Megan Flies the Flag for Commonwealth Fashion Brands at Youth Forum

For today’s reception with delegates of the Commonwealth Youth Forum Meghan opted for a monochromatic look featuring styles primarily from brands with strong Commonwealth ties.

The Youth Forum is part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings underway in London.

More about Meghan’s participation in today’s event from The Daily Mail:

Bride to be Meghan Markle attended her first major event on behalf of the Royal Family today when she joined Prince Harry for a Commonwealth reception.

It is unusual for someone who has not yet married into the royal family to be involved in a high-profile occasion such as the Chogm summit.

But the Queen, who is Head of the Commonwealth, has made clear she sees Harry and his future bride as lynchpins of her work with the so-called ‘family of nations’.

Last week the Queen appointed Harry to be Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, his highest-profile position with the Monarchy.

More from Australia:

The job will see Prince Harry work to create links between young people and leaders and help them address social, environmental and economic challenges around the world.

It’s the first significant role for the young prince in the 53-member organisation, where many nations are looking for signs of leadership transition in the coming years.

Prince Harry and Prince William, as well as many other royal family members, have been taking part in the Heads of Government meetings since they opened on Monday. Below, Prince Harry at a Youth Forum function on Monday.

More about this week’s Youth Forum events and goals from the British Youth Council:

47 young representatives will gather with young people from across the Commonwealth to build cross-cultural connections and networks, debate the challenges facing its young people, and agree on youth-led initiatives to influence decision makers and ensure young people have a voice in its future.

During the Forum, young people will have the opportunity to current global challenges and opportunities that face young people in the Commonwealth and provide policy recommendations to help solve these issues.

Harry addressed the group Monday.

Commonwealth 2018 Instagram (Click photo to visit page)

In his remarks the Prince spoke of Meghan’s role: “I am also incredibly grateful that the woman I am about to marry, Meghan, will be joining me in this work, of which she too is hugely excited to take part in.”

The Prince and Prime Minister Theresa May met delegates from both the Youth Council and Youth Taskforce on Monday.

They also took part in a discussion covering multiple topics, and heard about issues important to the groups’ memberships.

Below you see Harry and Meghan today, meeting delegates to the Forum.

There are 53 member countries in the Commonwealth with a combined population of more than 2 billion; 60% of that population is under the age of 30.

Below, a video shows the couple speaking with delegates.

“>”>shared this video from the reception.

This year’s theme for the Forum is ‘Powering Our Common Future.’

Kensington Palace notes that the theme “…illustrates the potential of young people to devise solutions to complex global challenges and bring forward meaningful change.”

We now move to our look at what Meghan wore, primarily a mix of brands from Commonwealth countries. Meghan’s dress is the Altuzarra Pinstripe Audrey Button Detail dress. It is the one major item that does not have significant Commonwealth ties; Joseph Altuzarra is a Paris native, moving to the US in 2008; his brand is headquartered in New York.   

From the 2018 pre-spring collection, the piece is described as a twill apron dress inspired by the rural styles of women in Bretagne, France.

Made of a viscose ottoman fabric (a textured, ribbed weave), the dress features a square neckline, adjustable straps, button detailing on the double-breasted dress front, slanted pockets, and the asymmetrical opening at the front.

The back and sides of the dress are lined and it comes with an adjustable self-belt. It is available at Net-a-Porter, as well as Nordstrom, and also at Matches Fashion. It is $1995 at all three retailers.

The dress is also offered in navy. We show it at Matches, where it is $1995; it is priced significantly less at Selfridges, that price is $1695.

Meghan tied the black and white stripes together with a solid blazer and shoes.

The blazer is by Camilla and Marc, the Australian label’s Marguerite style. For those unfamiliar with the company, it is run by Camilla Freeman-Topper and her brother Marc Topper.

Camilla and Marc Blog (Click photo to visit site)

The label is known for its tailored, understated lines, and upscale construction methods and fabrics.

