Duchess Meghan is Radiant in Red Safiyaa for Mountbatten Festival of Music!

Meghan chose an elegant evening gown by Safiyaa for tonight’s Mountbatten Festival of music.Meghan Markle Red Evening Gown Safiyaa Kalika Mountbatten Music

Meghan coordinated her look with Harry who looked dashing in his dress uniform as Captain General of the Royal Marines.

Here is a quick video of the couple arriving at Royal Albert Hall.

The festival marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the 80th anniversary of the formation of Britain’s Commandos and it raises funds for The Royal Marines Charity and CLIC Sargent.

The event featured performances by the Royal Marines Band Service which features a wide range of musical styles, including music from the big screen and a number of solo items. The event also included traditional marches and overtures which are always a hit with the audience.

Below, a segment of the foreword written by the Duke for the show from Hello!

 “The Mountbatten Festival of Music continues to be a very special event that brings’ together the world-class musicians, composers and conductors ofthe Massed Bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines in an iconic venue. This year, it will mark the 75th anniversary of the end ofthe Second World War and the 80th anniversary of the fornrntion of Britain’s Commandos. I can guarantee you are in for a real treat!

“This Festival is also an opportunity to lift morale and inspire people of all ages, as well as raise much needed awareness and funds for The Royal Marines Charity. This organisation does such a fantastic job of supporting our Corps Family and it is a cause which will always be very close to my heart. I have been lucky to see first-hand the incredible impact the Charity has on serving and veteran Marines, as well as their families. Whether providing welfare grants, contributions towards social activities or helping wounded personnel recover and find new employment opportunities, the Charity is there every step of the way.”

Inside, Meghan and Harry meet members of the Royal Marines.

The couple shared this post on their Sussex Royal Instagram account —

Now for Meghan’s radiant red look tonight!

The dress is by Safiyaa. It is the ‘Kalika’ Long Dress, in Scarlet Red, $1693.

The gown is done in a heavy crepe fabric that is a blend of 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane.

Meghan’s bag is by Manolo Blahnik, the Capri Jewel Buckle Clutch in red satin, $1670.

With thanks to Kiriah Emad on Twitter for the speedy ID!

The Duchess wore her Stuart Weitzman high heel pumps in crimson. We first saw her wear the shoe while visiting Birkenhead, UK in January of 2019. The shoes are no longer available.

Meghan’s earrings are by Simone Rocha, the floral beaded drop earrings in burgundy-red from the AW19 collection, $325. The earrings are currently sold out, however they appear to be available in other colors.

We will be back shortly with another post on the Duchess’ visit to Robert Clark School this past Friday for International Women’s Day.


  • Royal Marines Charity is here.
  • Popsugar’s photo gallery is here.
  • Elle magazine’s article is here.

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  1. Wow! What a stunning look. I quickly read a Vanity Fair article earlier this week that talked about royal “revenge dressing” – perfected by Diana and now showcased by Meghan in her last month of royal duties. The article suggested the message Meghan was sending by wearing so many bright colours instead of her usual neutrals was something along the lines of “if only the media hadn’t been so cruel, they could have been treated to looks like this more often”. Obviously for Harry and Meghan the events themselves are way more important than the clothes, but I do like to think Meghan pulled out all the stops before heading into this year away from official duties.

    The dress is gorgeous – even if I’m not such a fan of capes I really love the neckline on this one, and the drape over the shoulders is like a less severe version of the one on the Givenchy dress Meghan wore on her first official engagement with the Queen. The bag is not too matchy by at least adding another texture to the look. And those earrings! Love seeing Meghan really upgrade her usually dainty jewellery for such a classy event!

  2. Very beautiful style of dress but the shade of red for me is a tad too light for such a grand event!Love the unique clutch chic shoes,and classy hair/make-up combo.

  3. I would say that she has a new stylist! These looks are so different that what she generally wore before. Well thought put on all levels and fit and cut beuaitufllyp. Flattering to her figure and her hair lovely as well. Much more sohisticated! She really left with a BANG!!!!!!

  4. This is my new, all-time favorite look! She looks absolutely breathtaking. The dress, the color, the hair, the clutch, those earrings! Head to toe absolute perfection. Also, I would love for them to start going as “Harry and Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor.” Sounds right.

