuble, which is more flowing; as is, when you zoom in there’s a little big of straightjacket effect. It’s obviously intentional, and obviously impeccably done; it’s just not necessarily my taste.

    Overall though, beautifully tailored, and the Givenchy belt and bag are the perfect minimalist accessories. I am sure she was unbelievably nervous and this outfit would have been as effective as armor for a soldier going into battle. The look was irreproachable.

    • I think it’s exciting that Meghan appears to be developing a relationship with Clare Waight Keller. It promises some interesting outfits to come!
      The stiffness of the cape feature is in keeping with the styles I recall from the 1950s though I can see why you might favour more drape. It seems that’s being used for the softer overall cape dress styles like the McCartney Meghan wore to the Albert Hall.

    • I saw one photo where you could just see inside the cape to what looked like a short sleeve. Maybe we see the dress one day minus cape?

  25. What an amazing and sophisticated look! The dress is timeless and edgy at the same time. The color is flattering on Meghan, and I love the simplicty of black shoes, bag and belt. The earrings finish the look to perfection. It amazes me how warm and collected she manages to look despite the nerves (as attested by clutching her bag and touching her hair).

    • Agreed. To me this outfit hits all the marks. The Queen looks beautiful too and I can’t remember when I’ve seen her smile so much and so naturally. Her Majesty taking Meghan on this trip certainly makes a statement of support and it was lovely of her to do.

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