It’s Oscar de la Renta for Coach Core Graduation

The Duchess wore Oscar de la Renta and Altuzarra for today’s Coach Core engagement.

Meghan and Harry were at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, about 100 miles northwest of London.

This isn’t the couple’s first engagement involving the project; you may recall them taking part in a Coach Core event this March in Birmingham.

More about the program from Simon Perry’s People story:

Coach Core trains hundreds of young people across the U.K. who are not otherwise in employment and education by connecting the budding coaches to sports clubs.

They are then paid a wage as they are taught, enabling them to hopefully go out and inspire other youngsters in their communities.

Meghan and Harry participated in a variety of athletic drills with some of the 200 Coach Core apprentices graduating today, including a netball passing drill.

From The Telegraph’s coverage of today’s event:

Joining two teams made up of teenagers on the Coach Core programme for a masterclass, they threw and caught netballs in a fast-paced game to help their new team mates score.

As they finished and awaited the final scores, which saw the Duke’s team win 3-2, they embraced in a hug before setting off to learn more about the programme.

Another quick video of the netball.

The program includes young men and women ages 16-24. Kensington Palace notes 97% of graduates go into full-time education or employment.

Meghan shared her thoughts about the program:

My husband has devoted so many years to Coach Core and in the past year of my being in the UK to be able to see not just the impact but the incredible inspiration and sense of purpose that this instills in people is astounding.”

After the athletics came the graduation ceremony. Meghan presented Sebastian Vidal with the Graduate of the Year award.

Here you see the Duke presenting the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award to a young woman named Kayleigh.

Harry delivered remarks at the ceremony.

The Telegraph has more.

He added: “Sport does not discriminate. But lack of support and barriers to access do, which is why the role of Coach Core fostering this raw talent is absolutely vital.

“Sport can inspire and invigorate, and as we have seen today, with the right opportunity, the right mentoring and the right focus, lives can be changed.”

The Duke and Duchess with graduates and winners.

Now to what Meghan wore for today’s engagement. This gives you a good view of her ensemble from the side. 

The Duchess was in a top by Oscar de la Renta.

It is from the label’s Resort 2019 collection and called the Draped Blouse with Asymmetrical Peplum Waist ($2390). It is an acetate/poly blend and features a vee neck, thin belt, button front, self-covered buttons at the cuff, and the distinctive peplum noted in the item’s name. Our thanks to the always-on-top-of-things Charlotte from Mad About Meghan for the ID.

On Twitter, the brand referred to the piece as its “bonded stretch crepe peplum blouse.”

It looks like Meghan was wearing her Altuzarra ‘Serge’ trousers. We previously saw her in these at the Well Child Awards earlier this month.

The bootcut style features a yoked waist that sits fairly high on the waist, front welt pockets, and a tab zip front. They are available in an acetate/poly blend at My Theresa ($695) and in limited sizes at Neiman Marcus ($795). The style is also offered in a virgin wool/Spandex blend at Neiman Marcus ($795); in limited sizes at LN-CC.

The Duchess did not wear earrings but did have on a necklace we’ve not seen previously. With thanks to Anne for her outstanding ID of this piece, it is by Bijoux Pascale Monvoisin. The Cauri N°2 Necklace ($475) is done 9-carat rose gold, with a carved black onyx and bezel-set diamond pendant. We show the necklace at Net-a-Porter; it is also available at Pascale Monvoisin (€335). The black onyx/diamond piece is also offered as an individual earring ($400).

Pascale Monvoisin is based in France, with an aesthetic that seems like it would sync well with Meghan’s taste. More about her from the brand’s website:

The designer loves monochromes and muted shades.

Every single stone she uses was selected by her, one by one. The common denominator is gold: a trusted, stable, comforting metal. Antique jewelry is an integral part of her world. She admires their lines, colors, their patient structural work.

Additionally, Meghan wore her Catbird ‘Threadbare’ ring ($44). It looks like the Duchess wore her Aquazzura Simply Irresistible Pumps in black suede.

