Meghan Shines at Buckingham Palace Birthday Bash for Prince Charles

The Duchess looked elegant this evening as she and Prince Harry attended the party celebrating Prince Charles’s 70th birthday.

In this picture, the couple is seen leaving Kensington Palace as they head to Buckingham Palace where the party was held.
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The Palace was *the* place to be tonight; a host of royals from across Europe were at the gala. Royal photographer Mark Stewart tweeted photos of many of the notable names at the party.

Norway’s royal family was fully represented: from left to right, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Queen Sonja and King Harald.

Others at the party included the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.
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Along with Princess Eugenie and new husband Jack Brooksbank (not shown in this photo).
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Zara and Mike Tindall.
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Another group of royals from Mark; in these images, people are seen as they leave Buckingham Palace.

Prince Philip was also at the party.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at Clarence House this evening as the couple is heading to the party. 

The Duchess is wearing a navy off-the-shoulder evening gown by royal favorite Bruce Oldfield. The photo is another by Chris Jackson of Getty Images.

The Queen celebrated her son with a touching toast. More from The Mirror:

The Queen paid tribute to her son with a heart-warming toast saying: “It is a privilege for any mother to be able to propose a toast to her son on his 70th birthday.

“It means that you have lived long enough to see your child grow up. It is rather like —to use an analogy I am certain will find favour — planting a tree and being able to watch it grow.

“My mother saw me turn 70, of course. And she was heard to observe that 70 is exactly the age when the number of candles on your cake finally exceeds the amount of breath you have to blow them out.

You can read the text of the entire toast by clicking here.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore tonight.

It is difficult to discern almost anything about her gown.

The most we see is in this photo with just a touch of the bodice showing. It looks like it is embellished with rhinestones or crystals. 

Obviously, from this limited perspective, we have no chance of recognizing what dress she is wearing.
Embed from Getty Images

But we have seen the chandelier-style earrings before. They were first worn at the state dinner in Fiji last month

We do not know their origins. When reporters inquired about them during the tour they were told they were borrowed, but not on loan from The Queen. See update below.

A closer look at them this evening.
Embed from Getty Images

UPDATE JAN 8, 2019: It looks like the earrings may be by Butani, a Hong Kong-based jewelry firm whose designs are worn by A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood and Michelle Obama. Meghan’s earrings are said to be from a 2016 collection by the jeweler. Below, a Butani ad that offers a look at a similar style.   

In an October 2016 Hong Kong Tatler story the company is quoted as being desirous of dressing “strong and dynamic women who are trailblazers in their fields.”

Meghan’s makeup looked wonderful, with a soft smokey eye and glossy lip.

It sounds like a lovely party, happy birthday to Prince Charles!


We have one other quick note this evening: Stella McCartney has launched a bridal collection. More from a Vogue story:

The 17 looks capture McCartney’s signature energy and charm—a lace jumpsuit is cinched with a topstitched satin sash, for instance, and there’s a low-key ease to the double-breasted suit—but there’s a degree of timelessness, too.

This is one of the styles with lines similar to a design Meghan has worn. 

Back to the Vogue story:

“It was important to me to embody the core values of our house, so the collection has elements of sustainability as well. It truly reflects different ages, and I think so many different women come to us, so I really wanted to reflect that in the bridal offering,” she continues. “It is not just for one type of bride; it is truly made with love.”

Here is the dress that will look most familiar.

We don’t know if it is identical to Meghan’s dress, but it certainly has the look and feel of her dress. You can see the entire collection here.

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  1. I think the earrings worn by Meghan look very, very similar to those worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at the Buckingham Palace Diplomatic Reception in December 2013 and 2015. What do you think? We know they are borrowed but from whom? The fact that they may be borrowed from or even given by the Duchess of Cambridge to Meghan may explain why the Palace does not wish to give any futher details.

  2. Great fun to see those tremendous earrings again and I like that Meghan has a lovely smooth updo to show them off to full effect.

  3. Well, I guess Prince Harry didn’t sell his 2017 Audi. Maybe it was too hard to give up with happy memories of racing from Pippa’s wedding ceremony to go and pick-up Meghan for the wedding reception. Or, he sold it and purchased another Audi? Anyway, beautiful car and beautiful couple!

    It looks like Harry is still sporting that sleep tracker ring we first noticed during the Royal Tour. I thought he might remove it once he got back home and back in his familiar time zone. Something I’m glad to see again from the Royal Tour are those gorgeous earrings on Meghan. Happy those didn’t go back once she got home and got use to the time zone! She looks marvelous.

