Meghan Wears Shoshanna for Polo Match

We had a lovely surprise today, new photos of Meghan watching Prince Harry take part in the Audi Polo Cup. The Duchess looked cool and comfortable despite the 80°+ temps at the polo grounds.

More from the Daily Mail’s story:

The Duke of Sussex delighted polo fans for the second day on the trot as he wowed spectators alongside his brother.

He and Prince William enjoyed some brotherly bonding as they took to the turf at the Coworth Park Polo Club.

Prince Harry’s appearance today comes after he thrilled sports fans at a charity match in Oxfordshire yesterday.


Also watching the match, friends Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian.

You may recall the couple was guests at Meghan and Harry’s wedding; these are photos of the tennis ace posted on her Instagram account the morning of the wedding.

Ms. Williams is only a few days from the opening rounds of Wimbledon, where she hopes to be the first mother to win the tournament since Evonne Goolagong Cawley in 1980.

More about the match from Hello!:

The high society sporting event was supporting two charities close to the royals’ hearts – Child Bereavement UK and Tusk Trust. The Princes’ team, Audi e-tron, was the ultimate winner by 5 goals to 2.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore, beginning with her dress by Shoshanna, an American brand.

For anyone unfamiliar with the company, it was started in 1998 by Shoshanna Gruss, a native New Yorker.

Initially launched with a dress collection, the company grew and became known for offering the first swimwear line that was sold as separates. More than 70% of Shoshanna styles are made in New York. Below, several designs from the Spring 2018 collection. The brand is carried at many major retailers, including Saks, along with Anthropologie, as well as Lord and Taylor, and Shopbop

You can also find styles on sale at off-price outlets like and Neiman Marcus Last Call. Below, three discounted designs at Saks Off FifthNow for a closer look at the design worn by the Duchess today. It is the Ashland style, crafted in a cotton eyelet fabric with a taupe gingham print. (I think the official color name is “sand.”) It has an A-line silhouette, button front and self-tying belt at the waist. The piece is still available at Amazon in sizes 4 and 6 ($395). Many thanks to UFO No More for their identification of the dress; they also pointed out on Twitter the dress dates back to 2017.

Below left you see a similar fabric used in another dress style, this one a multi-color vertical stripe. On the right, you can see the same fabric was used for a dress stocked at Anthropologie.

Meghan wore her Madewell Biltmore Panama hat, a piece she has owned for some time.

Biltmore was originally a premium Canadian brand. Named after the Biltmore Hotel, the company is now headquartered in Texas, where all of its hats are still made by hand.

The Duchess was in shoes by one of her go-to footwear brands, Sarah Flint, as confirmed by the company on its Instagram page. She wore the Grear Sandal ($245), in brown leather with a cotton ankle tie that can be tied in either the front or the back.  

This was a nice look for Meghan, an ideal choice for a warm, humid day.

It looks like Meghan was wearing her Mykita ‘Priscilla’ sunglasses as well yesterday. This is a pair she has owned for some time and was seen wearing at Wimbledon 2016.



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  1. I don’t know about you but I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw this outfit. Her “official function” outfits still leave me a little “meh,” but here she’s in her zone. Looks fantastic! I’ve always loved Shoshanna for her figure-friendly approach to fashion and glad to see Meghan wearing one of her designs. An aside, the designer, Shoshanna Gruss, is the woman who, as an 18-year-old coed years ago, dated then-38 Jerry Seinfeld. I think he quasi-obsessed over her and then she dumped him. Not that this has anything to do with what Meghan wore….

  2. Love the style and cut of dress. So suitable for a warm day. Love the hat and sandals. She looks amazing

  3. appropriate and cool fabric for the weather.
    nothing too fashion forward however. looks rather plain.

  4. Meghan looks — nice.
    There’s nothing remarkable, delightful, or special about the dress. Since I’m not a wannabe fashion writer, I don’t think it deserves much analysis or discussion in an effort to make it more than it is.
    Love the hat.
    Also like the way the dress shows her shoulders, like the McCartney post wedding dress.
    But beyond the shoulder thing, she’s wearing an outfit nobody would look at twice, except for the fact that she is wearing it.

    • I mean, I think you’re right that it’s not an attention-getting outfit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pleasing. And I do think that the fabric is unusual, as ElizaMo pointed out, and the sandals are special too. I would totally notice and compliment someone IRL wearing this outfit. I would also feel super sassy and stylish if I were wearing it myself.

