Meghan in New Brands for Wales Engagements

Meghan wore another eclectic mix of fashion brands for her afternoon in Wales with Prince Harry. 

Their day of engagements in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, started at the historic Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff Castle Facebook (click photo to visit page)

Described as “one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions,” the Castle website notes the property’s background:

Located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the capital, Cardiff Castle’s walls and fairytale towers conceal 2,000 years of history. 

This is the couple’s third joint engagement, and their first appearance together in Wales. It reflects Meghan’s interest in learning more about the UK and its people as she continues to think about future charitable endeavors and interests ahead of this May’s wedding.

Crowds started gathering early this morning to see the couple. Rebecca English of The Daily Mail shared this photo of people waiting to see Harry and Meghan. Things got underway more than an hour late because the couple’s train from London was delayed. Wales Online reports that “When the Prince first arrived at the castle he clasped his hands together in front of him as if praying, in a sign of forgiveness, as he was greeted by Morfudd Meredith, the Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, and said “sorry” for being late.”

Staff from Cowshed Marketing shared this picture of Meghan on Twitter, saying “Meghan, you were delightful.”

@WeAreCowshed Twitter (Click photo to visit Twitter feed)

Meghan and Harry greeting people.

This young lady was eager to meet a “namesake.”

Valentine Low, The Times (click photo to visit Twitter feed)

She wasn’t disappointed, as explained in Simon Perry’s People story:

Megan McAuley, 10, held up a sign saying “My name is Megan too!” — and it worked. Her namesake spotted it and came dashing across the gravel path outside the castle door to say hello.

“She saw my sign. I said, ‘Your name’s Meghan too!’ And she said, ‘It’s very nice to meet you. Can I call you Meg?’ ” said McAuley, who handed her “a nice flowery necklace. She said, ‘Thank you for my present. It’s very nice to meet you.’”

Another view.

Meghan was given daffodils, the national flower of Wales.

More about the flowers from The Evening Standard:

Self-confessed royal fanatic Cynthia Osborne presented Kate with a posy of daffodils, the national flower of Wales.

The retired nurse, aged in her 60s, said: “Meghan said ‘it’s lovely to be in Wales’ I asked to see her engagement ring and she held it out and said ‘I’m such a lucky lady’.”

Another view of the duo greeting people in the crowd comes via Simon Perry.

Two local children presented Harry and Meghan with a gift of a traditional Celtic love spoon.

More about the spoon from The Mirror:

The spoon presented to Prince Harry and Meghan had H&M carved into the handle, the initials of the two schoolchildren and, of course, the married couple to be.

The crafted wooden spoon features a Celtic knot, horseshoe and barley twist said to symbolise eternal love, good luck, and togetherness.

The children’s names? Harry and Megan; they both attend Marlborough Primary School in Cardiff.

After greeting many of the well-wishers the couple moved inside where they took part in a Welsh Festival of Culture and met musicians, poets, and leading sports figures. More from BBC Wales:

“As they went inside the castle for the celebration of Welsh culture, Prince Harry told his bride-to-be of his appreciation for Welsh singing. “You are only going to hear the best singing in Wales,” he said.

Meghan and Harry listened to a performance by Only Boys Aloud, a Welsh choir featuring boys aged 13 – 19.

And here we see them listening to a Welsh love song in a video from Richard Palmer.

Meghan and Harry saw a mix of Welsh food products in a Taste of Wales exhibit.

Among the items: a very creative wedding cake made entirely of local cheese, as Richard Palmer shared this photo.  

Meghan’s reaction to the cake comes via Wales Online:

The couple were also treated to a wedding cake made from Welsh cheese, with Ms Markle exclaiming: “Oh my goodness, how sweet is that”.

Both Ms Markle and Harry tasted small pieces of the mature cheddar that made up part of the five-tier cake, which she described as “really delicious”.

I believe in this picture they are meeting some of the athletes in attendance.

