Meghan Reads a Story For Archie’s Birthday! — Plus ‘What’s Happenin’ Harry?’ and Other Updates

(7 May – *Scroll down for several updates – including what Meghan wore!)

Happy birthday to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor who turns one today!

The Sussexes shared this adorable Save with Stories video via Save the Children to mark Archie’s first birthday.

Meghan read “Duck! Rabbit!” while Harry provided some sound effects off camera and Archie had his own input about the story.

Save the Children – Instagram

Save the Children – Instagram

The message at the start of the clip asks viewers to please donate.

Save the Children – Instagram

The clip is also published on the Save the Children – Save With Stories Instagram and Facebook accounts along with other celebrity story readers.

The project was launched in the US by Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams and led in the UK by Poppy Delevigne. Every donation to Save with Stories helps raise funds for the children and families who have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, both in the UK and around the world.

Videos are shared regularly of favorite celebrities reading children’s books. A chance for parents to take a break and children to enjoy hearing someone they might recognize from television or movies reading to them.

If in the US you can donate here. If in the UK you can donate here. #SaveWithStories

*UPDATE 7 May: As it turns out the book Meghan read, Duck! Rabbit!, was a gift from Oprah!

Oprah revealed in an interview last year with Access Hollywood that she had a “welcome to the world” gift for Archie.

“Honey, I have a standard gift that I do for people that I really care about,” Oprah told the show. “I don’t know the baby’s name or the baby’s gender, but this baby will have enough books to last a lifetime!” – Oprah Winfrey, Access Hollywood

The clue that gave it away was when Meghan held up the book in the video clip, there on the left side of the cover was a small sticker that reads, “Archie’s Book Club”. It is known that Oprah likes to gift personalized book collections for her friend’s children.

Save the Children – Instagram

If interested in purchasing a copy of Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krause Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld, it appears to be sold out in hard cover format in most stores, however it is available in digital format for Kindle (Amazon) here and Nook (Barnes & Noble) here. Hardcover book available at Burke Decor, $7.99. If willing to pay a bit more, Walmart online, $21.99 here. You could also try eBay, $13.78 here.

If you recall that cheeky moment in the video when Archie picks up another book and then proceeds to drop it on the floor…

The book is ‘Is Your Mama a Llama?‘ by Deborah Guarino and Steven Kellogg. You can purchase a copy at Target, $4.89 here as well as Amazon here.

One other book that can be seen just to Meghan’s right, in the chair, is one by Anne Gutman, Mommy Hugs, $5.39. Amazon also has the book available in both the board book and hard cover here.

Looking back at this past year – where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe just one year ago we were all waiting to hear baby news from a very ecstatic and giddy Harry!

Soon after his arrival, we had our first glimpse of baby Archie as he was introduce to the world by his very proud parents.

Meghan and Harry with Archie in July 2019 for his christening at Windsor Castle.


Another very special and memorable moment when Harry and Meghan introduced Archie to Archbishop Desmond Tutu while visiting South Africa in September 2019.

Back in January the couple shared this adorable photo of Archie and Harry in Canada welcoming in the New Year.

The Royal Family shared their Happy Birthday wishes with throw back photos on social media today.

From HM the Queen —

The Cambridges sent birthday greetings via Kensington Palace —

From Prince Charles and Camilla via Clarence House, Instagram —

Invictus Games The Hague also had a cute tweet for Harry and Archie today.

*UPDATE – 7 May: Regarding what Meghan wore in the story time video —

Meghan had on a blue chambray style long shirt and light colored short. The shirt appears to have one or two extra pockets on the front. It’s possible the shirt has four pockets. You can just see the extra pocket (flap) in the third image below above Archie’s knee.

I’ve had several people inquire about Meghan’s bracelets spotted in the video.

The first bracelet seen in the image appears to be a gold link bracelet with a small cross charm (maybe?) on it. This immediately reminded me of the Links of London ‘Sweetie’ charm bracelet, € 245.

