Meghan and Harry Support Poppy Appeal at Invictus Games

Meghan wore an Australian brand this afternoon, Scanlan Theodore, as she watched the Invictus Games basketball finals with Prince Harry.

There was a big crowd on hand for the match.

On the court, Team USA vs the Netherlands.

Also watching the game, Invictus Ambassador David Beckham and son Romeo.
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More from The Mirror’s story:

Speaking about the Games, ambassador Beckham said: “I know how sport can change people’s lives, I know how sport has a real power to improve people’s lives in many different ways.

“It’s been such an emotional week for everyone involved. 500 competitors, over 1000 family members is such a special thing.”

The Beckhams have been in town this week, and spent a day at the games, joined by 13-year-old Cruz Beckham.

Today is the last day of competition at the games.
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When the game was over the US emerged victorious, taking the gold medal. The Netherlands were silver medalists and Team GB won the bronze.
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The Duke congratulated players.

As did the Duchess.

The Duchess awarded the medals.
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And looked like she was having a great time doing so.

Both Meghan and Harry will speak at tonight’s closing ceremony.
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Now for our look at what Meghan wore. The jacket is by Scanlan Theodore, an Australian brand. It is called the Crepe Knit Wrap Jacket, and the color is garnet ($550).

The piece is a viscose/polyamide blend, with a wrap front, ruffled hem and tie at the waist. Founded by owner Gary Theodore in 1987, the brand describes its aesthetic as ” devoted simple, clean, modern designs.” This jacket is a popular piece; Micki noted on Facebook Crown Princess Mary wore the jacket in 2016 and Heaven says she was also seen wearing it last November. Thank you to Heaven for IDing the jacket.

The company is headquartered outside Melbourne, with stores throughout Australia; David Jones also carries the brand in select stores. If in the US and interested in visiting a store, the company recently opened two boutiques in New York.

More from the company below:

Scanlan Theodore is a luxury women’s fashion and accessories brand offering seasonal collections of ready-to-wear, handbags and footwear. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1987, the label is known for its devotion to creating sophisticated, modern, timeless wardrobe styles. Over the past three decades, Scanlan Theodore has grown to become the global company it is today with an ever-growing international following and celebrity fan base within the United States. Beyond its significant presence in Australia, the label launched in the U.S. in Spring of 2017, with the debut of its e-commerce platform followed by the opening of its first stateside boutique in New York City’s SoHo.

Today, Scanlan Theodore has three boutiques in Manhattan – Flatiron, Soho and Tribeca. For more information, please visit or Instagram: @scanlantheodore

For accessories we saw a pair of pumps Meghan wears with some frequency, the Sarah Flint Jay Pump 100 ($395). Meghan Markle Sarah Flint Jay J pump 100Made in Italy, the shoe is black suede with the brand’s distinctive tortoise heel, a somewhat chunky 4″ height. The style is available in very limited sizes; Sarah Flint is taking pre-orders with delivery anticipated the first week of December.

The Duchess wore her Shaun Leane Talon earrings in gold vermeil over sterling silver ($289).

Meghan’s hair was partially back and she wore a poppy, presumably from the Royal British Legion.

The Legion kicked off its annual Poppy Appeal yesterday. This is likely the first time (to our knowledge) the Duchess has worn a poppy from the Legion. We don’t know if she has worn poppies previously in the US.

Meghan’s looks like it *might* be the basic lapel poppy. 

ITV reports on the launch:

The annual Poppy Appeal has been launched with art installations revealed around the UK to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice.

A six-metre-high poppy installation was unveiled at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to mark the launch of the charity campaign and say thank you to the First World War generation.

Poppy Appeal Australia launches on Monday and supports the RSL (Returned and Services League), an organization supporting men and women who have served or are serving in the Defence Forces.  Canada’s Poppy Appeal started on Friday (the 19th); you can get more info here.

We’ll leave you with this quick video from the Invictus Games.