  5. She is beautiful. No. She is STUNNING here. I really hope they don’t disappear for the year leading up to their senior royal status being revisited. She and Harry truly make the world a better place and I hope they share it with us.

  6. Meaghan’s monotone outfit compliments and makes Harry’s outfit as the focal point of their entrance. She is communicating that they are together, but that Harry should be the one getting the attention. It was the first time that the woman’s outfit did not war with the man’s dress uniform. Very thoughtful statement from her as Harry leaves his formal royal life: This is Harry’s special night.

  7. WOW…Meghan looks SPECTACULAR. A 10/10 for me. Love the sleek hair, makeup, and I don’t mind the earrings. And the dress is pure perfection – such a perfect style for Meghan’s body type. The only thing that would have elevated the look to a 10+ would have been to ditch the matchy-matchy red pumps. Overall Meghan has been bringing her A game style wise on this trip!

  8. My oh my Meghan has been certainly hitting the ball on these last few engagements. Love the colour on her, the earrings ( finally some statement jewelry) are fabulous. I do agree she should have worn her hair up just showcase the back of the gown. Winner for me, again!

  9. Wow! Meghan looks fierce, there’s no other word for it as does Harry. I love that they decided to match for this event (also is this the last time that Harry is allowed to wear this specific uniform in public?). I’m guessing this will be one of her most memorable looks ever! It is very clear she was holding back on us with her fashion these last few years and decided to go all out for this “farewell” tour of sorts. The dress has that capelet (or whatever it’s called) that she likes so much and the train is so dramatic. I know Meghan is more fond of neutrals but when she commits to color, she 100% commits!

    The only thing I’m on the fence about is the matching red shoes. I don’t hate them but not sure they 100% work. I really don’t know what other shoes she could have worn with such a dress, I feel like nude or black would not have worked? Maybe gold sparkly ones or that would have been too much? It’s really not a huge deal to me because the overall look slays.

  10. WOW!!!! This is just amazing! Meghan looks gorgeous and that dress is STUNNING! I do think that military uniform can be a tad silly, but Meghan’s red dress compliments Harry’s uniform so well – it just elevates both their looks so much when they are together. The drape on the back of her dress – ah! I just love it!

  11. Red is certainly her colour.
    The sizing perfect although I am not a fan of the Cape look and for some reason I cannot stand red heels!
    I don’t like the matching colours with Harry. Too cutesey
    Her hair is very sleek with it all down … formal but not fussy.
    Perhaps a black formal gown would have been better.

  12. The gown is elegant, but would have been enhanced if Meghan had worn her hair up. Her long hair obscures the main feature at the back and this is particularly obvious in the image chosen for Instagram. At first I thought that Meghan wasn’t wearing earrings. The colour of her earrings merges with her hair and does not complement the colour of the gown at all. Gold or diamond earrings would have been a better choice. The colour of the shoes and bag match the gown well. The bag is a little large for Meghan’s frame, and it detracts from the simplicity of the gown a little, but this is a minor point. I would have preferred a more compact clutch such as one of the lovely, slightly rounded McQueen clutches with a gold frame. That would have worked well with gold earrings too.

  13. Are there words for this??? Stunning. This is her ultimate silhouette — it fits her like a glove and makes her look glorious. That cape! The color! The shoes! The purse! Her sleek hair! For one moment I thought, “There’s so much red at this event, if she wanted to match Harry she could have worked off of his gold braid instead” — but she looks so fabulous I don’t care. This is perfection. I’m blown away.

  14. They both look stunning and dressed to compliment each other. What a way to bow out of royal life, be it for however s brief time. They look so happy in all the photos. I wish the public would just leave them alone, let them get on and do their thing, and stop being bitter that they are bowing out of royal life. Its not as if Harry would ever become king so he deserves happiness, as does Meghan, and they certainly look as if they have found it in each other.

  15. This dress is just beyond fantastic. The long drape in the back is like a Versailles court gown–but on such a minimalist silhouette it’s really chic and avant-garde. The color is stunning, and stunning on her.

    I was thinking at first that I would rather she’d worn her hair up, to better show off the detail on the back of the dress, but on further consideration, I think I like it down, pushed back behind her shoulders like it is and creating a kind of curtain that echoes the drape of the dress. It’s almost like a Tale of the Genji illustration. Lots of interesting cultural references here!