The Marguerite is done in a cotton/rayon blend, showcasing a fitted double-breasted cut with slightly padded shoulders and asymmetric front closure. It is available from Camilla and Marc ($700 USD / £491), at The Iconic and also at Order of Style in Australia. The Marguerite is also offered in olive green.

Meghan carried a bag by another Australian brand, Oroton, possibly a sign of support for the company.

The ‘Avalon’ Top Zip Crossbody Bag ($221 USD) is done in black and cream pebbled leather; it features multiple interior pockets and goldtone hardware. The adjustable strap can be removed so the piece may be carried as a clutch. The Avalon also comes in a rust/blue combination as well as solid red. I say ‘struggling’ because Oroton went into administration in November, that phrase is equivalent to what we call a ‘bankruptcy filing’ in the US. News Australia reported in December that while it looked like the retailer was doomed, the company “has risen from the ashes following a takeover bid from a major shareholder.”

Meghan’s shoes are by British-born Tamara Mellon, the label’s Paramour style.

Many readers might recognize Ms. Mellon’s name, she was the co-founder of Jimmy Choo. It’s possible today’s footwear choice might also have been a very subtle sign of support, her first husband, Matthew Mellon, passed away suddenly on Monday. Some might find that a stretch, but I think Meghan has shown herself to be highly attuned to the nuances and unspoken messages conveyed by her sartorial decisions.

Meghan wore her gold Bar Stud earrings by Canadian brand Birks. (The photo on the right is from another engagement.) 

This is only a partial post, we will be updating shortly!

NOTE: We want to thank Michelle of Perth’s Fashion for her brilliant input today.

UPDATE APR 30: It looks like we have an ID on the open cuff bracelet Meghan wore to the event.

The bracelet appears to be by Tai Jewelry in California – the Asymmetrical Circle Stone Open Bracelet in Moonstone/Gold, Retail $65.00 US

We received confirmation from the company’s PR department that after reviewing several hi-res images of the bracelet they believe it to be their bracelet. One of the identifying details is the small logo tag attached to the bracelet. Susan Courter purchased one of the bracelets; when looking at it more closely she noticed the tag. Susan was also able to confirm the match in shape and stone color from her bracelet to the corresponding details in Meghan’s bracelet. 

Tai was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She had an artistic upbringing with an interest in jewelry making and began her business in 2002. She moved to California where she attended California State University. After graduating Tai moved to Los Angeles, where she realized there was a lack of good quality fashion jewelry. This began her business in creating and selling her bracelets at the Santa Monica flea market. It was there that she was discovered by top trendy boutiques.

From the Tai Jewelry site

“Tai’s is proud to employ and support some of the finest artisans in Thailand. Not only does she strive to keep the art of handcrafted jewelry alive, but she supports the community in which the artisans live. She is actively involved with multiple charities both in her native Thailand and the United States.

This community and charity involvement is just the sort of thing that would attract Meghan to support a business such as Tai’s.

A big tip of the tiara to Charlotte of @MadAboutMeghan for suggesting the bracelet by one of her readers from another boutique.


Our other topic today: many new engagements for Harry and Meghan. All of the details may be found on our Meg Events page, but here are the headlines:

  • 21 April, Saturday: A live concert at Royal Albert Hall in honor of the Queen will include a special tribute by Prince Harry. Royal Nikkhah of The Sunday Times reports Meghan is expected to attend the concert.
  • 23 April, Monday: Harry and Meghan will attend the 25th Anniversary Memorial Service to celebrate the life and legacy of Stephen Lawrence, held at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church.
  • 25 April, Wednesday: Meghan and Harry attend a dawn service in honor of Anzac Day.


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  1. The dress is cute as button but not appropriate for royal duty i love the bag but it was not needed when meeting people the slung on jacket just looks stupid and some chunky heeled sandals would of looked much nicer then the evening strappy ones she chose!