There was a discussion today about a change in hairstyle for the Duchess. More from a Harper’s Bazaar piece:

Meghan Markle is getting ready for fall by ditching her signature royal hairstyle. Instead of wearing her go-to loose updo or glossy waves, Markle attended the Coach Core awards wearing her hair down and pin-straight. We haven’t seen Markle’s hair this sleek and styled casually down since late last year.

We will leave you with this photo of the Duke and Duchess as they leave today’s engagement.

And a quick reminder that tomorrow we’ll have full coverage when Meghan opens the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of the Arts.


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  1. I personally like this look. I’ve gone all-in on cigarette and cropped pants, where’s Meghan is all-in on the wider leg trousers. Maybe Harry is like my husband and not keen on ‘highwaters’ as he calls them, and that’s why we don’t see her in them!
    But she is tall and thin and can pull off the trousers and I like the top with it and think, once again, that she looks polished and classy and there to Work, as opposed to just a show piece… even with the heels on.

  2. I love Meghan’s outfits but I find this an odd choice given that she doesn’t have much of a waist. She is very slim, yes, but quite straight from armpit to hip and the Oscar de la Renta top seems to add bulk to her waist and shorten her body length. It’s a miss for me.

  3. I’m not a fan of this look at all. She looks elegant, thanks to her slim figure, but I don’t think the outfit is flattering at all. I’ve never liked boot-cut trousers, and they look odd with the peplum top. They looked very smart with the blazer at the Well Child event, because the blazer seemed to balance them out. However, with the bulky, droopy peplum, it just looks off-balance. And as for the peplum.. I’m petite myself, so I understand how hard it is to pull one off! Kate wears them all the time, and it seems she can get away with it, being very tall and long-waisted. However, Meghan is so tiny that peplums seem to overwhelm her. This one especially seems very long and bulky on her thin frame. And the heels- I would be worried the whole time about slipping on the gym floor. She is a brave soul! That being said, this IS an impossible event to dress for- playing sports in a gym, then an award show, so kudos to her for trying to get it right. And it isn’t like it’s spectacularly wrong- the outfit just looks awkward to me. I love the hair, and her beautiful little necklace. She has great taste in jewelry.

  4. The top is pretty for a different event, and I agree with the others in that it would have looked much better with cropped skinny pants. I think she looks best in that style of pants in general. The proportions of this outfit are off, the color combo is too somber, and the shoes make no sense. It almost feels as if she didn’t know that she would end up at this event today. I so wish she would embrace some other styles of shoes – like boots, wedges, low heels, chunky heels, etc. – varying the styles to match her outfit and the events.

  5. I find the top to be absolutely beautiful! It has volume but doesn’t overwhelm her frame. The craftsmanship gives it the elegance for an award ceremony, while the understated navy works nicely for the sport portion of the event. That being said, I agree that the trousers are quite mis-matched to the top and the stilettos on that gym floor make me cringe! I love navy and black together, but something about the flare of the pants, the fabric…something is just off. The original OdlR outfit with coordinating cigarette pants is so stunning that I almost wonder if she originally had planned on the full outfit, but something happened that necessitated a quick change to the flare trousers. It reminds me of the time Kate had on a red Zara jacket (over a lace dress? If memory serves!) that looked so out of place it had to be a last-minute change. At any rate, I do wish she’d done the full OdlR ensemble and paired it with flats for the gym and switched to heels for the ceremony.

  6. Not a fan of this one at all. The top reminds me of the navy Roland Mouret she wore the night before her wedding and I think that it could look great with a matching skirt–just not as a stand-alone piece. I generally quite like Oscar de la Renta, but I haven’t really been impressed with the pieces that Meghan has worn (this and the huge, oversized maxi dress). I do like these pants on Meghan quite a lot, but I don’t think the flare works well with the peplum top. And then on top of that, while I’m pretty pro-navy and black together, I think there needs to be another color in the mix. I loved the navy J Crew coat and black trousers that she wore in the spring, but I think that the cream sweater and cream trim on the coat were what made the black and navy. This just looks like a blob of navy and black and is pretty badly in need of some sort of contrast. The shoes are fine–I don’t think they really have a positive or negative effect on the outfit. The straight hair is a little too early-2000s for my taste; it looks fine in a few pictures, but not in the majority. I do think that Meghan is likely still learning what does and doesn’t photograph well; most photos of her prior to her engagement are posed red carpet or magazine shoots, and most photographs from royal engagements tend to be candid. That has to pose a challenge when it comes to selecting outfits and hairstyles, and I’m sure that’s something that she’ll get better at.