    It’s hard to find fault with a classic Manolo bag, though I find myself wishing somewhat for a contrast color. The reds match almost perfectly, but the shiny red of the bag against the matte red of the dress is still a little jarring to my eye. But that’s nitpicking–I really love the whole look.

  16. This is a superb evening gown. Luscious red. Love the cape/drape effect at the back, stunning adds interest. Front neckline is perfect. Choice of shoes and clutch was excellent. The only thing I would change are the earrings, some lovely diamonds, but that is personal preference only. A elegant and regal look. This is my favourite gown out of all the Duchess has worn, magnificent.

  17. Meghan looks absolutely stunning in this dress! One of her best looks, in my opinion. Love the unapologetically dramatic scarlet dress, hair and makeup and matching accessories. Just gorgeous.

  18. Meghan looks beautiful in red! She and Harry really give off that ‘we’re a team’ vibe when they coordinate outfits. I like mine and my husbands outfits to sort of match sometimes too lol.. This dress is so chic, I love a cape or train. Its been nice seeing them back in action, I’ve missed her style! Monochromatic outfits look so put together on her, never boring to me.
    I know they are winding down their engagements but do you think they’ll ‘come back’ in senior roles or more formal supportive roles once Charles or William is king? I know it was told the Queen said they would assess the situation in a year..

  19. I really like Meghan’s outfit. Her outfit is, however, a bit matchy-matchy. I wish she would have gone for silver shoes and earrings instead of red ones.

  20. What a gorgeous look! Red is definitely her color and how wonderful that it matches Harry’s magnificent uniform. The earrings are a “big” departure from her usual jewelry, but look perfect here. All three of these outfits show Meghan’s pared-down fashion, which I think looks wonderful on a person with her tiny stature.

    • I agree about the earrings. 1. They are by Simone Rocha (not sure about spelling), an Irish/UK based designer, so it was a nice tribute to the UK from Meghan, and 2. They’re just plain stunning, especially with this simple, gorgeous dress. Usually I like Meghan’s understated jewelry, even with evening wear, but this look called for something dramatic, and Meghan got it just right.

  21. When I first saw the photos, I literally gasped out loud because she looked breathtaking, absolutely perfect, classy, sophisticated, a true Princess and of course we also know she is a woman of substance- intelligent, driven and a change maker.

    The outfit is 100% perfection, I love all the red and making a statement, I think this has been my favourite one ever!

  22. The Duchess certainly looks radiant in this dress! Red is my favorite color and Meghan wears it well! I love the elegant and modern cape detail, and the waist of this dress is cut exactly to her figure which makes it fit like a glove. I think the accessories could have been done a little differently, though. I’m not a fan of the earrings, and the shoes and bag almost seem too matchy to me- a nice black bag and shoes would have been my choice. Her hair and makeup are flawless, though, completing an overall amazing look!

  23. OMG. Magnificent!!!

    The two of them are dashing, radiant & incredibly good looking. What a glamorously modern and elegant duchess she is. This dress is aces – simple yet dramatic.

    This is a top 10 look for sure. I love every element of this. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  24. Same designer as the blue dress she wore in Fiji. I think she looks even better in the red. Great silhouette on her. The fit is good. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  25. I’ve always loved her style, but this one is utter perfection: wow the dress, the clutch, the earrings and her hair/makeup, everything works. Also she has suffered in the past from so-so tailoring, but this dress hits her shoe just right. Swoon!

  26. Best look of the farewell tour. The dress is a skosh too long and too tight, but the color is extremely flattering. The sleek hair pushed behind the shoulders complements the column of the dress. I think black or gold accessories would have been better, and open-toed or slingback shoes, and the earrings didn’t have enough contrast against dark hair, but overall it’s a very photographable look.

  27. Now, this is an iconic style! I simply adore everything about this outfit: the color,shape, accessories, hairstyle and make up. Perfection!

  28. This is a LOOK! The tailoring is FINALLY amazing and the dress really complements her. The color and fit is just stunning. I am still making my mind up about the all red accessories – I like the burgundy earrings but I’m not 100% sold on the clutch and heels being so matchy. Especially with the clutch being satin and the shoes being suede. But the hair, makeup, and dress are 👌

  29. Love, love, love this! Red is a great color for her and the streamlined design of the gown shows her off to advantage. Also like the earrings. I also like her hair down and straight rather than in a messy bun… much less distracting.

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