  2. Like all the pieces but feel this just doesn’t gel as an outfit. Also not sure this is the right venue for this dress, especially without a blazer. Hope, like Kate, Meghan will let us see things more than once and bring this delightful dress back for Wimbledon.

  3. I really like Meghan as a person and I do so want to like her fashion style, but she is missing the mark so often. I don’t like jackets or sweaters worn over the shoulders…make a decision to put it on properly or take it off. When she did take it off, it left her lookng inappropriate for the event. There is too much skin showing compared to others in the room. I like the dress but not for this occasion and not while it is not yet summer.

    The shoes have pizazz, but the purse is also not right for the function. Meghan doesn’t need to be stuffy or boring, but she does need to be appropriate. So far her style is underwhelming.

  4. Unfortunately I think this is my least favourite look from Meghan for an official engagement yet. I should like the dress, as I just bought a similar one in navy. However, the Altazurra just looks horribly unflattering. It also looks too summery for the occasion – I feel like Meghan went straight from winter to summer looks and we missed a nice spring outfit!

    Furthermore, I think a dress like this calls for a clutch. The crossbody bag looks too much like a school bag in this instance. The shoes just aren’t my personal taste.

  5. Yeah I didn’t like this outfit either. I saw somewhere someone commented it looked like she was dressed for brunch in St. Tropez or somewhere in the south of France and now I can’t get that image out of my head. I know she is a fan of the draped jacket/blazer on the shoulders but this blazer didn’t seem like it fit properly to pull that look off. It’s a very casual summery dress and it looked like she was off to a garden party. Also how warm is it in London right now? It’s only in the 50s here in NYC and looking at her makes me cold!
    Had she actually worn the blazer over the dress with her arms in the sleeves I think I might have liked the outfit. But the dress on it’s on is a no for me. It looks so odd in motion and bunches weirdly around Meghan’s legs when she walks. I’ve tried on dresses like this and I will never buy them for this reason.

    • We are having a mini heatwave here, temp in high 70s and we don’t do air con. Probably why Meghan did not fully wear jacket..
      Love her look, refreshingly different and more in tune with today’s look. Traditions have to change otherwise we would still be wearing the same as our ancestors.

      • Heatwave or no, the dress is still not appropriate for the occasion and is tailored very oddly. I was thinking this dress would look SO much better as a jumpsuit–it’s halfway there with the top half of the dress. Make the bottom half of the dress shorter (just past the knee) wide leg pants, get rid of the buttons, and shorten the belt and that would have been a great outfit. Throw on a blazer/short cropped jacket with heels and voila! Also Meghan would have looked very modern in a jumpsuit.

  6. I like the pieces individually, but I don’t like them together. I find the dress to casual for the occasion – it would be more appropriate for watching a match at Wimbledon perhaps? The blazer is gorgeous – I love the structured tailoring. It would have worked beautifully with trousers and a simple shirt. The shoes are fantastic! I have a similar pair in dove grey! I’m definitely not sold on the cross-body bag. She looks quite uncomfortable with it.

  7. This is chic and Meghan’s personality shines through. I like all of the pieces in the photo when worn together (including the jacket worn over the shoulders) more than I like the pieces individually. I appreciate how the stripes in the dress, the stripe on the handbag, and the straps on the shoes all fit well together. The jacket worn over the shoulders helps to balance the length of the dress. I like the gold tones of her jewelry with this outfit. I love the shoes on her!

  8. I actually really like Meghan, and so it pains me to say that I’m really not digging her fashion choices. The individual pieces she chooses are fine. I actually like her streamlined and minimal taste, but there always seems to be something in his w she puts things together that misses the mark. It’s a blazer and not a poncho, and it should be worn as intended. This is how the Kardashians wear blazers, not members of the Royal Family or even Commonwealth representatives. The bag is okay, but everything is obscured by the linebacker blazer and has the effect of making the bag look awkward and bulky, despite it actually being quite small. If she had just work the piece of clothing as intended it would have been her best look to date. The shoes are divine.