    I’ve noticed that Meghan has consistently had some trouble fitting her clothes to specific engagements, and this seems like one of the more egregious examples of that. This sounds like a tough event to dress for (between the athletic portion of the event and the awards ceremony), but there’s definitely something that would have worked better than this. I personally would have loved to see the Alexander Wang pants from this spring (or something with a similar fit) with interesting flats, some sort of thin sweater or nice t shirt, and maybe a blazer for the awards portion of the event.

    NOTE: Quick Admin Edit

  7. Meghan’s style takes me on an entirely new fashion path with her international influences and sensibilities and I like it! I believe Meghan knows exactly where she’s going with her choices and she’s been given this opportunity to branch out in order to bring more in. Her navy and black color scheme is not new, she’s been blazing that color pairing for months. In March 2017 at her appearance with Harry in Birmingham, at their first Coach Core, she wore black trousers (Alexander Wang); black heels (Manolo Blahnik’s); and a navy top coat (J. Crew), see the group photo provided above. Today, she brought back navy and black but took it up a notch. Meghan and Harry both looked professional in their business attire, consistent with their roles and titles.

    Thought her Pascale Monvoisin necklace was beautiful…reminiscent of a cowrie shell.

  8. I love the top but agree it appears to have been pinned closed to avoid it gaping open. It spoils the drape of the fabric in my opinion. I LOVE those trousers. Oh to have legs that long and slim. I think those trousers with a chunky boot and a cropped sweater or tshirt/blazer combo would have worked better for a sport/presenting event.

  9. I was shocked when I saw this outfit at this event. It is so not on point with the context, the activities and theme, which is sport. I don’t find it that flattering. I do love the pants but as a few have pointed out, with the top something slim leg (like on the model) would have been a better look. And of course it just goes without saying that for so many reasons pumps are incredibly inappropriate. I like the suggestion made about flats and a blazer. And her hair is also not that great. I’m afraid this is a total miss.

    Note: Quick Admin Edit

  10. Once this event was announced I knew it would present a styling challenge. For one it is a both a semi formal and an informal event put together. At first I thought she would have attended the athletic portion and then changed for the award ceremony, but that would have been complicated. Instead she had to dress for both. The top part of this outfit is for the award ceremony which I believe works. Love the color and the style and she made sure to secured it the top to prevent any mishaps. I saw the model in the picture with both the top and the matching pant and it looks great. I would love to see The Duchess in the entire outfit at another event. For the athletic portion of this event she wore a very casual pant which does not really compliment the top. It does allow for movement and freedom to participate in a variety activities. Loved the hair if for no other reason it adds variety to her look and shows that she is more and more comfortable in her role. Overall I think she met this challenge well, but the blessed dressed is Prince Harry!

  11. Oh I really don’t like this one. The only thing I like about the top is the color. I really don’t care for the design–too much fabric, the belt doesn’t look right. While I usually love bootcut pants, they’re all wrong for this top. In my opinion, if you’re going to wear a top with that much fabric, cigarette legs would look better–preferably ankle-length. I’m going to try to erase this look from my memory.

  12. I’m relieved to see that Meghan has had better luck with Oscar de la Renta in the shape of this beautiful tailored top, I hope we can leave the earlier oversized floral behind. This is comfortable enough for the casual ball game and smart enough for presenting trophies later. The peplum folds are fascinating though the top sits a little awkwardly high on Meghan’s short torso.

    And I’m glad her Altuzarra trousers have enjoyed a second outing though on balance I prefer the narrower leg of the original OdlR against the top. Sadly I wince at the sight of those stilettos on that smart wood floor, I’d have feared major damage might be done. If there had been a way of wearing flats Meghan might have looked more at home among the netball players, but then she did have to officiate afterwards.