On the far right, I think you see Welsh football star Nadia Lawrence. Wales Online reports Ms. Lawrence gave them a Wales shirt signed by the women’s team, as well as a football signed by the men’s team. The coverage also notes that “She described meeting them as “amazing” and “surreal”.”

The second stop today was at the Starhub Community Centre, a local rec center. Jessica Walford of Wales Online posted a photo of the couple as they arrived.

@JessWalford Twitter (click photo to go to feed)

Meghan and Harry were at the Centre to see the work of StreetGames Network, a charity Harry has worked with previously that helps bring sports to disadvantaged young people.

They spoke with StreetGames staff and volunteers.

The couple watched some table tennis and spoke with many of the youngsters at the center.

More from ET:

ET spoke with several staff members at Star Hub immediately following the highly anticipated visit, and it was clear that it was a success.

“As soon as they walked in the door, the kids were mesmerized,” Center Assistant Dean Maynard tells ET. “A lot of the kids, it takes them quite a bit to actually get involved and interact with other people, so to see them all really smiling and happy and involved, that was a nice feeling for me, personally.”

Wales Online reporter Jessica Walford has more:

The charity helps make sport accessible to all young people regardless of their income or social circumstances…[and] has helped 40,000 disadvantaged young people reap the benefits of sport…

Meghan and Harry chatted with girls taking part in a spin class.

Meghan tried her hand at Jenga.

And they watched a street dance class. 

Watching children in a dance class, Harry got in on the action just a bit, as seen in this video from Rebecca English.

The participants are part of the UsGirls program, a StreetGames initiative that works to get young women from all backgrounds involved in sporting activities.

Arguably the cutest moment of the day came after the dance class when Prince Harry said: “Okay, everyone give Meghan a hug.”

Meghan and Harry were in their element and appeared to enjoy every element of the day’s schedule.

Now for what Meghan wore in Wales. Her coat is by British brand Stella McCartney.

The Tie Detail Coat ($1940 as shown at Harrods) is modeled on a traditional tuxedo design, with a fitted bodice, peak lapels and a back vent. The piece is partially lined to allow for “lightweight layering.”

One of its most striking elements is the oversized tie in the front.  

Christina Aguilera wore the style two days ago at the a/w 2018 collection showing in Los Angeles.

Embed from Getty Images
We expected (both Susans!) to see Meghan wearing Stella McCartney; the brand’s sustainable fashion philosophy syncs well with Meghan’s outlook. Many thanks to Queen Rania’s Closet for her speedy ID of the coat style!

Beneath the coat, Meghan wore a Theory jacket, an American label.It is made of wool with a touch of elastane for stretch and ease of movement. It zips up the front and is detailed with besom pockets. Originally priced at $495, the piece is still available in very limited sizes for $198 at Theory. A “thank you” to Meghan’s Fashion for locating this piece! When speaking with Susan C. last night about today’s engagements, she suggested Meghan would wear Hiut Denim; as we saw, she was correct. Meghan wore the Dina style, a high-waisted skinny look (£174, roughly $245 at today’s exchange rates). Hiut says this about the Dina: “Creates a classic silhouette. They’re understated. A wardrobe staple.”

This is another label that makes perfect sense for Meghan. It is a small Welsh brand that has its factory in Wales and hopes to bring more manufacturing jobs back to its community of Cardigan. More from the company’s website:

Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 good people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week. For three decades.

Then one day the factory closed. It left town. But all that skill and knowhow remained. Without any way of showing the world what they could do.

That’s why we have started The Hiut Denim Company. To bring manufacturing back home. To use all that skill on our doorstep. And to breathe new life into our town.

Today Meghan wore a pair of boots by Tabitha Simmons, another UK designer.

This is the ‘Kiki’ style ($708 at Farfetch) in black velvet. The ankle boots have a point toe, chunky block heel, elasticated side panels and a 4.5″ heel. They are available at Browns ($682). They are also on sale for $325 in a Size 7 at Moda Operandi. Meghan’s future sister-in-law, Kate, has worn a  Tabitha Simmons style previously, but only twice. Thank you for this fab ID goes to Laura!