I own this bracelet and am familiar with adding charms to it and the various ways it appears when wearing it which is what lead me to come to this conclusion.

The white and black beaded bracelet (second, towards the middle) appears to be the one she received while the couple were in Australia visiting Melbourne beach.

The last two bracelets, a green beaded bracelet and another that appears to be a rose gold or gold bangle or cuff of some sort have not yet been identified.

Please continue to check back for further updates.


We have more happy news to report today. Meghan recently surprised a Smart Works client via video call during the young woman’s coaching session for a job interview.

In the clip shared by Smart Works on Twitter, The Duchess provided a bit of advice and even complimented the young woman on being a “beacon of hope” for being so resilient in her job search during these trying times.

From Harper’s Bazaar

“I just wanted to be able to call in and wish you the best of luck and my fingers are crossed for you. There’s so much going on in the world right now and to be such a beacon of hope and focusing on getting through it, and all the positivity that we just want to send your way, and to make sure you can get on the other side of this too, and have such a great opportunity there,” said Meghan. “It’s a pleasure to support [Smart Works], you see how great they do and how many people they help and that’s what it’s all about. I’ve been really proud to be able to be their patron, but it’s an easy yes when you have such incredible women helping you.”

From @SmartWorks Twitter —

Yesterday @SmartWorks tweeted this exciting update!

More from @SmartWorks

It was so wonderful to hear her excitement on the phone when she called to let us know she had been successful. She said; “Thank you, once again, not only for this opportunity but also for the incredible work that Smart Works achieves – it was a true honour to be a part of this!”

It truly is a “beacon of hope” with everything going on to hear this wonderful news!

In the video chat, Meghan wore her Joseph deep V-neck pullover sweater in garnet, $281. Shop similar styles here and here.

She first wore the sweater in November 2019 for a Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and One Young World round-table discussion in Windsor. You can find that post here.

Meghan wore a new necklace from London-based jeweler, Edge of Ember. It is the Visionary Charm Necklace in gold vermeil with blue and white topaz stones, $175.

The Duchess also had on a second necklace which could not be identified. It was hard to tell from any shots in the video what the charm might be. At one point I thought the charm looked like a crescent moon. Interestingly enough Edge of Ember does carry a crescent moon charm necklace. We will have to wait and see if she wears the necklace or necklaces again.


Time for some UPDATES! 

ICYMI – Last month Meghan and Harry spent time delivering food around LA on behalf of Project Angel Food to those sick and home-bound during the pandemic. One of the days out, Meghan was spotted wearing jogger pants by LA based designer, James Perse and a long sleeve black tee I’m thinking was by Misha Nonoo as well as her Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in white and green. She was also seen wearing a cardigan sweater by Stella McCartney. It is the cable knit wool and alpaca blend cardigan in ecru and originally retailed for $1050.

See my previous post for the pieces below here.

James Perse pants / Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers / Misha Nonoo tee / Frank & Eileen shirt


What’s Happenin’ Harry?

Harry recently launched a new project focusing on mental health in the military. It’s a project that he started about three years ago as part of Heads Together.

HeadFit is a mental health initiative in partnership with the British ministry of defense, which provides members of the defense community including those currently serving and veterans with self-help tools to manage stress.

From videoclip

The platform includes tutorials on breathing exercises, body posture, and relaxation techniques, all specifically designed to cater to those with military backgrounds all available 24/7.

From a statement released by The Duke of Sussex

“HeadFIT has been almost three years in the making, and I am extremely grateful for everyone who has been on this journey with us. Everyone who has worked on it, to create what we have today, should be incredibly proud and excited for the impact it will have”

“I’ve long believed the military community should lead the way for the rest of society. For too long we have been waiting for problems to arise and then reacting to them. HeadFIT is a proactive approach to mental fitness, focusing on our own potential to increase our performance, using proven methods in sport science,” he said.


Would you like Harry to read you a quarantine time story? Well, now on Netflix in the US and on Channel 5’s “Milkshake” strand in the UK you can watch The Duke of Sussex’s special introduction to a 75th anniversary episode of children’s series “Thomas the Tank Engine”!