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  1. Love Martin Grant designs and the Scanlon & Theodore jacket is stunning accompanying the black pants styled with the elegant heels. They add to the balance of this stylish outfit and personally I think the heels set the outfit off nicely.

  2. The Duchess looks fresh and magnificent. Australians do “smart casual” very well which is right down Meghan’s alley. Terrific jacket by Scanlan & Theodore – with the colour spot on. I hope the Duchess wears more of their clothes – they would suit her very much.

  3. Pretty jacket/blazer and black pants combo. Are those black jeans or just skinny slacks? I can’t tell from the lighting in these photos. Kudos to her for wearing heels when pregnant, I know it’s still early and somehow Kate managed to wear heels throughout all 3 pregnancies, I don’t know how these women do it! Great to see her wearing so much Australian fashion too.

  4. Love this look on the Duchess. She looks fantastic, It has been terrific seeing her support our Australian fashion. Harry, what can I say he is a real star! Thank you for a great blog

  5. Like this jacket a lot. I hope she also purchased the skirt so she can wear it again this fall and winter. I haven’t seen a color on her yet that looks bad. But was getting a little bored with the black and navy. Can’t wait to see what she chooses in maternity clothing!

  6. Ah, now you see–THIS is how the similar blue jacket from a month or so ago should have been styled! All it took was to choose trousers that are slimmer and shorter, and to incorporate accessories that blend the two colors. Not to suggest that that’s the reason for the poppy acccessory! It’s more, of course, that the outfit was built around the poppy, rather than otherwise. But I appreciate that the shoes pull in some of the warm red tones too.

    At any rate, she looks lovely here. The rich red is very flattering on her, and her hair, pulled back with the tiny bun, is a nice look and practical for bending over and putting medals around peoples’ necks. The shoes are a favorite of mine, and again, I like the way the tortoise-shell heel speaks to the red of her top. Just very nicely thought-out and presented.

  7. It’s back to INVICTUS and Meghan and Harry look super involved and happy supporting the athletes by their presence, connection, cheering and celebrating. Thrilled to see Team USA with Wheelchair Basketball teammate US Specialist Stephanie Johnson receiving gold medals from Meghan.

    The Scanlan Theodore garnet jacket with ruffled hem is very stylish and paired with the black trousers and heels is youthful yet sophisticated. Don’t be worried about Meghan’s heels on the floor, Quaycenter’s floors hosts a lot of use for entertainment, corporate, community and leisure events…just like the court floors at our schools and community centers. The court floors at my college, which also severed as the gym and multi-purpose room, hosted gala events, fundraisers, conferences, graduations and seminars. Never was asked to remove my heels or told it was a problem.

    Susan, thank you for including the 2018 Poppy Appeal Installation video. Exciting to see the importance of Remembrance Day expressed through art and a reminder of the RSL. Meghan and Harry’s wearing of the simple paper poppy at INVICTUS was fitting for the games and also served as a preview for November 11. The light texture of the paper and intense red and green detail looked simple but profound on Meghan’s garnet blouse.

    Very interested in Cruz Beckham’s shirt. The shirt is probably designer, but it sure reminds me of a blue chambray shirt, part of the old US Navy’s dungarees working uniform. Paired with frayed jeans it was a fascinating and an interesting look for Cruz. His dad looked cool in INVICTUS gear. I bet their participation was an encouragement.

    • Thanks for your reassurances about heels on the gymnasium floor, I find myself wincing every time I see it! But many people have wood floors in their homes these days so I imagine there must be more ways of protecting them nowadays.

  8. Meghan looks so pretty in maroon and the neckline of her Theodore top is very flattering, perfect with her slicked back hair. The top is one of many tailored offerings around with various twists and folds for decoration, but I’m afraid I don’t think a ruffle peplum is doing Meghan any favours.

    It seems an enduring illusion with many to imagine that adding extra folds of fabric over a thickening waist is going to do anything other than increase it, though in this case the drape of the soft crepe helps a little.