  9. It’s a no from me. The shoes are a win, but everything else is a bit frumpy. Every look she’s worn so far has been a bit of a disappointment, if I’m honest. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. She needs to focus on her work, and I’ve been loving all of the interesting humanitarian organizations I’m learning about by being a “fan” of MM and KM. From a strictly fashion standpoint, though, this is a mess. The blazer looks absolutely ridiculous. I am also a firm believer that after the age of 13, no one should be wearing cross-body bags to any kind of function. The dress is cute when the upper left is unbuttoned, but it looks rather odd in this setting. I appreciate that she was trying to bring a more laid-back, youthful vibe to her wardrobe for this event, but even the “youth” are wearing smart office wear. I think she realized straight away that she was under dressed. Growing pains, etc.

    Are we anticipating formal/evening attire for this weekend? I would like to see her jazz things up a bit. So far I’m seeing her proto-royal wardrobe as being way too matronly, frumpy, and ill-fitting. She went from being one of the most fashionable, chic, trendy celebs to being a nightmare. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, but her sudden change of clothing style is leaving me utterly gutted.

  10. I agree with you Jenny, and with Louise. Meghan’s choices today are a BIG miss. Bare legs, far too casual dress with straps on her shoulders essentially, (it actually looks too big on her), heels much too “high” and strappy–what’s wrong with a high pump ?, bag is not styled properly for the dress, and a blazer that really doesn’t belong. I like the idea of a midi length dress, but something much more put together is needed. I also think that her choices are often much too informal. I realize she is not in line to the throne (well, on paper she is)…but she still is part of the Royal Family…in many of her appearances she actually looks disheveled. I apologize if I sound too harsh, but I find nothing redeeming about the outfit today. For an event this important, a classic look (midi length, sensible heels, and a bright colour would have really made her a stand out for me!).

  11. Joining the naysayers here.
    I, too, cringed when I saw her outfit. I really don’t quite know what to say because I don’t want to sound unkind. But the entire outfit strikes me as inappropriate, ill fitting, and unattractive. Unless she wore it to a square dance. With different shoes. Which brings me to her shoe choices, most of which I think are way too Hollywood, which is a substitute for a word I can’t use. Too many straps, too much fuss. Cleaner lines for her lovely ankles. Sometimes less is more. Brenda pegged it in her “note” to Jessica Mulroney. This isn’t a runway in LA, or Toronto public appearances, or wardrobe for Suits. Meghan needs to tone it down a bit. This is history, which requires a long view, coats that fit, fashion appropriate to the occasion, and even though we all moan about Kate and her clutches, I’m beginning to appreciate them now.

  12. I just did not like it. I found the wrong choices, I did not like the dress, very informal, to be very off-shoulder. found it all a little out of shape, or too long, or too short, or too high heels, everything a lot and at the same time nothing.

  13. Without the blazer, this looks far too informal to me. It reminds me of when I tell my husband (who get to wear blue jeans to work) that he needs to dress it up a bit for a function at my office which is somewhere on the scale between business casual and business professional. He always manages to miss the mark and be the sore thumb sticking out in his super causal attire. I feel like Meghan looks the same here — everyone around her is much more formal and she looks like she just wandered in without knowing the dress attire. I really do like the dress as a whole and probably would have loved it in this setting even if she had actually worn the blazer during the affair. But the bare shoulders in this setting are literally making me cringe. Especially as she stands next to Harry who looks very sharp in his own jacket. I would love to see this dress again in the future but hopefully it is in a more appropriate setting.

  14. I have a little message for Jessica Mulroney, if a) she is working as Meghan’s stylist and b) she reads this site. Hi, Jessica! You need to advise Meghan to watch the details. What works in Toronto for department store appearances and on a red carpet in California is not going to work for Meghan in her public settings. It’s time to tone down the edge a little, not smother her style, but watch out for things like deep slits, and strapless and tops that don’t fit and a whole bunch of buttons. This is a global stage. These photos will be around for decades. Put outfits together that won’t look dated in five years. For guidance, see Diana from 1992 to 1997. Pretty much everything she wore could be worn today, because her lines were clean and her clothes were tailored perfectly. Cheers and enjoy the wedding!

