Duchess Meghan Rewears Engagement Dress for Wellchild Awards 2019 – UPDATED

The Duchess arrived for tonight’s WellChild Awards wearing a very familiar dress by P.A.R.O.S.H.

WellChild is a national charity supporting seriously ill children and those who care for them. The Duke has been WellChild’s patron for more than 10 years. The Wellchild 2019 Winners were announced in a post on Instagram —

Before the awards ceremony Meghan and Harry met award winners and their families. Below, they are seen with six year old Dexter, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2018. He has become known at the hospital for arriving dressed as a superhero. Throughout Dexter’s treatment he has never complained and he hopes to help others by sharing his journey.

Here the couple meets Lyla, 6, who always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say despite her ongoing condition. She and her sister have created a Facebook page, Lyla and Lilley’s Stars, which gives certificates to celebrate other children coping bravely with illness and treatment.

Below, Harry with Dexter and Lyla as they receive their awards.

William, 16, shown below, alongside his mother, chats with Harry and Meghan. Receiving the award for Most Caring Young Person, William helps care for his younger brother, James, who has complex medical needs. In addition to caring for his brother, William has also raised money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and campaigned with Genetic Alliance, all while working to overcome his own special needs.

Milly Sutherland, 11, winner of the Most Caring Young Person award, cared for her sister Sophie, who sadly passed away in 2018 from Aicardi Syndrome. Below, Milly, pictured after receiving her award tonight.

Meghan revealed to Milly and her mother, Angela, that Archie had attended his first playgroup today in Windsor and that he has red hair.

More from Hello!’s story by Emily Nash

The mum and daughter, from Liverpool, asked the couple whether Archie has red hair. Angela said: “Meghan said he has and Harry said he definitely is, you can see it in his eyebrows. “Harry said he’d had no hair for five months, but Meghan told him she had taken him to the playgroup and she said there were other children there with the same amount of hair or even less.””

When The Duke and Duchess met William, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a terminal muscle wasting condition, and his mother, they received a special gift from the 10 year old.

William, who wishes to become a businessman, has created a t-shirt with the logo ‘Anyone can be a hero’ with a stick man named ‘Anyone’. He presented the couple with a special onesie for Archie (seen below) with his logo imprinted on it.

William has since designed two more t-shirts in the hopes to spread inspirational messages to others.

Below, Meghan, William and Harry pictured after the ceremony.

The couple also met with caretakers who received awards this evening. Below, the Duke and Duchess with Dr Sarah Coy, from Scotland. (We’re thinking that is Dr. Coy’s husband in the photo – he was not identified). Dr. Coy visit with patients in their homes to avoid trips to the hospital.

Here, Harry and Meghan meet nurse, Kim Philpotts and her son Fraser. Kim received the nurse award for set up a support centre for families raising a child with disabilities. She now has over 500 families who are a part of the support group.

Fraser was quite intrigued by all of the balloon creations throughout the room. More from Omid Scobie —

Prince Harry became overwhelmed by emotion while delivering remarks at the event —

“Last year when my wife and I attended we knew we were expecting our first child – no one else did at the time, but we did – and I remember squeezing Meghan’s hand so tight during the awards, both of us thinking what it would be like to be parents one day, and more so, what it would be like to do everything we could to protect and help our child should they be born with immediate challenges or become unwell over time. And now, as parents, being here and speaking to all of you, pulls at my heart strings in a way I could have never understood until I had a child of my own.”

More from Harry’s speech in this video clip captured by Emily Nash below —

This evening’s ceremony is hosted by British television presenter and radio personality, Gaby Roslin and British presenter, Radzi Chinyanganya, as seen in Gaby’s Instagram post below —

Guests and winners wore wristbands tonight designed by some of the children and young people that WellChild support.

The winners after receiving their awards with Harry and Meghan.

Now to what the Duchess wore for this evening’s awards.

Meghan brought back her P.A.R.O.S.H. dress last worn for the couple’s engagement interview with the BBC in November 2017 (below).

She wore her Sentaler long wide collar wrap coat, renamed ‘The Meghan” by the label, in camel, $1495. Meghan first wore the coat for Christmas in Sandringham, 2017.