Harry introduces an episode called “Thomas and Friends: The Royal Engine,” which has a storyline that includes Harry’s father and grandmother, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II, as animated characters.

The story is set when the Prince of Wales was a boy and sees the friendly engine taking Sir Topham Hatt, the controller of the railway, to Buckingham Palace to receive an honor.

Actress Rosamund Pike also guest stars as a new locomotive character, the Duchess of Loughborough, for the special 22-minute episode.

The episode was recorded in January before the Duke’s move overseas. Harry is seen sitting in an armchair, reading from a book about the train’s adventures.


The latest about the Sussexes – A Non-Profit Named ARCHEWELL

The Sussexes confirmed to the Telegraph in early April that their new charity would be a non-profit, not a foundation and that the name will be Archewell.

“Before SussexRoyal, came the idea of ‘Arche’—the Greek word meaning ‘source of action.’ We connected to this concept for the charitable organization we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son’s name. To do something of meaning, to do something that matters. Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for strength and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we each must draw upon. We look forward to launching Archewell when the time is right.”

Harry and Meghan’s focus now is with everyone else, Covid-19 and the global pandemic. I don’t expect to hear much more on the new charity any time soon. I’m sure their will be a website and social media accounts (Instagram) that will launch simultaneously when the time comes. Watch here for all the latest details when that happens.


In Other News…

J. Crew announced this week that they have filed Chapter 11, bankruptcy. It wasn’t much of a surprise as the company has been struggling for several years now.

J. Crew been planning to spin off it’s fast-growing brand, Madewell, into it’s own stand alone public company before the coronavirus outbreak. The denim-based brand had been outperforming it’s parent company for some time now.

Both brands were ones that the Duchess favored and wore on many occasions.

Meghan in J. Crew and Madewell over the years.

The company will now focus on restructuring. This would be a very good time to reinvent themselves. Perhaps go back to basics, streamline their collection(s) and go back to outstanding quality which might include classic pieces that appeal to everyone.

I, myself, have always felt that the brand has veered too far away from where they started which is what made them so successful and so popular to begin with. I still have a few items from the original J. Crew – timeless pieces! It was outstanding quality that has lasted. In my opinion, when you compromise quality and integrity, over time, it catches up and can end up being the demise of a business. I really do hope they can save the brand.

Several other companies are also on the verge of filing bankruptcy including Neiman Marcus, JCPenney as well as rumors of Brooks Brothers.

As always, wash your hands, wear a mask – Stay safe, stay well!  – Susan C.


  • Read more about J. Crew’s bankruptcy announcement here.
  • Town and Country’s piece on Harry’s HeadFIT initiative is here.
  • The Telegraph’s article on the Susssex’s charity plans is here.

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  1. Meghan reading to Archie was a charming way to celebrate his birthday. Baby is adorable and Meghan as always, wears casual every-day clothes looking effortlessly pretty.

    I enjoyed reading about Harry’s latest projects. HeadFit for Life sounds like a wonderfully important organization.

    And what a sweet retrospective look at the Sussexes. I love what they have built together and wish them every happiness & success on their next adventures.

  2. Archie is adorable, and a very cute mix of both parents. He definitely resembles baby pictures of both Harry and Meghan. What a sassy sweetheart!

  3. Wonderful post and Happy Birthday to baby Archie! I know that the Royals are known for putting a lot of meaning behind their choices, color choices, clothing, all the details that convey meaning and sometimes a subtle nod to an effort or cause. I couldn’t help but wonder if that book was chosen for this video as a peaceful acknowledgment of the different ways the family viewed the same situation this past year. The issue seems to be the elephant in the room lately, and it seems reasonable that at some point they would have to socialize the situation with baby. Just a thought, I wonder if anyone else picked up on this.

  4. I watched the vid several times , just loved it. Meghan handled Archie so well, she is naturally nurturing and is a doting mom. Archie was so engaged. Loved his little laugh, his throwing the book down, and I loved the sound effects from Harry. Happy birthday to Archie and very many more, you darling boy!