  4. Meghan looks so lovely! And I’m really, really glad she decided not to wear bronzer for once. Maybe someone finally told her she was overdoing it but her makeup is so on point here and it looks like her hair is pulled back in a classic French twist? I had forgotten about the earrings but it’s so nice to see them again too.
    I also really like Camilla’s dress! I am not usually jazzed about Camilla’s outfits. She always looks appropriate but it’s usually the same kind of outfit. But this is a bit of a departure for her it seems and I’m glad we at least got to see her outfit!
    I tried finishing the Charles’s documentary, you guys had posted a link to a Youtube video but alas the BBC has taken it down. So instead I watched last night on Netflix the documentary they did a few years ago for the the Queen’s 90th birthday which includes interviews with Harry, William, Charles (he narrates the whole thing), Anne, and some of the Queen’s cousins (also Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret’s daughter). I’m sure you guys talked about it whenever it originally aired it but I had never heard about it and I really enjoyed watching it since it included so much footage of the Queen as a young girl/teenager. You have to think how amazing it is she can wish her eldest a happy 70th birthday. Not many moms ever reach that milestone!

    • I highly recommend the 60 min documentary on the BBC – Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70. It’s excellent. Plenty of behind the scenes and some interesting bits of informations. Really enjoyed it. If you have the UK player you can watch it that way. – SC

      • I did start watching it! I had about maybe 25 minutes left?? I am based in NY unfortunately. Hopefully Netflix will eventually have it available or Hulu or Amazon Prime (I have all three!).

    • I like The Duchess of Cornwall’s gown too. It’s very regal in that dark navy, and the hint of sparkle is just right for the occasion. Bruce Oldfield knows how to create garments that are very flattering to the figure. I don’t think that the white Stella McCartney gown is exactly the same as the one that The Duchess of Sussex wore. Meghan’s gown seems to have a deeper collar and more fabric in the bodice. I suspect that the back of the gown may be a little lower than Meghan’s.

  5. Who knows what shes wearing but im sure its gorgeous. The earrings and hairstyle are so elegant tonight and her makeup is just glowing. All the ladies really stepped it up tonight and look great! Shame we dont get to see any more portraits.

  6. Simply exquisite! Duchess Meghan’s updo looks great without looking old. The make up was spot on and I am glad to see those glamorous earrings again. Would have loved to see the dress especially since it appears to be off the shoulder.
    We definitely should have been allowed to see her dress. We saw pictures of Royals from other countries, but not Meghan or Kate’s? Not cool.
    Prince Charles and Camilla compliment each other beautifully. They both look great.
    Zara seems to have barrowed Meghan’s messy bun, and looks great!

    • We saw the photos of others from other countries because they were taken before they arrived at Buckingham Palace at other residences/places. – SC

  7. Great post! You know what I just realized with the close up of Meghan’s earrings?
    They look like a small version of Catherine’s, so maybe they are the same set but Catherine borrowed them to Meghan, don’t you think? 🙂

    • I believe they are earrings that were a gift to the Duchess of Cornwall by Saudi Government. Another Meghan style site mentioned them and that might be the providence. I remembered seeing them once on Camilla.

  8. As I said over on WKW, it is a major disappointment to have members of royalty from many nations and all we can see are people from the neck up. Both Meghan and Kate have glamorous up dos and gorgeous earrings. Camila looks very nice and I wonder why Charles and Camila are the only two who are photographed. I’m sure there were many ladies present in high fashion, elegant gowns and we totally missed it.
    Anyway, HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY Prince Charles!

    • I think maybe it’s because prince Charles is being celebrated tonight and no one would wish to detract from that. Shame for us fashion lovers although he does look very dapper,!

      I’m hoping we might see some better photos in the next few days

      • You could be right, Gemma, that they didn’t want to detract from Prince Charles being celebrated. With a Royal wedding, however, we don’t just see photos of the bride and groom, but just about every guest who attends. I doubt we will see further/better pictures. The word was that no photographers were allowed to be present.

        • The reason we see photos of guests at a royal wedding is the location – outside in a more public open area. Last night was a private affair and if they don’t want photographers on Buckingham Palace grounds/behind the gates then I don’t blame them. – SC

  9. I adore her makeup!!!
    I do wish she had hired a professional to do her hair tonight. I don’t mind the messy bun look, but tonight her updo just looked rushed and didn’t do justice to her beautiful hair at all!!!

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