We saw the Duchess carry a new bag tonight by London based Montunas. It is the label’s Guaria mini tortoise shell box bag with orchid-print silk handle, $435.

Meghan wore her Manolo Blahnik BB 105 suede pumps in the cognac color, $665.

UPDATE 16 Oct: We have an update on Meghan’s earrings. They are a new style by Emily Mortimer – the Hera 14ct gold and diamond studs, £595 ($759 at today’s exch. rate).

UPDATE 16 Oct: She also wore two new bracelets which we have yet to identify. The one appears to be a bangle style with hexagon shapes on either end while the other is a chain with an “id” plate or charm.
More to come on these two new items.


In other news today, it was announced that the Duke and Duchess have appointed British television presenter and trusted friend, Kirsty Young as a trustee for the Sussex Royal Foundation.

Ms. Young, a respected journalist, is the president of the global children’s charity Unicef U.K.   She covered the couple’s wedding last year in May for the BBC while her husband, Nick Jones was a guest at the event. Mr. Jones is founder of the private members club Soho House where the royal couple met.

From Town & Country, A foundation spokesman said today

“I can confirm that Kirsty Young will be joining Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Steven Cooper and Karen Blackett OBE as a trustee of Sussex Royal. She has therefore been added to the filing of the CLG.”

He added that Sussex Royal is formally due to launch in 2020, and “we are looking forward to sharing more details in the coming months.”

Kirsty joins fellow Sussex Royal trustees philanthropist Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor, former Barclays businessman Steven Cooper, and media executive Karen Blackett.

Also today, the trailer for the Duke and Duchess’ documentary entitled Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, was released. It will air in the UK this Sunday night, 20 October on iTV at 9pm.

UPDATE 17 Oct: Harry & Meghan: An African Journey will also air in the US, 23 October on ABC at 10pm and hosted by Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

The piece covers the royal couple’s recent 10-day tour of Africa, including Archie and shows the Duke and Duchess speaking exclusively to iTV’s Tom Bradby about the causes and issues they care most about. It will also highlight “their fresh and personal approach to being modern royals,” ITV says. Read more about it here from Image.

Finally, one of Meghan’s beloved shoe designers brought back a favorite!

Birdies – The Blackbird in calf hair are BACK! Grab a pair now! ($140). Read more about these amazing shoes in our product review section here.


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  1. I love re-wears and especially when styled with different coat, shoes and bag. This particular dress/shoe combination is gorgeous in the richly hued colors. The handbag is a stunner! That whimsical scarf handle adds some lovely interest on a solid backdrop.

  2. So great to see her engagement dress again and that fabulous coat, not sure how I feel about her always wearing coats/blazers on her shoulders. I know it’s a “look” but not sure I like it or not, undecided.
    I know there’s been talk about the fit and yes, it is clear the dress is tighter on her due to her changing midsection. But I don’t see any other issues with the fit elsewhere? If she can still get it on and it’s comfortable, I say wear it.

    admin edit

  3. I love this color on Megan. It’s a wonderful color and strength on her. I love the camel colored coat too, and I like the shoes on her also. Totally acceptable outfit to see them all together. The bag is a miss for me. I don’t like the scarf handle – I feel like it just doesn’t match the bag or the outfit in general.
    As for the dress, as lovely as the color is – in the picture when Megan is facing sideways you can see the dress doesn’t really fit properly. These dresses should be form fitting, but the way it fits is actually sort of pulling. I tried on one of my old dresses from a few years back the other day, and it fit me similarly – where it was just that bit *TOO* fitting across the derriere and a little bit of rippling in the fabric. I took it off immediately. It is not how clothing should fit.

  4. She looks so beautiful here! Her hair and makeup look fantastic, I love her new earrings, and those shoes… simply stunning! As for her dress, I love the color, and having had a baby myself not too long ago, I completely get the feeling when you slip into something you wore before pregnancy and it zips. So I think she looks perfect. It’s clearly a dress that makes her feel happy and confident. I know some don’t like the coat over the shoulders (I was in that camp myself regarding some of her other outfits) but for this particular ensemble, I think it works well! Back to her hair, so pretty and I wish she would do a side part more often. It gives her face a softer look and would be equally beautiful as a low ponytail for a different event.

