Meghan Wears Hugo Boss As The Royal Tour Leaves Australia

Meghan was in a Hugo Boss dress as she left Australia with Prince Harry.

Below, you see the Duke and Duchess at the airport.

Meghan and Harry are aboard a Royal New Zealand Air Force plane headed to Wellington. The flight is carrying some of the New Zealand Invictus competitors.

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From Australia:

NEARLY two weeks since they touched down in Sydney and announced they were expecting their first child, Harry and Meghan have finished their royal tour of Australia, flying out just after 10am today.

The royal couple arrived at Sydney Airport just before 10am this morning, greeting a handful of dignitaries before boarding the New Zealand Airforce plane.

A strong wind whipped over the tarmac as Meghan and Harry said farewell to officials before the prince gave everyone a thumbs.

There was a brief ceremonial goodbye with dignitaries.
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Meghan’s dress is by Hugo Boss. It is called the Eodora dress, a midi-length piece in 100% viscose, the dress has elbow length sleeves, a mock neck, detachable self belt, back zipper and side slits. It is partially lined.The dress doesn’t appear to be on the US Boss site, we only found it on the UK site. Many thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the dress ID!

The Duchess carried the Cuyana handbag we saw at last night’s closing ceremony, the Mini Chain Saddle style ($225).

Meghan had on the shoes worn last night, the Aquazzura Casablanca style pumps ($690). The point toe pump features a multi-strand ankle wrap, oversize buckle and 4″ heel.

It looks like the Duchess also wore the earrings from last night, the Dotted Mana Studs ($530 AUD, roughly $375 USD) from Meghan’s favorite Natalie Marie.

UPDATE: The earrings are not the Natalie Marie style I thought. We have had a couple of suggestions.

One thought is they may be by Annoushka. The suggested design is the Dream Catcher 18K Rose Gold Pearl Diamond Earrings ($4400). From the product description: “mother of pearl is cushioned in a web of gently textured 18ct rose gold and diamonds, accented with touches of black rhodium.” Thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the info on these.

UPDATE: We have confirmation from Paspaley that the earrings are their Lavalier Opal Hero. The collection is described as combing beautiful rose gold, opals and diamonds. The earrings are not currently shown as being available on their site.

Paspaley Pearls, the oldest and largest pearling company in Australia. The company shows the Lavalier earring in yellow gold currently available.  Thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the tip.

We will keep updating as we gather more information.

The Duke and Duchess have a full day ahead, with multiple engagements.



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  1. Ooh, oh my gosh, this dress is gorgeous! Surprised she saved it just for this – it could have been used for a much bigger event. Though I supposed departing plane boarding is usually a bigger event – but for me I didn’t even hear about this outfit/event until coming to this blog because it got buried beneath so many other events and news stories of the couple this week. But wowza, what a great look! Hope she wears it again soon!

  2. What an amazing look for the Duchess. I wish that this dress had been featured for an engagement vs. a plane departure!

  3. I think this dress is boring. It does look good on the DoS. It fits well and the color is great on her. I’m so glad she is branching out into. variety of colors. The beginning of the tour blended together to me I regard to her fashions. I also am glad she is wearing larger jewelry. The earrings are beautiful. I could not stand up in those shoes much less walk in them! I don’t know how she does it!!

  4. The Duchess looks gorgeous in this dress. The drape and cut are perfect for her, as is the color. The accessories are spot on — I still adore those shoes and am squealing that my brand Cuyana made another appearance with the purse.

  5. I wish she had worn this look to a different event so we could have seen more and better photos! The colour looks stunning on her and those are some right Royal earrings if I ever saw them.

  6. What a wonderful look. The color is beautiful on her, and the fabric is draping beautifully, treating her curves so gently. I agree with others; this is one I’d love to have in circulation in my own closet. I also hope we’ll see her in it again; it looks like it could potentially take her well into pregnancy.

    The earrings are beautiful and interesting, and remembering the DoC’s elaborate Erdem earrings from a few weeks ago, I am thinking that we must be witnessing a trend of baroque statement earrings.