    And high heels with jeans look a less than casual especially in a sport setting when she’s walking on a wood floor – she does well not to slip. Fun to see the same jeans again and I love the tusk earrings and cute new semi updo. My silly quibbles aside, she looks great.

    • We are in agreement, ElizaMo. The jacket has potential, but here I think it just accentuates that Meghan is soon going to need to be into maternity clothes, that are designed to be stylish, but accommodate the changing body. I did read Christina’s details about high heeled shoes not damaging today’s gym floors. Nevertheless, I think a flat shoe would have been better, as this is after all, a sporting event. And jeans and heels have always looked wrong to me. The earring are fine. The hairstyle is cute and means she can bend over to present medals and not have to push her hair out of her face. Whatever Meghan wears, however, it is second to her enthusiasm and warmth.

  9. Very appropriate look for the event, and anything in a wrap style is ideal for her figure at this point. I like her hair this way for a change from the usual. It looks like the V at the neck has been pinned to prevent gapping – it messes up the way the fabric lies but its necessary when you plan to keep bending over to put medals around athletes necks. Also, I wonder if the rolled up sleeves are just a personal choice or if they are simply too long and she didn’t have it altered? As a short armed person I’ve done this many times myself when it won’t spoil the look of the outfit. It’s an extra cost on every item I buy so I only do it if there isn’t an easy workaround. Since this was an off the rack piece it’s also possible she had something else chosen months ago for this trip and had to switch to this when it became apparent she would need more room around the middle. Alterations on the gowns would take priority and this could be altered by rolling sleeves and loosening the tie as much as needed.

    • Now you’ve pointed out how that long V-neck has been fastened I can’t stop seeing it! A wise precaution as you say. The leaning-forward-in-front-of-the-mirror is a standard test for outfits in this house. Along with the try-sitting-down-in-a-short-skirt-and-see-what-happens test. Likewise any trousers with potentially tight a waist before going out to eat!! Wouldn’t want to miss out on dessert 😉

  10. A solid look for the occassion, the drapey jacket is structured and elegant and I am here for those pumps with the chunky tortoise heel! Excellent foresight to choose a colour that does not overtly support one of the competing teams. She is such a professional, I would love to know how she managed to bend over with that plunging neckline while avoiding a wardrobe malfunction!

  11. It must have been fun for her to give the medals to Team USA. Her hair looks lovely pulled back like this–something about it makes her look youthful. The jacket is a lovely find and I hope we’ll eventually see the whole suit on her. I like the heels in theory–the tortoise heel is fab, but the height looks like too much. That’s probably my personal dislike of heels speaking.

  12. So very chic! I love a peplum jacket with skinny jeans and heels. Before I saw the close up of her shoes I was hoping it would be the Sarah Flints. The heel of the shoes plays well with the color of the jacket. The color of the jacket is a perfect compliment to her skin tone and her hair is just perfection. I have so loved Meghan hair styles this tour. More than the clothes she looks relaxed, confident and happy. Another winner among a slew of winners.

  13. Lovely look on the Duchess. She looks great in V necks and it’s a soft, feminine shape perfect for early pregnancy. I love the side-tie and interesting peplum. (I love the outfit as a suit too!) Great to see her experimenting with new hairstyles. She looks radiant!

    • I definitely agree! This is a gorgeous color on her, yet classic, muted, and not taking much focus off the Invictus athletes, its not screaming “look at me” the way wearing reds can sometimes do. I am really enjoying seeing her branch out into different styles on this tour, its even better than I expected!!

  14. After a shaky start, Meghan has caught up with the vibe of a royal tour. The initial navy repeats and stripey sun dresses were all wrong in my opinion and I hope never to see her in Martin Grant again – they did her no favours. The red self portrait turned things around – a lovely colour on Meghan followed by the blue shirtwaister – both super clear colours and stylish rather than floppy designs. Today’s outfit hits the right note too. Red is a nod to Poppy Day and a good wrap structured jacket which covers her bump and still looks smart for the occasion. In these outfits, she looks like Meghan, a new duchess working to support her husband rather than Meghan the actress off to the beach for the day.

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