Meghan’s bag is the Mini Venice by DeMellier London ($395), another British company. The color is likely a nod to the green in the Welsh flag.

The bag is made of calf leather and can be carried over the shoulder, as a cross-body style or by the handle. The style is also available in the Midi Venice size. Some readers may recognize the piece; it is a brand we featured over at What Kate Wore when the company was called Milli Millu. Founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh said today that she is “truly honoured that Meghan is wearing one of our bags, she is a fantastic role model to women all over the world and a great addition to the Royal family.”

It is a good choice for Meghan, with structured, tailored pieces that work well with her style aesthetic. Additionally, DeMellier’s charitable endeavor A Bag, A Life, would hold appeal. More on that program from one of our WKW posts about the brand: “For every bag that is purchased Milli Millu pays for a set of lifesaving vaccines and treatments for a child in need. The company works with SOS Children’s Villages to make this happen.” Our thanks to Meghan’s Mirror for their bag ID.

For jewelry, Meghan opted to wear two different earrings. On her left ear, she wore a Gabriela Artigas Triple Shooting Star Earring ($286), made of 10K gold. Gabriela Artigas is another boutique brand that would be attractive to Meghan. The company has been in business since 2003, created and managed by sisters Gabriela and Teresita Artigas; it is based in the US. It is carried at Shopbop, at Azalea, and other retailers.

On her right ear, we see one of her previously worn Zofia Day Dash Ear Studs ($575); Meghan was seen in this style on theVanity Fair cover.

It was fun seeing Meghan mix things up this way with the two different earring styles. A Tip of the Tiara to Michelle of Perth Fashion for identifying the Shooting Star style, everyone was working from fairly small images to try and sort out who made the earring.

It looked like Meghan also had on her Missoma stacking ringsUPDATE FRIDAY JAN 19: If you look at the new photo we found, Meghan’s rings don’t match the photo precisely.

It is the ring on her center finger that doesn’t match the Missoma styles we have previously seen Meghan wear. Meghan was actually wearing another piece by Birks. It is the jeweler’s Stackable Yellow Gold and Diamond  Splash Ring ($1495).

Thank you to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for identifying the ring!

UPDATE FRIDAY JAN 19: We may have found the scarf Meghan wore yesterday. It’s very difficult to tell but looking at the photos, it could be Everlane’s Cashmere Scarf ($80). 

As on her previous engagement with Harry in Brixton, Meghan’s hair was in a messy bun.

Emily Cronin, The Telegraph’s senior fashion editor, wrote about Meghan’s look:

Meghan Markle showcased the power of fashion diplomacy and showcased her commitment to sustainable fashion during an official visit to Cardiff today.

In her life before becoming engaged to Prince Harry, Markle was an activist for charitable causes and sustainability. Today’s look demonstrated her resolve to continue those passion projects in her new role.

Our graphic showing what Meghan wore.

And a final wave goodbye.



  1. Julie January 18, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    I love this ensemble—classy and understated. I wonder if the black is in support of the metoo movement? I remember after Diana auctioned off many of her iconic dresses for charity (at William’s suggestion), she commented that she tired of reading about what she wore vs what causes she supported. Perhaps Meghan is heading that off early by dressing more to her own style.

    1. hej0414 January 18, 2018 at 7:51 pm

      Interesting – I thought the opposite when reading through the description of the ensemble. It seems that Meghan is in fact using her clothes to make statements about causes she supports, perhaps more than other royals.

      I can’t help but wonder what WKW would make of Kate if she ever turned up at an official event with her hair styled this way. Something tells me she wouldn’t fare as well, from commenters or Susan, but I could be wrong. Good that Meghan is getting kind treatment, I like it.

