Meghan Mixes it up in McQueen Separates for Endeavour Fund Awards

For tonight’s Endeavour Awards Meghan chose black separates by Alexander McQueen.

Pete Maclaine / i-Images

The event was at London’s historic Goldsmith’s Hall. We learn more about the Endeavour Fund via the organization’s website:

“…fuelled by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s passion for supporting the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women, The Royal Foundation created the Endeavour Fund.


Meghan and Harry arriving at the awards venue.

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Victoria Murphy of The Mirror shared this video of the duo entering the hall:

In her story for The Telegraph Hannah Furness provides more background on the fund:

…the Endeavour Fund supports the ambitions of men and women to use challenges such as scuba diving, mountain climbing and dog sledging to help with their physical, psychological and social recovery from physical injury and mental health issues.

Prince Harry is the charity’s royal patron. Below, Meghan and Harry being welcomed to the event.

Meghan and Harry meeting attendees. 

This is a cause very close to Harry’s heart. The Endeavour Fund website features a quote from the Prince:

Endeavour Fund

More about the couple attending tonight’s awards comes from The Telegraph story cited above:

Tonight’s event at the historic Goldsmiths’ Hall in the City of London, the first evening engagement they have attended together, was carefully selected as their first evening do.

The couple met some of those nominated for awards, volunteers, fund managers, and donors.

And from The Daily Mail’s coverage.

The couple looked relaxed as they talked with the nine nominees – who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges – ahead of the second annual Endeavour Fund Awards.

A quick video of Meghan and Harry meeting participants.

Prince Harry spoke before he announced the evening’s final winner.  

From his remarks:

“I am fortunate enough to meet many of those who take part in the endeavours that we support and I am continually amazed by the tenacity, fortitude and unshakable humour displayed by the men and women who sign up to run races, cross oceans, climb mountains or take on challenges few would even contemplate.

Harry presented Sean Gane with the Henry Worsley award, named after a late British Army officer who died while on an expedition last year that was a fundraiser for the Endeavour Fund. Kensington Palace reported, “Sean Gane has won the Henry Worsley Award, after overcoming serious injuries to take on a dog-sledding expedition to Sweden.”

An image from the dog-sled expedition.

One of the night’s surprises was that Meghan was asked to give out one of the awards. Upon taking the stage she told the audience “I am truly privileged to be here.”

Below you see her giving the award to winner Daniel Claricoates, who served in Afghanistan and took on climbing expeditions as a way to cope with PTSD.

She shared the podium with Neil Heritage, and there was a little hiccup in getting to the actual announcement of the winner. Here is another video from Victoria Murphy.

After the awards it was time for group photos; in this picture, Harry and Meghan join all of those nominated for awards.

Here you see them with the three award winners, Ben Lee, Sean Gane and Daniel Claricoates.

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English posted a video of Meghan, Harry and the winners getting back on stage.

It really looked like a terrific event. Below you see Harry and Meghan as they are leaving.

Now we turn to what Meghan wore for the awards.

She was in separates by Alexander McQueen. Her jacket is the Grain de Poudre style ($1995).

The jacket is made of a finely woven wool known as ‘grain de Poudre’ that is generally used in men’s suiting. It is fitted and features peaked lapels, double back vents and sharply angled pockets on the front. We show the piece at Net-a-Porter, where the jacket is also available in white.

Meghan paired the jacket with matching trousers ($795), also made of lightweight grain de poudre wool. They have a straight leg silhouette, fairly high waist, front zipper, belt loops, and side seam slip pockets.

When looking closely at Meghan’s trousers it appears she has had them cropped and cuffed.

Our thanks to Meghan’s Mirror for their help on both of these McQueen IDs.

Laura on Twitter spotted Meghan’s top almost immediately, sharing that she believes it is by Tuxe Bodywear, the style is ‘The Boss’ pussy-bow silk bodysuit.

The item is a bodysuit in 100% silk crêpe de chine, a lighter weight silk. It features a high collar, button front, and a bow that can be tied or left undone; Meghan wore hers loosely tied. The attached panty is a nylon/spandex blend. We show the item at Net a Porter ($280).

Sorting our what shoes Meghan wore became quite a challenge.

It turns out they are by Manolo Blahnik, the brand’s BB black suede pumps.

This is one of the brand’s standard styles that is available in multiple colors and heel heights. It is a basic stiletto with a point toe and 4″ heel. If wondering what the “BB” style name means, it is what the designer named the style in 2008 because of his fondness for Brigette Bardot. We show the shoe at Neiman Marcus, it is also offered at Manolo Blahnik.

Tonight Meghan carried a Prada handbag. Our thanks to Sarah of The Royals and I for her work identifying the bag.

Meghan also wore her Le Plaisirs de Birks Bar earrings in 18K gold ($375). (The photo below is from a previous event, we didn’t have a strong picture from this evening.)

And her Birks Stacking Ring.



