Meghan is Radiant in Victoria Beckham for Endeavour Fund Awards 2020

Meghan arrives for the Endeavour Fund Awards 2020 wearing Victoria Beckham.

The Awards recognize members of the Armed Forces Community who were injured or fell ill while in the service who have forged ahead using sport and adventurous challenges as part of their recovery and rehabilitation. This is the third year the couple has participated in the event.

Below, a stunning shot of the couple arriving as the rain fell around them.

Embed from Getty Images

This year’s event was held at Mansion House which is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London (not to be confused with the Mayor of London). The Lord Mayor is more of an administrative and ceremonial position.

A peek inside the venue for this evening’s reception and award activities.

Programs lined the seats for guests.

Meghan and Harry with the nominees ahead of the awards ceremony.

In the video below, the couple interacts with the nominees during the reception.

Four awards were presented this year: the Recognising Achievement Award, Celebrating Excellence Award, Henry Worsley Award and a brand new category, the Community Impact Award.

The first award of the evening was the Recognising Achievement Award, which recognizes the “individual who has best utilised their endeavour to promote and catalyse their recovery.” This year’s nominees are Nikki Smale, Mark Bowra and Danny Holland, all of whom can be seen in the video below.

The award is given to “the person who has motivated their teammates by demonstrating a personal breakthrough and showing the positive difference sport and adventure can make in rehabilitation”.

This year’s winner was Welsh Guards veteran Danny Holland. He deals with mental health challenges after being hit by an IED while serving in Afghanistan.

Mr. Holland took the opportunity at the podium to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal!

The proposal was formalized on stage complete with bended knee.

ITV’s Lizzie Robinson caught the proposal on video below:

Below, Meghan and Harry react to Danny’s proposal.

More from this Cumnock Chronicle story:

Ms Price said they were both invited to speak to the duke and duchess privately after the ceremony finished.

She said: “They just congratulated us. They asked us how we felt and if I was expecting it. They said they were really happy for us.”

Another view of the Duke and Duchess just after the wedding proposal. 

The second award of the evening was the Celebrating Excellence Award, presented to those who have “endeavoured to achieve excellence in their chosen sport or adventurous challenge”.

The nominees were The Mind Over Matter Team, Glyn Barrell and Lee Spencer.

The award focuses on accomplishment such as the person(s) “who have won the most medals, represented at the highest level or pushed the boundaries of what was deemed possible and has inspired others with their sporting performance”.

Meghan presented the award to this year’s winner, Lee Spencer. More from Hello’s story:

As she took to the stage, the Duchess said: “Good evening everybody, it’s very nice to be back. It’s the thrid year that I’ve had the incredible fortune of joining my husband here, and as you all know, I can feel that it is just the most inspiring space, so I will say, when we were watching the videos [of nominees] all the way in Canada, we had the same moment as you: ‘How are you gonna choose?’, so we’ve done our best and I’m very pleased to announce the winner, who is Lee Spencer.”

Lee was unable to attend the ceremony due to prior commitments. A video was shown of his acceptance speech and the award was collected by Lee’s wife, Claire.

A quick video of Meghan presenting the award.

Meghan and Claire Spencer with Lee’s award.

More from Hello’s story on the awards:

Harry and Meghan chatted to Claire Spencer, 52, whose husband, Lee ‘Frank’ Spencer was nominated for an award. Asked what she thought of Harry’s decision to step back as a working royal, Claire said: “I think he does an amazing job, as does she, and we should just let them lives the life they want to live. I know wha a difference Endeavour has made to my husband’s life since he lost a leg and I hold Harry personally responsible for that. Life is too short.”

A new award was introduced for this year, The Community Impact Award. It was created to “recognise the team that has contributed the most to their community and used the experience from their endeavour to make a positive impact on those around them”. There are no nominees for the award as all endeavours from the past year were entered to win.

Team Superhero Series was the first-ever winner of the award.

The last award of the evening was the Henry Worsley Award and is presented to the person who has “best inspired others through the demonstration of determination in the face of adversity, whilst endeavouring to support others with their recovery through sport or adventure challenge”. Mac Maclaren, Tom Oates and Nick Goldsmith, were nominated this year.

This is the most prestigious award of the evening and is named after the late Henry Worsley, “who tragically lost his life in January 2016 whilst attempting to cross the Antarctic landmass, solo and unsupported”.

Tom Oates (below center) took this year’s honors.

Harry closed out the evening with a few words.

“The Endeavour Fund is not just about recovery, it’s about discovering a new way of living – finding a new sense of purpose and you have most definitely found that.” – The Duke of Sussex

More from Harry’s remarks this evening:

For some, the military community represents a brotherhood or sisterhood that no other organisation can provide, and for others it’s a way of life which you never want to leave. For a lot of us, it’s both.