  5. I ordered the Hera earrings in white gold from the Emily Mortimer site and the designer emailed me herself about my order. I think it’s wonderful that the DoS is supporting women entrepreneurs and recommend checking out Emily’s creations. She has a lot of pieces that can be worn everyday but each have a little twist.

  6. I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved in the ongoing post-pregnancy fit debate, but I can’t help myself, sorry. 🙂 The fit is tight, yes, but IMO the dress still looks great, and it seems Meghan can move fine in it, as there are pictures of her kneeling and bending. And, as someone else already noted, this style is one that some women do choose to wear tight. (An example of this is Melania Trump — who also does the coat draped over the shoulder thing, go figure!) Meghan, clearly, would prefer the dress to be a bit looser, since that’s how it fit for her engagement interview, but I don’t think it’s so tight now that she shouldn’t wear it.

    I like the scarf handle of the purse. The combo of silk scarf, camel coat over the shoulders, and suede shoes gives off a 1970s vibe, which I like.

    • Hi Vicky, after my initial gut reaction- *too tight*!- because it was tighter than when she first wore it, I completely agree with you. I really loved the original fit of the dress when she first wore it, and I think she looked lovely tonight, too. I think (without being a compete weirdo) Meghan looks lovely, warm, with softened edges and beautifully curvy with the tiny extra weight. She was probably at her slimmest weight ever before the wedding, and I think she was quite athletic, fragile , sharp and angular (not in a negative way at all). She often looked like she was drowning in her clothes. However, she is is just as beautiful now. Anyway, this dress highlights her lovely post-baby figure, and tighter or not, is still ridiculously flattering. In fact, it is actually more body-skimming as she’s wearing it now, and it gives her that va-va-voom factor without losing any classiness with the high neck and simple silhouette. She looks glowing, and I really like the deep green- it absolutely suits her, while still being a color that could be considered a “dark neutral”. I love the shoes- such a pretty, autumnal color, but not the coat, but that’s nitpicking.

      I’m glad she’s recycling, and life so many of us, saying, I’m not quite back to my pre-baby weight, so I shouldn’t wear this beautiful dress I love. I’m glad she decided to say instead, Actually, I’m going to wear it. It’s a tiny bit tight, but I’m going to own it. And she looked amazing.

  7. So I think the DoS looked BEAUTIFUL! She seemed warm, relaxed, and to truly enjoy herself. I loved the green dress and tan accents. Very autumnal. 🙂 The coat over the shoulders look looks very glamours to me. I can only dream about affording a coat like that!
    The writer, Elizabeth Holmes, noted on instagram that maybe she wore this particular look as to not take away from the Cambridge’s Royal Tour. They also wore shades of green that night. I agree with her. The awards are planned well in advance and so maybe the DoS wanted to convey unity and not make the night about what she wore. Either way she looked gorgeous as usual. I hope I look that great 6 months postpartum.

  8. The dress *might* look snug, but seeing her kneeling next to little William in his wheelchair and standing next to Dr Coy, I think it’s fine and hangs beautifully (she has phenomenal posture).; she just fills it out differently post Archie.

  9. It’s not a complete miss to me as I love the colour of the dress, I think it looks lovely on her but the fit is not 100% ideal. I think she still looks sensational! Loving her curves and love her hair parted on the side. I am torn about the coat on the shoulders, I wear mine like that sometimes but I feel with her role it looks a bit too casual. It seems she’s trying to recycle more now, but she can easily buy a Reiss or Hugo Boss dress like this one that fits like a glove.

  10. All the pieces are great, but that bag is fantastic. Tortoise with a scarf handle, yes! The dress is pretty snug but I find it endearing that she doesn’t seem to be fretting about it. She’s still gorgeous.

    admin edit

  11. I love this dress, especially the dark green, but I agree it’s too tight now. I don’t know why she’s wearing things from WELL before her pregnancy. Pregnancy changes your body so much, and she has so many lovely dresses that would be more flattering, if she wanted to rewear something. This is NOT to say she is overweight in any way, just a comment on how our bodies change after a baby, and clothes fit so differently.

    admin edit

  12. Love the dress and shoes I think the cognac color compliments the green well, but the bag doesn’t make sense to me. Love her hair and her real woman body!

