The Duchess in Vibrant Blue Veronica Beard + Meghan’s $32 Heels!

The Duchess was in another beautiful shade of blue today, wearing a shirt-dress by Veronica Beard.

Following their morning engagements and a change of clothes, Meghan and Harry traveled to Tupou College. It is the oldest secondary school in the Pacific, founded in 1866 by a British missionary. Below, Meghan and Harry shortly after arriving at the school in a photo Emily Andrews shared.

ITV’s Rupert Evelyn tweeted a video of two little girls bringing Meghan flowers.

The Duke and Duchess were at the school to dedicate two forest reserves at the school’s on-site forest to the The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. More from The Telegraph: .

“Today Tonga becomes a full member of the QCC Intitaive which signifies the importance of HM long reign. A fountain of peace and prosperity for the people of Tonga for future generations.”

The couple unveiled two plaques and inspected the koki,  a the red-breasted parrot, from the forest who was sitting in a cage.

A video as the couple walks to the plaques.

Meghan and Harry take a look at the koki, a rare local parrot.

After the ceremony the Duke went to the forest, while Meghan stayed at the school for “a special musical surpise.” More from Australia’s story:

THE DUCHESS of Sussex couldn’t hide her good-humoured laughter as she was serenaded with a song about mosquitoes by a group of Tongan boys.

During a visit to Tupou College with Prince Harry earlier today, the students serenaded the royal pair with a colourful comedy show, featuring buzzing noises and flying actions to replicate the sounds and sights of the forest.

Omid Scobie shared a video of the song.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess clearly loved the performance, and was in a fit of laughter as the boys performed the comedy routine.”

One of the biggest treats of the day: the Tupou College choir.

And just a little more singing, this video is courtesy of Chris Ship, ITV.

The royals then wrapped up their visit; Hannah Furness has more in The Daily Telegraph:

Before they left, the Duke and Duchess were driven to the Royal Palace for an audience with King Tupou VI and his wife Queen Nanasipau’u.

The couple entered the wooden, whitewashed palace and spent around 15 minutes inside with the royals.

Embed from Getty Images

The duke and duchess signed a visitor’s book before they left and then posed outside with the king and queen for photos. They also shook hands with the Tongan ruler and his wife, with the Duchess noticeably curtsying to the Queen.

Harry and Meghan then traveled to the airport.

Now for a look at what Meghan wore, starting with her vibrant blue Veronica Beard dress ($595). It has a classic shirt dress profile: a loose fit, button front, self-belt/tie, and front patch pockets. Done in 100% polyester, the piece is updated by the midi length and deep side slits.

Meghan’s shoes remain unidentified. It looks like Meghan’s shoes are by Banana Republic. The style is called the Madison 12-Hour Side Cut-Out Pump; now on sale for $64.97. Because all sale is currently discounted 50% at BR, the shoes would be about $32.50. Now did Meghan really pay $32? We’ve no way of knowing. She may well have had the shoes since they were introduced at $128. Or, she could have purchased them at a time when they were discounted; BR is doing a lot of promotional pricing. The Madison is described as “being designed for comfort,” which certainly makes sense for someone in Meghan’s situation. The point toe style has suede uppers and a 3.3″ heel (85mm). There is a good size selection as of this writing (2:10am), and the shoe also comes in black suede. A Tip of the Tiara to Mad About Meghan reader Kelly, who got in touch with Charlotte to let her know she thought this was the shoe!

Meghan did not carry a bag, but she did have on a new (again, new to us, perhaps not brand new in Meghan’s closet or jewelry box) necklace with three pendants. UPDATED Nov 5: Pippa Small confirms the Duchess was wearing the Aquamarine Colette Necklace ($1680).  

We saw the return of the Adina Reyter Three Amigo earrings.

The Duke, Duchess, royal entourage and media are now on a flight back to Sydney.