  15. The prettiest dress I have seen her in. The shoes were just amazing. Did not get the jacket the way she was wearing it. Did nothing to enhance the dress and I am sure uncomfortable? The handbag was adorable and loved it with the dress but worn as a clutch would have been a much better choice. Still would love to see her hair not flat down the middle. Off to the the side and swept up at the part is far softer and makes her look so much prettier! The Duchess Of Cambridge included. She looks like she is enjoying her outings and will make a wonderful addition to the family.

  16. Meghan has such a fun way of dressing and I am loving her style. I would have worn the blazer properly and kept it on because it would make the super cute dress more business-like. But I love that she has the confidence to wear unusual combinations. And happy sigh….that bag and shoes are perfection.
    I also think this breaks the assumption that certain articles of clothing are “forbidden” in the BRF. I love how both Kate and Meghan have a disctinctive look. Both beautiful and unique!

  17. I think Meghan looks out of her comfort zone here and hasn’t chosen a good mix. I really don’t like this dress and think its way too casual for a royal event. It may have looked OK if she had worn the blazer properly. The blazer over the shoulders makes them look huge (like an American baseball player). I dont’ think the handbag works either. All in all, I think she is trying to bring her own style and trying to be edgy but this time in my opinion, it doesn’t work and she looks like she may need some help.

  18. I’m the odd one out on this look, but that’s ok. My first thought is that if I chose to wear a blazer thrown over my shoulders, it’s important that it lays properly across my shoulders – seeing the corners jutting skyward as she’s walking up the steps does not say “pulled together” to me, especially with the cross-body bag emerging from underneath. The bag is pretty, but I’m not wild about the super-wide stripe and oversized envelope shape with the delicate straps of the shoes, and it’s another instance where the cross strap is wrangling with buttons and fold/flap of the dress, and messing up the lines of the dress, making it look rather bunched and droopy through the bodice. Perhaps Meghan could pair the cross-body bags with a sweater or a dress/blouse that doesn’t have a lot going on through the bodice. I’m not wowed by the long tails on the straps in the back, but I don’t hate them either – the belt is a different story. It looks rather sad hanging down the front of the skirt like that, a bit too exaggerated an effect for me. However, all of these are minor points. Her hair and makeup looked very nice, the shoes are pretty, blazer is great, all of the pieces individually are ones I would like to have, but it feels like a smidge too much going on. It’s a process though, and she’s getting there.

    • I’m with you and FLISS on this ensemble. Wearing the blazer properly would have made a huge difference to looking put together instead of rumpled and off-kilter. The dress was out of place for anyone wearing it to this event. Just look around! I’m frustrated by the ongoing Meghan comments made in all forums that she is going to shake things up for the Royal Family. They have have hardly been casting around waiting for someone to show them the way. Just look at the changes in protocol since the Queen ascended the throne. William and Harry were raised differently, they are focused on how to promote very important causes that didn’t used to get a shining light (i.e. Heads Together), the Queen pays taxes when she didn’t use to and marrying a commoner is now the norm. Honestly, fashion choices aside, Meghan does have a role just like the rest of the family. One person cannot be given the credit for change, it takes a village.

  19. Oh, dear. I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, I really don’t, but this look made me cringe a bit. The dress is very cute on its own, but far too casual and exposed for the occasion, and with the cross-body bag, bare legs and strappy shoes, she looks like she’s going to a barbecue in LA rather than representing the BRF at a professional event. It’s especially glaring when you see how everyone around her is dressed. The jacket draped over her shoulders is a look I always find awkward, and I’m guessing it proved to be impractical for walking around and shaking hands and such since she lost it as the day went on. I would have loved to see her wear that gorgeous navy dress she wore under her white coat for the service in Westminster Abbey again for this, I think it would have struck just the right tone.