  13. I like this dress in the abstract, but the fit ruined it for this outing. I don’t think even better shapewear would have helped. She’s not heavy – just not the same size/shape as previous. Not sure if the dress could have been let out a bit. I loved the bag. Very unique look. And like the bag colors and shoe color with the dark green. I really don’t like the coat over the shoulders look. As someone else said, wear it properly or take it off. It also seemed to be too warm of a coat for the weather. (And I think that style of coat looks best closed.) A lighter weight wool in a slim cut and a dark green like the dress would have been great.

  14. Meghan looks so great here! She looks like she’s back to her normal self – and by that I mean back in her comfort zone at home and at events that she’s familiar with, and exuding confidence from it. International tours are not easy – with jet lag and language barriers and culture shock and being away from home and baby – and Meghan handled it excellently, but back home here at this engagement she just looks so comfortable and relaxed. It’s great to see.

  15. Green looks lovely on Meghan, and she looks just as good in this dress as the first time she wore it. The bow detail is nice and adds interest without being too much. I love the shoe color too, its perfect for autumn! She and Harry both cleary enjoyed this event. It was sweet to hear that little Archie has red hair like his dad too.

    • You can see the rippling/warping in the fabric when she’s standing, that’s a sign that it’s pulling, as in, it’s a little too tight.
      Megan is not BIG, Megan is not fat, Megan looks like someone who has quite a small body/bone structure – her wrists and ankles are very delicate. However, Pregnancy and birth can change the body, particularly in the abdomen/hip region – sometimes long term. And can also cause the body to hold onto a bit more fluid/fat than prior to pregnancy.

      She’s got a little more body on her small frame than previously. The dress doesn’t sit how it used to. It’s a pretty dress and it’s a GORGEOUS color on her. A beautiful dress that just skims over her curves would’ve served her much better.

      admin edit

  16. I do love this dress and she looks fantastic in the color green. Sure, it isn’t the best fit at the moment but it still works well enough I guess. I love the shoe color with this dress, but it consistently annoys me that she wears shoes that are too big! I know she does this to avoid blisters but it looks ridiculous. I think she was using the purse as a way to draw the shoe and dress colors together. It’s an odd purse…sorta quirky….I feel like that’s just Meghan’s style in general. Yes – her hair looks gorgeous. Wow!

    admin edit

    • I wish I knew how The Duchess keeps her shoes on. If I wear court shoes that are even slightly too big they flap up and down on my feet. It’ s good to see HRH looking rested after what must have been a strenuous tour.

  17. Hi! First time commenting. Meghan looks so incredible in this dark green color and she pulls off that coat-over-the-shoulders look so glamorously. I love that she is wearing her pre-Archie clothes and that she lets them look how they look. Which is pretty darn fantastic. I’ve been kind of blown away that a woman in this insanely visible position, and a former actor at that, would be so forthcoming about how she looks. I’m so impressed that she just keeps showing up. Right on Meghan!

  18. This is a great dress and a great coat; I just want her to put her arms through the sleeves! I don’t mind the tossed-over-the-shoulders look, but I think it works better with a more unstructured coat than this.
    I love the bag but not the scarf handle, which I agree with others does not go. The shoes look great with it–and overall this interesting mix of muted colors is an aspect of the Duchess’s wardrobe that I’m happy to see reappear.

  19. She has multitudes of day dresses in her wardrobe many bought during various states of pregnancy hence I don’t understand why she would chose to wear a dress that doesn’t fit and is way too tight. It’s rising up at the waist and pulling across the hips and under her arms. I don’t care for the handbag either, she has many in her wardrobe that would have looked better, but she carried this new one. Sheer tights perhaps would have helped smooth out the dress and give a more polished, professional look, but she went bare-legged. Perhaps she needs to hire someone whose job is it to pull her wardrobe together and make sure what she wears has the necessary alterations so it fits properly. If it’s not possible to alter the dress in question, wear something else. If need be buy something new that is modestly priced.

  20. I wonder if she’s making a point of re-wearing so much after critiques of excessive spending at the beginning of her time with the BRF. I think maybe the point should be more moderately and lower priced items as opposed to trying to wear things that don’t work. I totally get it, I had a baby a year ago and my body is not back to normal, it took a whole year to lose the weight and even then!