    The little Monvoisin necklace is spot on, it’s both charming and astute with its tiny accent against Meghan’s top and set off nicely by her admirable ability to forgo other jewellery. I like the straight hair for this occasion, another nice touch of casual against the smart for her combined roles.

  13. I am a big fan of black / dark blue combos, so it’s a hit for me. Plus the sleek hairstyle complements the structural top. Wavy hair would’ve been too much going on, and a bun too formal.

  14. Beautiful blouse, and the cut of the trousers doesn’t bother me, but stilettos on a gym floor??? Those who polish the parquet must have been cringing. I don’t think she’s as naturally sporty as Kate so probably thought the heels would give her a pass. I love their interactions with each other and those they are meeting—so warm and genuine.

  15. I thought this outfit just right: dressy enough to respect the hosts and prize winners but not too dressy not to be able to join in. She needs to use accessories/shoes to pep up the look though. But I liked it. I liked the shape of the top which is a modern twist to a peplum.

  16. I love the top. I don’t care, I do! It reminds me of some of the Duchess of Cambridge’s early McQueen looks, and I love a belted look on the DoS. But I agree that it doesn’t seem to go well with the pants. The silhouettes and lengths just don’t work for me. A top like this needs a little ankle, I think. Also, I am not opposed to mixing black and navy, and I think it can be done very effectively. But it has to look like it’s on purpose. Navy shoes, maybe, or jewelry that combines the two colors. As it is, this just kind of looks like a basic black outfit that she might have worn any old top with, and given the informality of the event, I find myself wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to just replace the fancy top (which again, I love) with a crisp button-down or a dressy tee.

    I’m not a fan of the severe blow-out; it just looks dated and a little basic to me. I would really love to see the Duchess embrace her natural texture, for at least one appearance, but until that happens, I am a fan of her super-shiny waves.

  17. I think she looks great, the hair included. But I agree with those who said she was overdressed for an event included sports activities. Someone should have advised her!

  18. It lovely to see them out and about, there commitment to royal duties. I think she is doing splendidly considering that she has had to contend with, focusing on the job at hand, great stuff.

  19. Better to be a tad overdressed than underdressed. If she can play games in heels more power to her! Pretty as usual! I thought this was a peplum blazer at first. Kate loves a good peplum too. I noticed her hair was different but I thought maybe she had had it trimmed.. ive been letting mine grow a bit so I can do long layers in the front again. Its a style thats flattering on many heads haha including our DOS. Nice to see her and Harry out, that means more posts for us! Great job again WMW!

    • I saw another photo Brandi where you can see, where I believe, she had it freshly trimmed – as it looks like that nice even trimmed line – and the tapered ends in the front starting at the bottom going up towards her chin. I love it! I would love to be able to grow my hair this long, alas, I have to keep it short as it’s very fine anymore. Mine already hangs poker-straight to begin with! – SAC

    • Having worked in schools forever and ever, the issue is not if she can play games in heels. The issue is that she probably ruined part of their gym floor playing games in those heels. Totally uncalled for. She should have had flats, sneakers or, at the very least, followed Kate’s lead and wore wedges, preferably with a rubber sole.

  20. I am also not entirely wowed by the busy top and flare pants despite thinking Meghan is fabulous. It also look to me like the top pulled oddly and from some of the close-ups I wonder if she had put a pin in the V-neck to avoid some kind of wardrobe malfunction risk?

    • Thanks for pointing out the flare in the trousers, I realise that’s what’s pulling things out of shape for me. Those narrow straight legs on the original OdlR are a better match for the shape of the top.

  21. New poster/Meghan fan so please forgive any ignorance…
    I would have loved this outfit to another engagement, but I agree that it doesn’t fit the athletic nature of this one
    (though I think ETTENNYLS made a good point that she likely dressed for the awards presentation). I do love the color of the top; such a lovely shade of blue!
    We’ve seen Meghan in pants much more often than Kate. I’ve seen it mentioned repeatedly online that the Queen doesn’t like women to wear pants. I personally disagree – I love the formal trousers!

  22. I can’t get behind this outfit at all. I personally don’t find it attractive, and the footwear is certainly inappropriate for any activities on a gym floor, even walking across it. There are so many sportswear separates that would have worked.
    Glad to see more attention on this great cause, and glad to see more of this great couple, but hard to understand the outfit.