    Meghan seems like a lovely person, and Harry obviously thinks the world of her, but I do get a vibe that she may be a tad overconfident in her approach to her new role and it’s causing a bit of culture clash. I think she’d do well to seek/accept guidance with styling and protocol, and I hope someone in the Firm can gently encourage her in the right direction.

    • I thought the jacket might have sat ok when leaving home but it’s relationship with the bag got skewed on exit from the car. Whatever, it underlines the impractical side of shrobing 🙂

      • “Shrobing,” I like it! And I freely admit I’m biased against it because it would drive me crazy feeling like it would fall off any second. 🙂

    • Dear Louise, I have to respectfully disagree with you here I don’t think Meghan needs anyone to guide her in regards to her style or fashion choices. While not everyone will love everything she wears or how she styles her outfits, that’s what makes fashion so much fun. Viva la difference! I love reading all the differing opinions and agree that the navy dress she wore to Westminster needs to be seen again very soon.

      Personally I’m glad that she’s confident in her approach to her new role, it must be quite an undertaking with tons of changes both personally and professionally and it will take a strong, confident woman to take on this new role and make it her own. Will she make mistakes and missteps along the way, of course but will Harry’s support I see her succeeding not only in this role but in life.

      • Hi Lauri, I definitely agree with you that it’s fun to see so much variation in styles among the royal ladies, it would be boring if everyone was the same. And you’re right that it takes quite a woman to marry into this situation, I honestly don’t envy Meghan or Kate or anyone the scrutiny they face or the lifestyle changes they’ve had to make. Hopefully Meghan will find her feet and live happily ever after with her prince. 🙂

  20. Meghan’s shoe and jewelry game is strong and distinctive, as usual. Gosh, I love those shoes; just beautiful lines and a perfect complement to the dress.

    The dress I like–don’t love–but I do feel like the bodice and straps are a not-quite-appropriate melange of bare, informal, summery, and–I’ll say it–juvenile (very overall-adjacent). One soupcon of any one of those things would work, and Meghan could pull it off, but it’s just too much all at once. If she’d just put her arms through the actual sleeves of the (classic, perfect) jacket and kept it on, problem solved.

    I am not sure that cross-body bags and blazers mix well, though she seems to be handling it OK (probably why she only draped the jacket over her shoulders instead of actually wearing it). I do like the bag a lot and I love how it looks with the dress. Just not a fan of giant logos.

    I really enjoy that Meghan is introducing us to new brands!

    • Agreed – if only she had fully worn the blazer and maybe the bag worn over it instead of under, would have made a world of difference.

      • I totally agree! The dress is cute but worn on its own is too summery, bare, and casual and better suited to watching Prince Harry play polo later in the summer. I certainly don’t want Meghan to dress like Kate and I think she’s working her way along to finding her working wardrobe style. But a few things are just too casual, too California girl/actress–like the blazer over the shoulders. I also wonder how long it will be before she dispenses with the rings on her right hand. Shaking the hands of say, even 100 people would hurt. They are slender rings but I think she’s going to find that they are too uncomfortable. We don’t tend to see other members of the Royal family with rings on their right hand. Or they are wearing gloves–like the Queen does.
        I must say that I think Prince Harry is looking pretty sharp–definitely a different color combination look for him and nice to see!

  21. Gosh I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record but I’m loving today’s look!! The dress is fab and definitely something I would wear to work or a great social occasion. Ugh, I’m absolutely drooling over her purse and shoes, can’t wear the shoes as the heels too high but I still want them, crazy uh?? I do wonder where she keeps all her clothes, coats, shoes and accessories? Nott Cott only has two bedrooms and from what I’ve heard isn’t all that big, so where is she storing everything? Enquiring minds must know! lol!