Embed from Getty Images
They will attend the Australian Geographic Society Awards, described as “an annual gathering of of Australia’s best in exploration, science and conservation .” Meghan and Harry will present youth awards and the Duke will also give an address. You can read about the awards and see some of the the winners by clicking here.

We will see you shortly!

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  1. I love this dress- it is honestly one of my favorite looks from the tour. I agree it doesn’t fit perfectly and the polyester fabric might not be perfect, but I would wear this dress myself. It looks so pretty, comfortable, elegant and classic, just beautiful!

  2. My favorite look of hers from the tour so far, maybe one of my all time favorites. The bright blue, the easy, effortless practicality. The tidy hair! Full disclosure: I’m a shirtwaist gal (and I get it that some consider them a little pedestrian), but I love them. The 2nd photo from top has the DoS looking the picture of regal serenity. I’m reminded of one of my all time favorites from the DoC, incidentally, also while Down Under. Though decidedly a working “day” look, this was the moment Kate epitomized a regal confidence I’d not seen before:
    Well done to them both!

  3. Although I liked the freshness of the green/white Martin Grant dress, this is a much better fit for HRH and I love the sleek ponytail!

  4. Meghan looks great. I love shirt dresses in general. And I really love this gorgeous shade of blue. The shoes are cute, too!

  5. Beautiful from head to toe – the sleek ponytail is a winner, so much more confident and vivacious with this hairstyle than the sometimes coquettish fiddling with strands coming out of the messy-bun look. A happy woman here!
    I love the dress, shoes, and necklace – lovely color palette and great for Meghan. I was a little disappointed at the “chill” aspects of the dress, including the sash tie that seemed to get tangled up a bit at the bow, the sleeves that appear simply shoved to her elbows without even rolling up (cuffs sticking upward?), and the tacked-down spot on the placket for modesty – all of these could have been easily sorted with very simple tailoring, and the breast pockets could be smoother. I hope we see this dress again on Meghan at some point in her pregnancy.
    It would be a mistake to assume that these events are somehow more “casual” meet and greets – the fact that Meghan has been seated on a dais, and that the king and queen are present, signifies that this is more than just a casual thing. I have friends who are Tongan, and was asking one of them what she thought of the Royal Tour coming to her country, and her response was: “it’s a huge honor for Tonga, such a big deal there.” Seeing the photo of her with the king and queen, the sleeves looked as if she was ready to help wash dishes… 🙁
    That being said, I still give tons of leeway to Meghan since this is her first tour, she’s had so little time within the RF, and a lot of the nuances of these tours (which are in reality diplomatic missions) will come with time. But I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see a different Meghan on future tours – I don’t mean she’ll change who she is as a person (or that she should!), but the preparation before and interaction with hosts and guests during will likely be different.

  6. For me this is my favourite by far. Love the dress, beautiful colour and fit for the Duchess, her hair and makeup beautifully done. Love the necklace. The shoes OMG just love them, beautiful colour. Her posture – she has a very straight stance, I noticed that about her before. Stunning today.

  7. This color is so nice on her but I really don’t like shirt dresses on anyone. It just screams 1950s housewife to me and I hate that look. I remember Kate wore a similar shirt dress a few years ago with similar side slits and I thought it looked like such an unnecessary design element. It looks a bit better here but I really wish shirt dresses were banned lol. I’ve tried them on several times and I just can’t do it haha.

  8. This blue dress was a good choice, as the colour and style are both pleasing. I like its simplicity. It is good that the slits were modified to show some decorum. The shoes are pretty and amazing at $32. Even at their full price of $128, they would have been more frugal than the royals usually wear. The lower heel didn’t distract from the look of the shoe. As we’ve often commented, a even lower heel, would mean fewer, future back and foot problems.

    I am surprised that at almost $600, the dress is made out of polyester. It has the advantage of being wrinkle free, but Meghan must have felt very hot. I once took some polyester pieces to Kenya and we were right on the equator. The material does not breath and so a very hot day becomes a very sweaty day under polyester. Now when I travel to hot climates, I only take cotton and linen. Even though those fabrics wrinkle, they are so much more comfortable to wear.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. This color is beautiful on her, and this is certainly the most interesting shirt dress I have ever seen (and I mean that in a good way). That necklace is very pretty! She sure did wow us today with all three events today!