  2. Maluhia January 18, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    Meghan is the pants queen! I hope it continues even after she’s married and officially titled. I love it.

  3. faith poole January 18, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Does she own a mirror ? Her hair is terrible ,looks like she just rolled out of bed!!!

    1. Amelie January 18, 2018 at 11:15 pm

      I really don’t understand the hair critique at all. And I can’t help but wonder if Meghan’s hair is scrutinized more because she is African-American. Don’t want to start a controversy but it cannot be ignored that African-American women have been expected to have their hair conform to “white” hair standards due to societal pressure instead of leaving it in their natural, lovely state. Meghan clearly straightens her hair which is fine, it’s what she wants. But it’s hard to put aside the negative hair commentary when you take into account the history of repression on African-American hair in general. I’ve been meaning to watch the Chris Rock documentary Good Hair, maybe now’s the time.

      1. Bonnie January 18, 2018 at 11:35 pm

        Amelie, Don’t try to make an African-American issue where there isn’t one. The critique about Meghan’s hair has nothing to do with her background or race. Meghan’s hair can look great, as we’ve seen it on Christmas Day, in the engagement photos and in numerous professional pictures during her acting career. But the last two events have seen a messy bun, with pieces falling out all over the place. She has the means to have her hair professionally styled. If she is unable to make it look neat by herself, then she needs someone to help her. She is about to become a member of the Royal Family and a representative of the Queen. Neatness is a major factor in looking well groomed. Nobody is asking for “white” standards that you speak about. We’d just like to see Meghan looking more polished. I wouldn’t go into work looking like this and most other professional women wouldn’t either.

      2. Amelie Milet January 19, 2018 at 11:33 am

        @Bonnie: we can agree to disagree. I’ve seen Kate wear hairstyles I thought were worse than Meghan’s messy bun and no one called her out on it. And I don’t know where you work, but I have seen plenty of professional women wear this hairstyle (and I work in an office building with lots of fashion companies in NYC and I’ve seen this hairstyle a lot on young women). You may not see an issue, but I do.

      3. jsrouthier January 26, 2018 at 8:57 am

        I do feel what you’re saying, and I think the problems that you are describing absolutely exist. But in this case, I don’t think the complaints are really related to Meghan’s African American heritage. I think it’s more about that forelock falling in front of her face. It’s a look, and I don’t find it unattractive, but it’s maybe less than ideal for walkabouts and photocalls as a royal.

    2. Julie January 19, 2018 at 11:56 pm

      She, and her hair, look great! I’m now hoping for corn rows or a full Diana Ross blow out to stifle the “messy bun” comments.

  4. Susan January 18, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Stella McCartney is designing her wedding dress. It would be a nice nod to the British/America connection.

  5. Linda January 18, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    I can’t believe the Evening Standard referred to her as Kate.

  6. Bonnie January 18, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Meghan has got to do something with her hair. She is just too casual for official engagements. The coat is very nice, but it is not complimented with jeans and a messy hairdo. I see that Harry has been following Meghan’s lead and has gone casual also. For this event and the one in Brixton, he wore a sweater, In the past he would likely have worn a jacket, shirt and tie. If you look at the official people meeting them, the women are in dresses and the men have on suits. England is more formal than California and they are in England. I am thinking the lowering of the dress code is not what is expected.

    1. preppyhippy January 19, 2018 at 5:51 am

      Actually, Bonnie, they are in Wales 😉

      But I wholeheartedly agree with you. Something needs to be done about her hair. A casual dress style is fine. No one is expecting her to look like the Duchess, and we are obviously going to see a far more casual look with Meghan. But it can’t be Sunday morning going to get coffee casual.

      I’m not personally liking how she chooses to match her pieces, but I like some of the individual pieces she’s chosen and I think her clothing choices so far have been appropriate, especially given that Harry is matching her in casual dress. The jacket she wore today was interesting, but I don’t think it was a good fit for jeans…it would have looked great with those wide-legged pants we saw on the last visit though!