  1. Bonnie February 1, 2018 at 11:43 pm

    Meghan looks very chic and sophisticated. I would have liked the pants to be longer, but that is a personal preference. Glad to see her hair looking more polished and let’s hope the messy bun never returns. I am hoping we might see some colour on Meghan sometime soon. All these neutrals are lacking in pizzaz.

  2. Tamara February 2, 2018 at 12:15 am

    A distinctive statement by Meghan; her ensemble–which would have attracted attention no matter what she wore–was such that the focus really did stay on the event itself. I love the fact that she continues to wear our Canadian Maison Birks jewellery!

    1. Bonnie February 2, 2018 at 7:23 am

      Tamara, I am also Canadian and have several pieces of jewellery from Birks. I grew up calling it Birks and still call it Birks. I don’t know when the Maison part came in. Wonder if that means the prices went up? At one time, along with the very expensive jewels, they also carried very affordable jewellery. As well they sold fine china, crystal and silverware. There is no longer a Birks in my city.

  3. Lee February 2, 2018 at 9:04 am

    The endless black and other boring neutrals is a snooze at this point. That said, I would have preferred the lace-edged black camisole shown on the model to the extremely sloppy looking white bodysuit she wore. Why a bodysuit is designed to look like an ill-fitting mess haphazardly tucked into slacks is beyond me. Doing something (truly, ANYTHING!) with her hair would have pulled the look together a bit more. People complain that the Duchess of Cambridge dresses “old” for her age, but so far it seems to me that Meghan dresses too young and informal for her position and responsibilities.

  4. Laura February 2, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Absolutely stunning

  5. Cari February 2, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Any idea where the umbrella is from? Thank you!

  6. jsrouthier February 2, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    I really enjoy her modern jewelry choices. This is a gorgeous suit, too–the pocket detail on the jacket is very sharp and very McQueen.

  7. faiza February 2, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    at the beginning i was expecting a dress but finally tonight’s outfit was beautiful i love everything from head to toe
    I appreciated his mini speech and the way she handled the little quack

  8. ElizaMo February 3, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Chic and businesslike and McQueen, Meghan ticks all the boxes on her first evening engagement with Harry. It feels very sisterly that she is using the same designer as Kate on the night Kate is out on royal bling manoeuvres overseas. It may have William and Kate’s rescheduling that may have deprived us of our first royal evening gown from Meghan for a date she and Harry were already committed to.

    High-end couture really agrees with Meghan, I’ve noticed how her royal outings have seen good tailoring used to cope with her body shape. She discussed the tricks she’d learned while working on Suits somewhere so she knows what she’s doing.

    The McQueen tailoring is simply superb, the jacket gives her the length she needs on her torso and the slim crop pants slide out from under with effortless elegance. I was surprised to learn here that they have a turn-up. Personally I like a clean slim-leg crop pant and find extras like turn-ups or flares unnecessary. Naturally McQueen turn-ups blend in beautifully.

    And then there are those ankles. While the overall emphasis is on discretion and monochrome restraint the couture cut has ensured that Meghan is able to keep a respectable length on the pants while exposing as much as possible of those superb long slim ankles. For me they give a hint of subversive sensuality which is so Meghan. Love it. She may not have bling, but she can still flash some skin.

    And even though her hair is loose, it looks more groomed than on the previous post-engagement outings. For myself ‘casual’ is not a word I would use for £2k-worth of tailored couture, this is a brilliantly polished look

    Separately, I’ve now been out for an evening with my new Meghan bell-sleeve jumper and it’s proved to be a godsend. It’s so comfortable and warm without being too heavy which was a serious consideration as, while I like my riverside views at that restaurant, they also leave me exposed to the occasional draft. I was intrigued on first seeing the top to discover it has a quiet detail of a slim strip of contrast weave down the front which is really pretty. The long cuffs also keep the bell sleeves clear of dinner plates, though I have to watch out if I try exercises like passing the salt.

    1. Elizabeth February 3, 2018 at 7:43 pm

      ELIZAMO, You use the word “couture” several times. It was my understanding that although McQueen is very high fashion, it does not check all the rigid standards to be a couture house of design. In 2012, British Vogue did an article, “Alexander McQueen Will Not Design Couture”

      1. ElizaMo February 4, 2018 at 8:55 am

        Thanks for the update Elizabeth, I was using the word in a generalised sense and had forgot about the rules of real couture.

  9. Mallory February 3, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Elegant and sophisticated look, though I agree with Bonnie about the trousers. The rolled cuffs show off Meghan’s lovely ankles, but longer would have been sleeker and more, well, elongating.

  10. Maluhia February 7, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Meghan’s outfit looks amazing! I am so thrilled that she is apparently going to mix things up and continues to be the Pants Queen! I love it!

  11. Stephanie February 7, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    I like that the cropped pant with slouchy blouse makes this structured suit modern and fresh. I wouldn’t have thought to style it this way, but it makes sense when you see it all put together!

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