  10. This dress is nicely designed and a beautiful color, but I don’t think I’d want to wear polyester in a tropical climate. I also agree that I could do without whatever it is that she keeps doing to her collars; I’d rather they just were allowed to lay flat. The popped-up collar just makes me think of 80s teen movies. Maybe this is partly why I enjoyed the round collar on yesterday’s striped dress (which I adored).

    Still and all, she looks very nice, and like she’s legitimately having fun, which is great to see. And I love the $32 shoes!

  11. Meghan looks amazing in a sleek ponytail – much better than her casual messy updos. From Le Tig, she once mentioned she loved the cool French fashion editor thing where you add one messy element to a polished look, and seems to strive for that, which would explain her collar semi-popping and off-centered belt tying. To me, it doesn’t come naturally to her and looks contrived at times, like she can’t give up her former side-career of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I respect Kate for that, she worked in a fashion-industry related job too but never was one of those people that struck me as taking the fashion world’s values so seriously that clothing style somehow represents the inner quality of a person. That being said, I still loved the Veronica Beard on her for the color and the fluid drape. Agree with the other poster that it doesn’t make so much sense she wear polyester in a humid place (or polyester at all, if she’s interested in environmental issues). And yes, she is short-waisted and athletic, square torso and could tailor the clothes better for her body but whatever, I still think the color and drape are the main focus and highlight how glowing and beautiful she is.

    • Your reference to her blog and French fashion editor codes is interesting. It explains some things.

      I’ve admired so much of what she’s brought to the royal style menu; the restrained palette, a penchant for solids, minimalism, structuralism, below-knee hemlines, shirtwaists, Couture (yes, with capital C!) I could go on… but, admittedly, have struggled with the deliberate “messy” elements she’s incorporated into her look. Deliberate because she’s far too fashion savvy and aware of her role and its responsibilities for it to be otherwise, yet couldn’t figure out why. I settled on it being both an assertion of her independence (to be admired) and an injection of an egalitarian informality (also to be admired) that I would eventually come to appreciate. However, your suggestion seems equally, if not more, likely, given the results.

      Within each and every culture certains masteries evolve, borne of centuries of circumstance, habit, tradition. The French mastered a certain brand of effortless chic long ago. As innate as breathing, they can’t help it. It’s what they do. Those of us not French are better off admiring and leaving them to it. To try to ape this by “adding a messy element to a polished look” misses the point, reducing French style to a bullet point, an abstraction. More importantly, it misses its objective, by complicating an otherwise polished look with a messy distraction.

      Many of the elements I’ve admired from her are hallmarks of classic American sportswear. That is to say she already brings a lot to the table with an aesthetic honed by virtue of her American heritage. This is her advantage. I hope she comes to realize this and embrace it.

      And I hope a little bit of American independence and egalitarian informality is hiding in there too.

  12. I love how Meghan has introduced us to so many small and interesting jewelers. Many are also very accessible from a price perspective and seem like they could be incorporated into every day wear for a “normal” person!

    It also seems like in these past few days Meghan had mastered the “day dress” concept that Elizamo referred to a few days ago. I like how her style is a little different than Kate’s (not a criticism, Kate pulls off her look well) in this area, but still appropriate and interesting.

    • Totally agree about the jewelers! I don’t wear much jewelry, but have been looking for some affordable but not cheap rings to pair with the gold signet ring that I wear 24/7. Finding out about Missoma (through this website) was so exciting and I can’t wait to stock up on a few of their rings!