      Even a sleek and simple pony tail and her scarf tied more neatly would have done wonders for this look. The messy bun and bunched scarf just looks unprofessional and disrespectful to the people she is meeting. I have no doubt that Meghan is taking her role seriously, but her look is a bit too laid back. Frankly, it gives the impression that she really doesn’t fully understand that she is a representative of the Queen in an official role. Does she not have an advisor?

      1. ElizaMo January 19, 2018 at 10:42 am

        I think the whole hair thing is at a very early stage and Meghan must still be working out what she can and can’t do on a working engagement. She is only just beginning to feel her way in an alien culture and environment and it’s only this time we’ve seen her gain a personal assistant — Amy Pickerill — to cope with all those flowers and gifts &c. The full make-up and hairdresser team will come later.

        I’m amused by how many comments I’ve seen claiming Kate’s hair is always perfectly groomed. The Kate I’ve been following has regularly had her hair blow right across her face or even practically standing on end when she’s taken to jumping around. And Kate’s shorter bob has taken a lot of weight out of her hair so that it seems to end up in tangle of curls more these days than the previous smooth glossy tresses that used to frame her face. I don’t find Meghan’s take on hair to be much different from that.

    2. Julie January 19, 2018 at 10:58 am

      Actually, “in the past” Harry has frequently worn jumpers and open collar shirts to engagements (as has William). I think this was a case of Meghan following his lead, rather than the reverse. Even on visits to Commonwealth nations on behalf of the Queen, Harry is often casually attired. I think this is one reason he’s very popular. They will chart their own path, which is as it should be for someone 6th in line to the throne without a clear “job description,” so to speak.

  7. Mode à la Meghan January 19, 2018 at 3:39 am

    I really love seeing the handbags Meghan has chosen for the last two engagements. So beautifully made and lovely shapes! That being said, they seem a little awkward to hold when she is greeting people.They’re not as easy to tuck under your arm like a clutch. I wonder if we’ll see her move away from them the more engagements she has? I sort of hope not though – they are so fun to see and make for a really beautiful accessory.

  8. Chitown January 19, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Meghan looks super cool, all the pieces are great, particularly the local jeans. However, that the scarf and hair need to be pulled together a bit more. Even as an American, I think this is a little too California laid back.

  9. ElizaMo January 19, 2018 at 10:29 am

    Thanks for such a well-written post, there are one or two points that I hadn’t caught up with elsewhere. For one thing, I’d managed to miss the tuxedo reference on the coat which explains those fancy lapels and tunes in to an androgynous theme that McCartney has favoured on various occasions.

    I’m intrigued at the treatment of the belt as well as it’s made of two separate ties stitched into the side seams thus avoiding the problem of a tie-belt which slides, which it clearly could being silky. I simply love how Meghan managed to reference a further slinky sheen in the fabric insert on her boots.

    I’d also failed to pick up that the handbag is by the former Milli Millu, I’d just assumed DeMellier was a name I hadn’t heard of. So interesting to get the background. It was a canny move by Meghan to keep her Welsh credentials in the form of a chic dark green rather than the usual pillar-box red we get so often. No doubt that will come, but for now Meghan is playing it low-key.

    I think the whole outfit was a success, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of tie-belts or tassels on bags, and both together could come close to being cluttered. Meghan carries it all off with aplomb. I liked that we had a shorter coat this time rather than another heavy midi-length, I’m delighted to see McCartney get some high-profile royal exposure, long overdue in my view and the craft and style of this coat is just brilliant.

    The pairing with slim-leg jeans which showcase the lovely boots is spot on. The fact that the jeans are from Cardiff is brilliant, as are the jeans themselves, they look beautifully made and thoroughly classy, certainly not any old pair!

    I thought Meghan’s choice of top was also very savvy. Maybe she’ll think twice before risking such a wide neck when bending over to engage with children in future, but the Bardot neckline was a good pick for the viewing of an art performance in a castle as well as clearly being a jeans top for when she met the children. The Prince of Wales-style check was another clever move.