Being able to serve Queen and Country is something we all are rightly proud of, and it never leaves us. Once served, always serving!

A lot of you tonight have told me you have my back, well I’m also here to tell you, I’ve always got yours.

It looks like two projects the Prince is passionate about will have a closer association in the future. In his Harper’s Bazaar story, Omid Scobie reports there was “an announcement that the Endeavour Fund will be working much more closely with the Invictus Games in the future. On Wednesday, March 4, Harry privately attended an Invictus Games Foundation and Royal Society evening reception after the two organizations hosted a conference on the future of trauma recovery earlier in the day.”

Now for what Meghan wore at this evening’s event.

Meghan’s dress is by Victoria Beckham, the T-Shirt Fitted Dress in Turquoise, $1,285.

The dress is crafted of a lightweight wool-blend crêpe, a mix of polyester, wool, and nylon with a touch of elastane for stretch and ease of movement. The dress is designed for a snug fit, and it has darts and seaming details that belie its ‘simple’ appearance. 

The dress is available in very limited sizes at Neiman Marcus, $1,335. There are a few sizes left at Farfetch, $1285.

The dress is available in other colors as well – black, Tomato (red) and white.

The Duchess wore her Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in navy suede, $665.

And carried a clutch we’ve not previously seen, the Stella McCartney ‘Lucia’ Plexi Clutch blue and rose gold, $2,255. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. We show the clutch in black and white with gold details below.

Her bracelet is a new one from Jessica McCormack. It is the designer’s Chi Chi bracelet in rose gold with a .50 carat diamond, $10,400. Our thanks to Laura (@SolidMoonlight on Twitter) for the bracelet ID.

UPDATE 6 March: Meghan wore earrings from London based jeweler, Roxanne First. They are the The Gold Snake Hoop earrings £95.00 ($124 at today’s exchange rate).

At last year’s awards, the Duchess was in Givenchy separates; for the 2018 awards, Meghan wore Alexander McQueen.

Here is a quick video of the couple leaving after the conclusion of the awards.

After an incredibly inspiring evening at the @EndeavourFund awards #HarryandMeghan depart

We leave you with this video from Sussex Royal’s Instagram account of tonight’s event.


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Tonight in London, for their third consecutive year, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Endeavour Fund Awards, which celebrates the achievements of those veterans injured in service who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges over the last year. By choosing to take on what seems impossible, these men and women not only set goals for themselves but have also inspired millions of people around the world. These annual awards bring together The Duke and The Duchess alongside wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and veterans as well as their families, friends and supporters of the military community. The Duke, who founded the @EndeavourFund, spoke on the night: • “The Endeavour Fund came from seeing the gaping hole that can be left after taking off that uniform. The power that sport and adventurous challenge plays in recovery, yes; but most of all – the chance to be part of a team again while attempting to achieve unthinkable challenges – as if being shot or blown up wasn’t enough, you guys continue to impress, inspire and challenge what it means to have a life changing injury.” • Since its launch in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported 108 projects that have directly assisted over 6,000 of those injured in service. Congratulations to all those who participated in endeavours over the last year and inspired others to push the boundaries of what’s possible! #EndeavorFundAwards

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  1. What a beautiful style and colour of a dress so simple but so outstanding too.Love the sleek ponytail pretty clutch, and sexy make-up.

  2. Hi Susan. I have a question. It appears that the company Roxanne First Jewelry only delivers to the UK and Europe. I wonder if there is any way to get their products in the US. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Valerie, I haven’t had a chance to take a closer look at Roxanne First. When I have a moment I will reach out to them and see if they are planning to deliver to the US in the near future or if any other stockists might carry their products. thanks, Susan C.

      • Hi Susan. See my just posted comment. I was able to order from the US. Thanks so much for offering to help and sorry to have troubled you.

    • Hi. I was able to place an order from the US even though their delivery information just says UK and Europe deliveries only. The small skinny Janet earrings are back in stock. The Snake hoop earrings Meghan was wearing should be back in stock any day too.

  3. The photo for the small Skinny Janet Earrings Meghan was wearing on her first outing back in the UK is incorrect. Check Roxanne First Jewelry collection site.

    • Valerie – thanks for picking up on this and pointing it out! I have corrected the error — The photo of the earrings is correct, it was the link that was incorrect. I think I was looking at the Janet hoops at the same time as the Snake hoops and must’ve inadvertently copied that info. 🙂 Thanks, Susan

      • You are welcome Susan. I was confused because the Company’s instagram page mentioned the Snake hoops but from the picture it looked like the Janet hoops. Anyway it was a lucky mistake because I like the Janet hoops too. Thanks to you I was made aware of them. They both should be restocked soon according to custoner care.

  4. What a wonderful event! I loved and enjoyed this event so much. The proposal made it even more special. The pic of Harry and Meghan in the rain under the umbrella is gorgeous. Loved the outfit from top to bottom. Every time I see the pics I just smile. Very nice.