    • JackieG, I agree- I loved watching Meghan struggle (with patience and humor) with her very wriggly and curious 1-year-old. Having had a 1-year-old myself, my favorite parts of the video are when he throws the book on the ground, bites the book while looking directly at the camera, and that moment Meghan looks up at the camera (or the camera man- Harry?) with that long-suffering look all moms have- finding humor in the situation, but commiserating that their sweet baby is growing up and becoming a sass monster. Archie is such an adorable little chunk- he looks a lot like Harry as a baby, but he looks like Meghan, too. He is well-loved, clearly cheerful, confident, curious and engaged. Beautiful baby and clearly, a happy family.

  5. Such a sweet video. I love the no fuss, normal mom look from Meghan, and that we got the video raw with no edits for page turning mishaps and the like. Ahhhh, reading with babies!

    Echoing thoughts on J. Crew! I still love some of their items when the cuts aren’t weird. I recently officially wore out a beloved orange Breton stripe shirt. And I’ve got a long-sleeved black jersey dress of their approaching its 20th birthday that I still wear regularly, including on my last interview for getting a new job a couple years ago. Hoping they can find their footing especially because their Liberty collaboration is one of the most accessible ways to get made-up Liberty fabric goods in the States!

    • Daisy – I too own quite a bit of J. Crew and still do love them. I’ve just been disappointed in them in various ways over the years and see where the quality has lacked – for example, when you point out the sizing issue. The sizing issue again is lack of quality control and having the items mass produced overseas. Not all of the items are this way, but many. I too love the Liberty collection. (I made point of visiting Liberty London while there a few years ago and didn’t want to leave the store!) I recently purchased one of J. Crew’s Regent blazers and had a hard time with the fit. I’m petite and my size didn’t seem quite right but the next size up was too big in places. I was disappointed as that particular blazer is a beautiful expensive one that makes for a staple piece in any closet! Perhaps they should bring on board or take some advice from Tim Gunn? 😉 I really do hope they can turn it all around and make it into something great once more. I would certainly miss them. 🙂

  6. What a great and cute way to commemorate Archie’s birthday! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him. 🙂 I was hoping the Sussexes would release something but with their now defunct Sussex Royal Instagram I wasn’t sure how they’d do it since they so far have not launched new social media channels. I actually thought maybe they would issue something via The Royal Family IG but it makes total sense for them to do it via a charity! Of course Archie has his own opinions and clearly not exactly wanting to stay on his mother’s lap haha, a struggle all mothers can relate to with a young baby. I love the look Meghan gives Harry when Archie throws the book on the floor a second time haha. Kudos to her for trying to “stay in character.” Love her casual look here, clearly it is warm enough in CA to be wearing shorts now!

    Also not sure if you saw this but Archie’s book is supposedly a gift from Oprah! I’m not sure if you can screenshot a still from the video with the book’s cover visible but there is a sticker on the front (I can’t make it out in the video) that says “Archie’s Book Club.” Apparently it’s a thing Oprah does when friends of hers are expecting, she sends them a bunch of baby/kids books with “[Name of child’s] Book Club” sticker on the cover which I think is pretty cool. Oh to be friends with Oprah. Link here to story:

    Thanks for all the updates on Meghan and Harry, can’t wait to hear more about their non-profit Archewell, interesting name. I missed Harry’s narration of Thomas the Tank Engine, I used to watch a show about Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS when it aired in the 90s (it was called Shining Times Station in the US).

    I have only bought a few pieces from J CREW throughout the years, mostly because it is so expensive! I’m sorry to hear the quality has diminished, but if it’s so expensive and not great quality, then people are not going to buy from there.

    • Hi Amelie, I had spotted the sticker on Archie’s book and heard that it was a gift from Oprah. I have not had a chance to update the post as I had been working all afternoon. 😉 Thanks for the link to the article. – Susan C

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