    • Amy – I have thought the same thing with her suddenly re=wearing items. Perhaps she reading What Meghan Wore!?! 😉 – Susan C.

    • Amy, I was wondering that as well. It seems like such a change from her previous wardrobe, even at the beginning of the summer, or a month or so ago.

  21. I think she looks good . It is good she is repeating she has received so much flak for buying new clothes that any thing new would just cause more drama. I think she will lose more weight as time goes on and things will fit better.

  22. The dress does not fit by any stretch of the imagination! It’s possibly 2 sizes too small. These are the most flattering shots I’ve seen of the dress too, and it’s obviously too small. If she wants to re-wear clothes, wear something that fits! I don’t know how she got this zipped. It looks wrinkled and messy, not elegant and professional. Is she wearing the coat like a cape because it also does not fit? She’s a stunningly gorgeous woman in an unimaginable position of wealth and privilege, and it’s mind-boggling that she refuses to wear clothing that fits her and the occasion. The new purse is cute and fun. I don’t know if it suits the occasion, but at least it’s not about to burst at the seams.

  23. Love this dress but unfortunately it seems to be a bit too tight this time around. Meghan has the means to get clothing altered—this could have easily been let out a bit so that it fit better.

    I’m not a fan of the bag. Just seems to have too much going on. The shoes are divine. Love this cognac color on Meghan and it does go well with the green dress too.

    What a wonderful event overall. I’m sure the spirits of the children and their families were lifted immensely by Harry and Meghan tonight.

  24. Those shoes will always be a win in my book. Not feeling the purse, since it’s not my aesthetic. There are a lot of comments on the fit of this dress, but honestly, a snug fit is still the style for a lot of women when it comes to this type of dress. It looks good on her either way. I’m sure she wouldn’t wear it if it wasn’t comfortable. My 2 cents.

  25. For me, a rare miss by Meghan in the handbag. I echo an earlier poster — the ribbon handle does not match the body of the bag, either in color or in heft. The ribbon looks too flimsy to carry that bag. I usually admire Meghan’s handbags, but this one would definitely be a pass.

    The dress is lovely. I love the style, cut and color, even if it doesn’t fit the way it once used to. Her hair is beautiful and I love the shoe color!

  26. Just love the green dress, simple, elegant with the lovely bow on the side. I am in love with the coat draped over the shoulders with the killer heels. Such a wonderful event celebrating a fabulous cause.

  27. Lately Meghan has repeated quite a few previously worn outfits. That is fine, although some don’t fit as well as they did when we first saw them. Of course, bodies change after giving birth and this dress now pulls across the back. I like the main part of the purse, but don’t care for the scarf holding it. To me it looks like she broke the handle on her purse and needed to invent something in a hurry, to be able to carry it. The scarf to my eye doesn’t even match the bag. The shoes are lovely, as is the coat, although I am one of those people who doesn’t care for coats, jackets and cardigans draped over the shoulders. Put it on, or take it off, is my credo. Meghan’s hair does look beautiful.

    It is very touching the way Harry teared up during his speech. Parenthood changes us all and when you combine this with Harry’s tender heart it results in raw emotion.

    • I agree about the coat ‘draped” over the shouldes: this coat is so large anyway, the look verges on the ridiculous in the arrival pictures – it is just about falling off and not flattering at all. (I realise this is a ‘Meghan’ page but will say that when Melania Trump does it, it is not particularly flattering either. Melania is tall with a build to suit and overcoats draped over the shoulder make her look even bigger)

  28. What a wonderful event! Duke and Duchess both in their element with young people. While I love this style and color, the dress is too tight and looks uncomfortable.

    • Agreed. Meghan has worn several things that don’t fit quite right lately, but this is the most obvious. The skirt is so tight. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just pick up some new dresses. She’s so incredibly gorgeous — it seems so silly to wear things that don’t fit.

  29. Wow that purse is something! What an interesting creation. The color of the shoes is simply gorgeous and a lovely contrast to the green dress. Her hair looks beautiful and she looks radiant. It must feel great to fit in to your engagement dress again!

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