  5. The hair is great – no loose flying or dangling bits to adjust. The stronger makeup is fabulous for an evening event. On the whole she looks fit, rested and extremely happy. Love the colour and style of the dress. I think it’s the correct size, it’s just meant for a long torso, which Meaghan is not. In the past she even commented on Beckham dresses saying they were beautiful but she didn’t have the long torso required for her designs. Nothing has changed in that regard. There is a definite roll of excess fabric around the waist because it sits on her hips rather than dropping down to the level intended. It’s unfortunate she didn’t get a it tailored or have a bespoke dress made. I can’t believe that given the few outings Meaghan is going to give any designer going forward that VB’s team wouldn’t have agreed to a custom dress for what may be the one and only time she makes a public appearance in one of their dresses.

  6. Love the dress, love the color, LOVE the bag! But like others noted, the fit isn’t great. With all the pictures taken of her, it seems best for her to invest in a very good tailor.

    Also, I get that she loves the quaint jewelry, but I don’t care for that bbracelet.

    admin edit

  7. Meghan looks gorgeous, and this beautiful turquoise color makes her absolutely glow. I’m so glad she wore a bright color, because she looks fabulous in bright shades, and her dress (and smile) just lights up a rainy evening. That dress also makes me want to go work out at the gym- she looks so slim and trim!

    That being said, I have two minor quibbles. The issue is again, FIT, and the detail of the back zipper. Once again, Meghan wears something that’s just too tight, and I think it would look perfect if she went up one size. The second thing is the zipper that goes all the way up the back.

    My super-judgmental Southern-born mama always told me her opinions on dressing like a lady. She thought dresses with zippers that go all the way up (or down) looked inappropriate.

    I’m not saying Meghan’s dress looks cheap in any way, because she looks gorgeous, but I always hear the echo of those words when I see a zipper detail up the back on dresses. My mother also had lots of opinions about miniskirts, thigh-high boots, Perspex high heels, shorts, skinny jeans, and leggings as pants, so take what you will from that. :-/

    admin edit.

    • Good point. My mother too used to tell me the same. I will never understand why is it so difficult to get a stylist.

  8. Love everything about this look but I do think Meghan should have gone up a size in this dress. That said, I do hope she owns some of the other colors as well. I can picture her rocking the red version too.

  9. The Duchess looked lovely. Beautiful shade of blue, the dress is pretty , but too tight, perfect length. Subtle, delicates pieces of jewellery are gorgeous. Love the choice and shade of shoes, but that clutch, is divine. Makeup is excellent for night.

  10. The first thing I noticed was the stronger makeup, and I love that on her. She looks so glamorous with a bolder lip and eye. The color of the dress is also wonderful on her–she looks fabulous and you can see how she stands out in the the crowd photo. I do agree that the fit of the dress is off. It’s too tight–you can see it pulling and wrinkling, folding over at the waist (the torso of the dress is too long for her) with horizontal wrinkles across the groin. Just one size up would be perfect. This is a very common problem with all women, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Almost no one gets custom-made clothing anymore, so we’re out of touch with what “fit” truly means. Just because you can get the zipper to close doesn’t mean it “fits.” Nevertheless, the overall look is a win.

  11. She has such a relaxed and friendly way of speaking when doing these events. The BRF is missing out! I love her dress color, her makeup is beautiful, gorgeous smile as well. I love her nails too!

  12. I love everything about this look. That color is stunning on her and proof that she really should stray toward bright colors more often. Just look at the outfits from the past two years versus this one, no comparison.

    The dress fits perfectly. Fit has been an issue in the past for her, but this is just perfection. Her make-up is flawless and I love the bolder eye and lip. Her hair looks great and the accessories are just right…lovely but not flashy. I don’t know how anyone could quibble with this look. Radiant is right.

  13. I love the color of the dress. It makes her stand out in the photos, but does not overwhelm her I also love the stronger lip color. They both look very happy and relaxed…

  14. Wow! I was so excited for your post about this and you did not disappoint. I’ve seen pictures of the iconic picture of them in the rain by Samir Hussein in black and white too and it is stunning. It easily could be a movie poster, hopefully the photographer gets some kind of award for it! Easily one of the most memorable pictures of the two of them. I had Rihanna’s song “Umbrella” come to mind as soon as I saw it!

    And I think it’s the best outfit she’s worn to this event. I liked her menswear outfit the first year but last year’s separates did not work for me because it looked too casual? I love the color on her though to me it looks more sky blue than turquoise (to me turquoise suggests a green hue to it and this dress does not look green at all). Her hair and makeup are on point too. Her hair is so long now!! I wonder if it’s extensions or did her hair really grow that much since we last her in January? Hair usually grows an inch every 60 days? I also rarely pay attention to the small accessories but I really LOVE the clutch she has here it’s so beautiful. And that surprise proposal was fun, Meghan looked especially thrilled. 🙂

    It’s always great to see the two of them supporting veterans. And it makes sense for the Endeavour Fund to work more closely with Invictus in the future, it’ll be interesting to see what happens there.