    And I have no problem with the so-called ‘messy’ bun, though many seem to have come to grief over it. It just seems to be of its time to me, and things are moving on in royal circles as Harry establishes his own working partner alongside Will and Kate.

    1. Fliss. January 20, 2018 at 3:50 pm

      I agree! Good to see a royal in Stella McCartney and a nice mix of labels. Re Megan’s hair. I also like the ‘messy bun’. Times have moved on and it’s not a stuffy look. Can I also say that Thursday in the UK was incredibly windy (hence the delayed journey) so unless Megan had glued her hair with hairspray (never a good thing) any style would quickly look ‘messy’. Nice choice of jeans too.

  10. Lisa January 19, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    such a cute bag, I’d love a large version of it

  11. Maureen C January 19, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    While I do think that Meghan looks chic, I agree that her hair should be tidier when on an official engagement. She is absolutely lovely though, and just look at the mutual warmth expressed by her and the public. It’s fun to watch her take on this new role!

    One more thing I’d like to note is that I believe the pattern of Theory piece is Prince of Wales Check, which would be another thoughtful nod to their hosts.

  12. Lynn January 19, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    I still don’t care for the messy bun, but love this top! How professional while also being very stylish!

    Question- Is wearing mismatched earrings a style or something people do on purpose? I’ve done it before but purely by accident when I was half asleep dressing for work!

  13. Sarah JJ January 20, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    As a fan and follower of WKW, I think you are doing a brilliant job with this blog. The Welsh article is detailed, interesting and enjoyable to read, thank you.

    I think Meghan is trying really hard to make thoughtful, appropriate clothes and accessories choices. Together they are trying and forging their joint image. Bless her she’s moved to a new country and essentially has begun a new job upon her marriage. I agree the hair is casual but it’s going to be fun watching her style evolve. A praiseworthy effort so far.

  14. Larissa January 22, 2018 at 4:10 am

    A whole bunch of thoughts came to me while I was reading this post and the jeans deserve to be mentioned first. I can’t get over what a fantastic message they send. And I’m more amazed how people discover labels like this in the first place! I’d never heard of this brand before and if I was in a role that required sartorial dressing, I doubt Googling “Welsh jeans” would cross my mind. The brand’s story is incredible and I’m so glad Meghan chose to highlight them. Unfortunately they are a bit out of the price range of this Top Shop/Zara-jeans-owner, but props to her for supporting them.

    I’m surprised there are no comments about Meghan’s choice of black again, even if she did add a couple of other neutrals. I think while she still gets used to the role she may be choosing pieces that don’t stand out so much, even if she’ll end up the centre of everyone’s attention anyway. But it’s a smart place to start in my opinion.

    I’ve had my eyes on that Venice bag since Milli Millu was first featured on WKW, and that green shade is beautiful. I imagine I’ll have a bit of a harder time getting my hands on it now though!

    I apologize for the Kate comparison, but with all the discussion on WKW about Kate keeping her coats on indoors, it stood out to me this time that Meghan always took hers off, even though castles are not always the warmest places to be. Probably a good example of the cultural differences between the US and UK, as were evidenced in WKW comments from both sides of the pond.

    And finally, thank you for all the wonderful stories and videos in this post! The love spoon and Welsh singing were just beautiful.

  15. TZH January 24, 2018 at 3:10 am

    Great post! I think this outfit is perfect for the engagement as she was doing a lot of active stuff. I also don’t understand what is wrong with her hair, I think it links in perfectly with her chilled, casual look.
    I also love how her outfits are always quite plain with just one colour but then she adds a colourful accessory to complete it.
    I can’t make out why she was wearing different earrings on each ear?! I think it is early days for her but she has done extremely well.

  16. jsrouthier January 26, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Meghan’s coats are just to die for. I think this one is my favorite yet.

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