  13. A few things I loved…
    The color was gorgeous on her, the sleek ponytail was perfect and I was SO happy to see the thigh high slit had been tailored to a more appropriate knee high slit.
    A few things I really didn’t love…
    The collar seems to be at a different angle all day- is she trying to pop up the back or wear it down? Also, if she wanted elbow length sleeves they needed to be tailored to that length, her practice of pushing her sleeves up her arm leaves her looking sloppy.
    But my biggest issue with Meghan’s style right now is that she is not choosing clothes for her body type. She is obviously small statured and has a very short torso. Rather than removing some of the length from the middle of the dress (or just choosing a better dress) she has opted to tie a belt around her waist and blouse the extra fabric over it. This has only made her look wider through the middle section of her body.
    I did rather like this dress but the poor fit kept it from being a homerun for me!

    • I agree wholeheartedly – especially about the sleeves. Repeatedly pushing up her sleeves looks very messy and dated.

  14. Love the colour and style. An excellent dress for the type of event. Just saw a photo of the Oscar De Renta cocktail frock for the evening event back in Sydney. . It is black and white and simply stunning

  15. Gorgeous look for her! I love the dress – the style of it (I’m a sucker for a nice shirtwaist dress though) and that color is absolutely gorgeous. I love the jewelry and the shoes (off to the BR website!) Overall I think there have been some slight misses on this tour but in general I have loved her looks. Not everything she has worn has been super exciting, but it has all been occasion-appropriate and lovely on her.

  16. The “Cary” dress by Veronica Beard is uplifting and breezy in the sky blue color. With kick slits, patch pockets, back yoke and central box pleat there’s interest and detail a plenty.

    The collar, slightly popped, off centered tied belt and rolled sleeves is a tricky look to pull off but Meghan does it well and knows when to use it. I know some WMW followers object to this styling, while some don’t understand it, but I believe it’s a fashion look Meghan likes to pull out sometimes and it does adds oomph and energy to the little old shirt dress.

    Meghan’s cluster necklace with blue glass charms, or perhaps abalone shell, adds a bit of organic and natural beauty to the neckline.

    Thank you Emily Andrews, and Susan, for the video clip of the Tupou College Choir singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and the special musical mosquito song for Meghan! What a sweet and wonderful visit.

  17. To me this is one of her best daytime looks.I love the blue dress and the hair. That shade of blue and the style is just great. I like that the blue of the shoe and the blue of the dress does not match exactly. To me it fits perfectly( loose and flowing). Meghan likes her sleeves rolled up. That is her style and I doubt The King and Queen noticed or cared. This particular visit seemed to be a more casual afternoon affair. I am so very pleased with these outfits. I love the versatility of style and colors and the imaginative pairing of the accessories with the outfits.

  18. I much prefer the drape on this Veronica Beard shirtdress over the previous Martin Grant, I thinks it suits Meghan admirably. It transforms the shirtwaist style from a thing of stiff clumsiness to a fluid and flattering garment. Her hairstyle looks way better in this context.

    The belt sits lower on her waist and the neck is open to show the pretty new pendant. The skirt is slimming with the long vertical folds preserving a lean silhouette. It also has the miraculous quality, even when boarding a plane in a stiff breeze, of failing to fly up to the embarrassment of all round. It looks as if she must have had those deep skirt slits closed up.

    The colour is wonderful on her and I love the bargain heels. She’s serving up one hit look after another on this trip – Brava Meghan!

  19. Such a pretty look! She looks divine in that shade of blue and I’m breathing a sigh of relief to see her in a lower heel.
    Those shoes are proof that shoes can still be feminine and stylish without the vertiginous heel that is a recipe for lifelong foot problems! The necklace is delightful and she just looks so relaxed and happy. Brava.