  7. A dress that successfully combines comfort for long-haul travel with elegance has to be a winner. Meghan seems to have warmed to the burgundy colour and it continues to flatter her, helped by the low mock neck helping to frame her face. There’s a further return to dolman sleeves by Meghan who seems taken with them at the moment.

    The ever-reliable Hugo Boss can deliver elegance with style as well and I like the way the trendy asymmetric hem is achieved with an extra translucent layer of skirt, countering excess heaviness from extra fabric. The dress fabric itself is still fluid enough to keep the tie belt from making a bulky knot. I remain in awe of how Meghan can find herself in a stiff breeze without her skirts ending up around her ears. Savvy lady.

    I really like the repeat nude accessories with this, they seem to acquire an extra pink tone and quite come to life with this outfit, though the lighting may be better out of doors rather than in a sports arena. The earrings are exquisite, a real treat. A great look with which to bid fond farewell to Australia.

  8. this dress works so well for travelling and I would love to have it in my wardrobe as it would be sensational for work. Looks so comfortable and elegant and the shoes just add to the elegance.

  9. This is my first time commenting after stalking this blog multiple times a day during this tour but I have to comment this time. Although simple, I think this is one of my favourite looks of the tour. The dress drapes very nicely on her frame and midi length is a look Meghan carries off very well with her fine legs. Everything is put together so perfectly and I love the nod to Australia with the local earrings. On another note I remember in my first pregnancy, initially my belly started off flatish in the morning and was much more noticeable by evening. I see this in Meghan’s outfits also so she may be experiencing the same. I see she changed into a comfortable ASOS maternity dress during the flight and I love it that she is wearing affordable maternity wear that other mums to be can take inspiration from. Kate’s maternity styles included a few stylish ASOS pieces too.

    • Hi Anthea – thank you, one of our fellow bloggers on Twitter shared the information with us. We do have confirmation from the company regarding the earrings and the post is updated. – SC

      • I wonder if these earring were a gift presented to her in Sydney? Seems like this could be so as I had read and seen a photo, on another site, of Meghan receiving a gift of a strand of large blue/grey pearls from the royals in Fiji.

  10. I am officially gushing! I love this color on the Duchess! The style of the dress is sleek, simple and yet sophisticated. Her shoes contrast nicely with the color of the dress and adds a modern edge to the outfit. The Duchess’ hair has been one of her best accessories on this tour. Both her and Harry look Glamorous like the jet setting Royals they are.

  11. This dress is not especially memorable, but Meghan wears both the colour and the style well. It looks comfortable on her. But the mega high shoes don’t look comfortable, that is for sure. I suppose the shoes are cutting edge trendy, but those thick straps and buckles look so heavy around her slim ankles. I love the earrings and am glad that Meghan is branching out from her tiny, delicate pieces into something that makes more of a statement. Happy landings! Looking forward to life in New Zealand.

  12. We might have missed seeing Meghan and Harry arrive in Sydney but we’re seeing their royal departure today.

    Meghan’s Hugo Boss dress is versatile, it can go sporty or dressy. The cropped sleeves and high neckline are an interesting pairing. The semi-hankerchief hemline is fun. Meghan went dressy and her Annoushka “Dream Catcher” earrings are eye catching with that dangling brown diamond. Harry looks dressed up as well, he has some diplomatic and professional duties ahead and is dressed accordingly. That’s a beautiful suit.

    Los Angeles Dodgers 4, Boston Red Sox 3 (Bottom of the 7th)

    • I like how the low mock neck and elbow length sleeves make the contrast you point out more subtle, and must help it to work so nicely. I can remember in the distant past a fashion for roll necks with sleeveless tops which I always thought the oddest combination, so warm at the neck and freezing on the shoulders. The Hugo Boss take is a much better deal comfortwise, as well as visually.

  13. I think she might be in different earrings. It’s hard to tell for sure from the photos, but it looks like the part going through her ear is a loop rather than a post. I’m very curious to see more photos, and kind of hoping NOT to get an outfit change when they deplane!

    • I agree. As we now see she did change on the plane and I don’t believe she wore it to any engagements before the flight which means she was likely only seen in this outfit for the walk from private vehicle to plane. It makes me exhausted thinking about the styling and priming required for that. It looked so stunning that I do hope we see her again in this look soon.

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