    • I tend to imagine there are dedicated vaults for outfit storage inside KP proper, and her pa has a computer programme to pull it all up to pick & choose! No way is NottCott going to be overcrowded 🙂

  22. Call me old school but I would have liked to see sleeves. Other than that the rest is okay, especially given that this was definitely a casual affair with youth where apparently edgy dressing without hosiery was the order of the day. For confirmation take a look at what Princess Eugenia wore to it (knee boots and a dress treading high water). Kind of glad that Kate wasn’t at it, because it is definitely the type of event where the fashonistas would have been bemoaning how matronly Kate dresses. That being said it’s a very good thing that Kate and Meghan have vastly different fashion personalities, so that everyone is happy. The more edgy fashion forward people can drool over Meghan, while the more traditional people like myself can drool and emulate Kate’s style.

    • I agree Dorothy, so great to have to very different women with very different styles! I have to say that I loved Eugenie’s dress but am not thrilled with the boots she wore with it, maybe a tall leather boot instead of suede would have worked better.

    • Imagine this ensemble, sans blazer, with a cute 3/4 sleeve, shrug type, black sweater and a narrow black leather belt instead of the bulky, self-tie belt. Then all the pieces work much better.
      As for Eugenie, she looked like she was off to the rodeo.

  23. I think Meghan’s style is coming on in leaps and bounds and this outfit is a winning combination for me. I like the novel take on a sundress with a double breasted front, the subtle pinstripes and the button-down straps at the back with their extended tabs. Cool but classic.

    The jacket is a delight of tailoring, superb structure, and I think could really come into its own should we see it worn over jeans or slim trousers. The block colour showcases the dress perfectly. I love the jacket to bits though it’s unfortunate that in some pictures it seems to have become bunched over the shoulder on which Meghan carries her bag I think the stripes of the bag are an inspired choice over the pinstripes but not so much when the jacket is being worn shrug-style. Something seems too busy there.

    Meghan’s elegant ankles and slim feet were made for those sensational shoes. I don’t think any other royal could carry them off, but for me Meghan wears them brilliantly and they make the outfit. I love how she’s taking royal style on into a new century and pushing boundaries on royal routines. That said, it’s interesting that she’s chosen to go the full buttoned-up on the dress front and not leave the flap to hang down; she’s keeping royal discretion alive all the same.

  24. Hum, I’m so torn on this! i think the cross body bag, while great looking, is pulling across her chest and making it look like the dress is too tight. I think it is a great dress, especially the way the straps fasten on the back: it’s quirky and fun. But all that shoulder feels a little too bare for a daytime event like this, for a Royal (I like the look, and would wear it myself if I could afford it, including for work, I’m just not sure it is role-appropriate?). It looked better with the blazer over her shoulders I think – but then that hid the back straps detail which IMO is the best part of the dress. The shoes are killer though! Feeling a bit proud of myself today cos I’m wearing kind of the flats equivalent of them!

    • @Lindsey, I agree nearly completely! I love her heels, and it helps that she wears heels of that variety very well; she is fairly tall and very slim with pretty ankles. Her hair is lovely, her makeup is beautifully understated as always. However, as you stated, the cross body bag would look better worn as a clutch (which is apparently an option according to the description). I agree as well that the shoulders look too bare: my first thought was she appeared to be wearing a sundress while Harry is dressed “business casual” with a smart blazer. Your thoughts on her blazer draped over her shoulders resonate with me as well (I like it too) with the exception of your affinity for the straps of the dress–I do not care for the hanging adjustable strap detail. And the last detail that I find questionable: the blazer looks great draped over her shoulder from the front, but not from the back–there is not enough room in the shoulders for the jacket to lay smoothly and instead the jacket shoulders protrude unattractively in the back, in my opinion. I cannot believe she chooses outfits without asking my opinion! Haha.

    • Meghan herself doesn’t seem sold on the bag either, since from the photos I see that she shifts it from cross-body to over the shoulder. Given that a purse has no major functional purpose on these visits other than keeping hands occupied or visual accessory, perhaps a less obtrusive bag would be a good idea. Meeting people and chatting while pulling the strap over my head to readjust it is something I’d want to avoid.

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