  20. I love this dress, colour and style and as to fit, it perhaps has one of the best (although definitely not perfect) of the day dresses on this tour. But why didn’t she have it altered to give it short sleeves? She rolled up the sleeves – the heat was surely predictable – and kept them rolled up to see the King and Queen.
    Harry’s suits are also majorly wrinkled. The light linen he has consistently worn is just not up to the job.
    I think they are very task driven and at the moment are not looking beyond the meet and greet etc to the look of the thing enough. Is that such a bad thing though?
    Beautiful dress and clearly H and M are very genuine people. Sleeves rolled up on a state tour to meet a King and Queen – very egalitarian but in advance of its time for me. Especially when surely the resources are there to have the dress altered to suit its use.
    NOTE: Admin edit

    • @Bea–
      Linen is supposed to wrinkle. Linen, like cotton, silk and 100% wool are natural fibers, and with linen, some wrinkles are a sign that the wearer has chosen a natural fiber which is generally more expensive, and more “upscale” than something synthetic.Harry’s linen is more than up to the job. As for Meghan’s rolled up sleeves, she does this often, is obviously comfortable that way, and I sincerely doubt any offense was taken by the King and Queen. Lovely as Meghan’s dress is polyester, as someone posted, and polyester is a synthetic that doesn’t breathe, and is a fabric that increases feeling hot in warm climes, or on very hot days.Cotton is much cooler.

      • I often think there are some creases which are a great deal more expensive than others! Though it’s not always the case that modern synthetics are as difficult to wear as they once were. Being sufficiently ancient to remember the chronic static that would sparkle off many of the early efforts has put me off for years. But seeing expensive items worn by both Kate and Meghan, I’ve taken another look at them and sometimes been pleasantly surprised. It seems there’s cheap fake and quality fake as well as wrinkles!!

        • @Elizamo,
          It’s true that synthetics have come a long way since they were first loosed on an unsuspecting public, and it’s equally true that one could be smitten when Kate and Meghan wear some lovely looking synthetic clothing. Perhaps there’s a soupçon of snobbery lurking under my preferences for cotton, linen and wool. However, polyester is made of — coal, petroleum, air and water. Coal and petroleum?? Not sustainable, ethically sourced, or environmentally sound. Perspiration and wrinkles seem preferable to oil and coal.

          • I’m with you on the synthetic point – tough to be so forthright about sustainability, and environmental responsibility in clothing makers, only to bust out the polyester, especially in a tropical climate.
            And I would say that linen is “guaranteed to wrinkle”, rather than “supposed to”, since that implies that suits are therefore “supposed to” look like used tissues. I don’t remember much about William’s wardrobe for the South Pacific tour he did with Kate, I’ll have to check back and see if he looked as rumpled (one of the tv broadcasters applauding the visit actually asked their colleague on air, “and Harry…is he wearing the same clothes as last night? It kind of looks like he slept in them…”).
            To me, a lot of the blame should go to the entourage. They are there to support and assist Meghan AND Harry, leading up to and during the tour. I’m not super impressed with the group, to be honest (though her hairstylist has done a good job).

          • I’m right with you on sustainability, but it’s coming at a price these days. It’s getting harder to track down the natural fabrics at almost any price sometimes, I’m permanently on the look out for cotton tees. I wonder if a rising middle class in the likes of India and China want their turn at these fibres now and increasing demand.

  21. Wow!! She looked so amazing, happy, and comfortable in her own skin. This look was one of her best in my book, but due, in large part, to how confident she looked. Beautiful style and fit on her and accommodating of her changing shape. The neckline and collar framed her face and the ponytail and necklace were great finishing touches. The color and fabric was also lovely and it fell in a flattering way. Last but not least, the shoes! So pretty and I just loved the shade of light blue with the deeper blue of the dress. Home run!!

  22. Oh that boy’s choir! They are fabulous! I just cried listening to the clips.
    Meghan’s sleek ponytail still looks gorgeous, and the dress is a stunning color on the Duchess. The shoes are a fun surprise — different than her usual pumps/courts and not so sky high for a change. (High, but not sky-high.) They are a lovely color and style. Just love the necklace. I’ve finally resigned myself to her tie-belts, and still can’t believe she’s in polyester in Tonga. But as shirt dresses go, this looks very nice and appropriate for a final meeting. Just a fresh look overall.

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