  23. It’s a great outfit and she wears it well, but it seems a bit overdressed for the event. I’ve noticed this with Kate as well – the women are dressed up much more than either William or Harry at these events who tend to look a lot more rumpled. I would’ve liked to see Meghan in skinny jeans with a blazer and flats. She’d still look super pulled together but more appropriate for the occasion.

  24. Oscar de la Renta for an athletic event with teenagers and youth, many of whom are likely under-privileged to boot? A fussy, over-detailed top with dangling pieces and stilettos for an event requiring Meghan to move around, bend, twist, throw, etc.? The dissonance between the outfit and the occasion is quite surprising. More thought needed to go into today’s hair and clothes.
    And I wonder if Meghan has returned to hair extensions? The length seems quite a bit different from her last outing.

    • Meghan has not worn extensions in all the years I have followed her – Unless it was for a show/movie or way back in the early acting days for a role. We have done posts on her hair routine along with products she uses. You can read the post here: – In the Vanity Fair interview her hair stylist used BioSilk products. Oribe, Kérastase and Wella Luxe oil are other favorites of Meghan’s. I did notice that it looks like she just had her hair freshly trimmed and either colored or straightened/blown out. Which is why it appears to look a bit different today. You can clearly see the fresh trimmed ends in one of the photos. – SC

  25. I can’t help but adore Meghan. I think she is a stunner in more ways than one; just listening to her short talk during the cookbook lunch party made me love her more than ever. She is as well-spoken as she is beautiful. In fact, her ability to communicate is so charming and authentic, I do her a disservice to compare it with physical looks. On to her style. I love it. Minimalism, simplicity, edginess, and subtle sexiness. But. I do not care for this ensemble. Two things leave it with middling marks in my mind; first, it does not seem fully appropriate for the occasion, and second, the voluminous bottom peplum seems to lend itself to a slim cigarette or ankle pant silhouette underneath. Certainly not a bootcut cum flare pant style. The very full peplum combined with voluminous pant legs overwhelm the silhouette. As to the appropriateness of the outfit, I am guessing that she knew she would be presenting an award so she decided this outfit would be perfectly appropriate–which it might have been if she hadn’t been amply photographed on a gym tossing a ball around. An award presentation will likely always garner fewer photos than a royal in an “athletic” action shot. These shots are always more interesting and thus garner more photos–so although her purpose may have been to present an award, the photos appear that she spent more time on the basketball court than presenting. An outfit that could lend itself to both (presenting and athletic endeavors) would look more appropriate in my mind. Even a swap of low heeled flats or wedges (does she ever wear wedges?) would look better on a gym floor than stilettos under flared pants. All said, I unequivocally adore her and I love the kind and thoughtful way she is approaching her new role and life–which are all much more important than what she wears!

  26. I love the sweater/top! A little longish for my liking but Meghan makes it work! I’m sure people might mention she should have worn sneakers/jeans on the basketball court but I think she is still learning. And I don’t think this outfit is so dressed up she looks out of place. This is probably just a coincidence but the necklace pendant looks like a football which I guess is appropriate for today’s sporty event.
    As for Meghan’s hair, usually I think it looks fine. But this stick straight look looks like she took a flat iron to her hair and yanked it through. It reminds me so much of the early 2000s flat iron trend. This was a big look when I was in middle/high school and it’s one of the reasons I never wore my hair down during that time. I have thick, wavy hair and I never felt like putting in the effort to blowdry or flat iron my hair (it took over an hour!). I also felt like I could never wear my hair down with all the girls walking around with their “perfect” flat iron hair and I grew up wishing I had straight hair and felt like I was born with the wrong kind of hair. Now I see it’s actually not a flattering look on anyone.

    • We always want what we haven’t got! I would trade my naturally straight hair for thick waves in a heartbeat! I also echo Jessica’s desire to see Meghan’s hair in its natural texture at some point. That said, I almost didn’t notice the super straightness of her hair! This ensemble is all right, but I hope we get the chance to see the top again with a skirt, with which the draping elements will probably be a better fit.

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