    Anyways a great post! Can’t wait to see the rest of Meghan’s excursions while she’s in the UK.

  15. I don’t think she’s wearing exactly that dress. It looks like a top and a skirt to me. What a beautiful color.

  16. The color is very good on her, but the dress is at least one size too small and should have been tailored to adjust for her short waist as you can see the fabric gathering around her midsection. She once was quoted as saying that VB’s designs didn’t work for her particular physique and she was correct. It’s also a day dress, not a dress for a gala; she might have finessed that with different earrings or a statement necklace but as styled, this outfit screams “big presentation at work”. I suppose that’s what it was, but an evening event calls for something not quite as office-y.

    • I think her dress is appropriate for the event, look at the other women in the group photo/background of other photos. Everyone is in business casual or at most cocktail attire.

      Agree the fit is off, but I love the color, accessories, and everything else!

    • I agree on every point. She looks very pretty, but but there are mistakes here.
      You can like her, yet admitting she needs a good stylist to find her iconic style she clearly hasn’t found yet.

  17. The color is fab and Meghan does so well with accessories. The ponytail is a great styling choice and I actually like the makeup unlike some other commenters, I think it’s fine to amp it up for an awards event, especially because her dress isn’t a gown. Whoever her tailor is should be fired immediately though. With clothes this minimal they have to fit perfectly for maximum impact, and I consistently notice that Meghan’s don’t fit well. It’s a shame because I really identify with her style and want to see these minimal, fierce, fashion forward looks be totally celebrated, but without the tailoring on point it is not doing the look justice.

  18. Just lovely. What a beautiful color, and this style of dress suits her so well. Love the strong lip. And her accessories, as usual, are on point: the bag is gorgeous.

    So happy to see her again; I have really missed her face and your posts as a distraction from everything else that’s going on in the world.

  19. This look is perfection. The turquoise dress is stunning on Meghan. I adore the streamlined hair (perfect for a rainy night!) and love the “bolder” makeup choice. I agree with other posters that stepping away from the spotlight has done wonders for Meghan.

  20. First of all, as a veteran of the U.S. Army I really appreciate Harry’s support of active duty and veterans of the armed forces. And he is right; once you serve you’re always serving. You never truly leave.
    Second…..Meghan looks GREAT. Happy, fulfilled, in love. What else can a girl ask for? Time away from the hassle of the BRF and media drama has done wonders for her. I’m so happy for her. I love her hair and the color of that dress but it looks like it’s either a size too small, or it’s made for a long torso figure, which she is not. The makeup feels a little heavy but seriously, none of this really matters when the most beautiful thing she’s wearing is that beaming, HAPPY smile.

    • I agree with you! Beautiful! It’s interesting your comment about the dress being designed for a long torso. I recall before she started dating Harry that she said in an interview that while she loved VB designs, she wouldn’t wear them because they didn’t flatter her figure. I wonder what changed?

      I hope she will now tell us her skin care and make up routines… she’s literally glowing!

    • Dawn, Thank you for your service. It seems in England the veterans are more recognized than in the US. I agree with your thoughts about the dress being a size too small and the make up heavier than usual. I do like the lip color being a bit brighter. The big win for me was the wonderful color of the dress. No neutral and it looks wonderful.

  21. A lovely dress! It is the sort of classic, yet modern staple that every working woman should have in her wardrobe. Once again, though, an ill-fitting choice for the Duchess! It looks tight around the underarms and seems baggy in an odd way around the waist. A beautiful ensemble, but nothing impressive as a whole.

    Admin Edit

  22. Holy moly, she looks flawless! I love the color, fit and style of the dress. That clutch is a piece of art too.
    Of course, her best accessories are her and Harry’s smiles.
    On another note, the Mansion House is exquisite. Nothing quite compares to the opulence of Britain’s historical buildings.

  23. She looks fantastic and happy! What a great set of awards. I am surprised that she didn’t wear this dress in black to continue her trend from previous years. Great to see Harry and Meghan out.

    I think you meant, Meghan and *Claire* Spencer with Lee’s award

  24. This may be my favorite look ever for Meghan. The color suits her so well & I love how Victoria Beckham dresses women. Gorgeous.

    Thank you to the writers for providing more information about the Endeavour Fund. It sounds like a great organization.

  25. Aren’t they breathtaking? That backlit umbrella photo is a winner.

    How beautiful and striking she looked in that turquoise blue. I loved her streamlined styling and that her clutch is like a piece of jewelry!

    I have missed seeing Meghan but I wholeheartedly support their charting a new path for themselves as a family unit.

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