    • I disagree because I think off-duty dressing is the real way to gauge someone’s style. Anyone can look good on a red carpet or at a major event with lots of stylists and advise but getting dressed for a casual occasion but with the world’s cameras watching is a real challenge. I think this dress demonstrates knowledge of what suits Meghan and what she is comfortable wearing. Choosing simple elegance over something showy shows restraint and real style in my opinion.

  5. She looks fabulous! Her sense of fun and relaxed Cali vibe really shines through. Her hat is her signature for sure. Bows on the sandals! Love!

  6. I love this dress. Just the type of dress I’m always looking for but can never quite find. Cool cotton, it looks swishy rather than stiff, grown-up eyelet fabric, buttons in the right places so the right amount can be undone without being indecent. No surprise that Meghan does casual, smart very well. Its the best relaxed royal look I’ve seen for a long time. Grown up and stylish but not overdone.
    Being picky, I’d have preferred a straw coloured panama with a brown ribbon but I like that Meghan is wearing an old favourite. This and the next day’s polo visit show Meghan at her confident best.

  7. Total winner – the dress looks cool and comfortable, and showcases her terrific shoulders. The sandals and hat work perfectly here, along with the cute ponytail – I love this head to toe.

  8. Perfection! Love that the individual components are well-thought-out, but overall give off an easy, effortless vibe. She looks happy, polished, and sophisticated.

  9. I love everything about this. I also love that she returned on Sunday (today) and looked casual, chic, and event appropriate. This is totally in her wheelhouse and she does it very well. It gives me hope for some cute fashion at Wimbledon later this summer.

  10. This is a very pretty outfit and Meghan looks lovely in it, I love the high cut armholes and that she wore the neckline open. Love the sandals too! It is interesting that we are seeing so much lack of color. I had never heard of Meghan before she was mentioned on WKW, so I don’t know if this is a new thing or did she always tend to go with neutral tones and combinations.

    • She likes neutrals. I think she’s stated as much in the past. If you look at her red carpet looks it’s clear she can wear color and look good in it (and I’d advice her to add some to her royal wardrobe because she’s limited in what styles she can wear and neutrals have the potential to get old quickly), but I’ve seen IG spams on Tumblr and her real life was majority neutral shades. It’s her preference.

  11. Perfect for the occasion and weather. I love that she wore flat sandals and did not care that she looked shorter than the others around. A sign of confidence.

  12. Loved how Meghan kept her accessories simple. A super cool hat, sporty sunglasses and ankle tie sandals perfectly matched the vibe of her dress and tone of the event. Enjoyed thinking up possible narratives to the photographs…Meghan, Serena and Alexis store purses and belongings in Meghan’s car while enjoying a private chat and laugh. Before cheering Harry and William on, Meghan grabs a beverage from the cooler in the car’s trunk and returns and join the spectators. What a great site!

  13. Love the look! Off-duty chic is definitely Meghan’s comfort zone. I adore the hat and those sandals too.

  14. This is such a great choice for an outdoor sporting event on a warm day. I love the dress, especially the eyelet detail at the bottom. Hat and sandals complete the outfit perfectly. The Duchess looks cool, comfortable and very happy.

  15. What a delight it is to see Meghan looking so happy and at ease, it must be good when old friends come and visit. And I like that her off-duty style references the old Meghan, not least via the showcasing of such an interesting US label. They have some lovely dresses in their collection which manage to be quirky without going overboard.

    That looks like an unusual fabric, I can’t recall seeing gingham decorated with eyelet detailing before; perhaps it’s like a double dose of vintage. It’s a pretty and large-print check in a handy subdued colour, the kind I find myself wearing over and over when I can get my hands on one.

    I especially like how the dress lining has been kept shorter than the full skirt length giving a hint of sheer effect on the legs. I don’t rate tie-belts much, especially in a cotton fabric as the knot gets so bulky, but the main object here is to be cool and comfortable and the dress wins hands down on that score. It’s great Meghan has some favourite old sandals — and flats too — for warm weather and I’m just delighted to see her sporting her Panama again. Thanks for a lovely post.

    • agree in general about tie-belts but think in this case any other choice would look like overthinking and not be in the spirit of the look. I

  16. Cute dress and while it isn’t a blaze of colour, it is not white/cream or blush pink. It is good to see Meghan looking appropriate and comfortable for the occasion. The dress looks cool, the shoes are more body friendly than the usual stilettos, the hat and glasses are wise in the sun. This is a win today!

  17. Perfect. How much does this make you think of Pretty Woman?! She looks casual but totally pulled together. That hat looks great on her.

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